Heat A of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 was the first of five heats which determined the Grand Finalists of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1. This was the first televised heat of the Dutch Battles, and was broadcast by BNN on Nederland 2 on December 31, 2001.

Competing RobotsEdit

Arena Killer
Weight 92kg
Dimensions 1.04 x 0.62 x 0.38m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Flipper
Strengths Self-righting mechanism
Weaknesses Unreliable
Team Members: Jeroen van der Loo, Jochem Morval & Peter van Berkal
Bamm Bamm
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.95 x 0.80 x 0.60m
Power 2 x Car starter motors
Weapons Interchangeable hammer, spear and flipper
Strengths Multiple weapons
Weaknesses Easy to flip
Team Members: Erik Cornelissen, Rien Gronewegen & Cor Taal
The Lethal Swan
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.27 x 0.56 x 1.20m
Power 24V wheelchair motor
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Strengths Self-righting mechanism
Weaknesses Speed
Team Members: Andre Boxebeld & Andre Ardesch
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.84 x 0.92 x 0.56m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Whipping tail with spikes
Strengths Indestructibility
Weaknesses Effectiveness of weapon
Team Members: Rene Blaauw & Henk Grol
Phillipper ex1 offical image
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 1.50 x 0.74 x 0.74m
Power 24V electric motor
Weapons Front and rear flippers
Strengths Self-righting mechanism
Weaknesses Speed
Team Members: Philippe Poppe, Nancy Poppe & Sam Poppe
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.87 x 0.81 x 0.53m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Strengths Agility
Weaknesses Vulnerable wheels
Team Members: Mark Ottenheim, John Aarts & Helen Ottenheim

Round 1Edit

The Lethal Swan vs Arena KillerEdit


The Lethal Swan axes Arena Killer

Arena Killer vs Lethal Swan

Arena Killer topples Lethal Swan

The Lethal Swan moved first, driving towards Arena Killer, whilst Arena Killer waited, then slowly drove to The Lethal Swan. Arena Killer tried to get its flipper under the side of The Lethal Swan, but stopped moving when it got close. The Lethal Swan fired the axe, but was too close to Arena Killer to hit it with the head, so the neck merely fell on top of Arena Killer. Meanwhile, Arena Killer fired its flipper aimlessly. The Lethal Swan backed off, then gave Arena Killer a push as it was still not moving. Sgt. Bash came out to see if Arena Killer was still mobile, and after a push, Arena Killer started moving again. Arena Killer tried to get under the front of The Lethal Swan, but did so at the wrong angle, and failed to flip it as the flipper was not properly under its opponent. The Lethal Swan was firing its axe, but then stopped moving, allowing Arena Killer to get under the side and tip it over.


Sergeant Bash pushes the burning Lethal Swan onto the floor flipper


The Lethal Swan is thrown, scattering burning pieces of fur

The Lethal Swan's self-righting mechanism failed to work, leaving it stuck on its side, and it was counted out. Sgt. Bash torched The Lethal Swan, and as it burnt, pushed it to the floor flipper, where it was thrown across the arena, scattering burning pieces of fur over the arena as it did so.

Winner: Arena Killer

Lizzard vs PhilipperEdit


Philipper lifts and pushes Lizzard


Lizzard hits Philipper with its whipping tail

Lizzard started by driving at Philipper, whilst Philipper span on the spot. As it got close, Lizzard turned to whip Philipper with its tail, but this merely glanced off. Philipper chased after Lizzard, but Lizzard reversed, then tried to whip Philipper, but missed. Philipper tried to get its flipper under Lizzard, and Lizzard kept spinning, but despite hitting Philipper with its tail twice, the tail merely glanced off. Philipper got under the front of Lizzard and started to push, but as it began to raise its flipper, Lizzard reversed off. Lizzard tried spinning as Philipper turned around to try and line up another attack, then Lizzard reversed into Philipper, but quickly moved forward as Philipper started lifting its front flipper. Philipper followed Lizzard, but held back as Lizzard was spinning. Philipper drove around Lizzard to try and get in and attack, nearly driving into Sgt. Bash's CPZ as it did so. Philipper then drove at Lizzard's tail, getting underneath it and pushing its opponent against the arena wall. Philipper lifted Lizzard up and pulled it away from the wall, but Lizzard's tail slipped off the flipper and Lizzard escaped down the arena. Lizzard whipped the pit release button to open the pit, and drove back at Philipper, whipping it with its tail. Philipper drove down the arena, to the edge of Sgt. Bash's CPZ, and the House Robot pushed it around in a circle.

Lizzard vs Philliper

Lizzard loses its shell


Shunt pits Lizzard's armour

Lizzard blocked it, but this allowed Philipper to get under the base of Lizzard, lifting it up and pushing it up the arena. Lizzard got off, but Philipper chased after it, getting its rear flipper under Lizzard and pushing it to the top of the arena. Philliper lifted its rear flipper, which ripped the frame off of the rest of the robot, and as Philipper pushed, it came off completely. Whilst Shunt took the stricken 'head' of Lizzard and dumped it into the pit, Philipper got under the front of Lizzard down the arena and into an arena wall, pinning it against the angle grinder. Philliper used its lifter to pin Lizzard in place until cease was called, and the fight went to the jury, who ruled in favour of Philipper.

Winner: Philipper

Bamm Bamm vs RatEdit


Bamm Bamm clubs Rat


Rat gets under Bamm Bamm and pushes it

Rat turned around on the spot, as Bamm Bamm tried to get at the side of Rat. Bamm Bamm got close to Rat, but fired the club too early, so missed. Rat drove away, and raised its flipper as Bamm Bamm chased after it. As Bamm Bamm closed in, Rat span on the spot. Bamm Bamm landed a blow on Rat's flipper, but Rat was unaffected and the club pushed Bamm Bamm off the floor, allowing Rat to get under Bamm Bamm and push it back across the arena, straight into an angle grinder. Rat pinned Bamm Bamm there, until Refbot came over to push the two apart. Refbot tried pushing Rat away from Bamm Bamm, pushing it over the flame pit as he did so, but Rat kept Bamm Bamm pinned against the wall, Refbot got at the other side of Rat and reversed into it, but Bamm Bamm got its club caught under Rat's raised flipper. Rat took advantage, pushing Bamm Bamm to the flame pit, where the club caught fire.


Refbot tries to push Rat and Bamm Bamm apart

Bamm Bamm vs Rat

Bamm Bamm and Rat, on fire.

Refbot pushed Rat, but Bamm Bamm's club was still caught under Rat. Rat pushed Bamm Bamm down the arena, and Bamm Bamm struggled against it. Refbot drove into Bamm Bamm, pushing the two robots against the pit release button. The fire on the flaming club had grown larger, and the fire spread to Rat's electronics. Refbot pushed Bamm Bamm free of Rat, but both robots looked sluggish. Rat rolled to a stop, whilst Bamm Bamm slowly turned to hit Rat with its axe, the foam club having now completely burnt off. Shunt came into the CPZ, and Bamm Bamm slowly drove out. After a push from Refbot, Rat reversed and turned around. In the last few seconds, neither competitor was moving much; Rat was spinning around on the spot, and Bamm Bamm was not moving, merely swinging its axe. The battle went to the jury, who decided that Bamm Bamm had done enough to progress.

Winner: Bamm Bamm

Losers MeleeEdit

The Lethal Swan vs Lizzard vs RatEdit

Lethal Swan Rat Lizzard 1

Lethal Swan duels with Rat and Lizzard


Lizzard and Rat work together to overturn Lethal Swan.

Lizzard started by charging at The Lethal Swan, but struggled to push it back, then Rat drove between the two robots. Lizzard span, whilst Lethal Swan hit the top of Lizzard with its axe, doing no damage. Lizzard hit The Lethal Swan with its tail, but it merely glanced off, and the two robots parted, with Lizzard driving up the arena and spinning, and The Lethal Swan driving towards Rat, which had its flipper raised, and was spinning around. Lizzard drove down the arena towards its to opponents, and Rat charged at it, but Lizzard reversed, causing Rat to crash into the wall. Lizzard escaped across the arena, and Rat drove at The Lethal Swan. The Lethal Swan reversed into the side of Rat, but as Rat reversed, The Lethal Swan drove straight onto its flipper. However, it managed to quicky reverse of before Rat could flip. As the two robots backed away from each other, Lizzard charged at The Lethal Swan, trying to whip it with its tail, but The Lethal Swan drove straight into it, pushing it into Rat. As The Lethal Swan reversed, Rat reversed, driving on of its wheels over The Lethal Swan. Lizzard pushed The Lethal Swan onto Rat's flipper, and Rat toppled it over.


The Lethal Swan is thrown, scattering pieces of burning fur


Rat is counted out whilst being held up by Sir Killalot

Sir Killalot grabbed it by the neck and dragged it to the floor flipper, where Sgt. Bash gave it a flick of his flamethrower, setting it alight before it was flipped, tossing pieces of burning fur across the arena. Sir Killalot then got behind Rat, drilling into its back panel and lifting it up with his lance as Refbot counted it out. As Rat was being counted out, Sgt. Bash pushed The Lethal Swan onto the flame pit, and Sir Killalot carried Rat over to hold it over the flames, before dropping it on the floor flipper. Cease was called before Rat could be flipped however, and Lizzard was the winner.

Winner: Lizzard

Semi-Finals Edit

Bamm Bamm vs PhilipperEdit


Philipper pins Bamm Bamm in the CPZ, but Sgt. Bash comes in

Bamm Bamm vs Philliper

Philipper tries to lift Bamm Bamm out of the arena

Bamm Bamm charged straight at Philipper, but upon driving into it, Philipper was able to dodge its axe blow. Philipper turned to face Bamm Bamm as it reversed for another charge, and the two robots drove straight at each other. Bamm Bamm fired the axe again, but missed. The two robots reversed away from each other, then Philipper drove down the arena to hit the pit release button. Bamm Bamm followed it, but as it got close enough to fire the axe, Philipper reversed. Bamm Bamm drove at the side of Philipper, but Philipper drove away before Bamm Bamm could fire the axe. Bamm Bamm drove after Philipper, which turned around, and Bamm Bamm drove straight onto the front flipper of Philipper, missing an axe blow completely as it drove at the wrong angle. Philipper started pushing Bamm Bamm, but Bamm Bamm turned off of the flipper before Philipper could lift it. Bamm Bamm turned around and narrowly missed another axe blow. The two robots turned around for another attack, with Philipper trying to reverse under Bamm Bamm to use its rear flipper, but drove at the wrong angle. Bamm Bamm fired the axe again, but Philipperquickly reversed t dodge it. Philipper tried to get under Bamm Bamm with its front flipper, but Bamm Bamm turned away. Philipper turned around to try and get under Bamm Bamm. It didn't get the front flipper under Bamm Bamm properly, so Bamm Bamm merely fell off as it started to lift it, but Philipper did manage to push Bamm Bamm into the CPZ. Philipper pinned it against the wall, but Sgt. Bash came in, and Philipper reversed to push the House Robot back. Bamm Bamm escaped the CPZ as Philipper got away from Sgt. Bash, and the two robots drove at each other, with Bamm Bamm hitting Philipper with the axe, but it merely bounced off. The two robots circled each other, trying to get in a good position to attack, and Bamm Bamm got at the front corner of Philipper, hitting it with the axe, and Philipper pushed Bamm Bamm back. Bamm Bamm reversed away down the arena, but as it drove back for another attack, it made a wrong turn, driving into the arena wall.


Bamm Bamm falls off Philipper's flipper

Philipper pits itself

Philipper pits itself

Philipper took advantage, pinning it against the wall and lifting it up. Philipper lifted Bamm Bamm pver the arena wall and had it literally hanging over the side, but could not drop it. Philipper reversed a little and drove at the wall, but Bamm Bamm still would not fall over. Philipper tried again, but Bamm Bamm was still perched on the flipper. Philipper reversed and turned, intending to drop its opponent into the pit, but as it did so, Bamm Bamm swung its axe back, causing it to fall off the flipper, and as Philipper drove forwards, it fell into the pit.

Winner: Bamm Bamm

Arena Killer vs LizzardEdit

Lizzard Arena Killer 1

Lizzard loses parts of its tail to Matilda's flywheel...

Lizzard Arena Killer 2

...only to keep whacking Arena Killer with it

Arena Killer charged at Lizzard, but Lizzard bounced off the flipper, causing Arena Killer to miss its flip. Lizzard pushed against Arena Killer, then span to try and whip Arena Killer with its tail, but Arena Killer reversed away. Arena Killer drove back at Lizzard, but Lizzard drove away before Arena Killer could get under it, so Arena Killer missed another flip. Arena Killer chased after Lizzard, getting behind it, but flipped too early, so missed another flip. Lizzard drove into an angle grinder as it avoided Arena Killer, then turned around. As it drove around Arena Killer, it drove by the edge of Matilda's CPZ. Lizzard's whipping tail went straight into Matilda's flywheel, ripping off parts of it, mostly just leaving the bottom chain. Lizzard whipped the pit release button, knocking it off the wall, and drove around Arena Killer. However, it suddenly drove into the CPZ, and Shunt charged in, pushing Lizzard and axing it. Lizzard managed to escape with no major damage, and drove at the side of Arena Killer. Lizzard pushed Arena Killer close to Matilda's CPZ, but Arena Killer turned around. Lizzard continued pushing, but Arena Killer escaped up the arena. Lizzard drove after Arena Killer, which turned to face Lizzard. Lizzard drove at the flipper, but turned to Arena Killer's side before it could flip. Lizzard whipped Arena Killer with its tail a couple of times, which had no effect. Arena Killer reversed for another attack, but after being knocked by the whipping tail, turned away.

Arena Killer vs Lizzard

Arena Killer, having been flipped over by Shunt


Shunt rights Arena Killer, having unfairly flipped it over

Arena Killer drove into a CPZ, and Shunt trapped it in the corner, axed it and dragged it out of the CPZ. However, having got its axe free, Shunt flipped Arena Killer over. Arena Killer fired the flipper, but couldn't right itself. Lizzard pushed it back into the CPZ, and Shunt axed it. After puncturing the underbelly, Shunt dragged Arena Killer out of the CPZ and flipped it back over.


Matilda flips Lizzard over


Shunt pushes Lizzard onto the flipper

Lizzard charged at Arena Killer, losing an eye in the process. Lizzard got at the side of Arena Killer, and started pushing it, but drove close to Matilda's CPZ, who flipped Lizzard over. Shunt pushed it onto the flipper, and it was thrown across the arena in the last few seconds, before being pitted by Shunt after cease was called. However, the Jury ruled that the House Robot's intervention was an illegal move, so the battle went to them, and they decided Lizzard had won.

Winner: Lizzard

Final Edit

Bamm Bamm vs LizzardEdit


Bamm Bamm misses an axe blow. Note that the safety cover is still on the axe

Bamm Bamm vs Lizzard

Bamm Bamm lands a blow on Lizzard

For this battle, Bamm Bamm had the axe equipped. However, the team had forgotten to remove the sharp-edge guard, eliminating all potency of Bamm Bamm's weapon. The two robots charged towards each other, but Bamm Bamm bumped past the side of Lizzard. The two robots turned around and drove into each other, but Bamm Bamm missed with its axe. Whilst Lizzard span around, Bamm Bamm drove around it, trying to get in a good position to attack. Bamm Bamm got near the side of Lizzard but Lizzard drove past it, causting Bamm Bamm to miss with the axe. Both robots turned to face each other, and Bamm Bamm landed a blow with the axe, but despite causing one of the eyes to fall off, the axe did no damage. Lizzard pushed Bamm Bamm against an angle grinder, before pushing it away from the wall. Bamm Bamm reversed away from Lizzard, but as it tried to get close to Lizzard and attack, Lizzard span around, whipping Bamm Bamm with its tail. Bamm Bamm tried to axe Lizzard, but missed. Bamm Bamm drove around Lizzard, then drove up the arena. Lizzard drove after it, and the two robots drove straight at each other, with Bamm Bamm landing an axe blow on the top of Lizzard.


Lizzard pins Bamm Bamm in the CPZ


Lizzard is counted out

Lizzard pushed Bamm Bamm across the arena, pinning it in the corner of one of the top CPZ's. Bamm Bamm hit Lizzard with the axe again, causing the sharp-edge guard to fall off the axe. Lizzard reversed, and the two robots drove out of the CPZ, with Bamm Bamm chasing after Lizzard, hitting its tail with the axe. Lizzard got away from Bamm Bamm, and started spinning. Bamm Bamm tried getting close to Lizzard to use the axe, but after being hit by the tail, Bamm Bamm turned away and opened the pit. Meanwhile, Lizzard had broken down, and Refbot started counting it out. Bamm Bamm got at the side of Lizzard as it was being counted out, hitting the top with its axe. Refbot finished counting Lizzard out, and Bamm Bamm was through to the Grand Final.

Heat Winner: Bamm Bamm

Trivia Edit

  • Rat was the only one of the six robots featured in this heat whose team would not return for Series 2, and the only robot that was never seen in any other series of Robot Wars.
  • The teams of the three robots that won their battles in Round 1 all appeared in the UK series, while the three which lost their battles never did.
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