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The Disc of Doom (also known as the Floor Spinner) was a short-lived arena hazard that first appeared in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors as well as the one-off series Nickelodeon Robot Wars. An altered version later made appearances throughout Robot Wars: The Sixth Wars, Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2, German Robot Wars and the second series of Robot Wars Extreme.

The hazard was initially located near the centre-left of the arena, where it was intended to fling competitors across the arena whenever they drove over it. This would interfere with their manoeuvrability, often disrupting attacks against opponents or simply causing them to lose control.


The Disc of Doom/Floor Spinner was a circular-shaped spinning panel built into the floor, similar to the Spinners used in the American robot combat show BattleBots. It was activated by a button similar to the pit release button, located on the upper-left side of the arena wall, though there were multiple instances where the spinner would already be active at the start of battles. The activation button initially took the form of a bumper labelled DISC (striped black and yellow in US Season 2/Nickelodeon, plain yellow in Series 6/Dutch Series 2/German Series), which was replaced by a yellow tyre in Extreme 2. All featured a hazard symbol depicting a spiral pattern, in a similar fashion to the symbols found on the pit release buttons.

The spinner had two major changes during its time in Robot Wars:

Side view of the Disc of Doom (below) in the Nickelodeon series; note the teeth along the surface

The first version of the Disc of Doom, used in the US and Nickelodeon series, had a spiral pattern on the spinner, along with teeth positioned along the spiral to tear the bottom of any competitors driving over it. However, this capability was never demonstrated, as the spinner rotated slowly and competitors such as Bunny Attack and Bigger Brother often got stuck on the Disc after being caught by the teeth. The Disc, nevertheless, also damaged Xylon's front wedge at the start of its battle while it was stationary. This version of the spinner made rare appearances in some battles from Dutch Series 2. The spinner was also known to have determined the outcome of some matches, with robots like Amok and Dragbot both becoming immobile by driving over it.

Lightning and Nasty Humphrey on top of the Disc of Doom in Extreme 2

The second version of the spinner, used in Series 6, Extreme 2, Dutch Series 2 and German Robot Wars, had a cog pattern on the spinner. This version had no teeth attached to the surface and could only be used to throw competitors off-course. This was shown to have been effective on robots such as Stinger and 13 Black, which both lost control during their Heat Final match. However, for the most part, the spinner failed to make an impact on competitors with many surviving the spin. The spinner had an additional issue of wedge-shaped robots like Firestorm 4 and Dantomkia becoming wedged underneath the panel. By the end of Extreme 2, the spinner was removed entirely.

Notable Instances[]

US Season 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot Affected Notes
Panzer Mk 4 vs Joker vs Snake Bite None Panzer Mk 4 First appearance of the Disc of Doom. The Disc's teeth briefly stopped Panzer Mk 4, disrupting its first ramming attack on Joker in the process.
Probophobia vs Snake Bite None Both Both machines became stuck on the Disc and were freed by Refbot.
Conquering Clown 2 vs Black Widow Black Widow Black Widow As Conquering Clown 2 had its clown head set alight, Black Widow charged aimlessly across the arena, hitting the Disc trigger at one point. Near the end of the match, Conquering Clown 2 rammed Black Widow across the Disc which threw Black Widow away.
Conquering Clown 2 vs Unibite 2.0 None Unibite 2.0 Unibite 2.0 drove over the Disc and became stuck on the teeth. This allowed Conquering Clown 2 to slice into Unibite 2.0's sides and damage its wheels, which lead to Unibite 2.0 being unable to move on one side for the rest of the match.
Brawler vs Dragbot Dragbot Dragbot First immobilisation caused by the Disc itself. Dragbot became wedged under the trigger after slamming into it and Brawler. Later on, it drove head-on into one of the teeth while trying to push Brawler, losing mobility for a few seconds as Brawler in turn pushed it further over the edge of the Disc. Dragbot proceeded to take several hits from the Disc teeth as it tried to move away, eventually escaping before losing mobility again.
Buzz vs Tyranabot vs Xylon None Xylon Xylon drove over the Disc's teeth and damaged it's wedge at the start of the melee.
Tyranabot vs Bunny Attack None Bunny Attack Despite how vulnerable Tyranabot was with its mobility issues, Bunny Attack was caught by the teeth and unable to move until Tyranabot backed into it.
Ninjitsu vs Snookums None Ninjitsu Ninjitsu was caught on the teeth. The Disc spun briefly to free Ninjitsu

Nickelodeon Robot Wars[]

Battle Initiated by Robot Affected Notes
Ming 3 & Rick vs Bigger Brother & Kat 3 None Bigger Brother While coming under attack from their opponents, Kat 3 dragged Bigger Brother onto the Disc using its axe, in turn causing Bigger Brother to get caught on the teeth. Bigger Brother was quickly freed when Rick pushed it off a few seconds later.
Hannibal vs Bunny Attack None Bunny Attack Bunny Attack once again drove over the Disc and got stuck. The Disc spun up briefly to free Bunny Attack.

Series 6[]

Battle Initiated by Robot Affected Notes
Barbaric Response vs X-Terminator vs Robochicken vs Spirit of Scorpion Robochicken Robochicken, Spirit of Scorpion First time the Floor Spinner was activated in the main UK Championship. Both machines were caught and temporarily stuck on the Spinner.
Dantomkia vs Mighty Mouse Mighty Mouse (As a result of being flipped) Both Dantomkia flipped Mighty Mouse into the activation trigger, then as it backed away was thrown off course after driving over the Floor Spinner. As Dantomkia attempted to flip Mighty Mouse over, the spinner unintentionally helped Mighty Mouse self right. However, Mighty Mouse would be affected later on after the Spinner propelled it off-course while charging over it.
Sir Chromalot vs The Alien vs GBH 2 vs ICU Sir Chromalot Refbot, ICU Refbot was caught by the disc as it spun, and struggled to move off of it while preparing to count ICU out. The eliminated ICU was later affected by the Spinner as it attempted to get away from the House Robots.
S3 vs Shredder Shredder Shredder Shredder hit the activation button, but was spun wildly after driving over the Spinner itself. Later on, it got stuck on the edge of the Spinner, allowing S3 to attack its side.
13 Black vs Stinger Stinger Both Stinger struggled to make impact against 13 Black as a result of being spun off course. 13 Black was also affected, but managed to damage Stinger by being spun away by the disc.
Dominator 2 vs S.M.I.D.S.Y. Dominator 2 Dominator 2 Dominator 2 used the force of the Disc to turn around and attack S.M.I.D.S.Y.
Bigger Brother vs Killer Carrot 2 vs Major Tom vs Riptilion Riptilion Bigger Brother, Killer Carrot 2 and Riptilion Riptilion activated the button and reversed onto the Floor Spinner, sitting on top of it for a while. Later, Bigger Brother was spun on the spot along with Killer Carrot 2, which was left vulnerable to an attack from the defending UK runner-up.
Hypno-Disc vs Tornado Tornado Both As Hypno-Disc attempted to get away from Tornado it drove over the Spinner and was thrown off course. Later, a ramming attack by Tornado caused both robots to spin out of control.

Extreme 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot Affected Notes
Firestorm 4 vs Bigger Brother None Both Immediately into their All-Stars Heat Final, Firestorm 4 sped under the stationary Spinner, briefly getting wedged and allowing Bigger Brother to flick it from the side. Seconds later, Firestorm 4 wedged itself under the Spinner again, inadvertently allowing it to flip Bigger Brother when the latter drove over the Spinner and up its wedge shape.
Bigger Brother vs Rick Bigger Brother Rick, Bigger Brother, Dead Metal Rick was immobile and was counted out on top of the Floor Spinner, Bigger Brother backed into the activation button, causing Rick to spin around and be flung off the disc. Bigger Brother then attempted to get in under Rick, to try and flip it but the Floor Spinner proved troublesome and Bigger Brother had no traction or gauge on Rick to flip it. Dead Metal attempted to grab Rick but was swerved off course and also struggled to attack it.
Lightning & The Steel Avenger vs Nasty Humphrey & Stinger Lightning All Robots After pressing the button, Lightning attempted to shove Nasty Humphrey across the arena, but the Floor Spinner propelled both machines off course. Lightning attempted to adjust for another attack but continued to be affected by the Spinner. Nasty Humphrey was later affected again when chasing Lightning, where the Spinner sent it off course and open for an attack. Later, The Steel Avenger and Stinger were both affected by the spinner when in combat, being spun around and thrown off.
Argh! vs Bernard vs Cutlet vs Gladiator vs Katnip vs Micro Mute Micro Mute Argh!, Bernard, Cutlet, Micro Mute Micro Mute spun wildly off course every time it sped over the spinner. Argh!, when attacking Bernard and Cutlet, was affected and spun on the spot with the other two robots multiple times when driving over the spinner.
Dantomkia vs Iron-Awe 2 None Iron-Awe 2 Iron-Awe 2 became wedged by the Floor Spinner, allowing Dantomkia to capitalise with an attempted side-on attack.

Dutch Series 2[]

Battle Initiated by Robot Affected Notes
Amok vs Cyclone None Amok As the battle began, Amok made a charge towards Cyclone, but suddenly turned and drove over the already-spinning Floor Spinner. The Spinner propelled Amok off course, and in doing so caused its removable link to come loose.
Das Gepäck vs Gravity Das Gepäck Gravity Das Gepäck activated the spinner, however Gravity was not affected by it until after flipping Das Gepäck into Sgt. Bash. Afterwards, Gravity reversed onto the Spinner and was spun around on the spot.
ODT-Zero vs √3² ODT-Zero Both ODT-Zero was affected only slightly as it slowly made its way forwards. The clusterbot segments of √3², being significantly lighter, were heavily affected as they were shot across the arena by the Spinner - one cluster even sat on top of it while spinning around.
Pika 3 vs √3² None √3² After two of the √3² segments became stuck on the Spinner, the hazard started rotating, hurling them across the arena and leaving one open for attack by Pika 3.

German Robot Wars[]

Battle Initiated by Robot Affected Notes
Ansgar's Revenge vs Golem vs Junkyard Queen Junkyard Queen Junkyard Queen Junkyard Queen got stuck on the edge of the Spinner, having one of its tyres slashed and requiring Refbot's assistance.

Appearances in Merchandise[]

The Disc of Doom (right) in the GBA version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction

Though rarely featured in merchandise, the Disc of Doom/Floor Spinner appears prominently in the Game Boy Advance version of Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It can found in all playable arenas (including the game's recreation of the Series 5-7 arena), activated by a yellow button and functioning similarly to its real-life counterpart. Unlike the real-life versions, the Disc features a unique yellow and black pattern possibly resembling cutting blades.


  • The Disc of Doom was the only major hazard to not be featured in any way on the Minibot arena sets.
  • The button trigger was pressed more times than the disc was actually used.