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The Annihilator of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 was the tenth episode of the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The episode was originally broadcast on June 8th, 2002 on TNN. It followed the same format as the other Annihilator episodes, with six robots initially entering the arena, and battling until one robot is eliminated from competition. After being given time to repair, the remaining robots would battle again, and the process would repeat until one robot remained to be the winner.

Competing Robots[]

Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 10" x 39" x 27"
Power 2 x 1.5hp Electric Motors
Weapons Rotary Drum and Spike
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Vulnerable Wheels
From: Redondo Beach, California
Team Members: Mike Regan, Ronn Holmes & Julio Martinez
Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 30" x 51" x 32"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Vertical Spinning Disc
Strengths Powerful Weaponry
Weaknesses Light Armor
From: Tucson, Arizona
Team Members: Chris Harriman, Robert Pitzer & Patrick Kivin
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 30" x 47" x 44"
Power 2 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Vertical Spinning Disc
Strengths Powerful Weaponry
Weaknesses Not Invertible
From: East Provo, Utah
Team Members: Joshua Babb, Jonathan Babb & Jerome Miles
Revenge rwew2.jpg
Weight 213lbs
Dimensions 12" x 60" x 12"
Power 4 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Spinning Blades
Strengths Size & Power
Weaknesses Vulnerable Weapon Belts
From: Acton, California
Team Members: Valek X Sykes & Scott Millenbaugh
The Termite
Weight 165lbs
Dimensions 24" x 34" x 27"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Rotating Drum With Blades
Strengths Heavily Armored
Weaknesses Exposed Wheels
From: Omaha, Nebraska
Team Members: David Gilson, Elwin McKerman & Jason Baker
Thorshammer RWEWS2.jpg
Thor's Hammer
Weight 114lbs
Dimensions 10" x 29" x 28"
Power 4 x 12V Motors
Weapons Powerful Hammer
Strengths Fast & Agile
Weaknesses Small & Light
From: Citrus Heights, California
Team Members: Mike Hertzig, Christina Hertzig & Donna Berry

Round 1[]

Hyperactive throws Thor's Hammer upwards.

As Activate was called, the robots moved towards each other, while Revenge span on the spot. The first collision occurred when Hyperactive turned into Thor's Hammer. This flung Thor's Hammer high upwards, causing it to somersault. When Thor's Hammer landed, it was bent completely out of shape, and immobilised by a single attack. Brute pushed the defeated machine, and Hyperactive hit it again, with less effect.

Cyclone hits Thor's Hammer out of the arena.

Revenge pushed Hyperactive, while Cyclone drew nearer to Thor's Hammer. Cyclone used its flywheel to tip Thor's Hammer onto its side, before blasting it away with another hit, placing Thor's Hammer against the arena wall. Hyperactive attacked Cyclone to minimal effect. Brute pressed against Thor's Hammer, dragging it backwards, allowing Cyclone to hit Thor's Hammer back against the arena wall with another collision of its flywheel. Cyclone reversed, and then with one final assault, threw Thor's Hammer over the arena wall.

Thor's Hammer, outside of the arena.

Despite the elimination of Thor's Hammer, Brute overturned Revenge, and pushed it into Cyclone's weapon. This cut through the framework of Revenge's own weapon, leaving it to hang over Cyclone's flywheel. Cease was called, and the remaining five robots progressed.

Mick Foley: "How does it feel to see your beloved machine treated in such a way?"
Mike Hertzig: "Well... At one point, it does hurt, but, you know, if you're gonna die, you die with your boots on."
— After the battle

Eliminated: Thor's Hammer

Round 2[]

Hyperactive hits The Termite

While the other robots made little movement, Brute and Hyperactive circled around each other, with The Termite then charging straight into Hyperactive's flywheel, briefly standing it on its rear wheels. The Termite begun to fight against Hyperactive's weapon, pushing it backwards, before driving away.

Hyperactive loses its disc to Cyclone

Hyperactive then drove towards Cyclone, with Brute later pushing Hyperactive in the same direction but this proved to be a bad decision, as Cyclone turned around, and cut off the drive belt for Hyperactive's flywheel, ceasing its motion, and then causing it to dislodge. Revenge had been pushing The Termite at the same time. Hyperactive sluggishly tried to push Revenge and The Termite, but it simply left itself exposed to an attack from Cyclone, which tore a chunk of Hyperactive's armour away, and allowed Revenge to shunt Hyperactive, causing its flywheel to come off entirely.

"Two spinning discs, but the double thickness won through, as Cyclone went in there, took the chain off of Hyperactive, and then just dismantled the axle, and now they're destroying him!"
— Stefan Frank

Cyclone throws Brute into the air

Brute pushed the vulnerable Hyperactive across the arena, and Cyclone pursued. Brute came too close to Cyclone, which struck the wheel of Brute, flipping the robot over, and disabling the wheel. Brute kept its distance, while Cyclone hit Hyperactive again, sending a panel of armour flying away from it.

Revenge had become stuck on Hyperactive's loose flywheel, but Cyclone hit the back end of Hyperactive, throwing it over and onto the arena wall, with two follow-up attacks causing further damage.

"Cyclone definitely wouldn't have the power, I wouldn't think, to flip that 220lb bot out of the arena, but it looks like it's possible! And Cyclone does it! Up and over! Hyperactive is outta there!"
Stefan Frank

Cyclone finally hits Hyperactive over the arena wall

Cyclone's penultimate attack bounced Hyperactive, with its final attack thrusting Hyperactive out of the arena.

"The Cyclone took Hyperactive, and made it very inactive on our arena floor!"
— Mick Foley

Eliminated: Hyperactive

Round 3[]

Revenge employed its usual tactic of spinning on the spot, while Brute charged towards The Termite. Cyclone kept its distance, while Brute and The Termite continued to trade blows, with Brute often driving on top of Termite. Revenge drove into the side of Cyclone, which rotated, but could not connect its weapon with Revenge. The Termite slammed into the side of Cyclone, but Brute got underneath The Termite and pushed it forwards. While The Termite was being pushed, Cyclone hit the wheels of both The Termite and Brute, sending the latter into the air.

Cyclone rips a wheel from The Termit

The Termite was making minimal movement beside the arena wall, so Cyclone used the opportunity to damage The Termite with its flywheel. This brought a wheel from The Termite. While Cyclone was inflicting this damage, it was lingering over a flame jet. Not only was Cyclone's flywheel disabled after this, an internal fire started inside Cyclone.

Cyclone catches fire.

Sir Killalot picked up the seemingly immobile Termite, and span around, holding the robot in its jaws of life, before dropping it near the Disc of Doom. After this attack, The Termite started slowly moving again. In an effort to put out its internal fire, Cyclone drove over a steam vent, while being mysteriously pursued by Dead Metal. The steam vent extinguished the fire inside Cyclone.

Brute pressed the pit release button, and the pit descended accordingly. Despite being mobile, Dead Metal and Sir Killalot attacked The Termite, with Dead Metal trying to grab it with its claws. Sir Killalot grabbed The Termite, but Dead Metal was holding it down, so Sir Killalot lost grip. The House Robots released The Termite, which slowly trundled across the arena, driving into Refbot, while the other three competing robots stayed away.

Brute pushes The Termite into the pit.

Revenge used its sit-and-spin technique to bash the rear of Cyclone, but caused minimal damage. Revenge attacked the front of Cyclone in the same manner, slipping underneath it before driving away. Brute tapped The Termite with its spinning drum, after which Revenge drove on top of Brute.

The Termite had stopped moving again, so Brute pressed against the rear of it. While Revenge and Cyclone traded tackles, Brute slowly edged The Termite towards the pit, driving in reverse. Brute eventually succeeded in pitting The Termite, and it progressed to the fourth round alongside Cyclone and Revenge.

"Termite's don't fly, but we had a lot of fun burrowing into that Pit."
— David Gilson

Eliminated: The Termite

Round 4[]

Cyclone hits Revenge

As the battle began, Brute and Revenge appeared to move towards Cyclone in unison, but Brute eventually backed away, allowing Revenge to slip past Cyclone. It eventually sat near the closed pit and began to spin, clipping Cyclone a few times before being clipped itself, knocking it into the air. At this moment, Brute activated the pit, nearly catching both of its opponents out.

Revenge continued to spin, only to be clipped by Cyclone's disc, which caused it to stop moving. Cyclone hit it again, knocking it upside down. As Sgt. Bash came to investigate, as Revenge had been pushed into his CPZ, Cyclone managed to flip Revenge again, just as Brute pushed it into the CPZ as well, following it through in the process.

"It's a party in that corner patrol zone! Brute, Cyclone and Revenge are all taking it out, and Bash comes in to dish out some justice!"
— Stefan Frank

Sgt. Bash finishes off Revenge

Cyclone hit Revenge once more before backing away from the CPZ. Brute had also backed away, and the two tentatively nudged each other before driving to the far end of the arena. There, they stopped and simply watched as the House Robots attacked the immobile Revenge, with Dead Metal trying to saw through its top.

Eventually, Refbot counted out Revenge. Sgt. Bash took hold of the immobilized robot by its weapon, whilst Dead Metal attempted another saw attack. The latter then took Revenge to the floor flipper, and after being thrown across the arena, it was backed into the pit by Sgt Bash.

"It was a good fight, we did our best, we'll be back next season and kick some bot."
— Valek X. Sykes

Eliminated: Revenge


Brute pushes Cyclone into the arena wall.

Both robots met in the middle of the arena and Cyclone struck Brute, lifting it up slightly. Brute retaliated by hitting Cyclone with its drum, then pushing it across the arena into the grinder, breaking one of Cyclone's weapon belts in the process. Cyclone freed itself from the grinder and chased Brute into the CPZ where it struck Brute's drum several times, as well as one of Brute's wheels.

Cyclone's disc had stopped working, but Brute seemed to have drive issues, presumably because of Cyclone's attack to Brute's wheel. Brute charged across the arena, driving into Sergeant Bash and Shunt's CPZs, where it was axed by the latter, between the drum and the main body. Cyclone tried to attack but Brute got under its disc and pushed Cyclone into the CPZ, where Shunt axed one of its tracks, and pulled it sideways.

Brute takes punishment from Sgt. Bash's pincers

Cyclone escaped and pressed the pit release button, but Brute drove into Sergeant Bash who buried his jaws into Brute's side. After this attack, Brute had been immobilized, so it was counted out by Refbot and pushed into the pit by Shunt, leaving Cyclone as the Annihilator champion.

"Congratulations, it's not the type of contest we're used to seeing from your robot, but you're the champions nonetheless."
— Mick Foley

Annihilator Champion: Cyclone