"We gave those guys cheerleaders, we gave them cheeseburgers, and now, we're going to give them hell!"
— Mick Foley before the Plunderbird 5 vs. Rosie The Riveter fight

The War of Independence of Extreme Warriors: Season 1 was a competition held in the first season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. It featured four American robots fighting four British robots to determine which country was the best. The episode was originally broadcast on September 17, 2001 on TNN.

Format[edit | edit source]

Just like in the British version of the War of Independence special held in Robot Wars Series 4, Round One had four one-on-one battles, each with an American robot fighting a British robot. The four winning robots moved on to the semi-finals, from which two went into the final to declare which out of UK or USA had the best robot.

Competing Robots[edit | edit source]

US Robots[edit | edit source]

6 Mouse.JPG
6 Million Dollar Mouse
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 36" x 26" x 24"
Power 24V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Spinning Blade
Strengths Heavily Armored
Weaknesses Reliablility of Blade
From: Leland, North Carolina
Team Members: Chris Hannold, Greg Hannold & Richard Hannold
General Chompsalot
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 43" x 33" x 15"
Power 2 x 36 Volt Electric Motors
Weapons Articulating Mouth
Strengths Runs Both Ways Up
Weaknesses Poor Destructive Capability
From: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Team Members: Tim Berghoefer, Dave Berghoefer & Cheryl Berghoefer
Joker EW1.jpg
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 32" x 32" x 19"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Maces
Strengths Extremely Robust
Weaknesses Inability To Self-Right
From: Rome City, Indiana
Team Members: Skip Harmeyer, Dave Haryhetter & Joe Bonemderohorn
Rosie the riveter1.jpg
Rosie the Riveter
Weight 216lbs
Dimensions 42" x 36" x 12"
Power 4 x 24V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Iron Battering Ram
Strengths Fast & Powerful
Weaknesses Lack of Weaponry
From: Gresham, Oregon
Team Members: Chris Gattman, Sharon Gattman & Kris Ender

UK Robots[edit | edit source]

Plunderbird5 EW1.jpg
Plunderbird 5
Weight 218lbs
Dimensions 47" x 39" x 16"
Power 2 x 750W Motors
Weapons Slicer Dicer
Strengths Low Ground Clearance
Weaknesses Unrelability of Weapon
From: Hampshire, United Kingdom
Team Members: Mike Onslow & Bryan Kilburn
Pussycat USA.jpg
Weight 214lbs
Dimensions 22" x 29" x 38"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Blade
Strengths Always Lands on its Feet
Weaknesses Exposed Tires
From: Gloucester, United Kingdom
Team Members: David Gribble, Robert Bettington & Alan Gribble
Spawn Again S5.png
Spawn Again
Weight 174lbs
Dimensions 49" x 33" x 20"
Power 4.5KW Starter Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Flipper
Strengths Heavily Armored
Weaknesses No Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Essex, United Kingdom
Team Members: Darren Hayden-Ball, Graham Warner & Luke Jackman
Stinger EXT.png
Weight 183lbs
Dimensions 28" x 24" x 15"
Power 2 x 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Bludgeoning Spike
Strengths Heavy Duty Weapon
Weaknesses Exposed Tires
From: Lincoln, United Kingdom
Team Members: Kevin Scott, Karl Skinner & Tim Mann

Round 1[edit | edit source]

General Chompsalot (USA) vs Stinger (UK)[edit | edit source]

Stinger hits General Chompsalot in the mouth

Stinger started by charging at General Chompsalot, but General Chompsalot dodged. Stinger swung its mace back and forth, but General Chompsalot held back, before trying to get at one of Stinger's wheels. However, Stinger started spinning, hitting one of General Chompsalot's wheels. General Chompsalot turned for another attack, but Stinger continued spinning and hit the other wheel.

"Chompsalot, the American entry, he's got the big mouth, which is what the Brits think about Americans anyway!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot tries to grab Stinger

General Chompsalot waited until Stinger stopped spinning, and drove at one of the wheels, stopping its opponent from spinning, but General Chompsalot could not get Stinger into its jaw, so turned away. Stinger started spinning again, and General Chompsalot waited until it stopped before trying to get one of Stinger's wheels in its jaw. The US representative missed its charge, and Stinger span and hit it again. General Chompsalot turned away, but drove into the wall. As Stinger span, General Chompsalot drove into it, catching the axe in its mouth. General Chompsalot started pushing Stinger back, holding the axe in its jaw, but Stinger reversed out of the jaw.

"...Stinger's right into the mouth of Chompsalot, doing a little tonsillectomy, it looks like! Chompsalot is going try to get his mouth around Stinger. He doesn't really have much in the weapons department..."
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot holds Stinger in its jaw

General Chompsalot clamps down on Stinger

The UK representative drove up the arena, with General Chompsalot close behind it. Stinger span again, and although it hit General Chompsalot's wheels, General Chompsalot was unaffected. General Chompsalot tried to grab Stinger by the axe with its jaw, but the axe knocked General Chompsalot aside. General Chompsalot drove around to Stinger's side and tried to grab one of the wheels, but Stinger reversed. General Chompsalot turned around, then charged at Stinger, but it couldn't get its jaw around the wheel of Stinger, and as it pushed past, Stinger hit it twice in quick succession as it span its axe, knocking off one of General Chompsalot's eyes.

"Oh! Is that an eye? I think General Chompsalot's lost an eye! Well the patch is always going to look good on a military man anyway."
— Stefan Frank after Stinger knocks off one of General Chompsalot's eyes

General Chompsalot holds Stinger in its jaw

General Chompsalot drove around Stinger as its opponent began spinning, then drove straight into Stinger, stopping it from spinning and grabbing one of the wheels in its jaw. Stinger used its axe to escape by, swinging it against the jaw to push itself free, needing two attempts to do so. However, General Chompsalot soon got Stinger back in its jaw and pushed it down the arena.

"...Chompsalot gets his mouth around the wheel of Stinger! Doesn't really do any damage, but definitely incapacitates him for a minute. Great driving by General Chompsalot anyway, even though he's not doing huge damage."
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot holds Stinger

Stinger hits one of General Chompsalot's wheels

Stinger tried swinging the axe, but this did not free it, although Stinger managed to escape when General Chompsalot briefly loosened its grip. Stinger began to spin, as General Chompsalot drove around it and tried to grab it, but Stinger hit the inside of General Chompsalot's jaw with its mace. The US representative turned around and drove at Stinger as it spun, but Stinger merely bounced off General Chompsalot. General Chompsalot chased Stinger towards the flame pit, but couldn't get it in its jaw. Stinger hit one of General Chompsalot's wheels, and General Chompsalot drove onto the flame pit, but quickly got off. The two competitors drove into the arena center, and Stinger turned away as General Chompsalot drove at it. Stinger spun some more, hitting one of General Chompsalot's tyres, but the axe stopped on impact, and General Chompsalot took advantage, driving onto the axe and pushing Stinger back.

"Chompsalot, with a mouthful of tyre! Chompsalot's gumming it, it looks like, he's got teeth on the outside but he's not really doing any damage to that robot. Stinger's just getting away out of it every time he gets in the clenches..."
— Stefan Frank as Chompsalot grips Stinger again

General Chompsalot pushed Stinger to the flame pit, but Stinger escaped. General Chompsalot drove towards the pit release button, then chased Stinger to the arena wall. Time ran out, and the judges were called on to make a decision.

"Now, this is a tough one to call just because nobody did any real damage. Maybe General Chompsalot lost an eye or something, but Stinger never really got in there with some damage, so my monied have to be on General Chompsalot, who gummed his way through with a lot of style and control. Good driving!"
— Stefan Frank, reviewing the highlights

The judges ruled in favour General Chompsalot to go through, much to the disagreement of the Stinger team.

Mick Foley: "Guys, an excellent, hard-fought match. General, your staff was tremendous, your military was unparalleled, but the British seem to think that they took it! Guys, what's your basis for that decision?"
Tim Mann: "Well, there are bits of General Chompsalot all over the arena!"
Tim Berghoefer: "The pieces they are talking about, scattered, is one foam eyeball, so I think, if we can get an optometrist to stick him back on, we'll be ready in a jiffy! Close fight, but we were the aggressor with those jaws, eating the Brits!"
— After the battle

Winner: General Chompsalot

Joker (USA) vs Spawn Again (UK)[edit | edit source]

Rebecca Grant: "So Spawn Again, how do you plan on conquering the US?"
Darren Hayden-Ball: "Well the Yanks are such a throwaway society, We thought we'd make them feel right at home, use them up and throw them away!"
— Pre-battle interview

Joker striking Spawn Again

As Joker approached Spawn Again, Spawn Again turned and drove down the arena, before turning and driving at Joker. However, Joker hit the front of Spawn Again, knocking it aside, Spawn Again tried to turn, but then stopped completely. Joker got its drum up to speed and hit the side of Spawn Again, sending it spinning.away. Spawn Again's flipper fired, but could not move. Refbot quickly came in and counted the UK representative out, and as the count hit 10, Joker slammed into the side with its spinning drum again.

"Well Spawn Again just never really got going in that round, but they're gonna do some moving now, because Shunt and Sgt. Bash are there to clean up the trash!"
— Stefan Frank as Shunt and Sgt. Bash come in

Sgt. Bash pushes Spawn Again towards the pit

Shunt pushed Spawn Again, whilst Joker slammed into it. Shunt pushed Spawn Again to the floor flipper, which threw Spawn Again across the arena.

"Well, that's the movement I've seen Spawn Again get all round! I hope they can home on those air miles!"
— Stefan Frank as Spawn Again is thrown

Joker opened the pit, and Sgt. Bash pushed Spawn Again to the edge of the pit. However, before he could push it in, he broke down. Refbot came over and pushed Spawn Again into the pit.

"Well Sgt Bash knows it's time to clean up and clean up he does. As the pit opens up, the audience is begging for it. And you know it's the House Robots' duty to go in there and just bury him. But not Refbot. Wait a minute! Ha! Refbot jumps in there and drops him in. Must have been disgusted with his performance."
— Stefan Frank as Spawn Again is pushed towards the pit by Sgt Bash and then pitted by Refbot

Winner: Joker

Rosie the Riveter (USA) vs Plunderbird 5 (UK)[edit | edit source]

International Wreck Crew: "Rosie robot's looking grim, the crew is totally frantic. That's 'cos we're gonna bash 'em, back across the Atlantic!"
Team Thunderbolt: "Plunderchicken, Plunderchicken, where's the action? Rosie's gonna beat you like Andrew Jackson!"
International Wreck Crew: "You think you're big, you think you're tough, but you ain't made of Plunderbird stuff!"
Team Thunderbolt: "Uh, sorry, we can't understand what they're sayin', we don't speak chicken..."
— The sing-off before the fight

Rosie the Riveter is immediately charged by Plunderbird 5

Straight away, the two competitors charged into each other, knocking off many of Rosie the Riveter's decorations.

"Immedieately, Plunderbird 5 goes crashing into Rosie the Riveter, and everything flys off Rosie that time! Oh, the flags go flying, the cockpit goes, the little head of Rosie's sitting on the arena floor!"
— Stefan Frank as Plunderbird 5 knocks off Rosie the Riveter's decorations

Rosie the Riveter and Plunderbird 5 engage

Rosie the Riveter fit perfectly under the Plunderthocker weapon, but Rosie the Riveter reversed away before it could close. Rosie the Riveter drove back at Plunderbird 5, but as it tried to reverse away, Plunderbird 5 chased Rosie the Riveter and pushed it up the arena. Rosie the Riveter turned and got away from Plunderbird 5, but Plunderbird 5 chased after it, pushing it into Refbot, and as Refbot reversed, Plunderbird 5 pushed Rosie the Riveter against the top arena wall. Rosie the Riveter reversed, and Plunderbird 5 tried to get at the side of Rosie the Riveter, but Rosie the Riveter turned around Plunderbird 5. Plunderbird 5 also turned around and got its wedge under Rosie the Riveter, but Rosie the Riveter reversed, then rammed into Plunderbird 5. Plunderbird 5 tried to push Rosie the Riveter, but Rosie the Riveter got its spike under Plunderbird 5, and pushed it across the arena into the arena wall.

"Plunderbird 5 is just going in there like no tomorrow! Plunderbird 5, with the definite advantage of pushing, but Rosie's pushing back!"
— Stefan Frank

Rosie the Riveter pushes Plunderbird 5 into the angle grinder

Plunderbird 5 tried to get away from the arena wall, but Rosie the Riveter pushed it into an angle grinder. This heavy slam had immobilised Plunderbird 5 on one side, and Rosie the Riveter slammed it again for good measure, although this was gradually bending the front spike of the American machine. Rosie the Riveter was relentless in its attacks, slamming Plunderbird 5 three times in sequence as Plunderbird 5 struggled to get away from the arena wall.

"Rosie the Riveter's got some real damage to do here, because Plunderbird 5 just came out of that gate like a mad bull at a rodeo!"
— Stefan Frank as Rosie the Riveter rams Plunderbird 5

Rosie the Riveter embeds itself in the floor

Rosie the Riveter reversed, and held back to see if its opponent was immobile. Plunderbird 5 moved away from the wall, and Rosie the Riveter charged at its opponent, but its front spike was so bent that Rosie the Riveter was now pinned into the arena floor. As it reversed and drove back and forth to try and regain full control, Rosie the Riveter's spike tore up the wooden floor, creating scratches everywhere it drove.

"Oh, the Rosie crew have got to do something about that! They got no forward motion, which is most of their weapons!"
— Stefan Frank as Rosie the Riveter struggles to free its spike

Rosie the Riveter was able to turn, and reversed into Plunderbird 5, but became stuck . Refbot was forced to separate the two machines, and time ran out on the battle with neither robot able to move freely.

"From the start, the British team of Plunderbird 5 went out there and just shoved Rosie the Riveter to her knees! Rosie was just falling apart in pieces, and then Rosie had Plunderbird up against the rails, but then that bent spike really hindered Rosie's progress!"
— Stefan Frank reviews the highlights

The Judges were required to declare a winner, although as Plunderbird 5 had been immobile on one side for most of the match, Rosie the Riveter earned the Judges' decision through damage points.

"The decision's in, apparently it was very close, but due to inflicting more damage, it's Rosie the Riveter from the USA!"
— Mick Foley reveals the winner

Winner: Rosie the Riveter

6 Million Dollar Mouse (USA) vs Pussycat (UK)[edit | edit source]

"First there was Tom and Jerry, then Itchy and Scratchy. Could this be another epic Cat and Mouse confrontation?"
— Stefan Frank

6 Million Dollar Mouse strikes Pussycat with its blade

Pussycat's attack bends 6 Million Dollar Mouse's rotor blade

Both robots started by driving at each other, but Pussycat swerved to avoid 6 Million Dollar Mouse and drove around it. Pussycat tried to hit the side of 6 Million Dollar Mouse, but the US representative hit it with its spinning blade. Pussycat reversed, then charged at the side, but couldn't do any real damage with its disc. 6 Million Dollar Mouse turned, hitting Pussycat with the blade, then reversed. 6 Million Dollar Mouse charged back at Pussycat, trying to hit the side with its blade, but Pussycat turned to hit it with its disc. Pussycat cut into the side of 6 Million Dollar Mouse, and 6 Million Dollar Mouse fled down the arena, with Pussycat following close behind. As Pussycat caught up, it hit the side of 6 Million Dollar Mouse, but 6 Million Dollar Mouse drove past and turned. It hit Pussycat with its spinning blade, but the blade merely stopped on impact. 6 Million Dollar Mouse reversed and got its blade up to speed again, but Pussycat drove straight into 6 Million Dollar Mouse, stopping the blade. 6 Million Dollar Mouse tried to get away, but drove into the wall. As 6 Million Dollar Mouse turned around, Pussycat drove into it, but reared up as it drove forwards, so could not use its disc. As Pussycat reversed, 6 Million Dollar Mouse charged at it and hit the side of Pussycat, which turned away and 6 Million Dollar Mouse drove down the arena. Pussycat charged into the rear of 6 Million Dollar, and 6 Million Dollar Mouse turned around and hit Pussycat with its spinning blade, but the blade merely stopped on impact again. 6 Million Dollar Mouse turned, Pussycat's blade caught the rotor blade, bending it in the process.

"It looks like the spinning blade of the mouse has been bent! The Pussycat has done the damage here. That spinning rotor blade, look at that, goes around and it gets bent up against his own body."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat cuts into the immobile 6 Million Dollar Mouse

6 Million Dollar Mouse is pitted by Dead Metal

Pussycat charged at 6 Million Dollar Mouse, but merely rid up the front, and 6 Million Dollar Mouse pushed Pussycat back, and Pussycat reversed. 6 Million Dollar Mouse drove up the arena, and Pussycat chased after it, slamming into the back. This slam caused 6 Million Dollar Mouse to stop moving, and Pussycat battered it with its spinning disc, though could not cut through. Pussycat drove down to open the pit whilst Refbot counted 6 Million Dollar Mouse out. Pussycat drove back up the arena and slammed into 6 Million Dollar Mouse, and though 6 Million Dollar Mouse, it was too late. 6 Million Dollar Mouse charged after Pussycat, but the House Robots came out to attack 6 Million Dollar Mouse, with Sir Killalot picking up 6 Million Dollar Mouse with his claw, carrying it around, and dropping it on its back. Dead Metal cut into the base of the beaten US representative, and Sir Killalot grabbed it by the tail and pushed it back and forth, ripping it off. 6 Million Dollar Mouse escaped, but Dead Metal finished it off by pushing it into the pit.

"I tawt I saw a Pussycat! I did, I did, and unfortunately, I saw that Pussycat kind of demolishing the USA's very own 6 Million Dollar Mouse, but let's hear it for both teams!"
— Mick Foley misquotes Tweety from the Looney Tunes

Winner: Pussycat

Semi-Finals[edit | edit source]

General Chompsalot (USA) vs Joker (USA)[edit | edit source]

"There's the awesome spin-dry power of Joker, and there's the bridgework of General Chompsalot, maybe Mick can get a dentist number from them!"
— Stefan Frank as the robots enter the arena

Joker sends General Chompsalot spinning

As Joker got up its spinning drum up to speed, General Chompsalot cautiously approached, then charged into it, but as it did, General Chompsalot was sent spinning. However, the impact also caused one of Joker's maces to fall off.

"General Chompsalot goes head up with the Joker, and he gets a good 360 spin out of that one! Almost a 720! And in that contact, General Chompsalot managed to bite off one of the maces of Joker..."
— Stefan Frank watching the replay

General Chompsalot tries to grab hold of Joker

General Chompsalot charged back at Joker as it tried to get its spinning drum up to speed, using its open jaw to try and push Joker onto the flame pit. However, Joker's round shape made pushing difficult, and General Chompsalot turned away, having pushed Joker close to the flame pit. The loanerbot turned onto the flames, only to quickly drive off. General Chompsalot drove at Joker again, but Joker had started spinning, and knocked Joker onto the flame pit. General Chompsalot quickly reversed off the flames and drove up the arena, with Joker following it, but Joker couldn't spin up properly, having lost one of its maces. General Chompsalot tried to get its jaw around Joker, but the loanerbot's tall body and round shape made it difficult, so General Chompsalot turned away for another attack. After briefly driving onto a CO2 jet, General Chompsalot charged at Joker, and managed to get the bottom half of its jaw under Joker and push its opponent back a little, but Joker managed to turn itself off the jaw. After turning away, General Chompsalot charged at Joker, but couldn't fit its opponent in its jaw, and Joker escaped down the arena, with General Chompsalot following close behind. Joker was spinning, but not as fast as it had been at the start. Regardless, it was still able to knock General Chompsalot aside as it drove into it. General Chompsalot drove back into Joker, and managed to stop Joker spinning. As General Chompsalot turned away, Joker hit the pit release button, but as it started spinning it drove into the CPZ. Dead Metal grabbed Joker, and sliced into it a couple of times as he pulled it out of the CPZ. Dead Metal pulled Joker towards the pit, but as it did so, became stuck over the pit itself. With both Joker and Dead Metal stuck over the pit, the pit was raised. Dead Metal let Joker go, but as it went after General Chompsalot, General Chompsalot got its bottom jaw under Joker, and pushed it to the pit, which had been lowered again. However, Joker was stuck on the bottom jaw, and General Chompsalot could not drop it into the pit.

General Chompsalot tries to pit Joker

"General Chompsalot tries to get its jaws around the Joker, but the punchline's too big!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot fails to pit Joker

Smoke was rising from Joker, and General Chompsalot reversed to get Joker off its bottom jaw, but in doing so gave Joker the chance it needed to get away from the edge of the pit.

"He gets away! General Chompsalot gives him a Christmas present! He had him right there in his clutches, he could have put them out!"
— Stefan Frank as Joker escapes

Dead Metal and Joker on the pit.

Joker drove around the pit and started spinning, but General Chompsalot slammed into it, and this slowed its spinning. General Chompsalot pushed Joker to the bottom arena wall, and the two continued to fight by the pit in the last few seconds, with General Chompsalot pushing Joker a little. Time ran out, and the judges unanimously voted for General Chompsalot to go through to the final.

Mick Foley: "General, now your military career is beyond reproach, but I gotta tell you, it looked a little bit tentative out there."
Tim Berghoefer: "Well, you know, the General has a hard time really beating up on a fellow American. We just wanted to toy with him, have some fun, and we won!"
Mick Foley: "Well, I take it that you would much rather, in the final, face the UK then face your very own Rosie the Riveter, is that true?"
Tim Berghoefer: "We're waiting for them to bring on the UK!"
Mick Foley: "So in other words, you're going to be rooting against your fellow USA compatriot in the semi-final?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Actually, they're friends of ours, but I'd like to see them lose!"
Mick Foley: "I really want friends like you on my side!"

— Post-battle interview

Winner: General Chompsalot

Rosie the Riveter (USA) vs Pussycat (UK)[edit | edit source]

Rebecca Grant: "Can you handle the pressure?"
Alan Gribble: "We sure can, it's the Dunkirk spirit all over again. We're gonna do, and they're gonna die."
— Interview before the second round fight with Rosie the Riveter

Pussycat struggles early on against the pushing power of Rosie the Riveter

At the start, Pussycat and Rosie the Riveter charged straight at each other, before reversing away from each other. Rosie the Riveter got behind Pussycat and pushed it towards the Flame Pit, then pushed it back across the arena. Pussycat rammed into the front of Rosie the Riveter, but Rosie the Riveter was undamaged, and slammed Pussycat into the arena wall. It tumbled onto its side and back over as Rosie the Riveter continued to ram it, before Rosie the Riveter pushed it into Sgt. Bash's CPZ. Pussycat managed to get out before the House Robot could attack, but Rosie the Riveter then pushed it towards Matilda's CPZ. However, Pussycat managed to get out from Rosie the Riveter.

"Just no traction whatsoever for the Pussycat. Rosie's having her way pushing the Pussycat wherever she wants to take her... Pussycat just doesn't know what to do about this. What possible recourse can the Pussycat have now?"
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat is pushed into a CPZ by Rosie the Riveter

Suddenly, Rosie the Riveter briefly stopped, and Pussycat took advantage by getting behind it and ramming into it, knocking off the cosmetic cockpit. Rosie the Riveter regained mobility and attacked Pussycat head-on, causing sparks to fly as the blade clashed with the frame of Rosie the Riveter. The damage began to show on Rosie the Riveter, with Pussycat able to hook its blade under the side of the frame briefly, bending it up slightly.

"Pussycat's got a little bit more power in that blade than we thought she had."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat's blade digs under Rosie the Riveter's frame

As Rosie the Riveter backed away, Pussycat came in for another charge, bouncing itself up, before gnawing away at the front of Rosie the Riveter, causing some more light damage. By now, Rosie was only able to move slowly forwards and backwards, and Pussycat hit the pit release.

"Pussycat seems to have a second life, maybe nine lives. It's just when you thought they were out of it, they're in there doing some damage!"
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat pits Rosie the Riveter

Pussycat pushed Rosie the Riveter to the edge of the pit, before taking a run up and reversing into the side of it, shoving the now immobile Rosie into the pit, but in doing so, it fell in as well.

Winner: Pussycat

Final[edit | edit source]

General Chompsalot (USA) vs Pussycat (UK)[edit | edit source]

Pussycat is pushed into the CPZ by General Chompsalot

General Chompsalot started by charging at Pussycat, but Pussycat dodged. General Chompsalot turned and tried to get its jaw around Pussycat, but Pussycat reversed. As Pussycat turned around, General Chompsalot charged forwards, but missed, and drove into an angle grinder. The two competitors turned to face one another and charged at each other, but Pussycat turned just a little before they made contact, so when the two robots collided, Pussycat bounced away from the jaw. Both robots drove up the arena, and General Chompsalot got at Pussycat's side and grabbed it in its jaw. The US robot slammed Pussycat into the top arena wall, and as Pussycat rolled over, rammed it into an empty CPZ and pinned it there. However, Shunt charged in, lifting both robots up together, separating them, and axed Joker's jaw. Pussycat was stuck on its side, and General Chompsalot tried to attack, but Shunt chased it out of the CPZ. Shunt flipped Pussycat back on its wheels, and after Pussycat escaped the CPZ, the two competitors got head-on at each other, and General Chompsalot got Pussycat in its jaw again. Although Pussycat was creating sparks with its saw, General Chompsalot pushed it to Shunt. However, Pussycat drove around the House Robot and escaped before he could attack. The two competitors fought in the arena centre, getting side-on to each other and spinning against the other, until Pussycat reversed and spun away.

"It's a little dosie do, as Chompsalot tries to get his mouth around Pussycat"
— Stefan Frank as the two robots spin together

Pussycat and General Chompsalot clash again

General Chompsalot drove at Pussycat, flipping it so it was upright on impact. General Chompsalot pushed Pussycat back, but the UK representative got off the jaw, and hit the side of General Chompsalot, ripping off one of its foam eyes.

"Pussycat up on her wheels... oh and take out an eye! Well, it is damage, it may only be superficial damage. It's not gonna stop Chompsalot from getting more bites out of the Pussycat."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat rips into General Chompsalot's wheels

General Chompsalot got Pussycat in its jaw and tried to push, but Pussycat reversed, got around to the other side of General Chompsalot, ripping the other eye with its saw. General Chompsalot pushed Pussycat into the wall, briefly pinning it against an angle grinder, until Pussycat reversed. Pussycat charged back at General Chompsalot, cutting into its jaw with its saw. The two robots got side-on again and span together, until General Chompsalot broke away. General Chompsalot drove towards the pit button, but Pussycat slammed into it. General Chompsalot turned away, but drove into the CPZ, where Matilda hit the jaw with her flywheel, ripping away some of the teeth. The two competitors fought in the arena centre, and General Chompsalot tried to get its jaw under its opponent, but Pussycat kept turning away, then cutting into the jaw with its saw.

"Looks like he's been demoted from General to Buck Private....buck teeth, but no more teeth in this case."
— Stefan Frank on the state of General Chompsalot's jaws

Pussycat's blade catches in General Chompsalot's jaws

General Chompsalot pushed Pussycat onto the flame pit, and after briefly spinning on the flames, Pussycat drove off, only to be pushed back as time ran out. The judges were required to make a decision, and they went for Pussycat, mostly based on damage.

Mick Foley: "Listen General Chompsalot, they're telling us it was a tremendously close decision. Two robots, very evenly matched. The decision comes down to damage. Apparently, the General suffered just a little more damage. I mean, let's face it, your teeth were left laying all over the arena floor, kinda like my teeth used to be, but hey, didn't work out so bad for me, so nothing to be ashamed of!"
Tim Berghoefer: "OK, well, you know, we respect the judges' decision, no matter how wrong it was!"
Mick Foley: "Whoah! Guys, how do you [the Pusssycat team]] feel about that?"
Alan Gribble: "These are good guys, he's an excellent driver too!"
— Post-battle interview

Winner: Pussycat (UK)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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