This is a list of all competitor robots to have appeared in either series of Dutch Robot Wars. Robots are categorised by their first appearance on the show.

Series 1Edit

Robot Dutch Series Appearances Team Name
Alien Destructor Series 1
Series 2 (Alien Destructor 2)
Team Alien Destructor
Arena Killer Series 1 Team KOSMOS
Bamm Bamm Series 1-2 N/A
Blue Series 1 Team Blue
Botwork Series 1 The Undutchables
El-Mower Series 1 N/A
Enderbot Series 1 Team Cydragon
Flextreme Series 1 Team Flextreme
Hammerhead Series 1
Series 2 (Hammerhead 2)
Lizzard Series 1-2 N/A
MaxiMill Series 1 Team BAFL
Maximum Torque Series 1 N/A
Meshuggah Series 1-2 Team Meshuggah
NEAT Machine Series 1
Series 2 (Neater)
Pathetica Series 1 Team Bohica
Philipper Series 1
Series 2 (Philipper 2)
Poppe Family
Pika Series 1 (Pika 2)
Series 2 (Pika 3)
Team VHS Robots
Project One Series 1 Team Mad Science
PulverizeR Series 1 (Pullverizer)
Series 2
Team P.C.P. (Pils Club PulverizeR)
Pyramid of Chaos Series 1 N/A
Rat Series 1 Team Rat
RCC Series 1 Team RCC
Sater Series 1 Team Sater
Scraptosaur Series 1
Series 2 (Scrap-2-Saur)
FFR (Fierce Fighting Robots)
Shapeshifter Series 1-2 Team Shapeshifter
Slicer Series 1 Team Slicer
Sniper Series 1 N/A
The Lethal Swan Series 1-2 Team Delight
Twisted Metal Series 1
Series 2 (Twisted Metal Evo)
Team Twisted Metal
X-Bot Series 1 Team Tie-Rip

Series 2Edit

Robot Dutch Series Appearances Team Name
√3 Series 2 Team Tie-Rip
Team Mad Science
Team ODT
Amok Series 2 Team Beyond Repair
Beaverbot Series 2 Robotics Club Kinderdijk
Blackdevil Warzone Series 2 Team RCC
Bloody Murder Weapon Series 2 Team Demon
Bluemax Series 2 Team Blue
Cyclone Series 2 N/A
Das Gepäck Series 2 Team Alien Destructor
Flepser Series 2 N/A
Gravity Series 2 Team Mad Science
Hard Series 2 Team Compactory
Hoot Series 2 Robotics Club Kinderdijk
IDO Series 2 Team MIETERS
Impact Series 2 Team Tie-Rip
Infinity Series 2 Team Infinity
Krab-Bot Series 2 Team Crushtacean
NAMAZU Series 2 Team Namazu
ODT-Zero Series 2 Team ODT
Project Two: Hex'em Series 2 Team Warlocks
Scarab Series 2 N/A
Slamtilt Series 2 N/A
Tartarus Series 2 Team Dutch Demolition
The Black Beast Series 2 Team Black Beast
Tough As Nails Series 2 Team KODOX
Trazmaniac Series 2 Team MnM
Twister Series 2 Team Twister
Vortex Inducer Series 2 Team Bohica
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