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Doomba was a heavyweight robot which entered Series 8 of Robot Wars. Despite successfully being selected to compete in that series, it was forced to withdraw from its qualifying Heat due to motor problems, and was replaced by TR2. The team consisted of Southampton-based employees of the video game company Multiplay.

Doomba's name is derived from the Roomba robot vacuum.


Doomba was a circular-shaped, invertible four-wheel drive robot with a flat top. The robot closely resembled a Roomba vacuum, and was armed with a rim spinner as its weapon.


Through open applications, Doomba qualified to compete in Series 8 of Robot Wars. However, after it withdrew from the competition, Doomba did not enter Series 9 due to time restrictions despite being contacted by the producers[1], and did not attempt to enter Series 10 for the same reasons.

Robot History[]

Series 8[]

Doomba was due to compete in Heat C of Series 8[2], facing veterans Supernova, Bigger Brother's successor Or Te! and Big Nipper in its Group Battle. According to Team Conker, Crackers 'n' Smash were also intended to be part of this melee at one stage before Or Te! replaced them. However, Doomba withdrew from the heat after one of the robot's motor controllers became faulty, and was replaced by the eventual Heat winner, TR2.

Series Record[]

Series Doomba Series Record
Series 1-7 Did not enter
Series 8 Withdrew
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter


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