"Do you have a strong stomach? Can you handle wheel amputations without anesthesia? Can you handle seeing buzzsaws slice through bellies of aluminium? Alright! Hammers versus saws, axes versus slicing wheels! One is big, the other is small, and that is so unfair… but so delicious to witness!"
Rob Kamphues' opening dialogue (translated from Dutch)

Heat B of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 was the second of five heats which determined the Grand Finalists of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1. This was the second televised heat of the Dutch Battles, and was broadcast by BNN on Nederland 2 on January 7, 2002.

Competing Robots[edit | edit source]

Alien destructor.JPG
Alien Destructor
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 3.12 x 0.84 x 0.26m
Power 2 x 36V electric motors
Weapons Armoured tail
Strengths Agility
Weaknesses Vulnerable weapon
Team Members: Kees Sicking & Frank Laan
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.65 x 0.97 x 0.69m
Power 2 x 24V wheelchair motors
Weapons Vertical rotating flywheel
Strengths Strong weapon
Weaknesses Vulnerable tyres
From: Anna Paulowna
Team Members: Mischa de Graaf, Ruud van Buren & Remco Doffer
Pyramid of Chaos
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.23 x 1.26 x 1.13m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Sword
Strengths Strong weapon
Weaknesses No self-righting mechanism
Team Members: Harm in de Betouw, Jaap in de Betouw Snr & Jaap in de Betouw Jr
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.04 x 0.82 x 0.59m
Power 2 x Car starter motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe and pincers
Strengths Self-righting mechanism
Weaknesses Reliability of electronics
Team Members: Leo van Miert, Eric-Jan van Boxsel & Barry van Hees
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 1.82 x 0.86 x 0.39m
Power 2 x Wheelchair motors
Weapons Pneumatic lifting arm
Strengths Armament
Weaknesses Speed
Team Members: Marien van der Meer, Edwin Koene & Michel Brabander
Twisted Metal
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 1.24 x 0.99 x 0.42m
Power 36V electric motor
Weapons Flywheel & skewers
Strengths Strong weapon
Weaknesses Easily flipped
Team Members: Willem Kiers, Harjo Everts & Chris Mennenga

Round 1[edit | edit source]

Pullverizer vs RCC[edit | edit source]

Bridget Maasland: "The question is of course, can you handle PullverizeR with this… mohawk? Will that be enough?"
Leo van Miert: "I’ve seen many other teams who are doing a really good job, but I think I have the most respect for PullverizeR, and I think if you were to ask PullverizeR’s team, they’d say the same about our robot!"
— Pre-battle interview with Bridget Maasland and Team RCC (translated from Dutch)

Pullverizer hits the side of RCC

Pullverizer knocks out RCC

Pullverizer held back at the beginning, allowing its flywheel to get up to speed, whilst RCC drove towards it. As RCC got close, Pullverizer drove forwards, hitting RCC with the flywheel, but Pullverizer merely bounced off. RCC fired the axe as Pullverizer hit it, but missed because Pullverizer bounced off. RCC turned around to try and use its pincers, but Pullverizer got at the side, hitting the wheelguard with its flywheel. As RCC reversed, Pullverizer turned away and drove around for another attack. Pullverizer drove at RCC, which turned around to use its axe. As Pullverizer hit the front of RCC, RCC fired the axe, but this had no effect.

"Unfortunately for RCC they had electrical problems and their robot stopt in about one minute. We gave them a few hits that did not do them as much damage as we had hoped. PullverizeR only got a few scratches from that fight. We were relieved that first fight was easy, because we all were very nervous for that first action."
— Mischa de Graaf on the fight with RCC[1]

RCC in the claws of Sir Killalot

RCC is carried to the pit by Sir Killalot

After this hit from the flywheel, RCC broke down due to electrical problems[2], and Pullverizer hit the side with its flywheel, then drove away. Refbot came over to count RCC out, and after it was counted out, Sir Killalot picked it up by the axe and carried it to the arena flipper. RCC was thrown across the arena, landing on its back, and Pullverizer landed another hit, this time on the rear. Sir Killalot picked RCC up again and help it up for Sgt. Bash to toast with his flamethrower, then carried it to the pit and dropped it in.

Bridget Maasland: "It could still happen, right?"
Team RCC: "You bet."
Bridget Maasland: "Though uhh, I gave it a good look and it's properly damaged!"
Team RCC: "That's caused by the House Robots"
— Post-match interview with Team RCC after the defeat against PullverizeR (translated from Dutch)

Winner: Pullverizer

Alien Destructor vs Scraptosaur[edit | edit source]

Sir Killalot grabs Alien Destructor

Sgt. Bash drags Alien Destructor back by the tail

Alien Destructor tried to drive around and attack the side of Scraptosaur, but Scraptosaur drove past. Alien Destructor turned and tried to attack with the spike, but Scraptosaur swerved to avoid it. The two robots turned and charged at each other, with Alien Destructor hitting the side of Scraptosaur with its spike, but it merely glanced off. Both robots turned around again, with Alien Destructor driving into the side of Scraptosaur, but Scraptosaur merely turned away. Scraptosaur got at the side of Alien Destructor, but Alien Destructor drove away up the arena. However, as it turned, its tail hit the wall, and it drove forwards, straight into Sir Killalot's claw. Sir Killalot lifted it up as Sgt. Bash came over, and although Sir Killalot dropped Alien Destructor, Sgt. Bash grabbed it by the tail with his jaw, and pulled it away from the wall. After pushing and pulling Alien Destructor around for a while and blasting it with his flamethrower, Sgt. Bash let it go. Alien Destructor drove around, charging at the side of Scraptosaur, but the spike went over the rear wedge.

Alien Destructor rams Scraptosaur into the arena wall

Scraptosaur spikes the side of Alien Destructor

Alien Destructor drove around, then charged at the front of Scraptosaur, pushing it across the arena, into the side wall, with Scraptosaur getting caught on an angle grinder. The two robots were stuck there, until Sgt. Bash grabbed Alien Destructor by the tail and pulled it away. Refbot gave Scraptosaur a push, freeing it. The two robots span around each other for a while, trying to get in a good position to attack, and Alien Destructor hit the pit release button. Scraptosaur got at the side of Alien Destructor, but Alien Destructor reversed away. Scraptosaur chased it up the arena, and Alien Destructor rammed into the side of Scraptosaur. As the battle went into the last few seconds, the two robots appeared to have stopped, and the House Robots came out to attak, with Sir Killalot grabbing Alien Destructor's tail. Time ran out and the jury were called upon to make a decision, which went in favour of Alien Destructor.

Winner: Alien Destructor

Twisted Metal vs Pyramid of Chaos[edit | edit source]

Twisted Metal charges at the immobile Pyramid of Chaos

Twisted Metal attacks Pyramid of Chaos

Twisted Metal got its disc up to speed before activate was called, and both robots charged at each other, but Twisted Metal's disc failed to do any damage to Pyramid of Chaos. Twisted Metal reversed, getting its disc up to speed, then drove around and tried to turn into the side of Pyramid of Chaos. After missing once, Twisted Metal hit the side of Pyramid of Chaos, causing a small cut. Pyramid of Chaos tried to reverse away, but Twisted Metal kept chasing after it, hitting the side. As Twisted Metal backed off to get its disc back up to speed, Pyramid of Chaos stopped moving.

Refbot counts out Pyramid of Chaos

Sir Killalot picks up Pyramid of Chaos

Twisted Metal slammed into the side, but only caused a small cut. Twisted Metal tried again a couple of times, but the disc merely bounced off the sloping sides. As Refbot began to count Pyramid of Chaos out, Twisted Metal hit one of the corners of the armour, tearing a hole in it. Refbot finished its count, and Sir Killalot came over, skewering Pyramid of Chaos with his lance and carrying it to the floor flipper, where Pyramid of Chaos was flipped over. Sgt. Bash torched it, and Twisted Metal was through.

Winner: Twisted Metal

Losers Melee[edit | edit source]

Pyramid of Chaos vs Scraptosaur vs RCC[edit | edit source]

Bridget Maasland: "Well this just… completely sucks balls, no?"
Team RCC: "This is completely ass, yeah."
Bridget Maasland: "What in God’s name happened here?"
Team RCC: "Well, our electronics gave in the moment we wanted to drive into the arena. We’ve been busy for an hour, an hour and a half, trying to repair it, but yeah, we’re still not completely sure what the problem is. And at some point, you just have to admit it’s not going to work out, and then you just have to end it there."
— Team RCC withdraw from the competition (translated from Dutch)

Prior to the battle, RCC was forced to retire due to electrical problems.

Bridget Maasland: "Look, I don’t want to be too too much of a jerk, but there’s truly nothing left of this thing!"
Haarm in de Betouw: "He’s gotten better from it."
Bridget Maasland: "For real?! In what way?"
Haarm in de Betouw: "It’s more flexible. And that’s pretty vital here."
Bridget Maasland: "It’ll lose its skin even earlier?"
Haarm in de Betouw: "Absolutely. It’s gonna fly."
— Pre-battle interview with Bridget Maasland and the Pyramid of Chaos team before the Losers' melee (translated from Dutch)

Scraptosaur drives into an immobile Pyramid of Chaos

Pyramid of Chaos being shredded

At the start of the battle, both robots charged at each other, but neither could get an advantage in pushing the other, so they both reversed for another charge. Pyramid of Chaos drove at Scraptosaur, but drove at the wrong angle, so it completely missed with its sword. Scraptosaur reversed away, then turned and drove down the arena to open the pit, whilst Pyramid of Chaos turned around at the top of the arena. Pyramid of Chaos stopped moving beside the angle grinders, and Scraptosaur drove back up the arena and rammed Pyramid of Chaos, pushing it against an angle grinder. As Refbot came over, Scraptosaur turned around and reversed under Pyramid of Chaos, but could barely lift it because Pyramid of Chaos had no baseplate. Shunt came out of his CPZ and tried to axe Pyramid of Chaos, but the axe failed to puncture. Shunt lifted the shell, then reversed back into his CPZ.

"Shunt's axe cut through it like a knife through warm butter on a Sunday morning!"
Eric Corton (translated from Dutch)

Shunt pulls Pyramid of Chaos over

Shunt puts Pyramid of Chaos on the flipper

Refbot counted Pyramid of Chaos out, and with Pyramid of Chaos officially immobile, the House Robots closed in. Shunt missed an axe blow, and Matilda reversed into Pyramid of Chaos, hitting the shell with her flywheel, nearly ripping it free from the rest of the robot. Shunt pushed the immobile competitor onto the flame pit, where the shell caught fire. Shunt then axed it, puncturing the shell. As Shunt pulled back, he nearly toppled the whole robot over. Shunt axed it again, piercing the shell, and this time he managed to pull the whole robot over as he pulled back. Shunt axed Pyramid of Chaos again, pulling it back with his axe, then pushed it onto the floor flipper, which threw it across the arena, straight into Matilda's flywheel. Shunt finally finished Pyramid of Chaos off by pushing it into the pit.

Rob Kamphues: "Well, I can’t really say it was a deadly, aggressive weapon."
Marien van der Meer: "But clearly that was not even necessary? Look, our one very strong point is our strong armour, and it simply performed miracles again."
Rob Kamphues: "Can you tell how disappointed I am? How can you tell me ‘yeah, we’re in Robot Wars, but a weapon isn’t necessary’...? Hellooo?!"
— Post-match interview with Rob Kamphues (translated from Dutch)

Winner: Scraptosaur

Semi-Finals[edit | edit source]

Alien Destructor vs Twisted Metal[edit | edit source]

Twisted Metal hits the side of Alien Destructor

Twisted Metal rips pieces off the side of Alien Destructor

Twisted Metal started off by charging at Alien Destructor, but Alien Destructor drove to avoid the disc and pushed its opponent back. Both robots reversed, and charged back at each other, with Twisted Metal's disc ripping off some pieces of Alien Destructor's armour. Alien Destructor drove away, but drove into Sir Killalot's corner patrol zone. Alien Destructor quickly escaped the corner patrol zone, and drove back at Twisted Metal, which was waiting for it by the flame pit. Alien Destructor drove onto the flame pit, then reversed away. Alien Destructor turned and reversed into Twisted Metal, which ripped off some pieces from the tail. Alien Destructor drove into the centre of the arena, and Twisted Metal drove into it, but the disc did no damage. Alien Destructor drove forwards, straight into Sir Killalot's claw, but Alien Destructor reversed away before Sir Killalot could grab it. Alien Destructor reversed down to the bottom of the arena, then drove back at Twisted Metal, reversing into it and trying to push it with its tail, but could not move its opponent, so drove away for another charge.

"Alien Destructor is not afraid, you have to give her that!"
— Eric Corton (translated from Dutch)

Alien Destructor gets under Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal becomes stuck on Alien Destructor

Alien Destructor tried again, and this time it managed to get under Twisted Metal. Alien Destructor tried to push Twisted Metal backwards, but Twisted Metal slipped off the top. Alien Destructor tried driving at the side of Twisted Metal, but Twisted Metal turned, and Alien Destructor drove forwards to avoid the flywheel. After driving to the edge of an empty CPZ, Alien Destructor reversed, but reversed straight into Twisted Metal's flywheel, which ripped off many chips of Alien Destructor's armour. As Alien Destructor reversed, it drove into Shunt, which for some reason had left his CPZ. Shunt reversed back to his CPZ, and Alien Destructor drove away from Twisted Metal, but Twisted Metal drove after it, hitting the tail. Alien Destructor reversed against Twisted Metal, but Twisted Metal turned away. Twisted Metal turned back and hit Alien Destuctor again, but the disc became stuck on top of Alien Destructor.

"Killalot tries to help, but meanwhile he breaks the tail off of Alien Destructor! I don’t know what the judges will say of that…"
— Eric Corton (translated from Dutch)

Sir Killalot rips off Alien Destructor's tail

Twisted Metal nearly catches out Alien Destructor over the pit

The two robots struggled to move away, and Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ to help them. The House Robot grabbed Alien Destrctor by the tail, lifting it up. This allowed Twisted Metal to get free, and the tail was ripped off of Alien Destructor. In the closing seconds, Alien Destructor was lying on the pit, and Twisted Metal drove into the pit released button, ripping off the front of it with its flywheel, but Alien Destructor was able to move off the pit just as it began to descend, driving into Shunt, who had left his CPZ again.

"The judges are having a hard time. It wasn’t a unanimous vote, it’s two against one… for Twisted Metal!"
— Rob Kamphues (translated from Dutch)

Time ran out, and the battle went to a jury's decision. This resulted in a split decision - but with the backing of two votes to one, Twisted Metal won the decision.

Winner: Twisted Metal

Pullverizer vs Scraptosaur[edit | edit source]

"Scraptosaur was a machine that we thought could not do us much damage, but it was well armoured, so we could not do them much damage either. We were hoping to win the fight by a jury's decision on damage."
— Mischa de Graaf on fighting Scraptosaur[3]

Scraptosaur pushes Pullverizer

Pullverizer throws Scraptosaur over

At the start, Scraptosaur charged at Pullverizer, which turned away to avoid its charge. Pullverizer started driving across the arena, but Scraptosaur chased after it, prodding it with its front spike. Pullverizer turned away, and with its flywheel now up to speed, turned around and hit the side of Scraptosaur. The force of the flywheel overturned Scraptosaur, and it tried firing its flipper to right itself, but couldn't due to its long shape. Refbot counted it out, and the House Robots closed in.

"There he lies, the poor creature. It almost looks like a rowing boat, lying upside down on it’s little head like that!"
— Eric Corton (translated from Dutch)

Scraptosaur being attacked by the House Robots

Matilda cuts a gash in the side of Scraptosaur

Sgt. Bash grabbed it with his claw and Matilda charged in reversed into Scraptosaur's side, cutting a huge gash in it. Matilda pushed the overturned competitor up the arena to Sgt. Bash's CPZ, who blasted it with his flamethrower as Matilda turned around, then reversed into Scraptosaur, flipping it onto Refbot. Scraptosaur landed on its wheels, but was immobile, and Matilda hit it with her flywheel again, cutting a gash in the other side, before cease was called.

Marien van der Meer: "It did stay pretty intact, that’s all I can say."
Rob Kamphues: "Hello?! We didn’t come here to stay intact, we came here to destroy others! I’ll explain this one more time, you take a robot and you chop it into pieces!"
Marien van der Meer: "I see. We misunderstood. We thought defense would be the best--"
Rob Kamphues: "ATTACK is the best strategy!"
Marien van der Meer: "Oh. Okay. We’ll remember that."
— Team Scraptosaur reconsider their design philosophy in the post-match interview (translated from Dutch)

Winner: Pullverizer

Final[edit | edit source]

Pullverizer vs Twisted Metal[edit | edit source]

"So we were in the heat-final, unfortunately against the robot we did not want to meet from the beginning... Twisted Metal, a robot with a horizontal spinner. ... We all feared this would be the last fight for PullverizeR, but we also were convinced this would be one of the most spectacular battles in the Dutch Robotwars: Disc meets disc..."
— Mischa de Graaf on fighting Twisted Metal[4]

Sparks fly as the two spinners collide

Twisted Metal hits PullverizeR

Pullverizer did not move as Twisted Metal approached, and Twisted Metal charged across the arena. As it got close however, it turned, as if aiming for one of Pullverizer's wheels. In doing so, it exposed its side, allowing Pullverizer to hit the side. This was only a glancing blow, and Pullverizer turned. Twisted Metal hit one of Pullverizer's wheels, and Pullverizer turned back. The two spinning weapons collided, causing sparks to fly. Twisted Metal reversed, but Pullverizer was merely moving back and forth on one wheel. Twisted Metal's blow to the wheel had caused the drive chain to fall off. Twisted Metal slammed into the front of Pullverizer, knocking it back. Pullverizer continued moving back and forth on just one wheel, and Twisted Metal hit the side. With Pullverizer unable to escape, Twisted Metal turned around and landed another blow, and after turning around, landed another. Twisted Metal hit Pullverizer again, sending it spinning into an angle grinder.

"With only one wheel moving we were as much as immoblised {sic}. However they, as later told, did not realize that at that time and thought we were waiting for them to make the moves. With our disc still spinning they repeatedly attacked our weapon. Sparks flew and the sound of the two disc hitting each other was really frightening, but also spectaculair. {sic}"
— Mischa de Graaf on fighting Twisted Metal[5]

Pullverizer, minus a wheel and in the process of being counted out

Sir Killalot places PullverizeR on the floor flipper

Twisted Metal tried to attack again, but drove into Pullverizer's flywheel. However, by this time, Pullverizer had stopped moving completely. Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ, grabbed it with his claw and dragged it away from the wall, pushing it towards the centre of the arena. Dead Metal proceeded to grab Pullverizer and Twisted Metal slammed into its right-hand wheel, ripping it clean off. Pullverizer was counted out by Refbot, then Sir Killalot picked it up and span it around. After throwing it into Twisted Metal, Sir Killalot placed it onto the Floor Flipper. It was thrown across the arena, and Twisted Metal won the battle.

Twisted Metal therefore advanced to the Grand Final. PullverizeR would also be offered the wildcard position in the Grand Final, but had to decline due to the amount of damage sustained in this bout.

Rob Kamphues: "[PullverizeR] is hard metal, right?"
Team Twisted Metal: "Yes, and so are we, but we were damaged as well!"
Rob Kamphues: "A little more practice on steering it, maybe?"
Team Twisted Metal: "Yes, a few more laps over at the parking spots."
— Post-match interview as Twisted Metal moves on to the Grand Final (translated from Dutch)

Heat Winner: Twisted Metal

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pyramid of Chaos was the only one of the six robots featured in this heat whose team would not return for Series 2.
  • Pullverizer's victory against Scraptosaur was the fastest knock-out in the first series of Dutch Robot Wars[6].

References[edit | edit source]

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