The Grand Final of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2 was a series of battles which determined the Grand Champion of Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2. The episode featured the winners of the five heats and three wildcards chosen by the production crew, which were given to Twister, Bamm Bamm and Meshuggah. It was originally broadcast by BNN on Nederland 2 on August 4, 2003.

Competing Robots[edit | edit source]

Newcomers[edit | edit source]

Krab-Bot (Heat C winner)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.40 x 1.35 x 0.85m
Power 36V electric motors
Weapons Crushing claws
Strengths Robust design
Weaknesses Driver control
Team Members: Ian Visser & Dominic Visser
Twister (Wildcard, entered Heat B)
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.66 x 0.85 x 0.81m
Power 2 x 600W motors
Weapons Rotating flywheel with hammer
Strengths Powerful weapon
Weaknesses No self-righting mechanism
Team Members: Sjaak Koning, Frans Vink & Shyam Ramlal

Veterans[edit | edit source]

Bamm Bamm (Wildcard, entered Heat C)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.50 x 0.77 x 0.77m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic axe
Strengths Powerful weapon
Weaknesses Poor speed
Team Members: Erik Cornelissen, Con Taal & Rien Groenenwegen
Lizzard (Heat A winner)
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.27 x 2.00 x 1.00m
Power 2 x 140W motors
Weapons Heavy tail & grinding disc
Strengths Durability
Weaknesses Weapon
Team Members: Rene Blaauw, Henk Graul & Dick Blaauw
Meshuggah (Wildcard, entered Heat A)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.56 x 0.90 x 0.88m
Power 24V wheelchair motors
Weapons Vertical spinning disc
Strengths Powerful weapon
Weaknesses Reliability of weapon
Team Members: Job van de Kieft, Oscar Nieuwland & Rutger van Nooroenburg
Phlipper 2 ds2 arena.jpg
Philipper 2 (Heat B winner)
Weight 99kg
Dimensions 0.59 x 1.60 x 0.72m
Power 2 x 200W wheelchair motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Strengths Self-righting mechanism
Weaknesses Slow response
Team Members: Philippe Poppe, Nancy Poppe & Sam Poppe
PulverizeR (Heat E winner)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.60 x 0.85 x 1.05m
Power 2 x 40W motors
Weapons Vertical spinning flywheel
Strengths Shock absorbing weapon
Weaknesses Light armour
Team Members: Mischa de Graaf, Remco Doffer & Nico Kos
Scrap-2-Saur (Heat D winner)
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.42 x 1.06 x 0.92m
Power 2 x 750W electric motors
Weapons Pneumatic flipper
Strengths Powerful weapon
Weaknesses Light construction
Team Members: Marien van der Meer, Edwin Koene & Michael Brabander

Round 1[edit | edit source]

Philipper 2 vs Krab-Bot[edit | edit source]

Krab-Bot stuck on the arena wall

Krab-Bot drives Philipper 2 towards the CPZ

Krab-Bot had the faster start and pushed Philipper 2 into the side grinders. It tried to get into a good position to attack, but Philipper 2 turned and flipped Krab-Bot up and onto the arena wall. It then tried to use its crushing tail on Krab-Bot, but was unable to, and Krab-Bot was eventually freed by Refbot. Krab-Bot grabbed Philipper 2 again and pushed it into a CPZ, whereby both Growler and Shunt attacked both robots. Philipper 2 flipped Krab-Bot again, but when it tried to repeat this, it missed, which allowed Krab-Bot to get one of its pincers into Philipper 2's flipper mechanism. Growler separated the two machines and held Krab-Bot over the flame pit. Krab-Bot escaped and attacked Philipper 2 from behind, allowing the Belgian robot to use its crusher on its adversary's wheel. Time ran out, and the Jury decided to put Philipper 2 through.

Winner: Philipper 2

PulverizeR vs Twister[edit | edit source]

PulverizeR attacks Twister from behind

PulverizeR throws Twister over

Both robots had a very cautious start, simply getting their weapons up to speed and avoiding each other. PulverizeR got the first hit, knocking Twister off the ground. PulverizeR then drove at Twister, but overturned itself. It then activated the pit, then drove around it a few times, trying to lure Twister in. When this didn't work, it drove around the back of Twister and hit it again, the force of the blow being enough to knock Twister right onto its back. PulverizeR then tried to push its beaten opponent into the pit, but Twister helped it out by pulling itself in using its blade.

Winner: PulverizeR

Lizzard vs Bamm Bamm[edit | edit source]

Bamm Bamm attacks Lizzard

Shunt finishes off the defeated Lizzard

This was the third time the two machines had fought each other, with the score between them being one each. Lizzard got into the centre of the arena and spun, but its "swan tail" was unable to cause any damage to Bamm Bamm, which tried to retaliate with its axe. After three misses and a moment where both robots drove over the flame pit, Bamm Bamm finally hit Lizzard's wheel opening. It then pushed it into Shunt's CPZ, who hit its top covering, causing some damage. Lizzard seemed to be immobilised after this attack, and was counted out. Bamm Bamm then pushed Lizzard into Dead Metal, who sawed through its armour and placed it on the arena flipper. After being thrown, Lizzard was pushed onto the drop zone, where it was hit with the same barrels previously used in the Pinball Trial of the UK series. Shunt finally put Lizzard out of its misery by pushing it down the pit.

Winner: Bamm Bamm

Meshuggah vs Scrap-2-Saur[edit | edit source]

Scrap-2-Saur flicks Meshuggah up

The pit descends below Meshuggah

At first, the two robots simply drove around, trying to get into a good position to attack. Meshuggah eventually struck first, hitting Scrap-2-Saur over onto its back using its flywheel. Meshuggah hit Scrap-2-Saur again, whereby it finally self-righted into Meshuggah's flywheel. Meshuggah then struck Scrap-2-Saur again, knocking it up but not over, which allowed Scrap-2-Saur to flip Meshuggah twice. Scrap-2-Saur then got underneath Meshuggah and flipped it onto its disc, which bounced it away. After a bit of dodging, the two robots struck each other head on, and it became apparent that Scrap-2-Saur's flipper panel had been damaged. The two robots came head-to-head again, and this time Meshuggah broke a panel off of its opponent, as well as causing a crack in its chassis. After losing a few more panels, Scrap-2-Saur drove across the arena and hit the pit release bumper. It was most unfortunate for Meshuggah that the pit opened the exact moment it was driving over it and it descended into oblivion.

Winner: Scrap-2-Saur

Semi-Finals[edit | edit source]

Philipper 2 vs Bamm Bamm[edit | edit source]

Philipper 2 flips Bamm Bamm

Philipper 2 completes another lift on Bamm Bamm

This was the second time the two robots had fought each other. At first, the two fired their weapons at exactly the same time, causing minimal problems. Bamm Bamm tried to use its axe again, but missed. Philipper 2 then flipped Bamm Bamm over, which self-righted. Philipper 2 repeated this process twice more, but again, Bamm Bamm was able to right itself. Bamm Bamm then started to push Philipper 2 around the arena, but it was unable to use its axe to great effect. Philipper 2 then flipped Bamm Bamm again, but the attack seemed to wedge its flipper open. Bamm Bamm self-righted and hit Philipper 2 with its axe. With its main weapon out of commission, Philipper 2 tried to use its crusher, but was pushed into the arena wall by Bamm Bamm. By now, it became apparent that the axe and crusher of the two robots were locked together, until Growler broke them up by ramming into them. It appeared as though Bamm Bamm's axe had now also lost power, and the Jury decided to put Philipper 2 through.

Winner: Philipper 2

Scrap-2-Saur vs PulverizeR[edit | edit source]

Mr Psycho hits PulverizeR

A motionless Scrap-2-Saur sits on the Flame Jet

Again, this was the second time the two robots had fought each other. Scrap-2-Saur drove straight at PulverizeR before its weapon could get up speed and pushed it around. It tried to use its flipper, but missed. It charged it again, but this time PulverizeR's weapon was up to speed and the impact knocked Scrap-2-Saur up and balancing on its back. Scrap-2-Saur, luckily, was able to right itself, and then it flipped PulverizeR over. The two robots drove around each other, before Scrap-2-Saur hit the pit release, but neither robot drove near it. Instead, Scrap-2-Saur pushed PulverizeR into the CPZ, where Mr. Psycho hit PulverizeR's spinning disc with his hammer. Scrap-2-Saur tried to flip PulverizeR, but there appeared to be something wrong with its flipper and, as it tried to push PulverizeR away, it broke down. Refbot counted it out and Growler dragged it onto the arena flipper, but suddenly Scrap-2-Saur came back to life. It drove away and tried to attack PulverizeR again, but was blocked by Growler, who pushed it into the pit.

Winner: PulverizeR

Final[edit | edit source]

Philipper 2 vs PulverizeR[edit | edit source]

Philipper 2 flips PulverizeR

PulverizeR hits Philipper 2 aside, with damage visible to the Belgian machine

PulverizeR drove straight onto Philipper 2's flipper, but couldn't cause any damage. It did, however, escape before Philipper 2 could use its flipper. Philipper 2 then successfully flipped PulverizeR over, but PulverizeR then hit Philipper 2's side, causing very little damage, before being flipped again. PulverizeR then reversed up Philipper 2's wedge front, getting stranded on its side for a while before falling back down. PulverizeR was then flipped again by Philipper 2, but as it turned away for another charge, it hit Philipper 2, ripping part of its flipper off. Philipper 2 continued to push PulverizeR around, but did not use its flipper. PulverizeR hit Philipper 2 again, but only knocked it away. The two robots drove around each other and, in the last few seconds, PulverizeR hit Philipper 2, which caused its flipper to bend slightly. The decision of the Jury awarded PulverizeR the championship.

Dutch Robot Wars Series 2 Champion: PulverizeR

PulverizeR, the Second Dutch Battles Champion

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first round battle between Philipper 2 and Krab-Bot was the only battle in Dutch Robot Wars not to feature a robot from The Netherlands. The two robots were from Belgium and the UK (with roots in South Africa) respectively.
  • All of the robots to finish in the top four (PulverizeR, Scraptosaur, Philipper 2 and Bamm Bamm) would appear in either Extreme 2, Series 7, or both, although a different version of Scraptosaur appeared in Series 7 rather than Scrap-2-Saur.
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