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Heat C of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 was the third of eight heats which determined the Grand Finalists of the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The episode featuring Heat C was originally broadcast on April 20th, 2002 on TNN.

Competing Robots[]


Black Widow EW Crop.png
Black Widow
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 14" x 55" x 30"
Power 4 x Electric Motors
Weapons Steel Spike & Cutters
Strengths Power and Endurance
Weaknesses Exposed Tires
From: Leland, North Carolina
Team Members: Tanya Bingham, Richard Buchan & Nancy Gallagher
Pit14 conqueringclowns Mike Flanagan.jpg
Conquering Clown 2
Weight 198lbs
Dimensions 38" x 92" x 36"
Power 2 x 1.5hp Electric Motors
Weapons Steel Blade
Strengths Fast and Maneuverable
Weaknesses Durability of Weapon
From: Silvis, Illonois
Team Members: Mike Flanigan, David Manary & Ricky Partlow
Sir Force A Lot
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 10" x 43" x 32"
Power Electric Motors
Weapons 5 x Spinning Blades
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Weak Armor
From: Eden, New York
Team Members: Tony Alternoeder & Michael Trzepacz
Texas Tornado
Weight 176lbs
Dimensions 6" x 54" x 40"
Power 2 x 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Flipping Arm and Spikes
Strengths Strong Armor
Weaknesses Lack of Testing
From: Austin, Texas
Team Members: Donald Akers, Greg Dooley & Luke Morin


Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 10" x 39" x 27"
Power 2 x 1.5hp Electric Motors
Weapons Rotary Drum and Spike
Strengths Invertible
Weaknesses Vulnerability of Wheels
From: Redondo Beach, California
Team Members: Mike Regan, Ronn Holmes & Julio Martinez
Unibite 2.0
Weight 211lbs
Dimensions 12" x 68" x 46"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinning Disc and Flipper Arm
Strengths Powerful Weapons
Weaknesses Low Pushing Power
From: East Provo, Utah
Team Members: Jerome Miles, Eric Sporer & Chris Williamson

Round 1[]

Brute vs Conquering Clown 2 vs Sir Force A Lot[]

Conquering Clown 2 rips off part of Sir Force A Lot's side

Brute started by reversing down the arena away from its two opponents. Both Conquering Clown and Sir Force A Lot spun up their weapons, and as Sir Force A Lot charged at Conquering Clown 2, Conquering Clown 2 turned away, but couldn't get away fast enough, and Sir Force A Lot slammed into its side. Conquering Clown 2 quickly turned and hit the side with its spinning blade, ripping off a part of it.

"Conquering Clown's got a lot to prove this time. It's got that new spinning blade, let's see if it OH! He does get some action with it! Takes out a side panel of Sir Force A Lot."
— Stefan Frank as Conquering Clown 2 rips the side of Sir Force A Lot

Conquering Clown 2 is knocked upwards by Sir Force A Lot

Sir Force A Lot rammed into Conquering Clown 2 again, pushing it a little, but as it reversed for another charge, Brute drove in between the two. Sir Force A Lot drove around Conquering Clown 2, which turned around to try and use its blade, but Brute drove into its side. Conquering Clown 2 drove down the arena, and Sir Force A Lot sped after it, slamming into it with an impact that sent Conquering Clown 2 spinning. Conquering Clown 2 drove up the arena to escape, only for Sir Force A Lot to follow, hitting its front with the spinning blades, lifting Conquering Clown 2 upwards.

"The Clown is getting a beating out there, as usual, that steel prop of theirs is getting bent up like some weird pitch on a helicopter."
— Stefan Frank

Brute edges Sir Force A Lot backwards

Conquering Clown 2 faced Sir Force A Lot, trying to get its blade up to full speed, but Sir Force A Lot rammed into the front of Conquering Clown 2, stopping the blade. Conquering Clown 2 turned away and, after driving into Shunt, who was out of his CPZ, drove to the other side of the arena to avoid its opponents. Brute charged at Sir Force A Lot, pushing it backwards and driving onto the front, and as it reversed for another charge, Conquering Clown 2 came back into the battle, driving into the front of Sir Force A Lot, then trying to get under Brute. Brute turned away and continued ramming Sir Force A Lot, but couldn't do any damage with its drum, which wasn't spinning fast enough.

"The little Brute doesn't seem to be too effective with that spinning drum on the front, they might be a whole lot better off backing in with that spike!"
— Stefan Frank

Conquering Clown slams Sir Force A Lot into the CPZ

Conquering Clown 2 held back, as its blade was no longer working. Brute opened the pit, and Conquering Clown 2 pushed Sir Force A Lot into the CPZ, pinning it against the wall.

"...and that's a good piece of strategy on the Conquering Clown's part, to let the House 'bots do all the work."
— Stefan Frank as Shunt comes in to attack Sir Force A Lot

Shunt came in, and Conquering Clown 2 escaped the CPZ as Shunt pinned Sir Force A Lot against the wall and axed it. Sir Force A Lot escaped the CPZ, but reversed straight into Refbot, and Conquering Clown 2 took advantage, pushing it back into the CPZ as time ran out. Conquering Clown 2 went through to the second round on a judges' decision along with Brute.

"I'd gotta be honest here, I don't like clowns, they scare me, I don't feel safe when you guys are around, and I wish these guys [the Sir Force A Lot team] were still in the tournament instead of you, but nonetheless, you did a good job out there."
— Mick Foley to Silvis Robotics after the battle

Qualified: Brute & Conquering Clown 2

Black Widow vs Texas Tornado vs Unibite 2.0[]

Texas Tornado reverses into the wall

Texas Tornado started by driving up the arena, with Unibite 2.0 driving after it whilst Black Widow kept away from its opponents. Unibite 2.0 hit the side of Texas Tornado, but despite being knocked back, Texas Tornado was undamaged. Texas Tornado and Black Widow charged straight each other, and Black Widow drove over Texas Tornado. Unibite 2.0 drove after Texas Tornado, which drove down the arena. Unibite 2.0 drove after it, but Texas Tornado turned and charged at its pursuer, getting under the disc and pushing Unibite 2.0 around, then pushed it towards the wall.

"The spinning disc of Unibite is getting high-sighted by that low-profile design, of the Texas Tornado! That disc is grabbing nothing but oxygen!"
— Stefan Frank as Texas Tornado pushes Unibite 2.0

Black Widow drives into Sir Killalot

Texas Tornado tried to get behind Unibite 2.0 and push, but drove onto its lifter, so quickly reversed as it tried to lift it. Black Widow drove into the side of Unibite 2.0, before reversing away, then Texas Tornado charged in under the disc, and used its lifter to raise Unibite 2.0 and carry it over a flame jet and into an angle grinder. Texas Tornado pushed Unibite 2.0, but in doing so, it drove onto the flame jet. As Texas Tornado reversed, Black Widow pushed Unibite 2.0 away from the wall, but Unibite 2.0 span to get off the front of Black Widow. Meanwhile, Texas Tornado had broken down. Black Widow drove past Unibite 2.0, and as Unibite 2.0 approached it, Black Widow accidentally drove into the claw of Sir Killalot. Black Widow tried to get away, but Sir Killalot grabbed it by one of the steel cutters.

"...but now, he's [Black Widow] dancing with death right here with Killalot, as Killalot gets the pincers right down on one of the spikes of Black Widow, and Killalot, doesn't look like there's going too much mercy in his mind!"
— Stefan Frank as Sir Killalot grabs Black Widow

The revived Texas Tornado pushes Unibite 2.0 back

Unibite 2.0 drove away, hitting the immobile Texas Tornado with its disc, before going back at Black Widow, which was still in the claw of Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot released Black Widow, and it reversed past Unibite 2.0. Unibite 2.0 chased Black Widow, whilst Refbot counted Texas Tornado out, with Shunt waiting beside him. As the counter hit 10, Sir Killalot came over. Shunt axed Texas Tornado, but failed to puncture the top, and Sir Killalot got its claw under Texas Tornado. Sir Killalot pulled Texas Tornado back, and Texas Tornado started moving, its rear spike having been caught on the wall. It drove straight into Unibite 2.0, getting under its disc and pushing it across the arena into one of the top CPZs. Sir Killalot came over, and Texas Tornado escaped the CPZ. Sir Killalot speared Unibite 2.0 and picked it up with his claw, spinning it around just before after it was counted out, and shoved Unibite 2.0 into Sir Killalot.

"…and Texas Tornado, too little, too late I’m afraid!"
— Stefan Frank as Texas Tornado springs back into life after being counted out

Sir Killalot picked Unibite 2.0 up and spun it around just before time ran out. Despite Texas Tornado still being mobile at the end, it was eliminated having been counted out by Refbot earlier.

"Unibite did not bite the dust and the Black Widow crawled away; but unfortunately for the Texas Tornado, they got blown away in this qualifying round of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors!"
Mick Foley announces Texas Tornado’s elimination

After the battle, the Texas Tornado team revealed that when it drove under Unibite 2.0, this had bent its antennae down, causing them to lose control of the robot.

"If we hadn't lost our antenna, we would've been fine."
— Donald Akers

Qualified: Black Widow & Unibite 2.0

Round 2[]

Brute vs Unibite 2.0[]

Brute bends the disc of Unibite 2.0

"Well Brute's wheels are really vulnerable to some spinning action, which is what Unibite is all about, so if they know any better, they're gonna stay away from that disc."
— Stefan Frank in the early moments of the battle

Brute immediately charged straight at Unibite 2.0, which turned around to use its lifter. Brute bounced up off the back, then rammed into the side of Unibite 2.0. Unibite 2.0 tried turning, but Brute slammed into the side again. Brute reversed, and Unibite 2.0 turned to attack with its disc, but Brute drove under its disc and pushed Unibite 2.0 around. The power of the spinning drum bent Unibite 2.0's disc out of alignment, rendering it inoperable, and Unibite 2.0 span on the spot.

"Unibite's only got that lifting arm left, and it doesn't seem to have a lot of speed to use it."
— Stefan Frank

Brute rams Unibite 2.0

Brute held back, then as Unibite 2.0 stopped spinning, reversed in and got its rear spike into one of Unibite 2.0's wheel areas. Brute drove back, and Unibite 2.0 drove after it, trying to get its lifter underneath Brute, but as soon as it did, Brute reversed. Unibite 2.0 followed, but as it got close, Brute hit it with its drum again, then reversed, before slamming back into Unibite 2.0. Brute drove onto Unibite 2.0's lifter, but quickly reversed off, then slammed into Unibite 2.0. Unibite 2.0 drove after Brute as it reversed, but Brute drove over the lifter. Unibite 2.0 drove towards the side of the arena, and Brute drove back at it, getting at the back and pushing Unibite 2.0 towards the CPZ.

"Brute's got the power of pushin', the grinders are goin'. Now Unibite had better come up with something real quick, or else they're gonna be bot butter!"
— Stefan Frank as Brute pushes Unibite 2.0 around the arena

However, Unibite 2.0 turned, causing Brute to drive into the CPZ itself. It quickly drove out before a House Robot could come over. Brute rammed into the side of Unibite 2.0, pushing it across the arena until Sir Killalot came in between the two. Brute held back as Unibite 2.0 hit the pit release button. Unibite 2.0 reversed into Sgt. Bash, who was outside the edge of his CPZ, but got away.

"...and Unibite, with a bit of strategy of its own, goes into the pit button. They better hope for a miracle here! They haven't exhibited so much pushing power, but if they can trick the Brute into the pit, it'll be the Brute down the chute, and that'll be all she wrote!"
— Stefan Frank

Brute drives onto the lip of the pit

Brute pushed Unibite 2.0 close to the pit, but as it tried to push Unibite 2.0 in, it drove onto the top. It reversed and tried again, but Unibite 2.0 had turned so Brute was ramming against the corner and could not push it back. Brute reversed, then charged at Unibite 2.0, but Unibite 2.0 turned to dodge. The two robots drove around each other, trying to get in a position to push the other, and Brute rammed into Unibite 2.0. Unibite 2.0 turned, and Brute reversed for another charge, but as it charged, it completely missed its opponent, and drove towards the pit. Brute desperately tried swerving to stop itself going down, but it was left hanging on the side, with two wheels hanging over the pit. Brute tried driving forwards to get its two wheels out of the pit, but it merely caused it to fall into the pit.

"Oh no! Look at that, the Brute takes himself out! Unbelievable! Wow, just as it said it, they did it! I'd better keep my mouth shut in the future, but Unibite is loving this. Look at that, hanging around the edge and – goodbye, down the chute!"
— Stefan Frank as Brute pits itself

Winner: Unibite 2.0

Conquering Clown 2 vs Black Widow[]

The can of "spiderspray"

Before the battle, the Silvis Robotics team revealed their "secret weapon", a fake can of spider spray.

"Well, you know what, as long as you don't go up in smoke, I think you'll be just fine!"
— Carol Grow's ironic prediction just before Conquering Clown 2's battle with Black Widow

Sgt. Bash heats up the Clown

Conquering Clown 2 started by driving down the arena as Black Widow drove at it, before turning around as Black Widow caught up with it. Black Widow overturned when it did catch up, but Conquering Clown 2 was unable to do any damage with its blade because it was not up to speed. Both robots turned away for another attack, and Black Widow drove straight into the lawnmower blade, sending sparks flying. The lawnmower blade became stuck in Black Widow's wheel, sticking the two robots together. Black Widow managed to push Conquering Clown 2 back a little, but Conquering Clown 2 then managed to push harder, forcing Black Widow towards Sir Killalot, who pushed the two competitors apart.

"Black Widow's got plenty of mobility here, but the clown has got Black Widow pinned up against the rails! "
— Stefan Frank

Black Widow edges Conquering Clown backwards

Conquering Clown 2 got under Black Widow and forced it into the bottom arena wall, but then Sgt. Bash got behind it and fired its flamethrower. Conquering Clown 2 did not catch light, and tried to push its opponent into the CPZ. Black Widow reversed off the front of Conquering Clown, into the bottom corner, and Conquering Clown 2 tried to pin it there. However, Black Widow dodged it, and Conquering Clown 2 drove into the corner, allowing Black Widow to push it against the wall. As Conquering Clown 2 tried to escape, Sgt. Bash blocked it, and set fire to the clown head.

"The Conquering Clown has been conquered, but not by who you thought! Black Widow was just an innocent bystander, as Bash came in there and torched him."
— Stefan Frank after Conquering Clown 2's head is torched

Conquering Clown 2 pushes Black Widow into the wall

Black Widow pushed Conquering Clown 2 across the arena, and Conquering Clown 2 responded by ramming Black Widow into the Disc of Doom button. This pushed Black Widow over the front of Conquering Clown 2, but it could not away as it reversed into an angle grinder, and Conquering Clown 2 pushed it into the bottom arena wall. However, Conquering Clown 2 was then slammed side-on by Sgt. Bash, allowing Black Widow to escape, before Sir Killalot grabbed and lifted it by the lawnmower blade. Conquering Clown 2 sped away once Sir Killalot let go of it, with the wig falling in the process. Conquering Clown chased after Black Widow, which had flipped itself over by driving into Sir Killalot whilst escaping. Conquering Clown 2 drove into Refbot as it chased Black Widow.

"There's nothing but a shrunken head left on the top of that Conquering Clown, but he's still got enough power to do a little fighting, as he backs into Refbot, seems like he's got no sense of direction whatsoever..."
— Stefan Frank

Conquering Clown 2 nearly caught up with Black Widow when it was by the flame pit, but Black Widow quickly got away, driving to the top of the arena. Conquering Clown 2 drove after it, and Black Widow drove into Sgt. Bash, then drove up the front of Conquering Clown, rolling over the side, righting itself in the process. Conquering Clown 2 was blocked by Sgt. Bash, allowing Black Widow to reverse down the arena. Conquering Clown 2 drove after it and got under its front, and tried to push it towards the flame pit, but Black Widow was able to turn, changing Conquering Clown 2's direction of push.

"Conquering Clown's been on the offence all through this thing, as it pushes Black Widow into the spinning disc, and Tonya Bigham has certainly met her match this time, for Black Widow."
— Stefan Frank in the last few seconds

Conquering Clown 2 pushed Black Widow onto the disc of doom, which allowed Black Widow to get off it just before time ran out. The battle went to a judges' decision, which went unanimously in favor of Conquering Clown 2.

"Now guys, I've mentioned on occasion that I'm scared of you. I told someone backstage that I hated your guts, but I'll be honest. Until that clown caught on fire, I never realized just how much I cared about the Conquering Clown."
— Mick Foley

Winner: Conquering Clown 2

Heat Final[]

Conquering Clown 2 vs Unibite 2.0[]

Conquering Clown was fitted with an 'Iron Mask' after the team did not have a spare head to replace the one burnt by Sgt. Bash.

Conquering Clown 2 slams into Unibite 2.0

Conquering Clown 2 started by avoiding Unibite 2.0, driving across the arena as Unibite 2.0 drove towards it, keeping a safe distance. As Unibite 2.0 closed in, Conquering Clown 2 turned, first driving up the arena, but then turning again and driving down as Unibite 2.0 got close. Conquering Clown 2 span, and although Unibite 2.0 managed to land a blow on one of its wheel guards, the disc bounced off on impact, and Conquering Clown managed to get under Unibite 2.0. Conquering Clown 2 pushed Unibite 2.0 back a little, then turned away. For a while, the two robots carefully turned around each other, each trying to use their weapon whilst avoiding the others. Conquering Clown 2 turned into the disc of Unibite 2.0, but it merely glanced off. Conquering Clown 2 landed a blow in, hitting the side of Unibite 2.0 with its lawnmower blade, but despite causing sparks, did not cause any notable damage. However, Conquering Clown 2 exposed its side as it turned away for another attack, allowing Unibite 2.0 to hit its side, landing a blow on its right-hand wheel.

"Wow, if either one of these blades connect with each other, that's gonna be quite a force!"
— Stefan Frank as the two robots hit each other with their spinners

Conquering Clown 2 struggles to move. Note the bent wheel guard

This appeared to immobilize Conquering Clown 2 on one side, with the wheelguard being buckled inwards and causing the right-hand wheel to lock up. As Conquering Clown 2 spun around, Unibite 2.0 continued to land blows with its disc. However, Conquering Clown 2 managed to turn, getting its wedge under the disc of Unibite 2.0, stopping it. Conquering Clown 2 tried to use its blade on Unibite 2.0 whilst it was under the disc, but it did no damage.

"Unibite has has a much stronger chassis, and that blade on Conquering Clown is doing nothing."
— Stefan Frank

Unibite becomes the first victim of the Drop Zone

Unibite 2.0 suddenly lost mobility completely, and was counted out by Refbot before being thrown by the Floor Flipper and being placed on the Drop Zone. A washing machine was dropped onto Unibite, bending its bottom plate. This allowed Conquering Clown 2 to emerge as the surprise winner of Heat C, and secure its place in the Grand Final.

"Congratulations, I know the ground rules before, for us to be together, was no hugs and no horns, but seeing as you are today's champion, don't get me wrong, no hugging! Hugs are still out, but you can blow your ... stupid horns a little bit!"
— Mick Foley to the team after the battle

Heat Winner: Conquering Clown 2