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"Get ready for an upheaval, from the Weevil!"
Jonathan Pearce in Series 4

Evil Weevil was a Welsh robot, entered into Series 3 and 4 of Robot Wars by Kevin Pritchard of the Panic Attack team. It reached the Semi-Finals of Series 3, only to be defeated by eventual runners-up Hypno-Disc. Evil Weevil also won the Series 3 Robotic Soccer tournament despite not scoring a goal in either of its two matches. However, it lost in the first round of its Heat in Series 4, due to an uncharged battery.

Versions of Evil Weevil[]

Evil Weevil[]

"The front spikes are tipped red, to disguise spilled blood."
— Jonathan Pearce

Evil Weevil in Series 3

Evil Weevil was a black, green and yellow robot designed to resemble a beetle. It was armed with a set of electric lifting prongs which gave it a similar look to Panic Attack, and was similarly capable of lifting robots up and holding them off the ground while driving. It was armoured in ballistic fibreglass and Kevlar with Velcro used to snag chainsaws which was designed, built and painted by the students of Llantarnam School. It used two Sinclair C5 motors for its drive system. The insides were all built by Kim Davies and the robot took three months to build at a cost of £400.

Evil Weevil 2[]

Evil Weevil 2 in the arena

In Series 4, the team rebuilt and renamed the machine Evil Weevil 2, although it was mostly just known as Evil Weevil. It was equipped with a sledge hammer weapon powered by a fire extinguisher which, in turn, was powered by a SodaStream bottle. The robot had a new paint scheme, bronze with gold weaponry with red tips, and red antennae. This version only had two prongs on its lifting forks rather than three, like the Series 3 version featured, and did not have the Velcro strips that were on the Series 3 version. It was also 3.7 kg heavier than the Series 3 version. It retained the two Sinclair C5 motors, which gave the robot a top speed of 10 mph. Its base was made from the inside of a Securicor security van, and the insect antennae were larger and floppier, hanging over the lifting forks.


The name Evil Weevil is derived from a weevil insect, and may also be a reference to stunt artist Evel Knievel.

Throughout the team's appearances in Series 3, Philippa Forrester enjoyed an exaggerated way of pronouncing its name, dragging out the e sounds and putting on a high voice to call it "Eeeevil Weeeevil".

Philippa Forrester: "So when you come back next time, for the next war, will you bring back an Evil Weevil, or will you change the name deliberatedly so I can't say "Eeeevil Weeevil!"
Kevin Pritchard: "Probably change the name!"
— After Evil Weevil's defeat to Hypno-Disc

The Team[]

"Kevin Pritchard, was a member of the victorious Panic Attack team..."
— Jonathan Pearce, repeatedly

The team in Series 3

The team in Series 4

The Evil Weevil team was founded by Kevin Pritchard, a design technical teacher at Llantarnam School in Cwmbran, South Wales, with various pupils as team members. Kevin Pritchard designed and built the robot with help from pupils from the school.

Pritchard had previously been a member of the Panic Attack team that won the Second Wars. However, after failing to qualify for Series 5, the team disbanded, and Pritchard later returned to the Panic Attack team in the second series of Extreme, before taking over as captain and driver in the Seventh Wars.

Craig Charles: "Any robots out there that you hold particular fear, who you don't want to get drawn against at the moment?"
Kevin Pritchard: "Obviously Panic Attack, because I was in the team last year"
Andrew Davies: "We want that in the final!"
— Post-battle interview after the Series 3 Heat Final

In Series 3, Kevin Pritchard was joined by Andrew Davies and Michael Walsh. Michael Walsh drove the robot in the main competition, under the close watch of Kevin Pritchard. Occasionally, Kevin Pritchard would take the controls at difficult times in the battles, which he did in the Heat Final and the Semi-Final battle against Hypno-Disc. Andrew Davies drove the robot in the Football game against Alien, but Kevin Pritchard drove the robot in the Final.

Ashley Evans and Mark Mellor were Kevin Pritchard's teammates in Series 4, with Ashley Evans driving the robot.


Evil Weevil qualified for Series 3 after running the assault course, but did not have to go through the qualifiers for Series 4 as it was seeded.

For Series 5, Evil Weevil returned with a new pneumatic claw weapon designed by pupils from Llantarnam Comprehensive School. It was in this state that it attended the Cardiff leg of the live tour serving as the official series qualifiers. Evil Weevil is known to have fought two one-on-one battles - one against the then-latest incarnation of Panic Attack, and another against an unidentified red, black and yellow wedge-shaped machine. Both fights were featured in separate reports on the Cardiff qualifiers broadcast by BBC Wales Today in 2001.[1]

"Kevin Pritchard, 33, from Cardiff, a design technical teacher at Llantarnam Comprehensive School ... was there with Evil Weevil, a 100kg robot with a glass fibre body and a pneumatic claw he designed with help from pupils at the school. He was ably assisted by 12-year-old weapons controller Ruth Poole."
— South Wales Argus, 2001[2]

Evil Weevil fights Panic Attack at the qualifiers

Evil Weevil is lifted by an unidentified opponent during one of its Series 5 qualifier battles

In the first qualifier, Evil Weevil locked forks against those of Panic Attack at one point, taking the chance to use its claw against the Series 2 champions. Eventually, it was turned over by Panic Attack and counted out after being unable to self-right. However, according to the South Wales Argus, both would unite to defeat the House Robots in a subsequent exhibition battle.[3] In the second head-to-head, Evil Weevil was outmanoeuvred by its red and yellow opponent, which lifted Evil Weevil up for a few seconds using its smaller front lifting arm.[1]

Although it is unclear which robot prevailed in the latter battle, the South Wales Argus reports that Evil Weevil was selected to compete in The Fifth Wars alongside Panic Attack. However, it would not appear in the televised series, likely suggesting a possible withdrawal or other circumstances preventing it from competing.[4]

Robot History[]

Series 3[]

Philippa Forrester: "This is..."
Michael Walsh: "War Weevil ... no, sorry, Evil Weevil!"
Philippa Forrester: "Do you know the name of your robot?"
— Michael Walsh forgets the name of his own robot during Philippa Forrester's walk around the pits

Evil Weevil's first round battle for the Third Wars saw it go up against newcomer Triterobot, which was actually a reserve, replacing an unknown drop-out.

"One to watch, this."
— Jonathan Pearce during his introduction for Evil Weevil

Evil Weevil stuck on the arena wall

Evil Weevil rams Triterobot into Sgt. Bash

Triterobot started the quicker, charging at Evil Weevil which moved forwards a little and then turned as Triterobot charged at it. Triterobot drove up the side of Evil Weevil, and Evil Weevil quickly drove out from under it. However, in doing so, it drove into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Evil Weevil turned and got out, but drove onto the spikes just outside the CPZ, which lifted it up. Triterobot took advantage, pushing it against the wall, and Evil Weevil was left stuck, with its lifting spikes caught in the arena side rails, holding the robot up. Evil Weevil eventually got free, and after reversing into the arena centre, charged at Triterobot, pushing it to Sgt. Bash's corner patrol zone. Sgt. Bash pushed Triterobot away from the CPZ, but its front claw was stuck under the sloped side of Triterobot, until Evil Weevil gave the House Robot a little push, allowing him to reverse.

"Again, magnificent design! It has those little Velcro strips we're told, as well. Quite what they want to stick onto with the Velcro, I'm not too sure, certainly not Sgt. Bash!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil pushes Sgt. Bash

Triterobot's spike is caught in the side of Evil Weevil

Triterobot drove away, but Evil Weevil chased after it. Evil Weevil quickly caught Triterobot, and Triterobot's high ground clearance made it easy for Evil Weevil to push, ramming it up the arena, over an arena spike and to Sir Killalot's CPZ. However, as Sir Killalot came over to attack Triterobot, Evil Weevil reversed, pulling Triterobot back with it. Evil Weevil reversed for another charge, but when it charged, it drove at the wrong angle, driving past Triterobot rather than getting underneath. As it did so, one of Triterobot's spikes became caught in the side of Evil Weevil, and as Evil Weevil reversed, it dragged Triterobot back with it. As Evil Weevil drove back and forth to try and get free, Triterobot activated its smokescreen.

"Triterobot has impaled itself on the Evil Weevil machine, they're [the Evil Weevil team] as flummoxed as we are!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil struggles to get free of Triterobot's spike

Triterobot side-stranded

Unable to get free of Triterobot's spike, Evil Weevil appeared to stop, but after pulling Triterobot to the side of the arena, Evil Weevil was able to reverse free, helped by Triterobot spinning. Triterobot drove down the arena, and Evil Weevil charged after it, but turned incorrectly, not getting under its opponent. Evil Weevil drove up the arena for another charge, but as it tried to get under Triterobot, Triterobot turned away. Evil Weevil kept pushing, trying to get under it, and Triterobot drove up the side of Evil Weevil.

"...Evil Weevil, now on the attack. We've yet to see those front spikes being brought into operation from the Evil Weevil boys. Now perhaps, in underneath Triterobot."
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil gets under Triterobot

Evil Weevil rams Shunt

However, this proved to be a fatal mistake, as Triterobot fell back onto its sloped side, leaving it stuck. Evil Weevil pushed it to the edge of the pit, but after reversing for the final push, completely missed its charge. The House Robots attacked the immobile Triterobot, with Dead Metal cutting into it with his saw, and Shunt axing it. Evil Weevil drove around the arena, then gave Triterobot a little ram, before ramming into the side of Shunt, pushing him back. Shunt went after Evil Weevil, axing the top and lifting it up with his scoop. Cease was called, and Evil Weevil was through to Round 2.

Philippa Forrester: "You were silly really, because you had a little go at Shunt! I man, what were you trying to do, stand up for the other team or what? Come on Michael."
Michael Walsh: "Uh yeah, they were getting a bashing there was two robots on them, I thought "Make it two-on-two"!"
Philippa Forrester: "You brave man!"
— Michael Walsh explains his attack on Shunt

In the second round, Evil Weevil went up against newcomer Flip Flop Fly.

"It's a bit of a strange contraption, we don't really know what to do with it! We're going to push it around a bit and see what happens. Very strange shape."
— Kevin Pritchard of Evil Weevil on his opponent. Flip Flop Fly captain Paul Snook would humorously say the same thing about Evil Weevil

Evil Weevil caught on the spikes

Evil Weevil started by slowly moving forwards, then spinning on the spot, as Flip Flop Fly drove towards it. When it got close, Flip Flop swung its axe, but missed. Evil Weevil drove forwards, but drove over the spikes. Flip Flop Fly got behind Evil Weevil as the spikes lifted it up, landing a weak blow with the axe, but as the spikes lowered, Evil Weevil reversed off.

"Hereford against Cardiff here, something of a local rivalry"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the battle

Evil Weevil is axed and lifted by Shunt

Evil Weevil tried to push Flip Flop Fly, but because its lifting spikes were raised, it rode up one of Flip Flop Fly's wheels. Evil Weevil got down, and chased Flip Flop Fly as it drove to the other side of the arena. Evil Weevil charged at Flip Flop Fly, but Flip Flop Fly's shape meant that it merely rolled over the top of Evil Weevil, causing Evil Weevil to drive onto an arena spike by Shunt's CPZ. Evil Weevil reversed as Flip Flop Fly tried to get beside it to use its axe. Evil Weevil got at the side of Flip Flop Fly, but accidentally drove forward, into Shunt's CPZ.

"And Evil Weevil, driven into the CPZ, and now taking punishment from Shunt!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil drives into the CPZ

Evil Weevil tries to scoop up Flip Flop Fly

Shunt axed it and lifted it up with his scoop, before Shunt pushed it out of the CPZ. Evil Weevil reversed, then charged at Flip Flop Fly again, this time with its lifting spikes raised slightly. This time, Flip Flop Fly was pushed straight into Shunt. Shunt tried to axe it, but the axe was blocked by Flip Flop Fly's axe. Flip Flop Fly tried to get away, but Evil Weevil pushed it back into Shunt. Shunt fired the axe again, but Flip Flop Fly reversed, dodging the axe.

"Evil Weevil, keeping its distance, sensibly so."
— Jonathan Pearce

Evil Weevil pushes Flip Flop Fly into Shunt

Shunt let Flip Flop Fly go, and as Flip Flop Fly moved away from the CPZ, Evil Weevil drove around Flip Flop Fly, getting at one of its wheels. Evil Weevil tried to push Flip Flop Fly, but Flip Flop Fly turned, driving onto the top of Evil Weevil. Flip Flop Fly got off the top of Evil Weevil, and Evil Weevil pushed it back into Shunt's CPZ. Shunt landed an axe blow on Flip Flop Fly's body, then landed a couple of blows on the tyre, but failed to puncture. Matilda also came over, cutting Flip Flop Fly with her chainsaw, and Shunt landed another axe blow. Matilda pushed Flip Flop Fly away from the CPZ, and it became clear that one of Flip Flp Fly's tyres were deflating. Sir Killalot picked it up and pulled it away, dropping it in the centre of the arena. Cease was called and Evil Weevil was declared the winner.

Philippa Forrester: "How are you feeling now then? It kind of must be a bit of a mixture of feelings, is it?"
Andrew Davies: "It is, yeah. 'Cause we're ecstatic that we got through and all, but curious about what we're going to come up against now."
Philippa Forrester: "Ok, so a mixture of jubilation and anticipation, and trepidation, for the Eeeevil Weeevil!"
— Post-battle interview

Evil Weevil's Heat Final battle saw it go up against another newcomer Panzer.

Craig Charles: "Evil Weevil team, how are you feeling?"
Michael Walsh: "Pretty confident!I"
Craig Charles: "Pretty confident? Do you think he can take you out though?"
Kevin Pritchard: "I don't think he can do much damage to us."
— Pre-battle interview with Craig Charles

Evil Weevil drives into Matilda as Panzer lies immobile

Evil Weevil slowly drove across the arena, but Panzer failed to start. As Evil Weevil got close to Panzer, Evil Weevil made a steering error, and drove into Matilda's CPZ, but quickly got away.

"Robot Wars has found two stars, I think here. In the Evil Weevil team, young Michael at the controls, who's looked pensive and serious throughout, and in the Panzer team, Crom on the left shakes his head, he's been a star for me, but he's shaking his head. Look at this, Panzer has not got off and away!"
— Jonathan Pearce in the opening moments of the battle

Evil Weevil lifts Panzer

After driving down the arena, Evil Weevil drove at Panzer, which had not moved from its starting position, and tried to lift it up with its front spikes, but Panzer slipped off as Evil Weevil did not have the spikes under properly. Evil Weevil rammed Panzer against the wall, before reversing and driving back at Panzer, getting its lifting spikes under Panzer's spikes and lifting it up a little, before reversing. Evil Weevil charged back at Panzer, but missed, driving into the wall.

"In comes Evil Weevil, and don't forget, Kevin Pritchard in the Evil Weevil team, the teacher there, from Llantarnam School, has a winning streak! He was part of the championship-winning Panic Attack team in the last series, and it looks to me as if Evil Weevil have won this one!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil rams Panzer

Evil Weevil and Sir Killalot attack Panzer

Sir Killalot came over and grabbed Panzer by one of the tracks, slicing through it. As Sir Killalot pulled Panzer away from the wall, Evil Weevil pushed Panzer out from his claw, getting its lifting forks under Panzer, lifting it up and pushing it against the arena saws.

"First time we've really seen the lifting claws at the front, tipped with blood it would seem, and the life blood, the very life blood of Panzer, is trickling away."
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil rams Panzer against the wall

Evil Weevil pushes Panzer against the saws

Evil Weevil rammed Panzer against the wall, slamming into it, the drove away up the arena. Sir Killalot got his lance under one of Panzer's tracks and pulled it away up the arena, spinning it around and holding it up for Sgt. Bash to torch with his flamethrower.

"There you see, Kevin at the controls of Evil Weevil, and I think, because they're splendid roboteers, they'll be disappointed in the outcome of this. They'll have wanted a better battle themselves."
— Jonathan Pearce as the House Robots attack Panzer

Cease was soon called and Evil Weevil was put through to the Series Semi-Finals.

Craig Charles: "You're through to the series Semi-Finals, how do you think you're going to go in there?"
Andrew Davies: "Reasonably."
Craig Charles: "Reasonable? Well, you're not as confident as you was about this one!"
Andrew Davies: "Well, it depends who we're up against."
— Post-battle interview

However, in the Series Semi-Finals, Evil Weevil had horrible luck to be drawn up against the lethal Hypno-Disc in the first round.

"...and Evil Weevil, up against it, with Hypno-Disc!"
— Jonathan Pearce concludes the Semi-Final line-up

Evil Weevil is struck by Hypno-Disc

Hypno-Disc causes minimal damage to the shell of Evil Weevil

Evil Weevil drove forwards a little, then span on the spot, as Hypno-Disc held back. When its disc was up to speed, Hypno-Disc crossed the arena to attack Evil Weevil, which continued spinning. As Hypno-Disc got close, Evil Weevil deflected it by hitting it with its lifting forks as it span, then turned and reversed up past Hypno-Disc. Hypno-Disc drove after Evil Weevil, but Evil Weevil swerved to avoid it. Hypno-Disc turned to attack the rear of Evil Weevil, and Evil Weevil drove forwards to avoid it, but in doing so drove into Dead Metal's CPZ. Evil Weevil quickly drove out before Dead Metal could do any damage, charging at Hypno-Disc, pushing it into the arena wall. As Evil Weevil turned, Hypno-Disc hit the forks with its disc, but it merely deflected off.

"This is interesting, because if the weapon doesn't cause damage from Hypno-Disc, what else does that spinning robot have?"
— Jonathan Pearce

Evil Weevil becomes immobile

Hypno-Disc drove around to attack Evil Weevil again, but as Hypno-Disc charged at it, Evil Weevil drove straight into the front of Hypno-Disc, knocking it aside and pushing past it. Evil Weevil drove up the arena, waiting for Hypno-Disc. However, as Hypno-Disc charged at Evil Weevil, Evil Weevil turned, allowing Hypno-Disc to easily hit the back, ripping off a couple of pieces of armour. As Hypno-Disc turned around for another attack, Evil Weevil reversed. Hypno-Disc hit the lifting forks as it did so, but despite causing sparks, no major damage was caused. Hypno-Disc got at the side of Evil Weevil, trying to cut into the side, but the disc merely scratched the side. Both robots turned away, then drove straight at each other, with Hypno-Disc hitting the forks with its disc, but again, no damage was caused.

"...I wonder if he's trying to get those blood-tipped spikes in underneath Hypno-Disc. Got quite a high ground clearance you know, 23 millimetres, and maybe Evil Weevil can get in underneath, that's what Kevin thinks."
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil drives at Hypno-Disc

Evil Weevil is punished by the House Robots

Evil Weevil drove to the other side of the arena, with Hypno-Disc following it and hitting the rear, tearing off another bit of armour. Hypno-Disc attacked the side of Evil Weevil, but was unable to cut through, and Evil Weevil turned to attack, but was lifted up by an arena spike. Evil Weevil was slowly turning back and forth near Sir Killalot's CPZ, but not moving properly, and Hypno-Disc charged in again, but drove into the lifting forks so quickly reversed away. Hypno-Disc charged at Evil Weevil again, but Evil Weevil turned against it, knocking it aside.

"Is there a problem with the controls, I wonder. They can't get a clean run away, and it's Hypno-Disc on the attack!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil limps back and forth

Evil Weevil stopped by the CPZ, and Hypno-Disc hit it just behind the forks, cutting into it and knocking Evil Weevil into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Evil Weevil was now fully immobile, and as Sir Killalot pushed it out of the CPZ, Dead Metal and Shunt came over to attack, with Shunt axing it, and Dead Metal cutting into the back. Sir Killalot lifted it up with his lance, and cease was called, resulting in Evil Weevil being eliminated from the competition.

Philippa Forrester: "The spinning disc of doom got you too."
Kevin Pritchard.: "Well, it's better to go out like that than be flipped on our backs, like a beetle, with our legs in the air."
— Post-battle interview

Despite being shredded by Hypno-Disc in the Semi-Finals, Evil Weevil also entered in the Robotic Soccer tournament that ran alongside the main competition of the Third Wars. Evil Weevil was placed up against Alien in the qualifier match, and was considered the favourite to win the battle.

Evil Weevil gets to the ball

Evil Weevil started by charging at the ball, as Matilda came out to block it. Evil Weevil drove past the front of Matilda, then reversed into her, pushing her back. Evil Weevil pushed the ball down the arena, into one of the arena boards at the bottom. The ball bounced away, but before Evil Weevil could get to it, Matilda got to the ball.

"Quick to get the early possession, going the wrong way, slamming it against the arena boards."
— Jonathan Pearce

Evil Weevil rams Alien into the wall

Evil Weevil rushed over as Matilda tried to flick the ball away from the wall. Evil Weevil was hit by Matilda's tusks as she turned, and crashed into the wall. Evil Weevil reversed straight onto Matilda's tusks, quickly getting away, but driving into an arena board. Evil Weevil reversed into Matilda, trying to stop her getting to the ball, but Matilda pushed past it, knocking the ball off the bottom wall. Evil Weevil reversed as Matilda flicked the ball away from the arena board. As Alien tried to get to the ball, Evil Weevil charged at its side, ramming it into the wall.

"Evil Weevil also, fouling Alien, but anything goes really, in the Robot Wars Soccer championship!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil rams into Alien

Evil Weevil reversed for another charge, which gave Alien a moment to push the ball away, and Evil Weevil missed its charge. Alien pushed the ball down the arena, and Evil Weevil reversed after it. As the ball went into the bottom arena wall, Alien turned around to try and get the ball away, but this gave Evil Weevil a chance to get to the ball. Evil Weevil rammed into the ball, but couldn't get it free, with the ball merely rolling up its spikes, then falling back. Evil Weevil struggled to move, and Matilda came in, flicking the ball away from the wall, but Evil Weevil pushed the ball, knocking it back into the wall.

"A bit of a stand off-situation between Evil Weevil and Matilda"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil tries to get to the ball

Matilda and Evil Weevil struggle for the ball at the bottom of the arena

Meanwhile, Alien drove over an arena spike, which flicked it onto its side. Dead Metal came over to tip it back onto its wheels, but it had broken down. Evil Weevil continued to nudge the ball, but couldn't get it away from the wall, one of its decorative antennae fell of as it did so, until it got at the side. Before Evil Weevil could get control of the ball, Matilda got the the ball, but she accidentally knocked the ball straight into Evil Weevil, and Evil Weevil was able to push the ball past her. Evil Weevil pushed the ball away from the arena board, gave Matilda a push, then pushed the ball up the arena. As the ball hit the arena board, Evil Weevil drove past the ball, and reversed into it, knocking it away from the wall.

"Difficult to see what they're trying to do here, eventually ... oh there's, that's it, the... the... the... the goal boys! That is the aim of the game."
— Jonathan Pearce questions Evil Weevil's tactics

Matilda blocks Evil Weevil's shot on goal

Matilda got to the ball, flicking it away from the wall, and pushing it to the centre, close to the goal. Evil Weevil seemed to be having steering problems, as it turned and drove into the goal.

"Well, Evil Weevil's gone in the goal net, minus ball, don't think that counts lads!"
— Jonathan Pearce

Evil Weevil drove to the centre of the arena, but despite having a clear shot at the goal, decided to turn around and reverse into the ball. Matilda rushed in to block the ball, with the ball bouncing into the air. Cease was eventually called, and Evil Weevil was put through to the final due to being mobile for longer and having more possession and shots.

In the final, Evil Weevil went up against Gnasher, The General and Velocirippa.

"Forget your Jules Rimet trophy, forget your European Champions League, this is the big one! The Robot Wars Robotic Soccer cup final"
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the match

Evil Weevil tries to get to the ball

Evil Weevil drove forwards, but held back as the other robots got close to the ball, and the House Robots came out to block. Gnasher got to the ball first, and it was blocked by Matilda as it pushed the ball. Evil Weevil drove down the arena, away from the others, whilst Velocirippa broke down. Gnasher got the ball back, but Matilda pushed the ball away from it, pushing down the area away from Gnasher. Evil Weevil was close by, and as Matilda flicked the ball away from the wall, Evil Weevil came in. However, the ball bounced off the forks, and Matilda pushed the ball into the corner. Evil Weevil tried to get to the ball, but Matilda struck Evil Weevil with her tusks.

"Evil Weevil is still motoring, into the corner, they need to get he ball out of there"
— Jonathan Pearce

Gnasher and Matilda block Evil Weevil

Matilda span, knocking the ball free of the wall, but before Evil Weevil could get to it, Matilda drove between it and the ball. However, The General drove into the back of Matilda, and Matilda span, knocking the ball straight to Evil Weevil. Evil Weevil tried pushing the ball up the field, but Gnasher and Matilda blocked Evil Weevil, with the ball being bounced backwards over Evil Weevil by an arena spike. The General got the ball, and pushed it across the arena, where it rolled to Gnasher. Matilda rushed in, getting to the ball and flicking it down the arena. Evil Weevil charged into the back of Matilda, allowing Gnasher to get to the ball.

"Very little control out there, someone needs to put a prong or a blade on the ball boys, and just get this game under control."
— Jonathan Pearce

Gnasher is flipped over by Evil Weevil

However, Matilda got free and rushed over to the ball, but couldn't get it away from Gnasher. Evil Weevil tried to get to the ball, but Gnasher was in the way. Gnasher reversed into Evil Weevil, and Matilda got to the ball, knocking it along the wall. Gnasher tried to block her, but Matilda pushed past it. As Gnasher turned away, Evil Weevil got its forks underneath Gnasher, and flipped it over.

"Well, certainly Gnasher takes a sort of a Franco Baresi-type challenge and is flung over!"
— Jonathan Pearce after Evil Weevil flips Gnasher over

Evil Weevil is the only competitor left mobile

Matilda flicked the ball away from the wall, where it rested by the overturned Gnasher. Evil Weevil tried to get to the ball, but missed its charge, and Matilda got the ball. Matilda pushed the ball down, and Evil Weevil drove into her. Matilda lifted Evil Weevil with her tusks and pushed it back against the wall. Evil Weevil lifted Matilda a little to try and stop her getting to the ball, but Matilda kept pushing, so Evil Weevil reversed away up the arena. Matilda knocked the ball clear of the wall, and Evil Weevil rushed to the ball. Meanwhile, The General had stopped moving.

"Evil Weevil still alive, I'm not too sure about the other robots here in this final."
— Jonathan Pearce notices that Evil Weevil is the only mobile competitor

Evil Weevil pushed the ball against the wall, but as it reversed, Matilda knocked the ball into the corner. Evil Weevil held back as Matilda pushed the ball away from the wall. However, when the ball was free, Evil Weevil seemed to have steering problems, turning away from the ball. Matilda pushed the ball into the arena centre, and Evil Weevil slowly drove towards it, but incorrectly drove beside it.

"It's come back into free play! Chance for Evil Weevil! Couldn't take advantage though, slow to react, going the, you're going, you're going the ... the wrong way! The wrong way! That's it, turn back, there's the goal! Remember the thing between the posts and the net, ball goes in? Object of the game"
— Jonathan Pearce questions Evil Weevil's driving

Evil Weevil beside the burning football

Sgt. Bash suddenly set the ball on fire, and Evil Weevil cautiously pushed it away, but then drove to the side of the arena. Matilda got to the ball, as Velocirippa started moving again. Evil Weevil reversed, but Matilda got to the ball, pushing it against The General. The General regained some mobility, pushing the ball into the wall, and the match ended with the ball resting by Gnasher. Time then ran out, and the judges were called to make a decision.

Evil Weevil is declared Robotic Soccer champion

"Evil Weevil tried to take out Gnasher and succeeded, so good aggression from Evil Weevil, and d'you know, I think that could be the most decisive part played in this entire final, by Evil Weevil!"
— Jonathan Pearce whilst reviewing the highlights

Evil Weevil was deemed victorious by the judges, declaring it the Robotic Soccer champion, despite failing to score a goal throughout the whole event.

Series 4[]

"Our seeds, Weld-Dor at number twenty-eight, and Evil Weevil, as high as number twelve."
— Jonathan Pearce at the start of the Heat

Evil Weevil 2 was given the twelfth seed for the Fourth Wars, placing it in Heat K. In the first round melee, Evil Weevil was placed up against two new machines in Tiberius and MouseTrap, the latter being the successor to Evil Weevil's first ever opponent, Triterobot.

"Possibly a bit of a grudge match!"
Julia Reed, after mentioning who defeated Triterobot in the previous wars

Evil Weevil is slammed by the MouseTrap weapon

Evil Weevil, immobilised from a dead battery

Evil Weevil started by driving between its two opponents. Tiberius drove in underneath Evil Weevil, but Evil Weevil quickly drove off. Tiberius drove into MouseTrap, and changed targets. Whilst Tiberius tried to get in a good position to attack MouseTrap, Evil Weevil tried to get its forks under Tiberius, but didn't get the fork under properly, and Tiberius drove away up the arena. Evil Weevil followed it, and as Tiberius turned to face it, it drove onto one of Evil Weevil's lifting forks, allowing Evil Weevil to push it back towards a CPZ. As Evil Weevil pushed Tiberius, it missed a hammer blow, and MouseTrap rushed in and hit Evil Weevil with the trap. This got Tiberius of the fork, but did no damage to Evil Weevil. Evil Weevil pushed past Tiberius, then reversed away from Dead Metal. However, as it reversed into the arena wall, it stopped moving.

"...and Evil Weevil, has not done anything! One wonders whether Evil Weevil has immobilised very early on here! It hasn't moved and this is a surprise and a shock. The number twelve seeds from Llantarnam School - Evil Weevil immobilised!"
— Jonathan Pearce notices that Evil Weevil has stopped moving

MouseTrap and Tiberius continued to fight, with Tiberius getting under MouseTrap and piercing it. Meanwhile, the House Robots came out of their CPZ's to attack, Dead Metal on one side, and Shunt on the other.

"A waggle of the antennae, that's not enough! You can waggle your antennae at Matilda all night, but the Refbot's not confused! He knows what's going on!"
— Jonathan Pearce as the House Robots close in

Sgt. Bash torches Evil Weevil

Dead Metal gripped onto Evil Weevil and cut into it with his saw, whilst Sgt. Bash blasted it with his flamethrower a couple of times, then grabbed it with his front jaw, pulling it away from the arena wall, to the arena centre, where he gave it another flick of flame.

"The bronze shell is ruptured and torched!"
— Jonathan Pearce as Evil Weevil is attacked by the House Robots

Evil Weevil is thrown by the floor flipper

Sgt. Bash pushed and pulled Evil Weevil, blasting it with his flamethrower, and moved it to the floor flipper, which threw Evil Weevil over. Tiberius pushed past it, and cease was called.

Back in the pits, it was revealed the reason that Evil Weevil had stopped was because one of the six batteries the team had available had not been charged fully, and this was the battery they had used for the battle, unaware it wasn't fully charged. This was Evil Weevil's last appearance in Robot Wars.

"Well, it's Murphy's Law, isn't it? Everything that will go wrong, shall go wrong!"
— Kevin Pritchard


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Semi-Finals, Round 1
Heat L, Round 1 vs. Triterobot Won
Heat L, Round 2 vs. Flip Flop Fly Won
Heat L, Final vs. Panzer Won
Semi-Final 2, Round 1 vs. Hypno-Disc Lost
Robotic Soccer
Preliminary vs. Alien Won
Grand Final vs. Gnasher, The General, Velocirippa Won
Series 4
The Fourth Wars - UK Championship
12th Seed, Heat Eliminator
Heat K, Eliminator vs. MouseTrap, Tiberius Eliminated


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2

NOTE: Evil Weevil's Robotic Soccer appearances are not included in the tally.

Series Record[]

Main Series Evil Weevil Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Entered with Panic Attack
The Third Wars Semi-Finals, Round 1
The Fourth Wars Heat, Round 1
The Fifth Wars Attended qualifiers
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Entered with Panic Attack
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter
Robot Wars Extreme Appearances
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Entered with Panic Attack

NOTE: This series record reflects only the participation of Kevin Pritchard, and not Panic Attack as a whole


  • Evil Weevil is the only Welsh robot to reach the Semi-Finals besides Panic Attack.
  • Evil Weevil 2 was the highest ranked seed for the Fourth Wars to go out in the first round of the main competition. In fact, Evil Weevil 2 was the highest seed in the Fourth Wars to go out before the Heat Final.
  • In every one of its battles, including its Robotic Soccer matches, Evil Weevil went up against at least one newcomer.
  • Despite winning the Robotic Soccer tournament in the Third Wars, Evil Weevil never scored a goal, the only one of the four finalists to fail to do so.
  • Evil Weevil was the only robot that competed in the Robotic Soccer tournament as well as the corresponding main competition.
  • Evil Weevil was one of eight competitors to reach the Semi-Finals in one series, before losing in Round 1 of the following series, including Terrorhurtz's disqualification from the Seventh Wars.
  • Evil Weevil was one of four robots in Series 3 to compete in a trial event as well as the main competition. The others were Killerhurtz, Mortis and Razer.
    • Evil Weevil was the only one of the four not to compete in the Pinball, as well as the only one of the four not to compete in the First World Championship as well.
  • Only one of Evil Weevil's battles in the UK Championship did not involve it being attacked by the House Robots.
  • Although Evil Weevil lost in the first round of the semi-finals of Series 3, it still appeared in the Grand Final where it took part in the Robotic Soccer final.
    • As a result, Evil Weevil is the only robot to lose in the semi-finals yet still appear in a Grand Final.
  • Like Panic Attack, Evil Weevil had a bit of a rivalry with House Robot Shunt and engaged with him a bit. However, Evil Weevil only did this in its first two battles against Triterobot and Flip Flop Fly respectively.