"For the first time, robots will team up to settle old scores. Their objective: immobilize and eliminate the competition! We have four teams ready to win or die trying, because these four teams hate each other's robot guts!"
Mick Foley's introduction

The Tag Team Terror of Extreme Warriors: Season 1 was a competition held during the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. In the episode, there were four teams of two, like in The Fourth Wars' and Nickelodeon Robot Wars' Tag Team competitions. Like a normal Tag Team competition, only one member from each team was allowed to battle at any one time. If a robot wanted to let its team-mate into the action, it had to return to its CPZ. There, the robots could switch out and tag. The episode was originally broadcast on September 10, 2001 on TNN.

Competing TeamsEdit

Tut Tut & Drillzilla
Tut Tut
Weight 206lbs
Dimensions 40" x 40" x 26"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Axe
Strengths Powerful Weapon
Weaknesses No Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Chandler, Arizona
Team Members: Chris Harriman
Drill zilla
Weight 352lbs
Dimensions 43" x 38" x 7"
Power 4 x Electric Motors
Weapons Drill & Steel Jaws
Strengths Good Weight Advantage
Weaknesses Poor Destructive Capability
From: San Jose, California
Team Members: David Hall, Bruce Hall & Chris Kallai
Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 65" x 36" x 14"
Power Electric Motors
Weapons Armor Piercing Horns
Strengths Extremely Robust
Weaknesses Flammable
From: Corvalis, Oregon
Team Members: Mike Morrow, Nicole Morrow & Rob Ender
Rosie the riveter1
Rosie the Riveter
Weight 216lbs
Dimensions 43" x 36" x 12"
Power 4 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Iron Battering Ram
Strengths Fast & Powerful
Weaknesses Limited Weaponry
From: Gresham, Oregon
Team Members: Chris Gattman, Sharon Gattman & Kris Ender
Joker & Falcon
Joker EW1
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 32" x 32" x 19"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Maces
Strengths Extremely Robust
Weaknesses Inability To Self-Right
From: Rome City, Indiana
Team Members: Skip Harmeyer, Dave Haryhetter & Joe Bonemderohorn
Weight 214lbs
Dimensions 16" x 50" x 36"
Power 2 x 12V Motors
Weapons Lifting Spike
Strengths Interchangeable Weapons
Weaknesses Sluggish
From: North Oaks, Minnesota
Team Members: David Temple, Rand Whillock & Mark Whillock
General Chompsalot & Run Away
General Chompsalot
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 43" x 33" x 15"
Power 2 x 36 Volt Electric Motors
Weapons Articulating Mouth
Strengths Runs Both Ways Up
Weaknesses Poor Destructive Capability
From: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Team Members: Tim Berghoefer, Dave Berghoefer & Cheryl Berghoefer
Runaway RWEWS1
Run Away
Weight 218lbs
Dimensions 56" x 35" x 31"
Power 2 x 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Scoop & Spinning Blades
Strengths Fast and Maneuverable
Weaknesses Fragile Construction
From: Salem, Oregon
Team Members: Mark Joerger, Aaron Joerger & Alissa Joerger

Round 1 Edit

Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter vs Drillzilla & Tut TutEdit


Tricerabot catches fire

Drillzilla & Tut Tut vs Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter

All four robots come together

Tut Tut and Tricerabot started this fight, and tried to push each other, and Tricerabot drove over Tut Tut, who tagged Drillzilla within the opening seconds of the battle. Drillzilla shoved Tricerabot into the arena wall, before pushing it over the flame pit. Tricerabot was set alight, before Rosie the Riveter joined the battle without a tag, only to be punished by Sir Killalot, held in the air. The House Robot was reprimanded for this attack with a red card, before Drillzilla pushed Rosie the Riveter into the arena wall, where it was attacked by Matilda's flywheel.

Matilda overturned

Matilda after being overturned

Tut Tut vs Tricerabot

Tricerabot is pitted

The House Robot was then overturned by Tricerabot, whilst Rosie the Riveter and Tut Tut attacked each other. Whilst the pit button was pressed, Sir Killalot pushed Matilda back onto its wheels, before hoisting Tricerabot despite its earlier red card, and dropping it close to the pit. Tricerabot did not fall down, and escaped, but was pushed back by Tut Tut and Drillzilla, leaving no room for escape until Tricerabot was fully pitted. Rosie the Riveter survived until a Judges' decision, but had clearly lost the battle to Drillzilla and Tut Tut.

Winners: Drillzilla & Tut Tut

General Chompsalot & Run Away vs Falcon & Joker Edit

Falcon vs General Chompsalot

Falcon drives past General Chompsalot

Run Away vs Joker

Run Away drives under Joker


Sir Killalot attacks Run Away.

General Chompsalot and Falcon started this battle, and Chompsalot tried to bite down on Falcon, who tried to overturn it. General Chompsalot, unaffected as it was invertable, tagged Run Away, who wedged underneath Joker, who was also tagged by its partner. Run Away and Chompsalot tried to overturn Joker on the flame pit, but Joker was freed by Dead Metal. Run Away pressed the pit release button, but was picked up by Sir Killalot, who held it over the arena wall, before placing it onto the Floor Flipper. Run Away appeared to stop moving, but as Killalot's attack was judged to be 'unfair interference', Run Away and Chompsalot were given the win.

Winners: General Chompsalot & Run Away

Playoff Edit

Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter vs Falcon & Joker Edit

Falcon vs Rosie the Riveter

Falcon axes Rosie the Riveter

Tricerabot vs Joker

Falcon is pitted


Joker is counted out

Tricerabot vs Falcon

Three robots finish in the pit

Falcon and Rosie the Riveter started this fight, and Falcon repeatedly axed Rosie the Riveter, albeit without using the point of its axe to strike. Both robots tagged in their partners, although they remained within the arena, and Joker deflected off Tricerabot. It was pushed, before Falcon was attacked by its opponents. Joker was shoved over a C02 vent and pushed into the wall by Rosie the Riveter, whilst Tricerabot pushed Falcon. Falcon damaged its opponent's horns with its axe, before Sergeant Bash attacked Tricerabot, setting it alight. Falcon was struggling for mobility, and Tricerabot pushed it onto the edge of the pit, pressed the button, and pushed its opponent in. Joker stopped moving, and was counted out and axed by Shunt, before Tricerabot also pushed it into the pit, subsequently falling in itself along with its two opponents.

Winners: Tricerabot & Rosie the Riveter

Final Edit

Drillzilla & Tut Tut vs General Chompsalot & Run Away Edit

Drillzilla pits Chompsalot

Drillzilla pits General Chompsalot

Drillzilla vs Run Away

Run Away is stranded on its side

Drillzilla attacked Run Away, trying to lure it over the flames, before pushing it into Shunt's CPZ. The House Robot tried to axe Run Away, but it escaped, before being shoved over the flames. Drillzilla shoved its opponent into Sergeant Bash, who pushed it into the pit button, before it tagged Chompsalot. Chompsalot was pushed over a flame vent, before Drillzilla pushed it into the pit. Tut Tut then wedged underneath Run Away, tipping it onto its side, before Run Away was counted out.

Champions: Drillzilla & Tut Tut

Trivia Edit

  • Only General Chompsalot, Falcon and the Sylvan Lake Robot Warriors would return for the Extreme Warriors Season 2 Tag Team Terror, although Run Away would later compete in the International Tag Team Terror in Nickelodeon Robot Wars.
  • Falcon and the Sylvan Lake Robot Warriors would be the only combination to reprise their partnership in Extreme Warriors Season 2, although the Sylvan Lake Robot Warriors used loanerbot Humdrum and renamed it Joker for this tournament.
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