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Heat D of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 was the fourth of eight heats which determined the Grand Finalists of the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The episode featuring Heat D was originally broadcast on April 27, 2002 on TNN.

Competing Robots[edit | edit source]

Newcomers[edit | edit source]

Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 10" x 31" x 31"
Power 4 x 12V Electric Motors
Weapons 90mph Spinning Blade
Strengths Staying Power
Weaknesses Vulnerable When Blade Immobilised
From: Louisville, Colorado
Team Members: Mike Konshack, Becky Konshack & Jacob Holland
Snookums S2.jpg
Weight 189lbs
Dimensions 24" x 66" x 39"
Power 2 x Electric Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Sword & Flipper
Strengths Tough & Durable
Weaknesses Not Invertible
From: California and Nevada
Team Members: Edward D Robinson, John Hoffman and Curtis Feigel
Weight 189lbs
Dimensions 21" x 64" x 23"
Power 2 x 24V Electric Motors
Weapons Flipping Arm and Fang
Strengths Counterlevered Suspension
Weaknesses Slow & Sluggish
From: Greensboro, North Carolina
Team Members: Anita Bowder, Erick Bowder & Randy Bullard

Veterans[edit | edit source]

Psycho Chicken
Weight 187lbs
Dimensions 43" x 63" x 42"
Power 24V Electric Motors
Weapons 3 x 16" Spinning Blades
Strengths Precision maneuverability
Weaknesses No Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Florida and California
Team Members: Jason Barger, Brett Hunter & Happy Pham
The Gap
Weight 198lbs
Dimensions 29" x 57" x 42"
Power 2 x 12V Batteries
Weapons Pneumatic Lifting Platform
Strengths Durable Chassis
Weaknesses Untested In Combat
From: Salem, Oregon
Team Members: Max Chapin, Joshua Robinson & Jordan Robinson
The Revolutionist US2.jpg
The Revolutionist
Weight 209lbs
Dimensions 8" x 30" x 30"
Power 6 x Electric Motors
Weapons Spinner with Steel Teeth
Strengths When Spinning Is Invulnerable
Weaknesses Not Invertible
From: Ormond Beach, Florida
Team Members: Brian Nave, Michael Nave & Kenneth Bryant

Round 1[edit | edit source]

The Revolutionist vs The Gap vs Trackzilla[edit | edit source]

The Gap flips Trackzilla over

The Revolutionist immobilises The Gap

Sir Killalot drags Trackzilla towards the flamepit

Sergeant Bash bites into Trackzilla's lifting arm

Right at the start of this battle, The Gap lifted Trackzilla up and over. The Gap knocked Trackzilla onto its back, from which it couldn't self-right. However, The Revolutionist noticed that The Gap was distracted, and hit it from behind, immobilizing it in a single blow. As the only mobile machine, The Revolutionist then drove into Sir Killalot and briefly stopped working - only later did it show signs of movement again. Trackzilla was counted out as it couldn't self-right and was immobilized first. Sgt. Bash pushed Trackzilla onto the flame pit, before Sir Killalot reversed it onto the floor flipper. Trackzilla was launched onto its back.

"It was over a little quicker than we wanted it to be!"
Max Chapin

Qualified: The Gap & The Revolutionist

Snookums vs Propeller-Head vs Psycho Chicken[edit | edit source]

Scramble is scrambled

Propeller-Head attacks Snookums

Sir Killalot spins Psycho Chicken around

Psycho Chicken is held over the flame pit by Sir Killalot

At the start of this battle, Propeller-Head struck Snookums, whilst the Psycho Chicken hatched an egg made from a remote controlled car. Propeller-Head threw the egg across the arena. It didn't go over the arena wall, but was badly destroyed. Sergeant Bash attacked Psycho Chicken whilst Propeller-Head and Snookums hit each other repeatedly. Snookums was badly damaged, and Psycho Chicken was set alight. Propeller-Head then tore up Snookums' rear, before Snookums took damage from Psycho Chicken, and lost drive on one side. Psycho Chicken was then pushed into a CPZ by Sir Killalot, who then held it over the flame pit. Propeller-Head pressed the pit button, and as it was unable to move in a controlled manner, Snookums was counted out before being pitted by Sir Killalot.

Team Tsunami later revealed that they had an opportunity to flip Propeller-Head, but this was missed because Snookums' weapon was not working.

"Propeller-Head's a strong bot with a super weapon, we were gonna go straight into them and flip 'em over like a pancake. Unfortunately, the weapon did not fire."
— Ed Robinson

Qualified: Propeller-Head & Psycho Chicken

Round 2[edit | edit source]

The Revolutionist vs Psycho Chicken[edit | edit source]

The Revolutionists tears off Psycho Chicken's wheels

The Revolutionist hits Psycho Chicken.

At the start, Psycho Chicken laid an egg without a motor, which was hit by the Revolutionist. The Revolutionist then hit Psycho Chicken, crumbling its rear wedge before knocking off one of its wheels. It then tore off the other wheel and sent it sliding across the arena. The Revolutionist slammed Psycho Chicken into the wall before breaking off its castors and pushing it into the Pit Release button, nearly ripping it off the wall in the process. Shunt came in and axed Psycho Chicken before The Revolutionist spun in, hitting both robots. Psycho Chicken was then placed on the flame pit and burnt before being flung by the floor flipper.

Winner: The Revolutionist

The Gap vs Propeller-Head[edit | edit source]

"If there was one bot in this competition that could beat Propeller-Head, it would be this one!"
Mike Konshak on The Gap

Properller-Head damages the backend of The Gap

Propeller-Head immobilises The Gap

Propeller-Head asserted itself as the more aggressive robot in the opening stages, driving into The Gap with its weapon at full speed on multiple occasions, although The Gap was not damaged severely. Propeller-Head experienced severe recoil after one blow, spinning its entire body on the spot while caught on The Gap. Propeller-Head drove away, but The Gap was too slow to flip it over. Propeller-Head's weapon suddenly stopped working, so it resorted to evasive measures.

Propeller-Head's blade revives under The Gap's lifter

The Gap drives into the pit

The Gap still could not turn its opponent over, but managed to trap Propeller-Head on its wedge, so it used its lifter as a clamp. However, this seemed to revive the spinning bar of Propeller-Head, which got up to full speed and triggered the pit release. Team Creative Steel did not notice this, and drove The Gap directly over the pit while it was descending. Although The Gap did not totally fall down the pit, it was immobilized, and eliminated from the competition.

"As I spun around to go back into battle, the pit had only opened four or five inches, I hadn't even realised it had dropped!"
— Max Chapin on the open pit

Winner: Propeller-Head

Final[edit | edit source]

The Revolutionist vs Propeller-Head[edit | edit source]

The impact between The Revolutionist and Propeller-Head.

The two machines exchanged blows at the start of this battle, before Propeller-Head drove over a CO2 vent, and The Revolutionist hit

Propeller-Head's comeback victory.

it more times before tearing its blade off. The Revolutionist then pressed the pit button, but Propeller-Head escaped from the descending pit. It pushed The Revolutionist, nearly pitting it. The house robots came in to restrain the two competitors, but in an unexpected turn of events, Propeller-Head pitted The Revolutionist to win the heat.

Heat Winner: Propeller-Head

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Heat D featured an equal 3-3 split of newcomers and veterans. Interestingly, the only newcomer to pass the first round won the heat.
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