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"One of the most devastating axes of all time adorns this highly effective robot. Check out the lacerations the vicious axe can inflict on even the toughest body armour"
— Extreme 2 Programme

Dominator 2 was a robot that competed in Series 4, 5 and 6 of Robot Wars, as well as both series of Robot Wars Extreme. It was one of the most consistent robots in the main competition, reaching the top eight on all three occasions and collecting eighteen combat victories in a short window.

Dominator 2 was well known for its bi-wedge design and its powerful spiked axe, which it retained for all appearances. Its most famous moments include its record-setting quick immobilisation of Henry 2 and its dominance in the Northern Annihilator, in which it defeated recently crowned champion Chaos 2 and third place Stinger before uncharacteristically breaking down against Spikasaurus in the final round.

The robot made its debut in the Pinball competition of Series 3 as the original Dominator.

Versions of Dominator[]


Dominator in the Pinball arena

The team entered the original Dominator in the Series 3 Pinball competition. It was a 79 kg box-shaped robot with a titanium tipped spike at the front, within a large cosmetic jaw, and a wedge at the rear. The eyes on top of the robot illuminated, and were designed and built by team captain Peter Halloway[1]. It was very quick and controllable, contributing to its 160 point score, even if its armour proved thin.

"Dominator 1 was our first attempt at a robot, and with hindsight, we started from completely the wrong place, which was the gearboxes. These are needed to achieve about an 8:1 reduction from the motors. We were not initially at all weight conscious (80 kilos sounds a lot) and the superbly over-engineered gearboxes (much admired at Elstree) mopped up most of the weight which should have gone into WEAPONS!"
— Dominator 2 website[2]

Dominator 2[]

Dominator 2, also styled by the team as Dominator II, was a wedged double-V shaped robot with a strong aircraft-grade aluminium axe powered by a 150PSI pneumatic ram producing 1.5 tonnes (12 kg) of pressure from an acceleration linkage and 20 mph top speed propelled by two industrial 1HP motors. The axe was powerful enough to pierce most robots' shells and doubled as a self-righting mechanism with the spikes on the sides. However, the nature of the axe meant that the target needed to be directly in front of the robot for it to be effective.

The robot was armoured with 1.8mm plasma nitride coated titanium (3.5mm around the sides and back and 7mm at the front in Series 5) which was painted gold with a red and yellow flame on each side, later to be repainted completely silver at 3.2mm thick (6.5mm at the front and back) using the same titanium as used on Russian nuclear submarines and a 12mm polycarbonate base.

Its wheels were originally exposed, and modified during the Series 4 Semi-Finals for more grip and pushing power, but were enclosed in wheel guards in subsequent series after Pussycat almost managed to pull Dominator 2's armour off by attacking the wheels. The wheel guards were added after Wild Thing damaged the tyres in Dominator 2's first round fight in the All-Stars.

For Series 5, Dominator 2 had a gyro added for better control[3]. Aviation Metals Ltd, part of the Apollo Group, provided sheets of 3.25 thick titanium for this S5 shell[4]. The welding was done by The Welding Institute.

"Once again we turned to Brian Bartlet of TWI to weld the shell up. This time Paul had simplified the shape to need less welding, which was quite a relief to Brian! We incorporated blocks welded to the shell to fix it to the base securely, so there is no chance of Pussycat lifting our skirts this year"
— Elliott Smart on the Dominator 2 website [5]

Due to the damage its axe was doing to its own base and cylinder with each blow, the axe arm was soft mounted to help it cope with return shock.

"We have soft mounted the axe arm, which should help isolate it, and to cope with return stroke, we have to thank Edward Abbott and Paul Constable of Ace Controls International, who provided the mother of all shock absorbers to decelerate the axe (in time for another devastating blow!"
— Dominator 2 website

For Series 6, Dominator 2's shell was thickened, with doubled titanium critical areas.[6] The axe had increased gas size, gas flow and had a bigger regulator, making it a lot faster and more powerful. The robot lost its golden paint-scheme and its flame decals, in favour of a silvercoat.

"The Robot has been constantly resprayed to keep up appearances at all sorts of events, and was now carrying over half a kilo of excess paint! This led to the paint being stripped, and because it did not move, Paul polished it!"
— Dominator 2 website [7]

The Team[]

The captain of Team Dominator was Peter Halloway, an electronics engineer, who was present in all of the team's appearances apart from Dominator 2's Heat in Series 6, where he was absent, but he returned for the Semi-Finals.[8]

Peter was joined by Elliott Smart in Series 3. Elliott was a mechanical engineer who designed and built the gearboxes and drive train for Dominator.[9] He mostly appeared sporadically throughout the team's appearances, only appearing in the two Extreme series following Series 3. He made a one-off appearance in Series 6, when he was made the team captain for their Heat, filling in for Peter, but was not present in the Semi-Finals. Despite this, Elliott was almost always credited on the statistics board, even when he was absent. Electronics engineer, Bruce Benson, was the other team member in Series 3. Bruce designed the FPGA (field-programmable gate array) which controlled Dominator's tank steering and failsafes.[10] He was also involved in the making of Dominator 2, having built the motor drive boards and the FPGA.[11] Bruce was only present in Series 3.

Chris Hall joined the team in Series 4 and remained a member until the team's final outing. Also an electronics engineer, Chris designed the speed controllers and motors for the original Dominator,[12] and designed the motor drives for Dominator 2.[13]

Paul Tolliday was the final team member, joining in Series 4. Paul was a graphics artist who designed and built the chassis and body of Dominator,[14] and did the CAD for Dominator 2.[15] Paul was present in all of Dominator 2's main series campaigns, but Elliott Smart took his place for the two Extreme series. Despite being a prominent speaker on the team, Paul was almost never credited on the statistics board, even when he was on the televised team.

"We are lucky enough to have a really good graphic artist on our team, so what would otherwise remain a few pencil scribbles gets turned into computer generated artwork before we have even finished kicking the scribbles around!"
— Dominator 2 website


The original Dominator attempted to qualify for Series 3. At the auditions it was unpainted and unfinished[16] and thus was not selected for the main competition of Series 3, being given a place in the Pinball side event instead.

Dominator 2 at the Fourth Wars qualifiers

At the Series 4 qualifiers, Dominator 2 fought Rattus Rattus. Dominator 2 punched straight through the rear armour of Rattus Rattus in their first contact, and the second axe blow from Dominator 2 allowed it to pierce Rattus Rattus, and push it into the pit. However, in the process of pitting its opponent, Dominator 2's removable link fell out, and Rattus Rattus was declared the winner of the battle.

"Chris & I recieved the thumbs up, and a shout that they were on second, as we went to our seats in the audience. We waited & waited, but no Dominator arrived, and in the interval Pete came through from the pits to say that the manual control on the gas dump solenoid had given a problem, and with 10 seconds left, they had to drop out until a later show. Thanks to Jo Barker, Chris & I were squeezed into the 1pm show, to watch Dominator II V Rattus Rattus. The compere made a mention of the incredible power of our axe, and you had to feel a bit sorry for the defenceless Rattus Rattus. After a quick dance around and around the arena, Dominator's axe buried itself 8 inches deep in the back of RR, (missing the aerial by 1/2 an inch!) Another short dance, and the axe struck again, with Dominator poised to push the impaled RR into the pit, when the removable link jumped out, and Dominator was powerless, forfeiting the bout to RR! However, with a bit of leading from the compere, the audience voted that Dominator II should be eligible to go through to the next stage as well!"
— The Dominator 2 website on the Series 4 qualifier battle[17] (edited)

Dominator 2's axe covered in Evolution's green paint

Dominator 2 also fought Toecutter 2 in a second qualifier match, which it won, before facing Evolution in a third match. In the latter, Dominator 2 repeatedly axed the MDF weaponry of Evolution and commanded the battle until the shock of its own axe usage knocked Dominator 2's removable link out once again. Evolution therefore won the battle, but the audience applauded the performance of Dominator 2.

"We were invited to appear in the later show as well. Our next victim was called Evolution, and looked rather like a green tank with a rotating top turret, (which turned out to be made of MDF!) Once again it was a one sided bout, and once again the removable link jumped out due to the shock from our axe, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! Again the audience came to our rescue."
— Dominator 2 Website

Due to its positive audience reception, and strong performances prior to its removable link falling out in both battles, Dominator 2 was awarded a discretionary place in the Fourth Wars. After qualifying, the link was changed to a larger 175amp model and was repositioned at the rear of the robot. The dump solenoid was also removed and replaced by a manual ballvalve[18]. This made the robot more reliable in televised combat.

"This means that we have to cut an access hole in the backend of the robot, something We had been trying to avoid, as it creates a weak point in the shell."
— Dominator 2 website

Dominator 2 did not have to go through the qualifiers in Series 5 or 6, having been seeded. Dominator 2 was also due to enter Series 7, and was to be given the 4th seed placing according to a Robot Wars Club newsletter (originally 5th when Razer and other veterans were presumed to be returning). Dominator 2 was the only seeded robot in the newsletter which did not appear in the televised series, which opened up a seeding position for Ming Dienasty. According to the now inactive Official Robot Wars Forums, Dominator 2 withdrew from Series 7 due to mechanical problems, although Team Dominator could not recall the circumstances of their absence from Series 7 when asked in 2020.[19] Dominator 2 was still credited as a seeded machine in the official Series 7 programme, as their withdrawal came late on after the programme had been published.[20]

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

Dominator is punished by the House Robots

Dominator competed in the Pinball Competition of The Third Wars, it immediately went for the barrels. It drove at the see-saw, but missed, driving over the end of the ramp. It turned around, and drove past the see-saw, then drove into Sgt. Bash. The House Robot pushed it away, into the see-saw, and as Dominator tried to push past the see-saw, Sir Killalot held the see-saw down with his lance, trapping Dominator. Sir Killalot released the see-saw, and Dominator quickly drove around Sgt. Bash to hit the 50 point target. As it did so, it knocked into a loose barrel, which rolled and hit the multi-ball release. After missing the target with its initial charge, Dominator turned, but Sgt. Bash blocked its path. Dominator drove away, but was caught by Sir Killalot, who pinned it against the multi-ball release. Dead Metal also helped to trap Dominator, and as Sir Killalot reversed, Dominator tried to reverse out of Dead Metal's grip. However, it was still caught on one of Dead Metal's claws. Sir Killalot pushed it into the wall, but in doing so, pushed Dominator into the 75 point target. Sir Killalot sliced through the front of Dominator with his claw, but Dominator was able to escape. It drove at the car door gate, but drove into the frame. It turned and reversed for another charge, but drove into the frame again. After getting caught on the frame, Dominator tried again, but drove into the other side of the frame. After reversing, it drove past the gate and headed for the other 50 point target. However, it drove straight into Shunt, who pushed it into the corner and axed it repeatedly, puncturing and crumpling the top. Dead Metal also came in and cut into Dominator with his saw.

"Damage limitation for the Dominator team, after picking up good points."
— Jonathan Pearce

The two House Robots kept Dominator trapped until time ran out. Dominator scored a total of 160 points.

"Will anyone beat that?"
Craig Charles after the run

This score remained unbeaten through the duration of nearly the whole series, with no true competition excluding Six Pac, which scored 135 points. But in the penultimate heat, it was to lose its lead when Razer scored an incredibly impressive 210 points. Dominator finished second in the Pinball overall.

Series 4[]

Dominator 2 was a promising newcomer to the Fourth Wars. Its first appearance brought it up against the number 9 seeds 101 and Henry 2 in the first round of the heat.

"With 20mph speeds, this could dominate the arena! Powered by two industrial motors. A plasma nite tri coated titanium shell for protection and pneumatic axe. Today they plan to dominate Robot Wars."
— Jonathan Pearce introduces Dominator 2

Henry 2 gets immobilised by Dominator 2 in 2.6 seconds

Dominator 2 instantly immobilises Henry 2

On the activate, Dominator 2 and 101 moved straight away, but Henry 2 paused on its starting position before moving forwards, and the delay was enough for Dominator 2 to drive straight at it and fire the axe at it, piercing the top of its wedge. This knocked out Henry 2 immediately, and the blue robot rolled to a gentle stop.

"Dominator on the left making the first move. Oh! Look at that, a slam immediately from the axe down on Henry 2 which is a petrol driven robot don't forget, and I think the drive motors are there or thereabouts. The axe has gone in and I think that's destroyed Henry 2's chances straight away! Look, immobilised! What an attack from Dominator 2!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 rams Dominator 2 about

101 came charging in, and bulldozed Dominator 2 away from the immobile Henry 2. 101 then pushed Henry 2, and Dominator 2 struck with its axe, but the swift 101 caught the axe blow on the run and the attack was deflected. Dominator 2 and 101 continued to fight, with only one axe blow and several ramming attacks being landed by each robot. However, this made no difference, as Henry 2 was clearly immobile, and Sir Killalot and Shunt moved in. Killalot tried unsuccessfully to lift Henry 2 with his pincer, so Shunt pushed it towards the pit with very little effort. 101 had been tipped on its side off-screen, but was righted off-screen as Shunt pushed Henry 2. 101 charged into Henry 2, trying to push it into the pit, but found it difficult, having caught Henry 2 side-on. Shunt finished the battle by pushing forward and pitting Henry 2.

"Well, Henry immobilised. Our seed gets taught a lesson from the newcomer. 101 and Dominator 2 go through."
— Craig Charles

In the second round of the heat, Dominator 2 fought the twenty-fifth seeds Shadow of Napalm.

Julia Reed: "You've got the fastest robot in the heat, that's for sure."
Paul Tolliday: "Yes."
Julia Reed: "You raced it against your motorbike, didn't you?"
Paul Tolliday: "Yes, I've got a ZX9 that's race duty, and we done a drag race down the car park, and the robot out-accelerated me!"
— Pre-Round 2 interview

Dominator 2 axes Shadow of Napalm

Dominator 2's axe buckles Shadow of Napalm

Shadow of Napalm was very slow to start, so Dominator 2 easily manoeuvred to its opponent's side, and brought its axe crashing down onto the seed's wedge. Dominator 2 pushed it a few feet, then struck again. Dominator 2 hammered at Shadow of Napalm several times, and only after Refbot pushed Dominator 2 back did Shadow of Napalm begin to limp away. Dominator 2 attacked Shadow of Napalm near the CPZ, managing to hit its opponent despite being up on its wedge. Shadow of Napalm was caught by Sir Killalot and its arm dislocated, but managed to pull away and avoid major damage. Dominator 2 got its wedge beneath Shadow of Napalm, axing it twice and pinning it in place.

"The axe crashes down, once, twice, into the very belly of Shadow of Napalm. No, a shake of the head, he [David Crosby] fears the worst here, he thinks they're dead."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 and Sir Killalot pit Shadow of Napalm

The pit opened and Sir Killalot advanced. Dominator 2 pushed Shadow of Napalm onto the very brink of the pit, but was unable to push it in. Matilda also attempted to do so, but also failed. Sir Killalot and Matilda then took advantage and pushed Shadow of Napalm from both sides, nudging it into the pit. As the seeded robot fell in, the shell broke away from the rest of the robot, shattering Shadow of Napalm.

Craig Charles: "What was your game plan, because it didn't really seem as though it was a hard fight for you?"
Paul Tolliday: "Basically; ram it, hit it and push it, as much as we possibly could!"
— Post-battle interview

Dominator 2 was then through to the Heat Final, where it fought 101 again.

Julia Reed: "They're a ferocious machine, aren't they? Plasma coated, nitride titanium, I mean, that's just showing off."
Mike Franklin: "That's just showing off, yeah."
— 101 discusses Dominator 2 with Julia Reed

101 drags Dominator 2

101 charged at Dominator 2, slamming into its wheel and pushing it, keeping clear of the axe. Dominator 2 countered, however, with a damaging axe blow that pinned it to 101. Dominator 2 was then heaved around by the much stronger 101.

"Now that's interesting. Mike Franklin may well be able to use that tactic again; draw Dominator 2 on, get the axe caught on top of the shell, drag it towards the pit!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 caught between Dead Metal and Dominator 2. Note the many axe holes in 101

Dominator 2 retracted its axe and released it, striking it quickly again before 101 pulled away. 101 drove up the wedge, pressing against Dominator 2's axe mechanism, and managing to push Dominator 2 into a CPZ. Escaping Matilda, Dominator 2 attempted to attack 101, but missed several times and was pushed in retaliation. Dominator 2's axe blows continued to miss, until 101 drove onto its wedge and allowed Dominator 2 to slam its axe down.

"Dominator 2, madly flailing away with that axe. Do not try this at home, children, with a toothpick on your brother's favourite model car. Wait until Christmas Day and do it then!!"
— Jonathan Pearce

101 runs up Dominator 2

Shunt attacks 101 despite it not being anywhere near the CPZ

Dominator 2 pushed 101 into Matilda, but the tracked robot shouldered its way out. Dominator 2 caught 101 and axed its track, but not puncturing the shell. Dominator 2 then repeated its attack and pushed 101 into Dead Metal, trapping the seeded machine between claws and axe. 101 escaped after a while, and ran into Dominator 2's side, driving up the wedge and interfering with the axe. However, 101 drove too high and Dominator 2's retracting axe pushed it backwards, causing 101 to land on its back. It attempted twice to repeat that attack and right itself, but was unsuccessful. 101 then drove into a side spike and pinned itself against the arena wall. Dead Metal nudged it free and 101 ran into Dominator 2. However, Shunt intervened and attacked 101, causing damage. Refbot sent Shunt away, and time ran down to the cease. The battle later went to a judges' decision, who unanimously went in favour of the newcomers Dominator 2, mostly based on the damage.

Craig Charles: "How do you think you're going to progress then?"
Peter Holloway: "Well, we've just got to go for it now, haven't we?"
— Craig Charles asks Team Dominator how they think they will do in the Semi-Finals

In the Series Semi-Finals, Dominator 2 met the number five seeds Firestorm 2 in the first round.

Firestorm 2 flips Dominator 2

Dominator 2 axes Firestorm 2

Dominator 2 fired its axe, but it caused no damage, and Firestorm 2 flipped the bi-wedge onto its back. Dominator 2 rolled onto its side, then used its axe to turn itself back onto its wheels. In retaliation, Dominator 2 axed Firestorm 2's flipper, dragging it around the arena floor. Firestorm 2 fired its flipper to try and shake the axe head out, but was unsuccessful and ended up lifting itself off the ground twice before Dominator 2 released it.

"Look at the blade - lifting, plucking at the powerful flipping arm of Firestorm 2."
— Jonathan Pearce on Dominator 2's axe

Firestorm flips and pushes Dominator 2 about

Dominator 2 manages to clamp Firestorm down

Dominator 2 was flipped again, but before it could right itself, Firestorm 2 attacked it and rushed around, but righted its opponent in the process. Firestorm 2 charged at Dominator 2, so Dominator 2 axed it, but Firestorm 2 batted the axe away with its flipper. Firestorm 2 then drove onto Dominator 2's wedge, and the axe clamped it in place. However, Dominator 2 released Firestorm and backed away for another attack.

Firestorm 2 lifts Dominator 2 at the end

Both robots become wedged on the arena side wall

Firestorm 2 recovered and threw Dominator 2 onto its back again. Nudging it, Firestorm 2 pushed it over and Dominator 2 self-righted. Firestorm 2 repeated this, but Dominator 2 was unable to right itself in time to prevent Firestorm 2 slamming it into the side wall. Firestorm 2 attempted to flip Dominator 2 over the arena wall, but was not in the right position to be successful, and time ran out. The battle went to the judges, and after a very close decision, they went for Dominator 2 for the second successive time.

"Chaps, the decision is through. It's the closest decision ever in the war. The judges have gone - 2 to 1 - and it's only by one point - in favour...of Dominator 2!"
— Craig Charles announces the result

Now a significant favourite, Dominator 2 moved on to meet the number nineteen seeds Pussycat in the second round.

Pussycat targets Dominator 2's wheels

Dominator 2 axes Pussycat

Dominator 2 attempted to reverse its armoured rear into Pussycat, but the seeded robot was fast enough to speed around and land an attack on Dominator 2's exposed tire. Dominator 2 used its bi-wedge shape to push Pussycat onto its side, but Pussycat landed back on its wheels and avoided Dominator 2's weak axe blow. The two robots collided, with Pussycat damaging the wheels again.

"Look at that, very, very simple tactics - go for the new tyres, shred them, and Dominator 2 would be out."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 slams Pussycat into Matilda's CPZ

Pussycat's blade digs under Dominator 2's damaged shell

Despite Dominator 2 managing to overpower Pussycat, its axe was not in a position to land a blow, and Pussycat was able to continue slashing its right wheel. Dominator 2 finally used its axe/wedge configuration to shove Pussycat into Matilda's CPZ, who propped the nineteenth seed on the side wall and very nearly out of the arena.

"Dominator 2, on top at the moment, perhaps, after the bright start by Pussycat."
— Jonathan Pearce

Pussycat attacks Dominator 2's tyre

Pussycat's blade gets stuck within the armour of Dominator 2

Pussycat disrobes Dominator 2

Dominator 2 continued to ram Pussycat into the corner wall, but eventually Pussycat escaped and charged across the arena at Dominator 2, but merely glanced off and bounced away. Dominator 2 axed Pussycat and trapped it again, but Pussycat's attacks finally took their toll and Dominator 2's bodyshell came loose. Pussycat launched numerous attacks in the last few seconds, it caught a tooth in the rear armour, pulling at the loose bodyshell. The judges voted for Pussycat on damage alone.

"Well the truth is that for a lot of the time, it was only running at half power due to a blockage in the regulator, caused by liquid CO2 getting inside the regulator, and turning a fine copper gauze filter into a sludge coated bottleneck. We discovered the problem before appearing in "The Annihilator""
— Elliott Smart describes the problem with the axe on the Dominator 2 website[21]

Dominator 2 also entered in the Northern Annihilator, where it was fought Chaos 2, Stinger, Spikasaurus, Killerhurtz and Suicidal Tendencies.

"...this one, I've had dreams about!"
Julia Reed on Dominator 2, whist reviewing the competitors

Suicidal Tendencies flips Dominator 2

Dominator 2 axes Chaos 2 while Killerhurtz axes Spikasaurus

In the first round, Dominator 2 started slower than its opponents, and approached Killerhurtz, only for Chaos 2 to slam into it in reverse. Dominator 2 tried to axe the reigning champion, but Chaos 2 turned itself off Dominator 2's wedge, and as Dominator 2 missed its axe blow, Suicidal Tendencies got behind it and turned it over using the front forks. Suicidal Tendencies drove up the base of Dominator 2, then fell off, and Dominator 2 quickly righted itself with the axe. Dominator 2 moved over to the other side of the arena, where Chaos 2, Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus were fighting, but appeared indecisive about which robot it was to attack, turning back and forth between Killerhurtz and Chaos 2. Chaos 2 tried to get under Dominator 2's side, but Dominator 2 reversed and turned, missing an axe blow. Chaos 2 turned on Suicidal Tendencies, trying unsuccessfully to get under and flip it, then drove down the arena. As it did this, Dominator 2 was following it. Dominator 2 pursued Chaos 2 down the arena, but Chaos 2 turned around and darted up the arena to where the other robots were fighting. Dominator 2 chased after it, and caught up with it at the top of the arena, axing George Francis' machine. Dominator 2 pinned Chaos 2 down with the axe and turned it away from the other competitors, but Stinger hit Chaos 2 and Dominator 2 on the sides, allowing Chaos 2 to escape, and it reversed away. Dominator 2 backed off and stayed out of the action for a short time, driving down the arena. It soon came back, and after driving around the others without attacking, drove at Killerhurtz, which was being pulled by Spikasaurus after axing it. Dominator 2 got the wedge under Killerhurtz, and Killerhurtz was dragged up the wedge, flipping it over.

"Axe to axe, metal to metal, bash and crash! Smash! What is happening out there? The hopes and dreams about to be scuppered of one in the annihilator!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Spikasaurus impales Suicidal Tendencies as Dominator 2 axes it from behind

Dominator 2 attacks Chaos 2

Spikasaurus reversed into Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 axed the axe of Killerhurtz and pulled it, causing Killerhurtz's attempt to self-right to fail. Chaos 2 flipped Suicidal Tendencies 2 into Dominator 2, and after Killerhurtz self-righted, Dominator 2 tried to axe it, but Killerhurtz slipped away in time. Chaos 2 got under Killerhurtz and flipped it up, but as it tried to flip it towards the arena wall, Killerhurtz went over the top of Chaos 2, and Chaos 2 drove into the wall, with its flipper in the fired position. Dominator 2 took advantage, axing the reigning champion, but as Dominator 2 tried to push Chaos 2 into the CPZ, Chaos 2 was able to escape.

"The object, boys, is to destroy each other! I wonder if Dominator 2 will rue that little bit of friendship."
— Jonathan Pearce

Killerhurtz and Dominator 2 axe Chaos 2

Dominator 2 removes the back panel of Chaos 2 as Killerhurtz punctures a hole through the flipper

However, it reversed straight into Killerhurtz, and Dominator 2 was able to axe it again, axing the flipper of Chaos 2, but Chaos 2 got under Dominator 2 and flipped it aside. Dominator 2 drove up the arena and turned around, then caught up with Chaos 2 in the corner, missing an axe blow. It then went after Spikasaurus, which had its front spikes caught in Suicidal Tendencies. After missing an axe attack on Spikasaurus, Dominator 2 drove away from Sgt. Bash, then went after Chaos 2. Chaos 2 briefly got its flipper under Dominator 2, but did not flip, and Dominator 2 missed with its axe. Dominator 2 drove away, then charged at Chaos 2 as it attacked Killerhurtz. Dominator 2 and Killerhurtz pushed Chaos 2 into the arena wall, and after hitting Killerhurtz with the axed, Dominator 2 landed more axe blows on Chaos 2. All six competitors came into the corner, and Dominator 2 turned around, past Stinger, and axed Spikasaurus. Killerhurtz pushed Chaos 2 into the CPZ with the other competitors, and Dominator 2 axed it some more, hitting the rear and ripping off the back panel.

"Dominator 2 lifts that perspex lid up like some grizzly scalp trophy. Chaos 2, they're all after the reigning UK champions, it seems. They're ganging up. Get rid of the strongest machine. Get rid of the favourite. We'll gang up and we'll see who goes through."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 axes Suicidal Tendencies while Shunt attacks Killerhurtz

Dominator 2 axes Stinger in the closing seconds as Chaos 2 lays immobile

Dominator 2 then reversed, and axed Spikasaurus, but Sgt. Bash came between the two. Dominator 2 reversed, and after bumping into Sgt. Bash, stayed out of the action, waiting at the bottom of the arena, as Shunt pushed the immobile Chaos 2 up the arena. It then came into the arena centre, and axed Stinger, getting the axe caught in one of the wheels, and time ran out. As Chaos 2 was immobile first, it was eliminated.

"...we are vulnerable to axes and we got hit by just about every axe in the house"
— George Francis after the first round

Dominator 2 strikes Stinger as Killerhurtz and Suicidal Tendencies battle each other

Killerhurtz, Dominator 2, Spikasaurus and Suicidal Tendencies battle together

In Round 2, Dominator 2 started strangely, driving towards Suicidal Tendencies, then turning away, then turning back to Suicidal Tendencies, then turning away again. Spikasaurus rammed into it, getting the spikes stuck in Dominator 2's side. Spikasaurus reversed, freeing Dominator 2 before long, and Dominator 2 drove after it. However, Spikasaurus was fast enough to dodge the axe blow from Dominator 2. Stinger drove at Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 hit it a couple of times with the axe, but due to Stinger's shape, the blows merely bounced off. It did manage to hold Stinger still for a moment, getting the axe between the wheels, but then let Stinger go, and after driving around the arena, targeted Killerhurtz.

"This is Killerhurtz, under pressure from Dominator 2, with the bi-wedge shape. Impressive so far..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Killerhurtz almost topples Dominator 2 as Suicidal Tendencies lifts Killerhurtz

Dominator 2 axes Killerhurtz as it pushes Sgt. Bash onto the flame pit

An immobile Stinger tries to attack Dominator 2

Killerhurtz was fast enough to avoid a couple of axe blows as Dominator 2 chased after it, and managed to get away from Dominator 2 and ram Spikasaurus. Dominator 2 did catch up, but missed with the axe and Killerhurtz got away. Killerhurtz axed Spikasaurus and pushed it to the wall, and Dominator 2 caught up with Killerhurtz and axed it, puncturing the top armour. Dominator 2 dragged Killerhurtz and Spikasaurus back, then released Killerhurtz. It hit Suicidal Tendencies, which had been pushing against Killerhurtz, but the axe failed to puncture. Killerhurtz pushed against Dominator 2's wheel, and as it tried to pull its axe back, it became caught with the axe of Dominator 2. Dominator 2 separated the two robots by firing its axe, and Spikasaurus rammed into it. Dominator 2 then went for Stinger, pushing against it but not using its axe. Stinger was spinning on the spot, so Dominator 2 left it and axed Killerhurtz whilst it was axing Sgt. Bash. Dominator 2 reversed away after Sgt. Bash pushed Killerhurtz onto the flame pit, and later came back to axe Suicidal Tendencies, but failed to puncture it again, despite axing the top twice. Towards the end of the fight, Dominator 2 went after Spikasaurus, axing it a few times, but time ran out. Stinger was eliminated, having lost drive on one wheel and Dominator 2 was through to Round 3.

"Very good so far."
— Jonathan Pearce on Dominator 2 before Round 3

Killerhurtz misses an axe blow, but pushes Dominator 2 onto a flame jet

Killerhurtz drives up Dominator 2's slope as Spikasaurus charges from behind

At the start, Killerhurtz and Dominator 2 drove at each other, but before the two could attack each other, Spikasaurus rammed into Killerhurtz, allowing it to get away from Dominator 2. Dominator 2 chased after Killerhurtz, which turned around as Dominator 2 closed in, but drove up its wedge and slid off, then Spikasaurus pushed it into Dominator 2.

"More room on the arena floor. I wonder if the tactics will change"
— Jonathan Pearce

Killerhurtz was briefly stuck on top of Dominator 2's wheel after being pushed against Dominator 2's side, but Dominator 2 turned and Killerhurtz fell off. Suicidal Tendencies came in and lifted Killerhurtz up, but Dominator 2 axed Killerhurtz and pulled it off. Killerhurtz escaped when Dominator 2 raised the axe. Whilst Spikasaurus punctured Suicidal Tendencies' left side and rammed it the arena wall, Dominator 2 and Killerhurtz drove around each other, trying to get in a good position to axe the other. Killerhurtz got in position first, but the axe landed between the wedges of Dominator 2's bi-wedge design. Dominator 2 reversed, and dodged Killerhurtz as it chased. Killerhurtz missed an axe blow, but did manage to push Dominator 2 onto a flame jet. Spikasaurus, which had become uncoupled from Suicidal Tendencies after ramming it into a wall, rammed into Dominator 2, but bounced off, and Dominator 2 quickly reversed off the flame jet. It turned, but reversed into Killerhurtz, and Dominator 2 dodged Killerhurtz's axe blow.

"...the two more dangerous, certainly higher rated machines, with the axes."
— Jonathan Pearce on Killerhurtz and Dominator 2

Dominator 2 slams into Suicidal Tendencies as Spikasaurus reverses into Killerhurtz

Suicidal Tendencies lays immobile as the others continue fighting

Killerhurtz got side-on at Dominator 2, only for it to reverse. Killerhurtz charged at Dominator 2, but went up the front and Dominator 2 hit it with the axe. Spikasaurus rammed into Killerhurtz, knocking it off Dominator 2's front. Killerhurtz went after Spikasaurus as it reversed up the arena, but Dominator 2 chased after it. Dominator 2 blocked Killerhurtz's charge, and Spikasaurus rammed into it, puncturing it and pushing it into Suicidal Tendencies, which lifted it onto a flame jet, with Dominator 2 missing an axe blow on Killerhurtz whilst it was pushed. Spikasaurus continued to push Killerhurtz until the spikes slid out of it. Killerhurtz was able to escape, but its axe appeared to be stuck in the "fired" position. It drove down the arena, and Dominator 2 followed, but Killerhurtz drove up the arena before Dominator 2 could fire the axe. Dominator 2 followed it, but as it caught up, Spikasaurus rammed into its side. This gave Killerhurtz the chance to turn and ram into Dominator 2 and push it. However, Spikasaurus charged into Killerhurtz again, getting the spikes caught in the side. Dominator 2 axed Killerhurtz as Spikasaurus pushed and pulled Team Hurtz's machine, then used the axe to pin it down, and together with Spikasaurus, pushed Killerhurtz onto the flame pit.

"Throughout the three battles that we've seen, it's all about "Take on Killerhurtz"."
— Jonathan Pearce as Killerhurtz comes under pressure again

Killerhurtz is pressured by Spikasaurus and Dominator 2

As the two forced Killerhurtz onto the flame pit, it was clear that Suicidal Tendencies had broken down on the far side of the arena. Killerhurtz was able to break free and fled down the arena. Dominator chased after it, but Killerhurtz turned around and pushed Dominator 2 into Matilda's CPZ, who flipped it with her tusks. Dominator 2 managed to right itself with the axe just before the battle ended.

Julia Reed: "Now you've got to go home, boys, but is there anybody you'd like to come back and have a pop at?"
Charles Binns: "Dominator, definitely."
Julia Reed: "Watch out, Dominator, it could be a grudge match!"
— After the battle

Dominator 2 had survived to Round 4. All three robots had a quick start, with Killerhurtz ramming into Spikasaurus and Dominator 2 getting at Killerhurtz's side and axing it.

"The axes, again, will be favourites, and will they try to knock each other out? Dominator 2 doing what it has done for most of the Annihilator..."
— Jonathan Pearce in the early stages

Dominator 2 axes Killerhurtz as it rams into Spikasaurus

Dominator 2 axes Killerhurtz, causing it to start smoking

Killerhurtz reversed, pulling Dominator 2 with it. Dominator 2 raised the axe, then landed two hits in quick succession, the second puncturing Killerhurtz's gas canister, rendering its own axe inoperable. Dominator managed to land a couple more blows, pinning Killerhurtz still with the second, before Spikasaurus rammed in between the two and separated them. Killerhurtz reversed, but looked much more sluggish than before. Dominator 2 closed in, but missed with the axe. Spikasaurus also missed a charge on Killerhurtz, before Dominator 2 got at Killerhurtz's side and axed it. However, in doing so, it had driven onto a flame jet, so reversed off. Spikasaurus rammed into Killerhurtz's rear, impaling it.

"Poor old Killerhurtz. Throughout this great heave-ho upheaval of a contest, everyone seems to have had it in for poor old Killerhurtz."
— A sympathetic Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 takes off a panel from Killerhurtz

Dominator 2 punctures through Killerhurtz's CO2 tank

With Killerhurtz stuck on Spikasaurus' spikes, Dominator 2 took advantage and axed it some more times, breaking off a small piece of its armour. Spikasaurus pushed Killerhurtz into Sir Killalot's CPZ, and Dominator 2 got behind Killerhurtz to trap it and land another axe blow. Sir Killalot pushed Spikasaurus and Killerhurtz away, but Spikasaurus' weapon was too deeply embedded in Killerhurtz's armour to separate them. Dominator 2 landed another axe blow on Killerhurtz, causing more CO2 to pour out. Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ and used his crushing arm to try and cut the spikes off, but missed the first attempt. Matilda pushed the two robots away from the wall, and Sir Killalot tried to separate the two again, but grabbed onto Spikasaurus' front, crumpling it. After pushing the two, Sir Killalot manage to grab one of Spikasaurus' spikes, pulling it free of Killerhurtz and bending the spike. before a follow-up buckled the spikes and finally released Killerhurtz. Killerhurtz, still only moving very slowly, drove into Killalot, but the house robot was unable to grab the stricken robot. Eventually letting it go, Killerhurtz drove over to the far end of the arena and rammed into the House Robot entry gate. Killerhurtz did not move after this and cease was called before the house robots could come in.

"Killerhurtz, turned into a teabag by Dominator 2, Killerhurtz annihilated!"
— Craig Charles post battle

In the Final, Dominator 2 went in as the favourite.

Julia Reed: "Now, you've done incredibly well, you've really smashed some other robots to bits! What's it like, being in an Annihilator? How does it differ from the normal battles?"
Paul Tolliday: "It's far less pressure, more fun, more things to smash up, basically."
Julia Reed: "Which is perfect for a robot like yours, which is literally designed for destruction."
Paul Tolliday: "Yes."
Julia Reed: "And why is your axe shining?"
Paul Tolliday: "We've coated it in silicone grease, to stop it sticking into the opponent, and comes out a lot easier, more hits per minute."
Julia Reed: "Ah! I'd like to say this one more time: that is plasma-nitride coated titanium. It's the toughest thing we've seen on Robot Wars, and it could lead them to victory!"

— Pre-Final interview

Dominator 2 hooks onto Spikasaurus' rollbar

Spikasaurus impaled in the side wall as Dead Metal attacks Dominator 2

The two robots got off to a fairly quick start, although Spikasaurus seemed slightly more sluggish than in previous rounds. The two drove around each other, with Spikasaurus trying to get around Dominator 2's side, whilst Dominator kept its front pointing at it at all times to prevent that. Eventually, it was able to land an axe blow, hooking one of Spikasaurus' rollbars. Spikasaurus quickly took advantage and drove Dominator 2 back into Dead Metal's CPZ, but as the house robot snatched Dominator 2 away, Spikasaurus managed to impale itself against the arena wall. Dominator 2 landed an axe blow as Dead Metal pushed it away, sawing into its side. The house robot released Dominator 2, revealing a puncture in the rear from where his pincers had gone.

"They may be spinning, they may be grinning, but who has sustained punishment there? Who is in trouble?"
— Jonathan Pearce reviews the first charge

Spikasaurus goes up Dominator 2's wedge

Dominator 2 axes Spikasaurus just prior to its immobilisation

After a while, Dead Metal managed to free Spikasaurus, damaging one of his pincers in the process. Spikasaurus seemed very sluggish in retaliation, and Dominator eventually chased after it, bending another rollbar.

"Dominator 2 just waiting to see if Spikasaurus can come out to play. Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Spikasaurus gets away as Dominator 2 lays immobile

Sir Killalot crushes down on Dominator 2 axe as Shunt closes in

Spikasaurus tried to keep to Dominator 2's side, and for a while managed to avoid its opponent's axe, but Dominator 2 was eventually able to take advantage of Spikasaurus' sluggish movement and axed it again. Spikasaurus was too slow to escape, and Dominator 2 continued battering it with the axe. After a while, Spikasaurus drove close to Shunt's CPZ, and the house robot also axed it and lifted it off the ground as well, before releasing it, allowing Dominator 2 to land more axe blows. Dominator 2 then wedged underneath Spikasaurus and pushed it across the arena, using its axe to clamp down on its opponent. As they drove across the closed pit, Spikasaurus was able to pull away, although only very slowly, but it suddenly became apparent that Dominator 2 had suddenly stopped moving.

"Have they been immobilised here, Dominator 2? It would be a major surprise!"
— Jonathan Pearce on the shock turnaround

The House Robots finish Dominator 2 off

The house robots quickly came out to attack the immobile Dominator 2, with Dead Metal cutting into its rear with his saw. Sir Killalot then picked Dominator 2 up by its axe and spun it around, then placed it on the floor flipper. The flipper threw Dominator 2 across the arena, and Dominator 2 landed on its side, right towards Dead Metal. The pit opened moments later as the House Robots continued to attack.

"I must admit it's taken me totally by surprise. I thought this would win it, Dominator 2, but not when you've got Killalot, and not when you've got Shunt and not when you've got some problem with the mechanics."
— Jonathan Pearce as the Annihilator concludes

Sir Killalot tried to knock Dominator 2 into the pit but ended up knocking it away and back onto its wheels. With a little assistance from Shunt, Sir Killalot grabbed Dominator 2's axe and dropped the robot into the pit, leaving the battered Spikasaurus as the unexpected victor.

Craig Charles: "I bet you're gutted, aren't you?"
Peter Halloway: "Yeah, just a bit!"
— In the post-Final interview

According to the Team Dominator website, the reason why Dominator 2 broke down suddenly was due to shock-induced battery failure[22].

Extreme 1[]

Dominator 2 made two appearances in Robot Wars Extreme. It first fought Wild Thing in the first round of the All-Stars tournament.

" prob we thought, until we saw the spinning disk that was now fitted to it, with blades that were 3 times the size of Hypno-disk's! {sic}"
— Elliott Smart on the Dominator 2 website[23]

Dominator 2 axes Wild Thing

Both robots started quickly, as Dominator 2 charged at Wild Thing and tried to axe it, but Wild Thing dodged both of Dominator 2's first two axe blows. Wild Thing then drove up Dominator 2's bi-wedge shape, but escaped before it could be hit by the axe. It then drove into Dominator 2's side and tried to cut through the tyres. Dominator 2's axe blows continued to miss, and when it finally managed to hit its opponent, it could not hold onto Wild Thing, who continued to aim for the wheels. The two then got side-on at each other and began to spin around, but Dominator 2 could not attack due to its uni-directional weaponry, whereas Wild Thing's flywheel could still do damage. Dominator 2 drove away, then came back and tried to hit Wild Thing again, but despite clamping Wild Thing down with the axe, Wild Thing quickly got away. Dominator 2 then got underneath Wild Thing, stopping it from moving, but then knocked its opponent off with the axe. After driving away, Wild Thing hit the rear of Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 turned and finally managed to land a meaningful axe blow on Wild Thing. However, as it pushed Wild Thing away, it became apparent that its right tyre was now badly torn.

Dominator 2 pins Wild Thing on its wedge

"It looks to be tattered! So the weapon on Wild Thing has caused damage to Dominator 2...certainly Dominator 2 is on the defensive!"
— Jonathan Pearce discovers the damaged tyre

Wild Thing attacked the side again, this time aiming for the other wheel. Dominator 2 tried to use its axe, but missed altogether. It missed another attack as Wild Thing continued to target the wheel.

Wild Thing attacks Dominator 2's tyres

Dominator 2 managed to wedge underneath Wild Thing again, but Wild Thing escaped again before Dominator 2 could use the axe. After some more dodging, Wild Thing forced itself underneath Dominator 2, which wasn't able to hit its opponent properly. Wild Thing let Dominator 2 go, and the two continued driving around the arena, with Dominator 2 missing several more axe blows and Wild Thing continually aiming for the sides. Eventually, Dominator 2 caught up to a fleeing Wild Thing and used its axe to clamp it down, but Wild Thing was able to escape. Wild Thing hit Dominator 2 side on, and a bit of smoke was just about visible. Dominator 2 missed one last axe blow, and the axe became stuck in the floor until Wild Thing pushed its side again, and time ran out. The judges decided to put Wild Thing through, based on aggression.

Julia Reed: "Was it a bit frustrating for you, because we didn't see much of the axe action? It seemed to be missing all the time, why was that?"
Peter Holloway: "Yeah, we're disappointed. We thought 'four out of ten, could try harder'."
Julia Reed: "Yeah, so what do you think about the judges' decision, then?"
Peter Holloway: "It was the right decision."
— Post-battle interview

After this battle, the team added wheel guards to Dominator 2.

"Needles{sic} to say, our tyres were a little bit vulnerable, even though they were foamed...It was a lesson learned! nuff said! Robot Wars Extreme was actually filmed in two parts, the first at Earls Court, during Tomorrows World Live, and then the rest was done quite some time later at Elstree during Series V. Team Dominator did not waste that time, and that is how we managed to completely enclose our wheels, apparently in between bouts! If you look closely, you will spot many robots with modifications done in the same period of time."
— Elliott Smart on the Dominator 2 website[24]

Dominator 2 also fought in a Wild Card Warrior battle against newcomers The Executioner. This was the first appearance of Dominator 2 with its wheel guards.

"It's going to be a doddle! Who are Dominator 2? Let's face it, it's a! Plasma Nitride Coated? What is that? What is that? It's paint! It's paint!...Go home guys, you're gonna get trashed!"
— Confidence from The Executioner's captain Mark Nemadic before the battle

Dominator 2 guides The Executioner into pitting itself

The Executioner started by turning away from Dominator 2 and driving down towards the pit release button. Dominator 2 charged at it, but missed its charge as The Executioner was quick enough to dodge. The Executioner drove into the bottom arena wall, just missing the pit button. It reversed, tried to line up another drive at the button, but missed again, hitting the other side of the wall. Dominator 2 held back, then closed in as The Executioner managed to hit the pit button. Dominator 2 got under The Executioner, but The Executioner reversed off the front before the axe could hit it. The Executioner tried to drive away, but Dominator 2 was right behind it, and pushed past its opponent as the two robots drove by the pit. This caused The Executioner to change direction, and it drove straight into the pit. Therefore, Dominator 2 won after barely attacking its opponent.

Craig Charles: "No point talking to you, is there?"
Team Dominator (together): "No!"
Craig Charles: "You didn't do anything!"
— The very brief post-battle interview

Series 5[]

"Last year we were semi-finalists, this year - we'll win."
— The team's high hopes for Series 5

For the Fifth Wars, Dominator 2 was seeded eleventh for the main competition. In its first round battle of the heat, Dominator 2 was drawn against a newcomer in Derek!.

"Dominator 2, will start as the favourite for this battle, because of the might of that pneumatic axe."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle

Dominator 2 takes out Derek! in the first round

Dominator 2 drove towards Derek!, but Derek! dodged, before turning to face its opponent. Derek! got the lifter under the front of Dominator 2 and pushed against it, and Dominator 2 missed its axe blow. However, Dominator 2 turned off the lifter before Derek! could flip, so the flip of Derek! missed. Dominator 2 tried to turn around to attack the rear of Derek!, but Derek! dodged, and Dominator 2 drove past it. Dominator 2 soon turned around and caught up with Derek!, but missed its axe blow when the two made contact. Dominator 2 turned around to line up another attack, and tried to get at the side of Derek!. However, before it could attack, Sgt. Bash drove into the CPZ the two competitors were fighting close to, pushing past Dominator 2 as it did so. This allowed Derek! to evade Dominator 2 briefly, but Dominator 2 soon caught up and axed Derek. However, the axe bounced off the top and slid down the side. As Dominator 2 axed Derek!, it wedged under its opponent, and the front prongs of Derek! became caught in the floor. Dominator 2 pushed Derek!, but Derek! was caught in the floor, so Dominator 2 could not push it anywhere, and Derek slid off. Dominator 2 tried to get at the side of Derek! and axe it, and though Derek! turned against it, Dominator 2 landed a blow that pierced the top. Derek! tried pulling Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 raised the axe. Derek! could not get away from Dominator 2, which followed close behind it, but Derek! kept turning to prevent Dominator 2 getting a good chance to use its axe. Dominator 2 drove towards Shunt as it tried to push Derek!, but drove into the House Robot itself as it did so, and had to quickly turn away and dodge, and it drove into the arena wall. Dominator 2 reversed into Derek!, briefly pinning it against the arena wall. Dominator 2 drove away, but Derek! did not. It became clear Derek! had stopped moving. Shunt axed it, and Dominator 2 also axed it, but couldn't pierce the armour, as the axe kept hitting the top lifter instead.

"Dominator 2 with the axe crashing down, Derek! needs to get out of there! Can't get out, it's pinned in on the side wall. Dominator 2 doing all the work, all the pressing, all the aggressive work..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 managed to hit the top armour of Derek! and pull it back, then left it for the House Robots, spinning in victory. Derek! was counted out, and Dominator 2 was through to the next round.

Craig Charles: "How do you think you're going to do this year?"
Peter Halloway: "All the way!"
— The team announce their ambition

In the second round, the seeded machine faced King B Powerworks, the fourth version of King Buxton.

"Very good battle, this. Dominator 2 possibly more impressive in its earlier fight, King B Powerworks needed a judges' decision to separate it from Kronic..."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle

Dominator 2 wedges under King B Powerworks

Dominator 2 drove straight at King B Powerworks, but King B Powerworks turned away, then turned around and drives up Dominator 2's wedge. This allowed Dominator 2 to axe it and push it down the arena, into a CPZ. When Dominator 2 raised the axe, King B Powerworks drove up the side of Dominator 2, then drove out of the CPZ. Dominator 2 chased after it, but both competitors drove into Sir Killalot, who was out of the CPZ, and Dominator 2 missed with the axe as King B Powerworks reversed away. King B Powerworks reversed straight into the path of Shunt, which pushed it into the CPZ, but King B Powerworks quickly drove around the House Robot and escaped. However, Dominator 2 blocked its escape, and King B Powerworks drove back into the CPZ, along the wall, then into the arena centre. Dominator 2 followed it, but missed its charge. However, it soon got under King B Powerworks and axed it twice as it pushed it towards the arena wall. King B Powerworks turned itself off the wedge and used its saw on Dominator 2's side, but caused no damage. Dominator 2 tried to axe King B Powerworks, but missed, then pushed it around, with King B Powerworks stuck on the side of the wedge.

"How can it damage Dominator 2, though? It's a major problem. Side by side, no place to duck or hide!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 penetrates King B Powerworks above the forks

The robots after cease

Dominator 2 fired the axe which missed its target and knocked King B Powerworks off the wedge. However, as it drove up the arena, Dominator 2 caught up with it almost instantly, and after missing one axe blow, caught up with it again, and the next axe blow pierced through King B Powerworks' plexiglas top, right above the forks, and Dominator 2 was then able to push it around. It retracted the axe, and King B Powerworks tried to escape, but Dominator 2 was right behind it and axed it again. King B Powerworks drove at Dominator 2 with the saw, only for Dominator 2 to axe it again, dragging it back. The match ended with Dominator 2's axe buried in King B Powerworks. The fight went to the judges, who unanimously voted for Dominator 2.

Craig Charles: "Now, I said your axe is the best in the business, is it?"
Paul Tolliday: "Yes, without a shadow of a doubt!"
Craig Charles: "It is so hard!"
Paul Tolliday: "It's the axe of doom!"
— Post-battle interview

There, it faced the Scottish newcomers Corkscrew.

Philippa Forrester: "And what did they do earlier?"
Lewis Heatlie: "Called our kilts skirts!"
Philippa Forrester: "That's enough to make them angry! And enough to give us a very good fight!"
— Pre battle with the Corkscrew team

Dominator 2 tips Corkscrew over

Dominator 2 charged straight at Corkscrew, but Corkscrew avoided it. Dominator 2 caught up with it, but missed an axe blow, and Corkscrew escaped. It dodged Dominator 2 for a time, but drove into a CPZ, where Dominator 2 was able to corner it. The House Robots came in, and whilst Dominator 2 slipped out of the CPZ, Corkscrew was trapped until it managed to get at Sir Killalot's side, and escaped as Sir Killalot turned around. Corkscrew drove up the arena away from Dominator 2, which followed it, but missed an axe blow. Corkscrew continued to dodge the seeded robot, driving down, then up, then back down the arena.

"Well, it's cat-and-mouse, catch me if you can! Corkscrew, off and away. Some might say this is just running away for safety! Others might say it's a tactical ruse, a ploy..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Eventually, Dominator 2 caught Corkscrew, but strangely, did not fire the axe and reversed. Corkscrew opened the pit, and pushed against Dominator 2's side, then drove up the arena. Dominator 2 followed it, and Corkscrew lined up another charge and rode up Dominator 2's wedge, allowing Dominator to tip it onto its side, immobilising it.

"Certainly, Dominator is the heavier, the more cumbersome, the more thoughtful, but the more potent! Corkscrew, on its side!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Refbot counted out Corkscrew, and the House Robots attacked it. Dominator 2 was through to the Semi-Finals again. There, Dominator 2 faced the tenth seeds Wheely Big Cheese in the first round.

"Beaten by Pussycat at this stage last time, speeds of 20mph make this the fastest robot in the Semi-Final!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 flipped by Wheely Big Cheese

Wheely Big Cheese charged straight at Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 dodged. As Wheely Big Cheese turned and drove at Dominator 2, Dominator 2 drove past it, driving by the flame pit, then driving over it as Wheely Big Cheese chased after it. Dominator 2 drove down the arena, towards the pit release, with Wheely Big Cheese following close behind, but Dominator 2 turned away before Wheely Big Cheese could get under it, and Wheely Big Cheese pressed the pit release button.

"Dominator 2 has the heavy axe, but doesn't want to get involved with Wheely Big Cheese's flipper."
— Jonathan Pearce as Dominator 2 retreats early on

Dominator 2 waited for its opponent by the pit before it opened, and Wheely Big Cheese tried to get under it, but they drove up and over the wedge with one wheel, and Dominator 2 fired its axe. The length of the axe struck Wheely Big Cheese, but the axe point did not. Dominator 2 fired the axe again afterwards, but this completely missed its target. After chasing Wheely Big Cheese, Dominator 2 drove straight up onto its flipper, which fired, throwing Dominator 2 upwards, sailing very high into the air, and it landed with a huge crash, inverted.

"That must have sailed eight feet into the air!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Dominator 2 is sent airborne

Dominator 2 strikes Wheely Big Cheese with its axe

Dominator 2 quickly righted itself with the axe. Dominator 2 was still moving freely, as it charged at Wheely Big Cheese, but drove onto the flipper again. Wheely Big Cheese flipped Dominator 2, but the flipper was only slotted slightly underneath Dominator 2, so Dominator 2 was turned over rather than being launched upwards. Wheely Big Cheese spun in circles with its flipper still open, as Dominator 2 was inverted flat on its axe. Dominator 2 tried to right itself, but the axe wasn't pushing hard enough. After two failed attempts, Dominator 2 overturned itself, digging into the arena floor with its axe point. Wheely Big Cheese lingered over a flame jet, only making mere turns, rather than driving away. Dominator 2 came to axe it, striking the front of Wheely Big Cheese's wedge.

"They've got to get some damage in on that Wheely Big Cheese flipper and stop it operating. Otherwise, you get the sense that Roger Plant is going to line up a broadside attack and come in and flip Dominator once again."
— Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Cheese fled to the opposite side of the arena, and Dominator 2 chased after it, missing another axe bow when it caught up. The two robots both drove up to the top of the arena, with Wheely Big Cheese accidentally driving under the front of Refbot. Wheely Big Cheese and Dominator 2 turned to face each other, but Dominator 2 steered away from the flipper before Wheely Big Cheese could get under it. Wheely Big Cheese chased after Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 dodged and Wheely Big Cheese drove under Refbot again. Dominator 2 took advantage, getting underneath Wheely Big Cheese as it reversed away from Refbot, but still could not make contact with its axe head. Dominator 2 drove into the arena side wall, as Wheely Big Cheese appeared to be slowing down.

"Thought about an attack on Wheely Big Cheese, which momentarily...has stopped! What has happened to Wheely Big Cheese? It has stopped!"
— Jonathan Pearce on Dominator 2, right before realising Wheely Big Cheese's immobility

Wheely Big Cheese had completely stopped, and Dominator 2 got behind Wheely Big Cheese, axed it, and pushed it towards the pit. Dominator 2 axed Wheely Big Cheese six times before Refbot came in to count it out. As Wheely Big Cheese was being counted out, Dominator 2 struck Wheely Big Cheese with its axe another two times, before pushing it into Dead Metal's CPZ. Refbot finished its count, and Dominator 2 was through to the second round of the Semi-Finals for the second time.

"Very lucky!"
— Paul Tolliday to Craig Charles on the victory

Dominator 2 faced the 3rd seeds Hypno-Disc for a place in the Grand Final.

Philippa Forrester: "We want to see that decimation that Hypno-Disc is so good at!"
Dave Rose: "We'll try our best!"
Philippa Forrester: "Good, and we wanna see that Dominator 2 is so good at!"
Chris Hall: "That disc is going to be history!"
— Pre-battle interview

Dominator 2 is hit from behind

Dominator 2 charged straight at Hypno-Disc, which slowly moved forwards, but narrowly avoided driving straight into the flywheel, swerving just in time, before spinning on the spot and charging at Hypno-Disc again. Dominator 2 got under Hypno-Disc, but continued to drive forwards, and Hypno-Disc was dropped down again. Dominator 2 came up to Hypno-Disc more slowly on the next attack, getting its own armour glazed by Hypno-Disc's flywheel, before Hypno-Disc reversed away. Dominator 2 turned on the spot, exposing its rear to Hypno-Disc, which took the opportunity to strike the rear armour of Dominator 2 with its flywheel. Hypno-Disc's attack made connection, causing sparks to fly, and making a dent in Dominator 2's armour. Hypno-Disc directly followed up this attack with a bigger slam from the flywheel, knocking Dominator 2 away. After these attacks, Dominator 2 was only turning on one wheel. Hypno-Disc lingered in front of Dominator 2, allowing the latter to attempt a strike with its axe. This attack skimmed off the flywheel, and Hypno-Disc backed away.

Dominator 2 fails to leave its own circumference

Hypno-Disc made another slam at Dominator 2's side, sending it spinning away, with more sparks flying. Hypno-Disc made one final attack at Dominator 2's wedge, before the Hypno-Disc team seemed to realise Dominator 2 was immobile on one side, due to a wheel impediment. Upon this realisation, Hypno-Disc backed away, facing Dominator 2 parallel on the other side of the arena.

"It's ripped the sides of Dominator 2, it's got through the armour, and Hypno-Disc on top here now."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc drove by the pit release, but did not open it, before Hypno-Disc made one last drive towards Dominator 2. This attack completely missed, and Dominator 2 missed with its axe as Hypno-Disc passed. Hypno-Disc then backed away, remaining parallel to Dominator 2, moving its srimech up and down, as if to cheer for victory, or to signal that Hypno-Disc was to inflict no more damage on Dominator 2. For the entire remainder of the five-minute match, Hypno-Disc kept its distance. Whether this was to be sporting, or to avoid damage, is unknown, though Jonathan Pearce's commentary implied the latter.

"Do you know what I think's happening here; Hypno-Disc think they've won it and they don't want to sustain any damage, so they're staying out of harms reach from Dominator 2."
— Jonathan Pearce

After a long wait, cease was called after five minutes had passed, sending the match to a Judges' decision. The battle was followed by boos from the audience, and the Judges declared it the most boring fight they'd ever witnessed on Robot Wars. This battle has also been criticised for inconsistency with immobilisation, as Dominator 2 was clearly unable to drive away, but as it was still mobile on one wheel, Dominator 2 was considered mobile, when other robots in the same situation had been counted out by Refbot. Despite the controversy, Hypno-Disc was the clear winner of the battle.

"Well, we came here to fight, and they didn't want to fight!...It was good tactics, but boring!"
— Peter Halloway on Hypno-Disc's tactics

At the end of the series, Dominator 2 was nominated for the Best Engineered Robot Award but lost out to Derek!, the first robot it knocked out of the competition.

Series 6[]

Philippa Forrester: "You have completely rebuilt it?"
Paul Tolliday: "It's stronger, better and tougher than ever before."
— Pre-Round 1 interview

Dominator 2 was seeded sixth in Series 6 and its first battle was against Axe-C-Dent 2, Sumpthing and Hydra. However, it would fight at an immediate disadvantage, losing a drive chain to one wheel almost straight away, forcing Dominator 2 to move around the arena largely by reversing and freewheeling.

Dominator 2 is flipped by Hydra

Dominator 2 started quickly, charging at Hydra and getting behind it, but before Dominator 2 could attack, Hydra drove at Axe-C-Dent 2 and flipped it over. Dominator 2 chased after Hydra and swerved around to its front, but missed with the axe. Hydra got at Dominator 2's side and tried to flip it over, but only managed to flick Dominator 2 up a little before it slid off the flipper. Sumpthing drove into the front of Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 reversed. Dominator 2 started turning back and forth on the spot, as if deciding which of their mobile opponents to attack. Hydra took advantage, pushing it into Refbot and flipping it over. Dominator 2 quickly self-righted whilst Hydra attacked Sumpthing, but Hydra then went back after Dominator 2. Dominator 2 spun on the spot, causing Hydra's charge to be deflected and the hammer blow to miss. Dominator 2 fired the axe, but it narrowly missed. Hydra reversed past Dominator 2, but then drove past the front, and Dominator 2 missed another axe blow. Hydra went after Sumpthing, pushing it into a CPZ. Dominator 2 reversed into Hydra and turned around, but missed with the axe again. As Sumpthing was axed by Shunt, Dominator 2 and Hydra fought in the arena centre, with Hydra getting under the side again and flipping Dominator 2 over.

Dominator 2 is held in the CPZ by Hydra

Dominator 2 quickly righted itself again, but Hydra pushed it into the top CPZ's, hammering it as it pinned it in the corner. The two robots left the CPZ, and Dominator 2 missed with the axe again as Hydra passed it. Hydra drove at the front of Dominator 2, and whilst Dominator 2 did manage to hit Hydra with the axe, it merely bounced off. Hydra left Dominator 2, and Sumpthing got behind Dominator 2 and tried pushing it, but only moved it a little. Dominator 2 axed the immobile Axe-C-Dent 2, which had been pulled into the arena centre by Growler. Hydra flipped Axe-C-Dent 2 onto its back again, and Dominator 2 continued axing it, breaking off the spinning axe.

"Dominator hasn't...dominated, as we thought that team would, being number 6 seeds. ...Now Dominator 2 finally gets its mighty hydraulic axe working, as Growler looks on, but Dominator's attack was on a beaten robot in Axe-C-Dent 2..."
— Jonathan Pearce as Dominator 2 axes Axe-C-Dent 2

Sumpthing pushes Dominator 2

Dominator 2 reversed into Sumpthing, but then turned itself onto the flame pit. Instead of trying to get off, Dominator 2 fired its axe at Sumpthing, missing, and Hydra drove in to block Dominator 2's escape. Dominator 2 mistimed an axe attack, and Hydra reversed to avoid it. Dominator 2 tried reversing off the flame pit, but Sumpthing and Growler were blocking its escape.

"Sumpthing and Hydra, beginning to team up on Dominator 2, and the judges would have taken note..."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 earns a lucky escape when Sumpthing loses mobility

Hydra drove onto the flame pit to try and get under Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 missed another axe blow, with the axe falling between its two opponents. Hydra reversed, and Dominator 2 got off the flame pit, but was flipped over by Hydra again. Dominator 2 self-righted, but Sumpthing had broken down on one wheel and was counted out. Dominator 2 continued to pursue Hydra, eventually axing it and forcing it into the pit release button, but Hydra used the flipper to free itself from the axe. Dominator 2 and Hydra continued to fight as the House Robots pitted both the beaten competitors, putting Dominator 2 and Hydra through to the second round, despite Dominator 2 fighting against its own mobility issues throughout the fight.

In the second round, Dominator 2 came up against the experienced S.M.I.D.S.Y. machine. In the pre-battle interview, Dominator 2 was shown in the pits with no armour or weapon.

Philippa Forrester: "Are you ready?"
Elliott Smart: "Yeah, we're ready!"
Philippa Forrester: "You're nowhere near ready, are you?"
Chris Hall: "No!"
Philippa Forrester: "Thanks, someone gives me an honest answer!"
— Pre-battle interview

Sparks fly when Dominator 2's armour is attacked

The battle started quickly, with both robots charging at each other. Dominator 2 tried to axe S.M.I.D.S.Y., but it used its greater agility to dodge the axe. S.M.I.D.S.Y. pushed against the side of Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 fired the axe, but missed again. The two robots turned, and whilst S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove up Dominator 2's side, Dominator 2 fired the axe a couple of times, missing both times. S.M.I.D.S.Y. then got under the side of Dominator 2, and pushed it into the arena wall. Dominator 2 managed to turn away from the wall, pushing S.M.I.D.S.Y. towards the wall, but missed an axe blow. As Dominator 2 missed another axe blow, S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove past its opponent. S.M.I.D.S.Y. turned around and drove at Dominator 2. Although S.M.I.D.S.Y. got under Dominator 2's front, Dominator 2 axed into one of S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s front tyres.

"I would say it is the more fearful weapon here, and its got straight through there, into one of the tyres!"
— Jonathan Pearce on the axe of Dominator 2

S.M.I.D.S.Y. was still pushing, so Dominator 2 raised the axe, and spun on the spot to get off S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s front. S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove into the arena wall, and Dominator 2 missed with the axe again. S.M.I.D.S.Y. tried to get under the side of Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 turned against it, and after the two spin together, trying to get in a position to push the other, Dominator 2 tried to axe S.M.I.D.S.Y., but missed. Dominator 2 turned after S.M.I.D.S.Y., but exposed their side to their opponent. S.M.I.D.S.Y. took advantage, getting under Dominator 2 and pushing it into the wall. Dominator 2 reversed away, then followed S.M.I.D.S.Y. as it drove away from the wall. The two robots got side-on at each other again, but when Dominator 2 reversed a little, S.M.I.D.S.Y. was able to get under the side, as Dominator 2 fired the axe at thin air, and push Dominator 2 into the disc button. Dominator 2 turned away, and tried to get in a position to attack, but S.M.I.D.S.Y. dodged, then turned around to use the disc. Dominator 2's axe blow missed as it turned at the wrong moment. S.M.I.D.S.Y. pushed at the side of Dominator 2, and when Dominator 2 fired the axe, this allowed S.M.I.D.S.Y. to get under and push Dominator 2. Dominator 2 slipped off S.M.I.D.S.Y's jaws as S.M.I.D.S.Y. drove over the disc, but S.M.I.D.S.Y. still pushed, pushing it into Growler, then into the top arena wall. Dominator 2 managed to reverse as Growler approached it. S.M.I.D.S.Y. tried to use its disc on Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 turned against it, and got against S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s side, but S.M.I.D.S.Y. dodged its axe blow. Dominator 2 chased after S.M.I.D.S.Y., but when it caught up, S.M.I.D.S.Y. was able to turn away from the front as Dominator 2 pushed against it. The two robots spun over the flame pit together, and Dominator 2 fired the axe. However this time, the axe hit S.M.I.D.S.Y., grappling one of the holes for the wheel. S.M.I.D.S.Y. dragged Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 raised the axe. S.M.I.D.S.Y. turned against the side of Dominator 2 to avoid the axe, but as it tried to get away, Dominator 2 got behind it and axed it. However, the axe did no damage, and Dominator 2 missed its next axe blow. S.M.I.D.S.Y. used the flywheel on the wheel guard of Dominator 2, causing lots of sparks but no major damage. Dominator 2 fired the axe, which hit its target but did no damage, then missed with the axe. Dominator 2 got behind S.M.I.D.S.Y. and axed it, this time managing to pin S.M.I.D.S.Y. down and push it, before releasing its opponent.

"Maybe the tactic, they think enough blows will render the electronics of S.M.I.D.S.Y. immobile, I don't know."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 punctures one of S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s tyres

Growler rams into Dominator 2 and S.M.I.D.S.Y.

Dominator 2 drove around S.M.I.D.S.Y., which seemed to have slowed down, got at its side and axed it, then pushed it into the CPZ. Growler came smashing into both robots and attempted to pin S.M.I.D.S.Y in the corner as Dominator 2 escaped. S.M.I.D.S.Y. escaped the CPZ, but was moving even slower now, and Dominator 2 pushed it around, then finally managed to puncture one of S.M.I.D.S.Y.'s tyres.

"I think this second round has been turned on its head. I think that damage sustained by S.M.I.D.S.Y. has cut its power and pace, and Dominator 2 can now grapple. ...S.M.I.D.S.Y. is in trouble, and they were well on top. They've backed onto the flame pit, you can see only one side seems to be working and they're on fire at the end."
— Jonathan Pearce towards the end of the battle

S.M.I.D.S.Y. was able to push Dominator 2 into the wall, but the side of S.M.I.D.S.Y. was on fire. Dominator 2 raised the axe and turned around for another attack. S.M.I.D.S.Y. could not get away, and reversed onto the flame pit as Dominator 2 caught up. Dominator 2 missed an axe blow, and the top of S.M.I.D.S.Y. had now caught fire as well. Time ran out, and the fight went to the judges, who chose to put the seeded robot through to the Heat Final.

"All I can say is that is a fantastic robot, I mean the armour is incredible, you took us all the way, we were really worried throughout the fight, and top marks to you guys, that could have gone either way, well done."
— Paul Tolliday on S.M.I.D.S.Y.

After the fight, it was revealed that Growler's onslaught on Dominator 2 had broken the polycarbonate base in half. The base plate of Dominator 2 was repaired in time for its next battle, where it went up against Hydra again in the Heat Final.

Philippa Forrester: "Now what about Hydra, is that like being hit by a Land Rover, do you think?"
Paul Tolliday: "No."
Philippa Forrester: "Or worse?"
Paul Tolliday: "No, Hydra'll be alright"
— Peter Tolliday on how he felt about the Heat Final

At the start, Dominator 2 charged straight at Hydra, but Hydra reversed away, causing Dominator 2 to miss with the axe. Dominator 2 turned around to face Hydra, and tried axing it again, but Hydra reversed again.

"Dominator 2's mighty axe comes down, but as Mat was saying, it has a poor hit and miss ratio."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hydra overturns Dominator 2

Hydra got at Dominator 2's side and flipped it over, then pushed it into an angle grinder. Dominator 2 self-righted straight away, and as Hydra came in, turned around to pin Hydra against the wall. However, Hydra shot away from the wall, causing Dominator 2 to miss another axe blow. Dominator 2 chased Hydra, but Hydra kept its distance, until it got at Dominator 2's side and pushed it into an angle grinder. However, the angle Hydra was pushing Dominator 2 at meant that Dominator 2 was not on top of the flipper, so the flipper fired but did not flip Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 got away from the wall. Hydra then reversed into Dominator 2, pushing it across the arena, until Dominator 2 turned itself off the rear. Dominator 2 turned to try and use its axe, but turned too far, missing with the axe. Hydra turned around, and the two competitors turned to face each other head-on. Dominator 2 reversed, and Hydra got at the side and flipped Dominator 2 over again. This time, it took Dominator 2 two fires of the axe to right itself, but it was back on its wheels seconds after being flipped.

"Dominator 2, can they self-right? Yes they can, and very quickly and very stylishly too!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 spikes the top of Hydra

Dominator 2 got at the side of Hydra and axed it, puncturing the top. The two robots then engaged in a tug of war, pushing and pulling each other, until Dominator 2 raised the axe. Hydra got away, but Dominator 2 chased after it. Dominator 2 caught up with Hydra, but drove at it at the wrong angle, so it missed with the axe. It tried again and this time hit its target, but did not puncture, but did pierce with another axe blow. Hydra dragged Dominator 2 as it tried to get away, and Dominator 2 raised the axe. Dominator 2 narrowly missed with the axe, and Hydra got at its side and started pushing.

"Dominator 2, great rhythm with the axe, but what damage is it causing the Hydra team?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 comes back into the battle

Dominator 2 turned away, then axed the top. After hitting the arm for the sledge hammer, Dominator 2 managed to hit the top and puncture it. Hydra dragged Dominator 2 again, and Dominator 2 raised the axe. Hydra opened the pit, and Dominator 2 drove into Hydra, but this caused it to bounce off and miss with the axe. Dominator 2 drove around, before coming back for another attack, chasing after Hydra, but Hydra turned to face Dominator 2, pushing against its side, causing Dominator 2 to miss with the axe. Hydra tried flipping Dominator 2, but the flipper was not under its opponent properly, so this failed. Dominator 2 turned and drove up the arena, nearly driving into Refbot, then Shunt as it did so, before turning around and charging at Hydra. Dominator 2 axed the top of Hydra, puncturing it and pushing Hydra down the arena.

"...but there is a spring in the step of Dominator 2, or is it my imagination?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 causes more damage to Hydra

Dominator 2 raised the axe, but missed with its next axe blow. Hydra tried to get at Dominator 2's side, but Dominator 2 turned, causing Hydra to miss with the flipper. Hydra appeared to have slowed down, and Dominator 2 got around the front and axed it again and again, puncturing the top. Hydra tried using its hammer, but it did no damage. Dominator 2's axe became stuck in Hydra, but eventually Dominator 2 managed to raise the axe. Hydra reversed away, but could not move forwards fast enough, and Dominator 2 quickly caught up with it, getting at the side and axing the top again, causing more holes. As Dominator 2 drove past Hydra, Hydra fired the hammer, but it merely slid off the armour as Dominator 2 drove past. Hydra was only moving slightly in the last few seconds, and Dominator 2 held back until cease was called. The battle went to a Judges' decision, and the judges went for Dominator 2, putting them through to the Semi-Finals for a third consecutive year.

Craig Charles: "Were you worried about Hydra, or did you think you had them beaten?"
Peter Tolliday: "No, we were actually quite worried, it's quite a tough robot, and they've got a lot of pushing power."
Craig Charles: "In the early stages, they had you flipped and flipped and flipped!"
Peter Tolliday: "Yeah, there was a little bit of um, what's the word? Panic, shall we say, going on!"
Craig Charles: "What about the series Semis? I mean, who would you rather not fight, and who would you like to come up against?"
Peter Tolliday: "Oh, I'd love to have a crack at Razer!"
— Post-battle interview

In the Series Semi-Finals, Dominator 2 came up against second seeds Bigger Brother in the first round.

"That's going to be interesting, we might be flying later tonight!"
— Chris Hall of the Dominator 2 team afraid of Bigger Brother before the battle

Bigger Brother flips Dominator 2 onto its back

Both robots cautiously approached their opponent, with Bigger Brother getting close, then reversing, then getting close and reversing to avoid Dominator 2's axe. Bigger Brother tried to get at the side of Dominator 2, but Dominator 2 turned, narrowly missing with the axe. Bigger Brother pushed against the side of Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 missed with the axe. Dominator 2 turned, and Bigger Brother got its flipper under the front. Dominator 2 fired the axe, but it bounced off, and Bigger Brother flipped Dominator 2 onto its back. Dominator 2 fired the axe to get it onto its side, but when it tried to right itself, Bigger Brother was pushing against it, pushing it towards the arena wall. However, Dominator 2 fired the axe again, and this time it righted itself, helped by the pushing of Bigger Brother. Dominator 2 reversed over the flame pit, and Bigger Brother rammed into its side. Soon afterwards, half of Bigger Brother's drive system started to dissipate, making the proceedings easier for Dominator 2. Capitalising, Dominator 2 turned to axe it, but Bigger Brother reversed to dodge the axe blow. Dominator 2 then charged at Bigger Brother, getting under its opponent and axing it. With its opponent pinned, Dominator 2 pushed Bigger Brother into Sir Killalot. However, when Dominator 2 released Bigger Brother, Bigger Brother escaped the CPZ straight away. Bigger Brother spun around Dominator 2 and tried to get under the side, managing to get the flipper under and flip Dominator 2 over. Dominator 2 used the axe to right itself, but Bigger Brother pushed against the side. Briefly, Bigger Brother was in front of Dominator 2, but it moved to the side as Dominator 2 fired the axe. Bigger Brother continued pushing, but missed a flip as the flipper was not under Dominator 2. Dominator 2 reversed, then turned back at Bigger Brother, but missed another axe blow.

"This is a very good battle developing here, very even. Bigger Brother can't get the flipper in offensively. Down comes the axe but missing, of Dominator 2, the judges will have taken note."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 axes the second seeds

Dominator 2 got at the side of Bigger Brother, and Bigger Brother flicked it up. Dominator 2 reversed, then tried to get in a position to axe Bigger Brother without being flipped, but Bigger Brother dodged, got under the side and flipped it up again. Dominator 2 turned, but fired the axe too early, missing again. Bigger Brother turned to face Dominator 2, and Dominator 2 landed an axe blow on the flipper, but it did no damage. Dominator 2 fired the axe again, but Bigger Brother deflected the blow by firing the flipper. Dominator 2 got behind Bigger Brother and pushed it towards the side wall. Bigger Brother turned, and Dominator 2 fired the axe, but it just fell short of its target. Bigger Brother fired the flipper and held Dominator 2 up by the axe, but had turned into Sir Killalot's CPZ, and the House Robot pinned it against the wall after it dropped Dominator 2, then grabbed it with his claw, pulled it out of the CPZ, and took it to the centre of the arena, where he held it up, then spun it around. Sir Killalot took it down the arena and dropped it, and Bigger Brother self-righted, however, it appeared to have lost drive on one side. Dominator 2 pushed it into the CPZ, and Sir Killalot grabbed it again, pulling it into the arena centre as time ran out. Cease was called and for the third time in Series 6, Dominator 2 went through on a judges' decision.

Craig Charles: "If you can beat Bigger Brother, you can beat anyone, can't you?"
Paul Tolliday: "We're gonna give it our best shot, yes!"
Craig Charles: "Ooh, do you think you can do it, all the way, all the way to the final?"
Peter Halloway: "We've gotta do it! We must do it, we must!"
— Post-battle interview

In the next round, Dominator 2 faced the twelfth seeds Tornado, which was equipped with its scoop weapon that it previously used when it fought Hypno-Disc.

"...We'll just stick the axe into them...If they're ramming us, they're gonna meet at us straight on."
— Paul Tolliday before the battle

Matilda throws Tornado into the air

Dominator 2 falls into the pit

Both robots charged past each other and spin together, until Tornado got at Dominator 2's side and pushed it, but Dominator 2 turned off of the scoop. Dominator 2 fired the axe, but Tornado was at its side, not in front of it, so it missed. Tornado got under the front of Dominator 2 and pushed, but Domiator 2 fired the axe and turned itself off again. Tornado tried pushing again, but Dominator 2 reversed and turned, trying to axe Tornado but missing. Dominator 2 drove into the arena centre, and Tornado pushed it down the arena, but Dominator 2 turned off of the scoop again. Dominator 2 chased after Tornado, but Tornado dodged. The two robots drove up the arena, Tornado fleeing and Dominator 2 pursuing, with Tornado trying to steer to Dominator 2's sides a couple of times, only for Dominator 2 to turn at the right time. Tornado charged down the arena into the pit release button, knocking it up and along the wall. Tornado then got at Dominator 2's side and pushed it towards Matilda's CPZ, then Dominator 2 drove in itself trying to get away from Tornado. Dominator 2 turned away from Matilda, but Tornado got under it and pushed it into the House Robot, then into the CPZ before it could get away. As Dominator 2 tried turning away from Matilda, Tornado drove at its opponent, but drove into Matilda's flywheel. The flywheel tossed Tornado, throwing it into Dominator 2, then very nearly bouncing into the pit. Dominator 2 was sent spinning by being hit by Tornado, and as it tried turning out of the CPZ, Dominator 2 drove forwards, straight into the pit.

"Dominator 2 is on the end of a Tornado push. Matilda awaits. Dominator 2 is teetering...Oh, goodness me, I thought Tornado was going down...down the pit, but Dominator 2 ends up in there instead! Oh dear, oh dear! They [Team Dominator] look actually shattered, and why not?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 was therefore eliminated at the second round of the Semi-Finals for the third time.

Craig Charles: "What happened?"
Paul Tolliday: "Just lost it in the corner, drove in. Well, just couldn't control it."
Craig Charles: "You got your axe in about once, he's a very fast robot, and any time you [swings his arm to indicate firing the axe], he's gone!"
— Post-battle interview

Extreme 2[]

Philippa Forrester: "Is it true, the rumour that your chopper is bigger than before"
Peter Halloway: "(After a pause) It is, yes! (They both laugh)"
— Innuendo in the pre-Round 1 interview

In Extreme Series 2, Dominator 2 singularly fought in the All-Stars tournament, it faced Hypno-Disc (who it lost to in Series 5) and Spawn Again in its first round battle.

Dominator 2 seeks revenge on Hypno-Disc

Dominator 2 started by charging at Hypno-Disc, getting under it and almost tipping it over. Hypno-Disc landed on its wheels, and Dominator 2 continued to chase it, as did Spawn Again. All three robots circled each other near the flame pit, and Hypno-Disc hit the side of Dominator 2, but merely bounced off. Dominator 2 crashed into the arena wall, but was not damaged. Spawn Again then got under Hypno-Disc and flipped it right over its top, but Hypno-Disc landed on its wheels. Hypno-Disc reversed away, and Dominator 2 and Spawn Again chased after it together. Hypno-Disc hit the front of Dominator 2, but bounced off, hitting Spawn Again as it did so, but causing no damage to it either. Dominator 2 started pushing against the side of Hypno-Disc, and Spawn Again got behind Hypno-Disc. Dominator 2 helped push Hypno-Disc onto the flipper, and Spawn Again flipped Hypno-Disc, only for it to land on its wheels. Hypno-Disc drove up the arena, with its opponents following. Hypno-Disc hit the side of Dominator 2, but despite causing sparks, no damage was done, and Hypno-Disc bounced off into Spawn Again. After driving into the arena side wall, Dominator 2 reversed into the side of Hypno-Disc, and when the two robots turned around, Dominator 2 tried axing the disc, but it bounced off.

"We're not seeing great destructive force unleashed, well the blade has nothing to Hypno-Disc's spinning weapon!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc knocked Dominator 2 with the disc, hitting the side and causing more sparks. Dominator 2 then charged at the disc, knocking Hypno-Disc upwards. As Dominator 2 reversed, Spawn Again drove at Hypno-Disc, but Hypno-Disc hit the side, then hit Dominator 2, before escaping to the other side of the arena, waiting by the arena wall. Dominator 2 drove at it, and Hypno-Disc was knocked up again.

"So we know that Hypno-Disc can survive against Dominator 2, unless it's flipped, maybe - like that!"
— Jonathan Pearce

As Hypno-Disc landed, Dominator 2 reversed into it, creating more sparks as Hypno-Disc bounced off. Dominator 2 continued reversing into Hypno-Disc, pushing it. Hypno-Disc tried reversing away, but Spawn Again blocked its escape, and Dominator 2 axed the disc again, though this had no effect.

"Dominator certainly seems to want to take on Hypno-Disc."
— Jonathan Pearce

Dominator 2 knocks out Hypno-Disc

Dominator 2 axes the base of Hypno-Disc

Hypno-Disc hit Dominator 2 again, but this merely created some sparks. Dominator 2 continued chasing it, getting behind it and axing it. Spawn Again got at Hypno-Disc's side and tried to flip, but Dominator 2's axe hit caused it to miss. Hypno-Disc then stopped moving. Dominator 2 got behind it, but missed two axe blows, then drove into the disc, stopping it. After missing two more axe blows, Dominator 2 drove behind Spawn Again and axed it, then drove around the front of Hypno-Disc. Dominator 2 missed another axe blow as Spawn Again flipped Hypno-Disc over, onto the axe of Dominator 2. Dominator 2 pushed Hypno-Disc off of its axe, then started axing the underbelly of Hypno-Disc as Refbot counted it out. However, the axe blows merely caused dents.

"The axe of Dominator 2 isn't making great purchase, to be honest. That'll be a worry for later on in the competition, for the Dominator team."
— Jonathan Pearce

Hypno-Disc was counted out, flipped back over by Spawn Again, and dumped in the pit by Growler. Dominator 2 was through, along with Spawn Again. Before its Round 2 battle with 13 Black, Dominator 2 was shown being worked on in the workshop.

Philippa Forrester: "You've got a fight coming up with 13 Black, and you're still working on the robot. Why?"
Peter Halloway: "Well, we had a hard last battle against Hypno, so we're used to spinners now, we wanna make sure we're ready for 13 Black."
Philippa Forrester: "OK, so are you doing extra work, or are you doing repair work?"
Peter Halloway: "No, we're fixing it!"
— Pre-battle interview

Matilda throws Dominator 2 onto its side

Dominator 2 is up-ended by Matilda

Dominator 2 spikes through 13 Black

Dominator 2 started by chasing after 13 Black, which dodged it whilst getting its disc up to speed. Dominator 2 drove straight into the front disc of 13 Black, and 13 Black turned away and drove to the other side of the arena. Dominator 2 chased after it, but 13 Black turned around and Dominator 2 drove into the disc again, but 13 Black was knocked upwards, then drove into an angle grinder, which is was pinned against by Dominator 2. 13 Black managed to slip away, and Dominator 2 missed an axe blow.

"I just worry about the actual effect of that axe, it looks rather grand, doesn't it, but 13 Black, unlucky for some, has dodged away from it."
— Jonathan Pearce

13 Black drove away into Matilda's CPZ, and Dominator 2 followed it, but was turned over by the House Robot's flywheel. Dominator 2 fired the axe in an attempt to right itself, but this merely pushed it onto its back. Dominator 2 was pushed closer to the wall by Matilda, and when Dominator 2 fired the axe, it could not knock itself down. As Dominator 2 continued firing the axe, 13 Black slammed into its rear, trying to knock it into Matilda's flywheel, but this righted its opponent. Dominator 2 reversed out of the CPZ, and 13 Black drove after it, attacking its wheel-guard, before it shredded the pit release in an attempt to open it. As it did so, Dominator 2 axed one of the discs, punching straight through it, and attempted to push it into the pit. 13 Black's design made it very difficult for Dominator 2 to push, and 13 Black were able to circle around Dominator 2 with its disc still caught in the axe.

"Heave-ho, to and fro, 13 Black holding on."
— Jonathan Pearce as 13 Black and Dominator 2 continue their tug-of-war

Dominator 2 draws 13 Black towards the pit

Dominator 2 is affected by the loss of one wheel

Dominator 2 swerved 13 Black towards the pit but 13 Black had more grip, and was able to drive away from the pit. Dominator 2 swivelled 13 Black in front of them, but 13 Black went round the side of the pit instead, then nearly pushed Dominator 2 into the pit. Eventually, both machines were freed from their grip, and 13 Black hit one of Dominator 2's wheelguards heavily, damaging Dominator 2's drive. 13 Black then crashed into what remained of the pit release, knocking it into the pit. As half of its drive had been damaged, Dominator 2 was unable to drive away from the pit, and hovered by the edge. With seconds to go, 13 Black nearly reversed into the pit itself.

"Well they obviously don't want to go through and meet Razer, either of these two!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Time ran out, and the judges went in favour of the fully mobile 13 Black, due to Dominator 2 only having drive to one wheel. This was Dominator 2's last appearance.

"Bit controversial, but 13 Black go through. Bye-bye to Dominator 2!"
— Jonathan Pearce after the battle


Series 3
Pinball Competition
Second Place
Pinball 160pts 2nd
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat E, Eliminator vs. 101 (9), Henry 2 Qualified
Heat E, Semi-Final vs. Shadow of Napalm (25) Won
Heat E, Final vs. 101 (9) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 1 vs. Firestorm 2 (5) Won
Semi-Final 1, Round 2 vs. Pussycat (19) Lost
Northern Annihilator
Round 1 vs. Chaos 2, Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus,
Stinger, Suicidal Tendencies 2
Round 2 vs. Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus,
Stinger, Suicidal Tendencies 2
Round 3 vs. Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus,
Suicidal Tendencies 2
Round 4 vs. Killerhurtz, Spikasaurus Qualified
Final vs. Spikasaurus Lost
Extreme Series 1
Round 1
Round 1 vs. Wild Thing Lost
Single Battle Events
Wild Card Warriors
Wild Card Warriors vs. The Executioner Won
Series 5
The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
11th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat F, Eliminator vs. Derek! Won
Heat F, Semi-Final vs. King B Powerworks Won
Heat F, Final vs. Corkscrew Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Wheely Big Cheese (10) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Hypno-Disc (3) Lost
Series 6
The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
6th Seed, Semi-Finals, Round 2
Heat J, Round 1 vs. Axe-C-Dent 2, Hydra, Sumpthing Qualified
Heat J, Round 2 vs. S.M.I.D.S.Y. Won
Heat J, Final vs. Hydra Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Bigger Brother (2) Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 2 vs. Tornado (12) Lost
Extreme Series 2
Heat, Round 2
Heat B, Round 1 vs. Hypno-Disc, Spawn Again Qualified
Heat B, Round 2 vs. 13 Black Lost


  • Wins: 18
  • Losses: 6

Series Record[]

Main Series Dominator Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Pinball Competition
The Fourth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Fifth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Sixth Wars Semi-Finals, Round 2
The Seventh Wars Withdrew
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Entered
Series 2 Entered


Outside Robot Wars[]

Dominator 2 made various appearances on the live circuit throughout the classic run of Robot Wars, starting with the Debenham Robot Rumble 2000. There, Dominator 2 had a successful event, collecting a first-round victory over Toecutter 2, and also defeating VenoM, axing the innards of the overturned machine. Dominator 2 lost to Stinger after getting stuck in the arena wall despite winning the match until this point, but it defeated VenoM for a second time, and also defeated Suicidal Tendencies 2 after puncturing its armour repeatedly. In the final of the competition, Dominator 2 defeated Bigger Brother and won the event[25].

At the Debenham Robot Rumble 2001, Dominator 2 would defeat the then-reigning Robot Wars champion, Chaos 2, and also defeated M2[26]. The Series 5 version of Dominator 2 also fought Tiberius 2 at another event, and won a melee against M2 and Hell's Teeth in 2003 within just sixteen seconds[27].

"We spent all day and worked through the night to get Dominator 3 ready and we think it was the next day that we received an email to say that filming had been cancelled, it was a time when they had put ticket prices up (we think) and we’re struggling to get an audience so in summary Dominator 3 was built but never fought, it has fought at a couple of events since."
— Peter Halloway in 2020 on the creation of Dominator 3[28]

In 2004, the team built Dominator 3, which was painted silver and abandoned the bi-wedge design of Dominator 2 in favour of a conventional wedge shape while keeping Dominator 2's signature spiked axe. Dominator 3 was originally built to compete in the FRA World Championship in 2004 and was finished only a day before the event was ultimately cancelled. Nevertheless, Dominator 3 still appeared at live events for some time after the original series of Robot Wars ended, including the Northampton Roaming Robots in 2004, and the Folkestone Roaming Robots in 2005[29]. At the former, Dominator 3 led to the retirement of Splinter after repeatedly puncturing its top armour in a live battle which also featured Mighty Mouse[30]. In 2017, the shell of Dominator 3 appeared at "Sci-Fi Land" at the East Kent College engineering workshop. As of 2020, Dominator 3 is still in working condition, and is stored at Dover Technical College[31].

"[Dominator 3 is] currently housed at Dover Technical college in a safe condition. It still runs and was fully functional although the batteries won’t be great and it would benefit with some tinkering"
— Peter Halloway in 2020 on the current condition of Dominator 3[32]

Appearances in Merchandise[]


  • Dominator 2 is the most successful robot to have never won an award or tournament, having won eighteen battles.
  • Dominator 2 reached and went out in Round 2 of the Series Semi-Finals in all three of its appearances in the main competition.
    • Dominator 2 is one of only eight robots to fight in more than one UK Championship and never fail to reach the Semi-Finals.
  • In the main competition, Dominator 2 always went up against at least one seed in every battle it fought in throughout the Fourth Wars. It shares this pattern with Knightmare, though Dominator 2 fought in more battles.
  • Dominator 2 defeated nine Tag Team Terror competitors, more than any other robot that never fought in a Tag Team Terror itself.
  • Only one of the robots that beat Dominator 2 never won a heat at some point (Spikasaurus).
  • There were many occasions where Jonathan Pearce got the Dominator 2 team members' names wrong or said the wrong team members were present.
  • Dominator 2 was the first of six robots to win a heat by defeating two seeded robots in a single episode. It shares this with fellow Series 4 semi-finalists Thermidor 2, Tornado and Splinter, as well as S3 and Bigger Brother from The Fifth Wars.
  • Dominator 2 never appeared in a heat that did not feature a semi-finalist from the previous series.
  • Throughout the series that it appeared in, Dominator 2 never shared the arena with Mr. Psycho.
  • According to the Extreme 2 programme, Paul Tolliday had an interest in amateur dramatics.




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