The Dominator Minibot was one of several minibots released as merchandise, based on the competitor robot Dominator 2, despite lacking the number 2 in the product title.

This toy is based on the Series 5 edition of Dominator 2, which also appeared in one battle of Robot Wars Extreme. This is evident from the paint scheme, wheel guards and flame decals on the sides.



Dominator 2 with its axe down

The axe weapon on this minibot toy is fully operational, able to swing all the way to the floor. This is the only axe-bot with a functioning weapon in the whole minibot range. The axe head has the side spikes moulded into it that helped Dominator 2 self-right in the show, and a circle has even been moulded into the rear of the robot to replicate the removable link cover on the real robot.

Releases Edit


Dominator 2 in its packaging

As part of the second wave of minibot toys, the Dominator 2 minibot was released in a three-pack with Plunderbird and Wild Thing.

Additionally, Dominator 2 was one of three minibots to be packed into later releases of the Minibot Battle Arena, alongside Suicidal Tendencies and Wheely Big Cheese. This made Dominator 2 one of the more readily available minibots in the second wave, which remains true to this day.

Differences to the real robotEdit


Front view of the minibot

Dominator II

The real Dominator 2 in Series 5

This minibot is a good quality replica of its real-life counterpart, but isn't without slight inaccuracies. For example, whereas the wheel guards on the minibot toy are made up of three triangular wedge shapes, the wheel guards on the actual robot were a more complex shape. The side spikes on the axe are shorter and less prominent than those of Dominator 2 in real life also, and the robot's spiked wedges are rounded off for safety reasons. Nevertheless, the Dominator 2 minibot was one of the most accurate among the entire range of minibot toys, with only minor inaccuracies compared to largely perfect replications across the toy's design.



Rear view of the minibot

  • Even with its axe in the rested position, Dominator 2 was the tallest of the minibots based on competitor robots.
  • The Dominator Minibot not being named the "Dominator 2 Minibot" is inconsistent with some other minibots which did include a number at the end of the robot's name, such as Chaos 2 and X-Terminator 2, but consistent with other cases such as Firestorm and Plunderbird.
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