"It likes to drill, and it likes to thrill, a warm welcome to Driller Thriller!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Driller Thriller is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. It is a heavyweight class robot with a low classic wedge body. Its weapon is, as the name suggests, a drill and it is armoured in steel. It cannot self-right. It costs 4310 credits to buy.

The name Driller Thriller could be a reference to the 1979 horror film The Driller Killer.


Using Driller ThrillerEdit

Due to Driller Thriller's mediocre weaponry and low speed and pushing power, your best bet is to ram opponents with the wedge and hope to use it to turn them over. However, you can still push them into the CPZ or arena hazards. The drill can also be used effectively in the right area, in order to punch through the opponents armour and hope to damage their engine. Avoid flippers, as Driller Thriller cannot self-right.

Against Driller ThrillerEdit

Driller Thriller is very vulnerable to flippers, as (like most fictional competitor robots) it has no self-righting mechanism, so the easiest tactic would be to flip it over with a flipper or by ramming it into the arena wall. It is also easy to push into a hazard or CPZ, as it has low pushing power. It will always attack with the drill at the outset, so try to avoid it.

Driller Thriller Stats

Driller Thriller's stats

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