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"What, the TNT sort, or the plastic sort?"
Jonathan Pearce introduces Dynamite

Dynamite was a loanerbot which competed in the UK vs Germany Special, broadcast as part of German Robot Wars and Series 6 of the UK Robot Wars. Representing Germany, it was lent to Team Dynamite, who for currently unknown reasons were unable to compete with their own robot, and lost to Delldog in the first round despite being favoured to win by Jonathan Pearce.

Sporting a different bodyshell, Dynamite also attended the Series 5 qualifiers, although it is unknown which battles it took part in, or whether it was known by the name it received for its eventual televised appearance.


Official image of Dynamite

Dynamite was a grey two-wheeled robot equipped with a strong pneumatic lifting scoop and protected in metallic armour. However, it had a high ground clearance, no self-righting mechanism and wheels which were exposed from the side, while the armour proved extremely thin and fragile in its only appearance. Its removable link also stuck far out of the robot's back end, providing a persistent weakness.

Side view of Dynamite. Note the exposed link

Dynamite (Under a different name) at the Series 5 qualifiers

In its appearance at the Series 5 qualifiers, Dynamite sported an alternate bodyshell, which was boxier and painted yellow instead of grey. In one photograph of it taken at the qualifiers, the robot also sported an exhaust pipe and a front 'window', sharing design cues with the House Robots Shunt and Shove. G4 was also pasted on the robot, suggesting it may have been a potential name for the machine.

Robot History[]

German Series/UK Series 6[]

"Thin armour... no self-righting mechanism... a high ground clearance, but the weaponry very strong. Should win this one."
— Jonathan Pearce's initial assessment of Dynamite

Dynamite made its only appearance in the UK vs Germany Special, representing Germany. In its first-round battle, it fought fellow German representative Delldog.

Dynamite is rammed by Delldog

Dynamite bumped into Delldog straight away before firing its lifter. Dynamite turned round and attempted to drive towards the Flame Pit, but was rammed by Delldog again, whose spinning weapon was not working at all. It fired its lifter again before spinning on the spot, and was pushed sideways into Dead Metal by Delldog. Dead Metal caught, pushed and sliced Dynamite as it tried to turn away, with Dynamite being left completely immobilised near the Floor Flipper as a result of this attack. As Delldog bumped it again, Dynamite was counted out by Refbot, before being placed onto the Floor Flipper by Sir Killalot and thrown across the arena.

Dynamite is counted out

"Dynamite?! How can you call a machine like that Dynamite? Think up another name... 'Powderpuff?' Err... 'Weakling?' Err... 'Smashed 'n' Bashed?' Dynamite... flies through the air, but doesn't come down with the explosive... percussive... rap! Dear oh dear!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Dynamite is thrown by the Floor Flipper

Dynamite's weapon is attacked by Dead Metal

Upon landing on the floor, shards of Dynamite's armour shattered off, before Dead Metal caused several sparks to fly as his saw cut through its lifter. Sir Killalot proceeded to push and grab it by the chassis, crumpling through its shell and carrying it across the arena. He dropped Dynamite, causing its top armour to come loose as it landed upside-down on the floor, before picking it up a second time and spinning it around over the Flame Pit.

"What have they made the armament [sic] out of? Baked bean tins? No... a baked bean is more mean! Dynamite? Well, that's what they came into the arena with, to protect the mechanics."
— Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot spins the partially-armourless Dynamite around

Sir Killalot prepares to dump Dynamite out of the arena

The top armour fell off completely as Sir Killalot carried Dynamite into a CPZ, where he eventually held it over the wall, knocked a light off, and dumped it out of the arena. The badly-damaged Dynamite was therefore eliminated from the UK vs Germany Special; the team later revealed to Philippa Forrester that the robot's removable link got damaged, resulting in its immobilisation.

"Dynamite... more like Dyno-Rod! Totally toilet!"
Craig Charles announces Dynamite's solitary loss


German Robot Wars / UK Series 6
UK vs Germany Special
Representing Germany, Round 1
Round 1 vs. Delldog (GER) Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1

Series Record[]

German Series Dynamite Series Record
German Robot Wars UK vs Germany Special



  • Dynamite was one of two loanerbots not to be used in the US versions of the show. The other is the identically-named replacement for withdrawn Dutch Series 2 entry, Hard.
    • While not used on the US versions of the show, Dynamite was put on display alongside other loanerbots that were used during the Nickelodeon and Extreme Warriors Season 2 battles.
  • Dynamite was named to match the T-shirts of its team, Team Dynamite.
  • Dynamite was the only robot in the UK vs Germany Special not to appear in another episode.