Eric Corton was born in Oosterbeek, and is a Dutch journalist and radio DJ that provided commentary for the two series of Dutch Robot Wars that were broadcast by the BNN network, working alongside Rob Kamphues and Bridget Maasland.

Robot WarsEdit

As the commentator of Dutch Robot Wars, Eric Corton would commentate every match aired within both series, and also read out battleboards, and transition between his segments and those of Rob Kamphues and Bridget Maasland.

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Outside Robot Wars, Eric Corton performed with various drama companies in his youth, as well as performing with the band Tacker. Currently he presents the radio show That's Live on Dutch radio station 3FM. He also presents VPRO 3voor12RADIO on 3FM. He is occasionally seen on television as well. In the summer of 2004 he presented the program Hey DJ and is also the regular voice-over of Try Before You Die. As an ambassador of the Red Cross, Eric visited several countries in Africa, raising awareness for issues that affect the continent.


  • Due to the Dutch TV broadcasters BNN being somewhat liberal with explicit content, Eric Corton became the only Robot Wars personality to swear on the televised show.
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