"We gave those guys cheerleaders, we gave them cheeseburgers, and now, we're going to give them hell!"
— Mick Foley before the Plunderbird 5 vs. Rosie The Riveter fight

The War of Independence of Extreme Warriors: Season 1 was a competition held in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It featured four American robots fighting four British robots to determine which country was the best. The episode was originally broadcast on September 17, 2001 on TNN.


Just like in the British version of the War of Independence special held in Robot Wars Series 4, Round One had four one-on-one battles, each with an American robot fighting a British robot. The four winning robots moved on to the semi-finals, from which two went into the final to declare which out of UK or USA had the best robot.

Competing RobotsEdit


6 Mouse
6 Million Dollar Mouse
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 36" x 26" x 24"
Power 24V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Spinning Blade
Strengths Heavily Armored
Weaknesses Reliablility of Blade
From: Leland, North Carolina
Team Members: Chris Hannold, Greg Hannold & Richard Hannold
General Chompsalot
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 43" x 33" x 15"
Power 2 x 36 Volt Electric Motors
Weapons Articulating Mouth
Strengths Runs Both Ways Up
Weaknesses Poor Destructive Capability
From: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Team Members: Tim Berghoefer, Dave Berghoefer & Cheryl Berghoefer
Joker EW1
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 32" x 32" x 19"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Maces
Strengths Extremely Robust
Weaknesses Inability To Self-Right
From: Rome City, Indiana
Team Members: Skip Harmeyer, Dave Haryhetter & Joe Bonemderohorn
Rosie the riveter1
Rosie the Riveter
Weight 216lbs
Dimensions 42" x 36" x 12"
Power 4 x 24V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Iron Battering Ram
Strengths Fast & Powerful
Weaknesses Lack of Weaponry
From: Gresham, Oregon
Team Members: Chris Gattman, Sharon Gattman & Kris Ender


Plunderbird5 EW1
Plunderbird 5
Weight 218lbs
Dimensions 47" x 39" x 16"
Power 2 x 750W Motors
Weapons Slicer Dicer
Strengths Low Ground Clearance
Weaknesses Unrelability of Weapon
From: Hampshire, United Kingdom
Team Members: Mike Onslow & Bryan Kilburn
Pussycat USA
Weight 214lbs
Dimensions 22" x 29" x 38"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Blade
Strengths Always Lands on its Feet
Weaknesses Exposed Tires
From: Gloucester, United Kingdom
Team Members: David Gribble, Robert Bettington & Alan Gribble
Spawn Again S5
Spawn Again
Weight 174lbs
Dimensions 49" x 33" x 20"
Power 4.5KW Starter Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Flipper
Strengths Heavily Armored
Weaknesses No Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Essex, United Kingdom
Team Members: Darren Hayden-Ball, Graham Warner & Luke Jackman
Stinger EXT
Weight 183lbs
Dimensions 28" x 24" x 15"
Power 2 x 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Bludgeoning Spike
Strengths Heavy Duty Weapon
Weaknesses Exposed Tires
From: Lincoln, United Kingdom
Team Members: Kevin Scott, Karl Skinner & Tim Mann

Round 1Edit

General Chompsalot (USA) vs Stinger (UK)Edit

Stinger hits Chompsalot.

Stinger hits General Chompsalot in the mouth

GCvsStinger EW1

General Chompsalot grips Stinger's mace

Stinger swung itself around wildly defending itself from General Chompsalot which prevented the American opposition grabbing hold of it. It worked so Stinger kept on spinning managing to rip one of General Chompsalot's wheel panels off before General Chompsalot did eventually get hold of Stinger, dragging it around the arena before Stinger managed to escape. In the last 10 seconds of the fight, the two robots fought around the flame pit and were still mobile so it went to the judges who went in favor of General Chompsalot.

Winner: General Chompsalot

Joker (USA) vs Spawn Again (UK)Edit

JokervsSpawn EW1

Joker gets one hit on Spawn Again.

Sgt Bash attacks Spawn Again.

SGT Bash prepares to pit Spawn Again

Both robots were off but Joker immediately got its spinner up to speed and landed one hit on Spawn Again which was enough to immobilize it. Spawn Again was counted out by Refbot, flung by the arena flipper and was then disposed of by being pushed down the pit by Refbot.

Winner: Joker

Rosie the Riveter (USA) vs Plunderbird 5 (UK)Edit

RosievsPlunder5 EW1

Rosie the Riveter and Plunderbird 5 try to shove each other

Plunderbird vs rosie

Rosie the Riveter rams Plunderbird 5 into the angle grinder

As activate was called, Plunderbird 5 slammed straight into Rosie the Riveter knocking off some decorations off the American opposition. Plunderbird 5 then chased Rosie the Riveter around the arena trying to get a grip of it in its jaw, but Rosie the Riveter was too quick to be caught. Rosie the Riveter shoved Plunderbird 5 into the angle grinder and came backwards and forwards at it and Plunderbird 5 was beginning to have problems with getting away so continued getting bashed. Rosie The Riveter then seemed to have problems itself as its own spike dug into the arena floor. Both robots had problems moving in the last 10 seconds and so the fight went to a judges' decision. The judges decided that Rosie the Riveter had inflicted the more damage so won.

Winner: Rosie the Riveter

6 Million Dollar Mouse (USA) vs Pussycat (UK)Edit

Pussycat vs $6 million mouse

Pussycat bends the blade of 6 Million Dollar Mouse


Sir Killalot hoists 6 Million Dollar Mouse

Both robots got their blades up to speed and struck each other not causing any visible damage. Pussycat managed to rip off 6 Million Dollar Mouse's nose before buckling its blade against its body so it couldn't use it. 6 Million Dollar Mouse broke down after a few more attacks from Pussycat's blade and Pussycat proceeded to press the pit release button. Meanwhile, 6 Million Dollar Mouse was counted out by Refbot before it started moving again, but it was already too late and Dead Metal dispatched of it down the pit to end the fight.

Winner: Pussycat


General Chompsalot (USA) vs Joker (USA)Edit

Joker vs general chompsalot

General Chompsalot tries to grab hold of Joker

JokervsGC EW1

Dead Metal and Joker on the pit.

Joker got its drum up to speed and got its first hit on General Chompsalot knocking it to one side and also breaking off one of its own maces in the impact. Joker then couldn't seem to get its spinner up to full speed again and General Chompsalot kept chasing it around. Joker was chased into the pit release button activating the pit before lumbering into the CPZ where it was attacked by Dead Metal, the house robot then moved Joker over the pit where it got itself stuck there along with Joker. After the pit was raised back up again, Dead Metal let go of Joker and the fight was resumed. General Chompsalot managed to gets its jaws around Joker and tried to get it in the pit but failed as the Joker got away again and got its weapon up to speed. After a few nibbles at Joker from General Chompsalot, the fight again went to the judges who unanimously went for General Chompsalot.

Winner: General Chompsalot

Rosie the Riveter (USA) vs Pussycat (UK)Edit

Pussycat vs rosie the riveter

Rosie the Riveter rams into Pussycat

Rosie pitted.

Pussycat pits Rosie The Riveter.

Pussycat tore off a panel from Rosie the Riveter in the first attack before Rosie the Riveter got behind Pussycat and push the British opposition around a bit. Pussycat fought back a lot of times but caused no visible damage. Pussycat then managed to knock another piece off Rosie the Riveter and then keep coming back at it landing hits where from then on, Rosie the Riveter was starting to lose power. Pussycat pressed the pit release button and managed to shove Rosie The Riveter down it, also pitting itself in the process, but Rosie the Riveter went down first leaving Pussycat to go through.

Winner: Pussycat


General Chompsalot (USA) vs Pussycat (UK)Edit

Pussycat vs general chompsalot

Pussycat is pushed into the CPZ by General Chompsalot


Pussycat rips into Chompsalot's wheels.

General Chompsalot managed to grab hold of Pussycat and ram it into the CPZ, Shunt came in and attacked also breaking them up in the process so the fight continued. General Chompsalot got away from the CPZ, but Pussycat was stuck on its side in there where in an attempt by Shunt to get it out the arena, assisted it in righting itself and escaped. Pussycat landed more hits on General Chompsalot ripping off the top panel for the jaws of the American representative before taking a panel off one of its wheels. Pussycat landed another hit on the other wheel demolishing the other panel. General Chompsalot found itself in the CPZ with Matilda and took further damage from the house robot but escaped and carried on. Both robots were still mobile in the last 10 seconds so it went to the judges. The decision was made and the judges went for Pussycat.

Winner: Pussycat (UK)

Trivia Edit

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