Diotoir was an Irish robot which debuted in Series 3 of Robot Wars, reaching a Heat Final, the semi-finals of The First World Championship and second place in the International League Championship prior to its appearance in video games. Diotoir made its first appearance in Robot Wars video games in Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem, going on to appear in all but one subsequent games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Diotoir MM combat

Diotoir in combat. Note the lack of spots on the fur.

Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem was the first Robot Wars game and as such Diotoir was one of the first competitor robots to be playable. Due to the Game Boy Color's comparatively poor graphics, the arenas and robots could not be very detailed, and the same goes for Diotoir.

Diotoir's in-game model is quite different to its real-life equivalent. Diotoir's fur is a plain red, with no spots, and the arm can only whittle down opponents health, rather than flipping them, as well as being off-centre. The eyes and mouth of Diotoir are just a small change in the shade of red, and show no real dimension. In the robot selection screen, however, Diotoir looks very detailed, with all colours correct in the menu screen picture.

In battle, Diotoir's method of attack is using its arm. Like all CPU contestant robots, it will use its weapon when it comes into contact with another robot, but it will not always actively drive towards them. In battle, Diotoir cannot overturn opponents, instead using the arm to cause damage and depletes an opponents health bar.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • Diotoir's fur is plain red, instead of polka-dots.
  • The eyes and mouth are not defined.
  • The lifting arm is off centre.
  • Diotoir is no more susceptible to catching fire than any other robot.
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