"Tonight on Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, it's the ultimate last-man standing, all-out brawl as we bring you... the Annihilator! Demolition reigns supreme. Six robots - the meanest, mightiest, most menacing machines ever produced in the USA go into battle. Only one will survive. You want madness? You want mayhem? Gentlemen, start your motors..."
Mick Foley's introduction

The Annihilator of Extreme Warriors: Season 1 was the second event aired as part of the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The format was the same as the Annihilators held in the UK series. The episode was originally broadcast on August 27, 2001 on TNN.

Competing RobotsEdit

Conquering Clown
Weight 200lbs
Dimensions 41" x 35" x 40"
Power Electric Motors
Weapons Hammers and Wedge
Strengths Maneuverability
Weaknesses Poor Durability
From: Silvis, Illonois
Team Members: Mike Flannigan, Melissa Manary & David Manary
Drill zilla
Weight 352lbs
Dimensions 43" x 38" x 7"
Power 4 x Electric Motors
Weapons Drill and Steel Jaws
Strengths Good Weight Advantage
Weaknesses Poor Destructive Capability
From: San Jose, California
Team Members: David Hall, Bruce Hall & Chris Kallai
Red virus
Red Virus
Weight 200lbs
Dimensions 48" x 28" x 33"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Lifter and Steel Fork
Strengths Versatile Weapon
Weaknesses Slow and Sluggish
From: Lakewood, California
Team Members: Walter Martinez & Michael McQueen
Rippa Raptor
Rippa Raptor
Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 53" x 23" x 28"
Power 24V Electric Motor
Weapons Demolition Spinners
Strengths Good Control
Weaknesses Open Interior
From: Chandler, Arizona
Team Members: Robert Pitzer, Kelly Walterscheid & Robert Wilkinson
Skull mania
Weight 178lbs
Dimensions 64" x 32" x 16"
Power 24V Electric Motor
Weapons Spike and Pneumatic Lifter
Strengths Lifter Acts As A Wedge
Weaknesses Vulnerable Wheels
From: Sacramento, California
Team Members: Steven Karp, Austin Karp and Julie Karp
Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 51" x 43" x 12"
Power 12V Electric Motor
Weapons Spinning Saw Blade
Strengths High Speed Weapon
Weaknesses Slow and Sluggish
From: East Provo, Utah
Team Members: Jerome Miles, Julie Miles & Jonathon Babb

Round 1Edit

Conquering Clown vs Drillzilla

Red Virus and Drillzilla choose their targets

Drillzilla vs Conquering Clown

Drillzilla drives under Conquering Clown

Unibite vs Skullmania

Unibite damages Skullmania's tire

Unibite vs Rippa Raptor

Unibite ruins Rippa Raptor's wheel

As the battle started, the six robots came together. Drillzilla started pushing Conquering Clown from behind with Unibite pushing them from the front, nearly toppling it over, whilst Red Virus pushed Rippa Raptor to one side. Unibite then attacked the rear of Drillzilla causing no damage. The six robots then slammed into each other again, with Unibite attacking Skullmania from behind and hitting the side of Red Virus. Unibite started spinning in the middle of the arena only to be pushed aside by Red Virus, and hit Skullmania with its saw, damaging the wheel. Red Virus then pushed Rippa Raptor into Sir Killalot's CPZ, but it escaped and teamed up with Drillzilla to attack Conquering Clown, whilst Red Virus lifted up Unibite by the saw, stopping it. Drillzilla pushed Conquering Clown onto the flame pit, but it got away unscathed and all six robots locked together, forcing Refbot to separate them. Once that had happened, it became clear that Skullmania's tires had slipped away from its wheels, giving it no traction. Unibite ripped off Rippa Raptor's side panel and one of its wheels causing them to lock together, but Skullmania was already immobilized. It was counted out, and Sir Killalot placed it on the floor flipper and being tossed over by it.

Eliminated: Skullmania

Round 2Edit

Drillzilla vs Unibite

Unibite breaks down after contact with Drillzilla

Conquering Clown vs Rippa Raptor

Conquering Clown pins Rippa Raptor

As the match started, Conquering Clown pushed Red Virus into the arena side wall. Unibite tried to attack Rippa Raptor, but Rippa Raptor's brand new wheel coverings protected it. Drillzilla then pushed Conquering Clown into Red Virus, whilst Unibite spun around and hit Red Virus and Drillzilla on the side. Red Virus and Conquering Clown then collided with each other, the force being enough to knock Conquering Clown's afro off. Conquering Clown then pushed Red Virus back, before being struck at the back by Unibite, who got pushed back by Drillzilla. The impact seemed to completely immobilise Unibite, as Rippa Raptor was pushed into the side grinders by the remaining three robots. Red Virus then lifted up the immobile Unibite by the spinner. Red Virus and Drillzilla then left to push Unibite onto the flame pit, where it was counted out. Dead Metal was unable to grab it, but Sergeant Bash was, and pushed it down the pit. After the fight, Jerome Miles of Unibite's team confirmed that when Drillzilla hit Unibite on the back, which took out its "five dollar switch".

Eliminated: Unibite

Round 3Edit

Red Virus vs Rippa Raptor

Red Virus spikes Rippa Raptor


Drillzilla pushes Conquering Clown over the flame pit

Straight from the start, Drillzilla pushed Conquering Clown into Red Virus, and around the arena. Eventually, Conquering Clown escaped and tried attacking Red Virus. Drillzilla was the rammed into the arena wall by Conquering Clown. As Red Virus and Rippa Raptor had their own match, with Red Virus spiking the side of Rippa Raptor. Drillzilla then ran into Rippa Raptor then turned round and pushed the Conquering Clown towards CPZ, but Conquering Clown just pushed forwards through the other robots. Drillzilla then pushed Conquering Clown back towards the CPZ. Red Virus then rammed Drillzilla into the CPZ. Drillzilla escaped and rammed Conquering Clown. All four robots then smashed together, Red Virus spiked the side of Rippa Raptor again with Conquering Clown pushing the side of them. Drillzilla then pushed Conquering Clown into the arena wall where it appeared to be running out of power. Drillzilla continued to push Conquering Clown around, and into the CPZ where Shunt axed it. Conquering Clown then rammed into Rippa Raptor and then Drillzilla again pushing Conquering Clown into the arena wall. Eventually, Conquering Clown was immobilized and was pushed over the flames by Drillzilla. Conquering Clown's head burned off as it was counted out and eliminated with Shunt getting one last hit with the axe. Refbot then extinguished Conquering Clown's flames.

Eliminated: Conquering Clown

Round 4Edit

Rippa Raptor vs Red Virus

Red Virus pushes Rippa Raptor into the CPZ, but is attacked by Drillzilla

Drillzilla vs Red Virus

Drillzilla slams Red Virus into the Angle Grinders

At the start of this battle, Red Virus slammed straight into the front of Rippa Raptor. Drillzilla then pushed Red Virus and Rippa Raptor into Dead Metal. Red Virus then tried to drag its opponent, but Refbot separated the two robots. Drillzilla then pushed Red Virus into Matilda with Red Virus being hit in the rear. It was then pushed into an Angle Grinder, before being slammed into Dead Metal. Red Virus stopped moving and was placed on the Floor Flipper. It was flung after being counted out, before the House Robots placed it over the flames and pitted it.

Eliminated: Red Virus


Drillzilla vs Rippa Raptor

Drillzilla smashes into the immobile Rippa Raptor

Sgt Bash attacks Rippa Raptor.

Sergeant Bash attacks Rippa Raptor

Drillzilla pushed Rippa Raptor into the arena wall and hit it repeatedly. It was pushed into an Angle Grinder, before Sergeant Bash attacked it. Rippa Raptor was no longer mobile, and Drillzilla slammed it whilst it was being counted out. Rippa Raptor was placed on the flame pit and getting repeated attacks from both Drillzilla and Shunt and was then flung by the Floor Flipper, and Drillzilla pitted it.

Annihilator Champion: Drillzilla

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