"Always a crowd favourite, it's Diotoir! Let's see if they can put that flipping arm to good use, and maybe even avoid setting fire to that fur this time."
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Diotoir was an Irish competitor robot in Robot Wars. Famous for its flammable fur coat, it enjoyed moderate success on the show, reaching the Heat Final in Series 3, the Semi-Finals of The First World Championship, and earned second place in the International League Championship prior to its appearance in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction.

Diotoir was one of several TV series competitor robots to be included in the game Arenas of Destruction, and appears in the game in its Series 4 incarnation with top armour and a functioning lifting arm. Arenas of Destruction marked its second of four appearances across the released Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Like its real life counterpart, Diotoir is a polka dotted heptagonal-wedge shaped robot, and its appearance closely resembles the fully-completed Series 4 version. It has a very useful flipping arm, however, due to graphical limitations, the in-game Diotoir does not catch fire when driving over a flame jet, yet its armour does shed remarkably quickly.


Using DiotoirEdit

Diotoir is one of the best competitor robots in the game, as its lifter is quite effective. It can however can sometimes break off, being somewhat unreliable. Its armour can shed quickly, however the best tactics are to flip robots over, or lure them into pits or traps if the lifter is still available. Also, it is very difficult to flip over, as it will usually flail the flipper to avoid being flipped.

Against DiotoirEdit

Diotoir's armour isn't great, and so can be damaged quite easily. Diotoir can become quite vulnerable to attacks when its flipping arm breaks off. It is also a good tactic to shove or lure Diotoir into pits and traps.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • The lifter is capable of self-righting in the game.
  • The aerial on top of the robot isn't on the in-game counterpart.
  • In the game, it isn't possible for Diotoir to catch fire. However its armour does shed quicker than other robots.
  • The flipping arm is much smaller in the game than in real life, as it does not come off of Diotoir.
  • Diotoir's shape is that of a full wedge in-game, though the real body was far more different.

Diotoir's stats in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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