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Heat E of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 was the fifth of eight heats which determined the Grand Finalists of the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The episode featuring Heat E was originally broadcast on May 4th, 2002 on TNN.

Competing Robots[]


Basenji in arena.png
Weight 184lbs
Dimensions 10" x 44" x 30"
Power 2 x 36V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons 6" Hole Saw
Strengths Speedy and Maneuverable
Weaknesses Exposed Wheels
From: Baldwinsville, New York
Team Members: John Carioti & Maureen Barnes
Darkness 2002.jpg
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 16" x 45" x 34"
Power 2 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Spinning Blades
Strengths Welded Aluminium Shell
Weaknesses 2 Wheel Drive
From: Acton, California
Team Members: Valek Xavier Sykes & Scott Millenbaugh
Night Stalker
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 16" x 53" x 53"
Power 2 x 24V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Circular Saw
Strengths Heavy Armor
Weaknesses No Self-Righting Mechanism
From: Yuma, Arizona
Team Members: Tim Matigue, Jack Northgutt & Eric Davies
Techno Trousers
Weight 184lbs
Dimensions 12" x 84" x 45"
Power Electric Motors
Weapons Spring Loaded Lance
Strengths Sharp Dresser
Weaknesses Slow & Sluggish
From: Malden, Massachusetts
Team Members: Jack Kurtz, Ellen Kurtz & Andrew Kurtz


Weight 204lbs
Dimensions 35" x 46" x 24"
Power 4 x Wheelchair Motors
Weapons Powerful Axe and Pick
Strengths Four Wheel Drive Mechanism
Weaknesses Exposed Tires
From: Lakewood, California
Team Members: Walter Martinez & Michelle Martinez
Rosie the Riveter II.png
Rosie the Riveter 2
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 19" x 43" x 36"
Power 2 x 35V Wheelchair Motors
Weapons 24V Belt Driven Saw
Strengths Sturdy and Powerful
Weaknesses Vulnerable Wheel Casing
From: Gresham, Oregon
Team Members: Chris Gattman, Sharon Gattman & Tom Vaeretti

Round 1[]

Rosie The Riveter 2 vs Night Stalker vs Basenji[]

Basenji cancels the momentum of Night Stalker

Night Stalker loses its battery packs

Rosie the Riveter 2 wedges under an immobile Night Stalker

Night Stalker is dropped out of the arena

Rosie The Riveter 2 started its season 2 run against newcomers Night Stalker and Basenji. At the start, Night Stalker spun up its body and knocked Basenji's hole saw off. Basenji charged at Night Stalker and sent its hole saw flying almost out of the arena. Basenji and Rosie the Riveter 2 then teamed up on Night Stalker, pushing it into Sir Killalot's CPZ. Sir Killalot picked Night Stalker up and dragged it out of the corner. Night Stalker tried to spin up but seemed to be running out of power. Basenji slammed Night Stalker into the wall and bent its blade. Rosie the Riveter 2 then pushed Night Stalker back into Sir Killalot. Sir Killalot picked Night Stalker up, leaving its battery packs hanging out of its underside. Rosie the Riveter 2 got underneath the immobile Night Stalker and pushed it around as Refbot counted it out. Sir Killalot then picked Night Stalker up off of Rosie the Riveter 2, roasted its remains on the flame pit and eventually dropped it out of the arena.

"What a day."
— Jack Northgutt

Qualified: Rosie The Riveter 2 & Basenji

Darkness vs Techno Trousers vs Mechadroid[]

Mechadroid dictates the pace of Techno Trousers

Darkness pushes Mechadroid into the pit along with itself

Mechadroid started tentatively by turning and driving towards Darkness, but stopped, before Darkness pushed it across the arena. Techno Trousers was moving very sluggishly so Mechadroid pushed Techno Trousers into a CPZ, where it was attacked by Sgt. Bash before continuing to shove Techno Trousers into Sir Killalot, Darkness and the pit release button. In doing so, Mechadroid got one of its pincers caught in Techno Trousers' leg, before it and Sgt. Bash pushed and dragged it out of the CPZ near the pit release button. Darkness, meanwhile, nudged Mechadroid towards the pit, then fully in, although not without falling in itself. As a result, Mechadroid was eliminated from the US Championship despite its strong performance.

"It was kinda slippery to drive in there, but it was good."
— Walter Martinez

Qualified: Darkness & Techno Trousers

Round 2[]

Rosie The Riveter 2 vs Techno Trousers[]

Dead Metal saws into Techno Trousers

Rosie the Riveter 2 reverses Techno Trousers into the pit

Both robots started out slow and Rosie the Riveter tried to ram Techno Trousers with its spikes. Techno Trousers fired its hydraulic lance, sending Rosie the Riveter reeling. However, Techno Trousers' lance wouldn't recoil, leaving it weaponless as Rosie the Riveter got under Techno Trousers and carried it across the arena into the Corner Patrol Zone. Matilda, armed with her old chainsaw tail, entered the corner and attacked Techno Trousers. Techno Trousers managed to limp out of the CPZ and press the Disc Button but the house robots attacked it again, Matilda lifting Techno Trousers up and Dead Metal burying its saw into one of its legs. Techno Trousers continued to limp towards Rosie the Riveter but Rosie drove completely under Techno Trousers and slammed it into one side wall and slamming it into the other, bending Techno Trousers' lance. Dead Metal buried its saw into Techno Trousers again. Rosie the Riveter then pushed Techno Trousers into the Pit button, then, leaving its opponent beached on top of it, Rosie the Riveter pushed Techno Trousers towards the pit, eventually pushing it in.

"Well they kinda caught us with our pants down, but we're gonna be back."
— Jack Kurtz

Winner: Rosie The Riveter 2

Darkness vs Basenji[]

Basenji wedges under Darkness

Basenji loses its wheels

The fight began with both robots pushing each other around. Darkness then slammed into the side of Basenji, losing one of its own discs in the impact. By now, Basenji's wheels were starting to wobble, and soon after wedging under Darkness to hold it off the floor momentarily, both of Basenji's left wheels unravelled and fell right off their axles, leaving Basenji immobile. Refbot counted Basenji out and Dead Metal buried its saw into its back.

"Well now Cease is my favorite word."
— John Carioti

Winner: Darkness


Rosie The Riveter 2 vs Darkness[]

Rosie the Riveter 2 and Darkness push each other

Sir Killalot picks up Darkness

After a bit of maneuvering, both robots clashed in the center of the arena. Rosie the Riveter seemed to have more power and it slammed Darkness into the arena walls. Darkness escaped but ran into the angle grinders. Rosie the Riveter continued to push Darkness around, at one point driving completely under Darkness, breaking off its saw blade and bending its front. Rosie slammed into Darkness again and pushed it into Dead Metal's CPZ and the Pit Button. Darkness drove over a flame jet, causing its flags to catch fire. Rosie the Riveter pushed Darkness into another CPZ. Sir Killalot came in and so did Refbot and Dead Metal, the latter almost falling into the Pit. Sir Killalot picked up Darkness then dropped it. Rosie the Riveter slammed into the limping Darkness one last time just before time ran out.

Heat Winner: Rosie The Riveter 2