Heat A of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 was the first of eight heats which determined the Grand Finalists of the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The episode featuring Heat A was originally broadcast on April 6th, 2002 on TNN.

Competing RobotsEdit


Weight 213lbs
Dimensions 22" x 39" x 36"
Power 3 x Electric Motors
Weapons Rotating Disc
Strengths Plenty of Power
Weaknesses No Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Rome City, Indiana
Team Members: Skip Harmeyer, Jerry Folsom & Cody Harmeyer
Weight 171lbs
Dimensions 9" x 71" x 29"
Power 2 x 12V Electric Motors
Weapons Lifting Forks
Strengths Fast and Sturdy
Weaknesses Untested in Battle
From: Napa, California
Team Members: Jeff Banks, Jan Banks & Jeana Banks
Snake Bite US
Snake Bite
Weight 195lbs
Dimensions 14" x 43" x 43"
Power 2 x 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Biting Fangs
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Slow
From: Ben Lomond, California
Team Members: Bob Allen, Mike Morino & Michael Garrod


Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 30" x 51" x 32"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Vertical Spinning Disc
Strengths Powerful Weaponry
Weaknesses Light Armor
From: Tuscan, Arizona
Team Members: Chris Harriman, Robert Pitzer & Patrick Kivin
Panzer Mk 4
Panzer Mk 4 (Reigning Champion)
Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 20" x 51" x 30"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Lifter
Strengths Quick and Strong
Weaknesses Limited Side Protection
From: Rancho Palos Verdes, California
Team Members: Todd Mendenhall, Valerie Mendenhall & Jim Hart
Spin Doctor
Weight 204lbs
Dimensions 11" x 60" x 24"
Power 4 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Disc
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Flammable
From: Lake Helen, Florida
Team Members: Thomas Beaver & Adam Baxter

Round 1Edit

Panzer Mk 4 vs Snake Bite vs JokerEdit


Panzer Mk 4 slams Joker into the wall

Panzermk vs snakebite vs joker

Joker stops moving as Panzer Mk4 wedges itself up on Snake Bite

In its first fight, reigning champions Panzer Mk 4 fought against veterans Joker and Team Viper's Snake Bite, who had defeated Panzer Mk 4 in the first season of Robotica. Panzer Mk 4 started off ramming into Joker. Joker tried to hit Panzer with its spinning disk but it did not cause much damage. Snake Bite came in and pushed Panzer Mk 4 out of the way but Panzer Mk 4 once again slammed into Joker, slamming it into the grinder, backing into Sergeant Bash and into the wall again. Panzer Mk 4 then ran into Snake Bite, getting stuck on top of it, but managing to get away.

Panzer Mk 4 vs Snake Bite vs Joker

Panzer Mk 4 pushes Snake Bite

Panzermk vs joker vs deadmetal

Panzer Mk4 rams Joker into the clutches of Dead Metal

At this point, Joker had lost mobility in one of its wheels and was now driving in circles around the flame jet. Panzer Mk 4 then rammed Snake Bite into Sergeant Bash and then pushed Joker into Dead Metal, the house robot burying its saw blade into Joker's disc. Panzer Mk 4 pushed Snake Bite into Dead Metal as well. As time was running out, Joker continued to spin near the flame pit as Panzer Mk 4 drove straight up Snake Bite's wedge. The Judges decided that Joker had not been aggressive enough and voted for Panzer Mk 4 and Snake Bite go through.

"It was no laughing matter for the Joker when that disc stopped working!"
Mick Foley

Qualified: Panzer Mk 4 & Snake Bite

Cyclone vs Probophobia vs Spin DoctorEdit


Probophobia flips Cyclone. Note the fail safe key to the right of Cyclone

Probophobia vs spindoctor

Probophobia lifts Spin Doctor off the ground

Immediately, Cyclone began to spin up its flywheel, but Probophobia slammed into it, causing Cyclone's fail safe to pop out, leaving it without power. Spin Doctor hit Probophobia's side with its disk, causing sparks to fly. Probophobia then used its lifting forks to flip the immobilized Cyclone onto its back.

Probophobia vs Spin Doctor vs Cyclone

Spin Doctor attacks Probophobia but breaks down

Dead metal pits cyclone

Dead Metal pits Cyclone

With Cyclone out, Probophobia and Spin Doctor continued to fight each other. Probophobia lifted Spin Doctor up but it fell back down. Spin Doctor then hit Probophobia with its disk, but broke its weapon chain, leaving the disk useless. Spin Doctor then stopped moving altogether. After Refbot counted Cyclone out, the House Robots pushed Cyclone onto the floor flipper, flipping it back onto its tracks. Dead Metal then pushed Cyclone into the Pit.

"Cyclone, the one hit wonder - you hit him once, then you wonder what the heck happened!"
— Mick Foley

Qualified: Probophobia & Spin Doctor

Round 2Edit

Panzer Mk 4 vs Spin DoctorEdit

Spindoctor vs panzermk4

Spin Doctor uses its back wedge to prevent Panzer Mk 4 from gaining purchase

Panzer Mk 4 vs Spin Doctor

Panzer Mk 4 turns Spin Doctor over

This battle was a rematch between the two teams who reached the Final in the previous season. Panzer Mk 4 quickly drove straight out towards Spin Doctor and began pushing it around, tires screeching in the process. With their disk still not working, Spin Doctor tried using its rear wedge to slam into Panzer Mk 4 but it was still bulldozed around the arena. Panzer Mk 4 then charged into Spin Doctor, flipping it over.


Spin Doctor drives into the Pit.

Out of options, Spin Doctor backed into the pit release button, but Panzer Mk 4 quickly slammed into Spin Doctor again. Disoriented, Spin Doctor reversed straight into the opening pit, eliminating themselves from the competition.

"In medical terms, did you decide to euthanize your own robot?"
Mick Foley

Winner: Panzer Mk 4

Probophobia Vs Snake BiteEdit

Before the match, both teams had a mock fight in the pits, with Team Viper's Bob Allen calling Probophobia's lifting probes "goal posts".


Probophobia skewers Snake Bite

Probophobia vs Snake Bite

Probophobia drops Snake Bite in the pit

In the actual match, Snake Bite ran on top of Probophobia's lifting arms and was lifted up and almost over Probophobia. Snake Bite pushed Probophobia onto the floor spinner, but then drove onto Probophobia's forks again. This time, Probophobia was able to get its forks into the casing between Snake Bite's wheels and lifted it up. Snake Bite was now left beached on the top of Probophobia's lifting arm. Probophobia then carried Snake Bite into the pit release button, holding Snake Bite over the rear end of its body, and dropped it into the pit, being careful not to follow Snake Bite in.

"Was that some great driving, or was that some great driving?"
— Mick Foley

Winner: Probophobia


Panzer Mk 4 Vs ProbophobiaEdit


Panzer flies up Probophobia

Both robots started driving around each other for a bit before Panzer Mk 4 pushed Probophobia into Sergeant Bash's corner patrol zone. Sergeant Bash buried its claw into Probophobia's lifting probes. Panzer Mk 4 then charged straight into the corner, launching itself over Probophobia's wedge and almost out of the arena. Probophobia managed to get away and lifted Panzer Mk 4 up but not over.


Probophobia lifts up Panzer Mk 4


Probophobia is left trapped over the Pit

Panzer Mk 4 then pushed Probophobia into Sir Killalot who grabbed hold of Probophobia's arm and spun it into Sergeant Bash. Panzer Mk 4 continued to slam into Probophobia, which was quickly losing power. After pushing it into the disc release button, it then positioned the immobilised Probophobia on the pit zone. Panzer pressed the release trigger but the wide Probophobia would not go in. Panzer Mk 4 then eased Probophobia into the pit, making the reigning champions the winner of the heat.

Heat Winner: Panzer Mk 4


  • The Round 2 battle between Panzer Mk 4 and Spin Doctor marked the first and only time in the original versions of Robot Wars where the previous season's champion and runner-up fought in the heats of the following domestic championship. Spin Doctor was the second entry from Team LOGICOM, who had previously finished runner-up to Panzer Mk 2 in Season 1 with their other machine, The Revolutionist.
    • This episode effectively marked the first time in Robot Wars history in which at least two Grand Finalists from the previous series appeared in the same heat. The same would later occur in Dutch Series 2, as well as Series 9 and Series 10 of the UK version.
  • This episode marks the debut of the Disc of Doom and the Drop Zone.
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