The Tag Team Terror of Extreme Warriors: Season 2 was the eleventh episode of the second season of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. The episode was originally broadcast on June 14th, 2002 on TNN. It followed the same format as the Tag Team Terror of Extreme 2 in the UK, where 8 teams of two robots battled each other in a knockout tournament.

Competing Teams[edit | edit source]

Strengths, weaknesses and team members were not provided on statistics boards in this episode.

Trackzilla & Trilobyte
Weight 189lbs
Dimensions 21" x 64" x 23"
Power 2 x 24V Motors
Weapons Flipping Arm and Fang
From: Greensboro, North Carolina
Team Members: Anita Bowder, Erick Bowder & Randy Bullard
Weight 213lbs
Dimensions 34" x 65" x 35"
Power 2 x 24V Motors
Weapons Flipping & Grabbing Arm
From: Greensboro, North Carolina
Team Members: Lawrence Feir & Tina Feir
Mad Cow Bot & Texas Tornado
Mad Cow Bot
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 10" x 32" x 38"
Power 2 x Motors
Weapons Spinning Drum and Blades
From: Pasadena, California
Team Members: Ted Shimoda, Gaylord Campbell & Wayne Tamasaki
Texas Tornado
Weight 176lbs
Dimensions 6" x 54" x 40"
Power 2 x 24V Motors
Weapons Flipping Plate
From: Austin, Texas
Team Members: Donald Akers, Greg Dooley & Luke Morin
G-Force & Sir Force A Lot
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 17" x 45" x 30"
Power 2 x 4HP Motors
Weapons 4 x 8" Spikes
From: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Team Members: Erik Koss, Joyce Koss, Jonathan Clawson
Sir force red.png
Sir Force A Lot
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 10" x 43" x 32"
Power 4HP Motor
Weapons 3 x 10" Blades
From: Eden, New York
Team Members: Tony Alternoeder & Michael Trzepacz
Bang & Snookums
Weight 187lbs
Dimensions 43" X 63" X 42"
Power 24v Motor
Weapons 3 x 16" Blades
From: Florida and California
Team Members: Jason Barger & Brett Hunter
Snookums S2.jpg
Weight 189lbs
Dimensions 24" x 66" x 39"
Power 24v Motors
Weapons Pneumatic Sword/Flipper
From: California and Nevada
Team Members: Edward D Robinson, John Hoffman and Curtis Feigel
Black Widow & Rocky Bot-Boa
Black Widow EW Crop.png
Black Widow
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 14" x 55" x 30"
Power 4 x 24v Motors
Weapons Steel Spike & 2 x Cutters
From: Leland, North Carolina
Team Members: Tonya Bingham, Richard Buchan & Nancy Gallagher
Weight 213lbs
Dimensions 10" x 56" x 40"
Power 4 x 24v Motors
Weapons Chainsaw & 8 x 5" Spikes
From: Leland, North Carolina
Team Members: Douan Bingham, Robert Brewer & Mike Adkins
The Falcon Mark 2 & Joker
Falcon mark 2.JPG
The Falcon Mark 2
Weight 215lbs
Dimensions 16" x 50" x 36"
Power 2 x 24v Motors
Weapons Lifting Arm and Rear Spikes
From: Fariboult, Minnesotta
Team Members: Robert Moline, David Temple & Archie Temple
Joker Again.jpg
Weight 213lbs
Dimensions 22" x 39" x 36"
Power 24V Motor
Weapons 24" Rotary Disc
From: Rome City, Indiana
Team Members: Skip Harmeyer, Jerry Folsom & Cody Harmeyer
General Chompsalot 2 & The Termite
General Chompsalot 2
Weight 217lbs
Dimensions 15" x 42" x 34"
Power 4 x Motors
Weapons Crushing Jaw
From: New Berlin, Wisconsin
Team Members: Tim Berghoefer, Dave Berghoefer & Martin Berghoefer
The Termite
Weight 165lbs
Dimensions 24" x 34" x 27"
Power Electric Motor
Weapons Rotating Drum With Cutting Blades
From: Omaha, Nebraska
Team Members: David Gilson, Elwin McKerman & Jason Baker
Hyperactive & Mechadroid
Weight 220lbs
Dimensions 30" x 47" x 44"
Power 2 x 24v Motors
Weapons 29" Diameter Spinning Disc
From: East Provo, Utah
Team Members: Joshua Babb, Jonathan Babb & Jerome Miles
Weight 204lbs
Dimensions 35" x 46" x 24"
Power 4 x Motors
Weapons Axe and Pick
From: Lakewood, California
Team Members: Walter Martinez & Michelle Martinez

Round 1[edit | edit source]

Note: Robots that started in the arena are listed first

Texas Tornado & Mad Cow Bot vs Trilobyte & Trackzilla[edit | edit source]

"Well as you know, two start out in the middle and the other team members sit back in the corner and wait for a tag - supposedly."
— Stefan Frank

Texas Tornado fights Trilobyte

Trilobyte immediately began the fight by activating the pit trigger as Texas Tornado drove towards it, but made no attempt to stop it. Trilobyte then turned towards Texas Tornado, who at first backed away, before tentatively reversing and ramming into the side of Trilobyte; however, it was unable to get underneath Trilobyte as its lifting arm was raised. After being pushed back briefly, Trilobyte retreated back to its CPZ to tag in Trackzilla, who was slammed side-on itself by Texas Tornado. With its lifting arm still raised, Texas Tornado could not get underneath Trackzilla and moved back towards its own CPZ to tag, but as it turned, Mad Cow Bot met it halfway, bumping into its teammate.

"Mad Cow Bot is doing just his namesake, insanely coming out of his corner patrol zone!"
— Stefan Frank

All four competitors come out at once

Mad Cow Bot then rammed into Trackzilla, getting underneath its front, whilst Texas Tornado was disorientated by Sir Killalot - who himself was not in a CPZ - before it too rammed into Trackzilla's side, but this action prompted Trilobyte to enter the arena as well. Texas Tornado retreated, but ran into Sir Killalot again and Trilobyte boxed it in, but the House Robot could not attack the low Texas Tornado and it escaped whilst Mad Cow Bot clipped the Floor Spinner and their opponents made no attempt to attack them.

"These guys are definitely rewriting the rules books, because, err, nobody's tagged and they're all in the arena!"
— Stefan Frank as all four robots converge

Trackzilla eventually reversed into Mad Cow Bot, before Texas Tornado, its lifting arm finally lowered, got underneath it, lifted it up and drove it around the arena before Trackzilla slipped off; however, the tracked machine got itself stuck on Texas Tornado's rear spike. Texas Tornado was unable to free itself initially, but managed to wriggle free before a lingering Trilobyte could attack it, only to bump into Refbot. Trilobyte, Trackzilla and Mad Cow Bot all surrounded Texas Tornado, rendering it unable to escape, and Trilobyte slipped its lifting arm underneath the smaller robot, whilst Trackzilla pushed Mad Cow Bot away. Trackzilla then reversed into Texas Tornado, only for Mad Cow Bot to slam into it, pushing it right over the top of Texas Tornado. Crucially for Texas Tornado, however, this caused Trackzilla to knock into Trilobyte, forcing it to back away and release Texas Tornado. Dead Metal then attacked Mad Cow Bot from the side, pushing it away and trying to saw into its wheel.

Trilobyte takes a dive

Mad Cow Bot then spun away from Dead Metal and soon rejoined the fight, getting itself beached on Texas Tornado's spike as it missed a lift on Trackzilla. Sir Killalot moved in to separate the two machines whilst Dead Metal attempted to push Mad Cow Bot away, prompting Mad Cow Bot to retreat. Trackzilla and Trilobyte made little attempts to attack their opponent, forcing the House Robots to get involved, with Sir Killalot pushing Texas Tornado and Trackzilla into the arena wall and Dead Metal grabbing hold of Trilobyte and sawing into its right hand side, also pushing it closer to the pit. Texas Tornado and Trackzilla were both able to escape from Sir Killalot and Texas Tornado pushed Trackzilla back briefly, before ramming into Trilobyte just as Dead Metal released it. The ram resulted in Trilobyte being turned towards the pit and, as Texas Tornado moved back towards the arena centre, Trilobyte suddenly drove straight into the pit, to the dismay of Lawrence Feir.

"So it's not only a tag team but it's a bad driving ceremony! Oh, Lawrence Feir, he's in disgust driving Trilobyte like that!"
— Stefan Frank as Trilobyte pits itself

Sir Killalot puts Trackzilla on the floor flipper

Meanwhile, Trackzilla had been forced near the House Robot entry gate and was seemingly immobile, as Dead Metal sawed into its side. He then forced Trackzilla towards Sir Killalot, who grabbed its right side and lifted it up, but the House Robot was unable to secure a proper grip on two attempts, whilst Dead Metal attacked Refbot and both Texas Tornado and Mad Cow Bot stayed out of trouble. Sir Killalot eventually placed Trackzilla on the Floor Flipper just as Dead Metal went to attack the pitted Trilobyte. The Flipper activated with Trackzilla set far back, causing the tracked machine to somersault straight up before landing back on the Flipper. Trackzilla regained some mobility, but the Flipper fired again, throwing it across the arena until it landed on its side. Unable to right itself, Trackzilla was rendered immobile.

"He's not going anywhere, there's no self-righting mechanism - it's over!"
— Stefan Frank

Winners: Texas Tornado & Mad Cow Bot

Snookums & Bang vs G-Force and Sir Force A Lot[edit | edit source]

Snookums pushes G-Force back while sustaining an axe blow

At the start of the battle, Snookums drove up the arena as G-Force drove towards it, then turned. Snookums turned around, then drove around G-Force as it turned around. It tried attacking the front of G-Force, but couldn't get its flipper under the front, and G-Force pushed it and fired one of its axes. Snookums was able to push back, edging G-Force towards the CPZ, but G-Force turned. It tried axing Snookums, but fired the wrong axe, missing its opponent.

"Snookums is a bit of a comedy entrance, with that fish tail, not much in the way of weaponry. The Force team however, are running some serious weapons. G-Force had got an axe on him, it seems like it would definitely penetrate that fish!"
— Stefan Frank as Snookums fights G-Force

Bang's exposed wheels are attacked by Sir Force A Lot

Snookums turned around, then drove away to tag Bang. As Bang drove to the arena centre, G-Force charged at it, but missed its charge and slammed into Refbot. Refbot reversed, and G-Force reversed, then turned around, before reversing again. Whilst Sir Force A Lot came out without being tagged Bang drove after G-Force, and drove onto its wedge, but G-Force sped forwards, pushing past Bang. Sir Force A Lot drove into Bang, and Bang accidentally turned into an angle grinder. Sir Force A Lot rammed Bang again, pushing it away from the angle grinder, and as Sir Force A Lot reversed, Bang turned away from the wall. However, as it did so, it drove onto the edge of the flame pit, and in trying to get away, it accidentally turned onto the flames. Bang quickly turned back and reversed off the flame pit. Bang reversed towards Sir Force A Lot and turned around, and Sir Force A Lot gave it a push. One of Bang's tires had gone flat, and it could no longer move.

"Something's just flown off of Bang! I don't know if it's vital, it looks like it could have been a wheel, or a roller for the back. They're not moving very well!"
— Stefan Frank notices part of Bang falling off

Bang is pitted by Sir Force A Lot

Snookums and Bang in the pit

Sir Force A Lot abandoned it and went after Snookums, which was driving towards it, and rammed it against Shunt, who was out of his CPZ. In doing so, Sir Force A Lot briefly became caught on Snookums' front spikes, and as it reversed, it dragged Snookums back with it. Sir Force A Lot reversed into Refbot, then managed to turn, getting free of Snookums' spikes and reverse away as Sir Killalot came over, narrowly escaping the House Robot's claw. Sir Killalot was pushing Bang, and pushed it into Snookums, which reversed, but drove close to Shunt, who fired the axe, narrowly missing. G-Force rammed into the side of Shunt, then pushed Bang against the arena wall. Shunt axed Bang and dragged it into his CPZ. Meanwhile, Sir Killalot picked up Snookums with his claw and span it around, throwing it onto its back. G-Force opened the pit, and Sir Force A Lot pushed Bang down to the bottom of the arena, before pushing it across to the pit. G-Force then pushed Snookums to the edge of the pit, where its partner Sir Force A Lot could give Snookums the final push into the pit.

"Sir Force A Lot is pushing Bang, closer to that pit. Can he get him in? We don't know...OH! Yeah, I think he can! Great bit of driving by Sir Force A Lot! And now G-Force has got what's left of Snookums, and he's taking him closer to the pit, and yeah! Sir Force A Lot goes in with a little force of his own! So Team Force wins all the way around on that one!"
— Stefan Frank as Bang and Snookums are pitted

Winners: Sir Force A Lot & G-Force

Black Widow & Rocky-Bot-Boa vs Joker & The Falcon Mark 2[edit | edit source]

Rocky-Bot-Boa rushes over to join the battle

All four competitors fight together

Both Black Widow and Joker drove straight at each other. Joker tried to damage Black Widown with its disc, but Black Widow merely pushed it down the arena, until Joker was able to turn away. Joker drove back at Black Widow with its blade spinning and hit Black Widow, but it did no damage, and Black Widow drove away up the arena. Black Widow drove to the Disc of Doom trigger, but after it hit the trigger, Joker drove into its side, hitting the wheels with the disc. Black Widow was unaffected, and reversed, suddenly, Rocky-Bot-Boa charged out of its CPZ, driving straight into Black Widow. Joker tried using its wedge to push Black Widow, but only managed to push it a little before Black Widow drove over the wedge and got away. Meanwhile, The Falcon Mark 2 had also left its CPZ, and got underneath Rocky-Bot-Boa.

" Rocky-Bot-Boa comes out of his corner! In fact they're all coming out!"
— Stefan Frank as all four competitors fight at once

Black Widow turned around and drove at Joker, enduring another blow from its disc. The Falcon Mark 2 left Rocky-Bot-Boa, and Joker and The Falcon Mark 2 trapped Black Widow between the two of them, but Black Widow managed to get away, driving out from between the two. Joker went after Rocky-Bot-Boa, getting its disc under the back and pushing it across the arena, and slamming it into the wall. This allowed Rocky-Bot-Boa to get free of Joker, and it turned and drove around Joker, but drove onto the wedge of The Falcon Mark 2. With a little help from Joker, which reversed into it, Rocky Bot-Boa was able to drive over The Falcon Mark 2.

"Joker's got that spinning disc, and managed to push him right over Team Falcon! Great big of teamwork here!"
— Stefan Frank as Rocky-Bot-Boa goes over Faclon Mark 2

Rocky-Bot-Boa drove down the arena and hit the pit release button, then drove after Joker, ramming it across the arena. Rocky-Bot-Boa then left Joker and went after The Falcon Mark 2, ramming it into an angle grinder. The Falcon Mark 2 got away from the angle grinder, but Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed it towards Shunt, who axed it. Meanwhile, Joker fought Black Widow, hitting the front with its spinning disc, but Black Widow turned and drove away.

"Falcon is in a little bit of trouble with Rocky-Bot-Boa now, and it's absolute metal-mashing mayhem out there! Joker and Black Widow are going head to head with each other right now! The Joker hasn't really done any damage with that spinning disc, but it sure is purty, ain't it?"
— Stefan Frank as all four competitors fight

Joker chased after it, hitting the wheels with its disc, and Black Widow accidentally drove into an angle grinder whilst trying to get away. Joker pinned it there, but eventually let it go, and went after Rocky-Bot-Boa. As Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed the side of Joker, Joker tried reversing away, but this caused it to drive onto the top of Rocky-Bot-Boa, with one wheel hanging over the side. Rocky-Bot-Boa turned around and pushed, causing Joker to fall off. The Falcon Mark 2 was fighting with Black Widow, and Black Widow rammed into the side of The Falcon Mark 2, but couldn't get underneath and drove past. Black Widow reversed, turning over The Falcon Mark 2's wedge, but The Falcon Mark 2 got its lifter underneath as it did so.

"Black Widow, trying to drive right up the side of Team Falcon again. Team Falcon's wedge has certainly acted as a ramp more than once in this round!"
— Stefan Frank as Black Widow drives over Black Widow

Dead Metal intervenes as Rocky-Bot-Boa tries to push Shunt

Joker gets under Black Widow while Falcon Mark 2 lifts Rocky-Bot-Boa

Meanwhile, Rocky-Bot-Boa was pushed against the wall of the CPZ by Shunt, but the competitor managed to get its chainsaw under Shunt and push it back, pushing it out of the CPZ, right into Dead Metal as he came over. Dead Metal got behind Rocky-Bot-Boa and tried to grab it, but Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed Shunt, who missed an axe blow, and escaped the CPZ. Black Widow rammed into the side of Shunt, then drove at the side of Joker, pushing it, until Rocky-Bot-Boa rammed into Joker. The four competitors all drove into one another, with The Falcon Mark 2 getting its lifting arm under Rocky-Bot-Boa and lifting it up, and Joker getting its wedge under Black Widow and turning it onto its side. Black Widow fell over as Dead Metal pushed Joker. The Falcon Mark 2 pushed Black Widow in reverse, using its spikes, whilst Joker fought Rocky-Bot-Boa. Black Widow pushed The Falcon Mark 2 into Dead Metal, which cut into it and grabbed hold

"This one could go to the bell, as Dead Metal buries the saw right down into Falcon..."
— Stefan Frank as Dead Metal attacks The Falcon Mark 2

The Falcon Mark 2 used its lifter to lift Dead Metal up, and Joker turned into its Tag Team-mate, pushing it free of the House Robot. Rocky-Bot-Boa charged at Joker, driving right into the disc and stopping, then pushed Joker into the arena wall in the CPZ. Shunt got behind Rocky-Bot-Boa, and Joker reversed out of the CPZ, hitting Black Widow as it did so. As Joker drove into the arena centre, near to its teammate, Rocky-Bot-Boa chased after it, and Joker accidentally turned into The Falcon Mark 2, hitting it with its spinning disc. The Falcon Mark 2 drove away, but Rocky-Bot-Boa chased after it, ramming it against Black Widow. Joker rammed into Rocky-Bot-Boa, and time ran out.

"These two teams are really evenly matched, I wouldn't have thought that from the beginning, just looking at the stats. Great driving on Bot-Boa's part, great driving on Team Falcon's part, the Joker's been in it, Black Widow's stayed in it, and the 10-second clock is going down. This is going to have to go to a judges' decision!"
— Stefan Frank reflects on the battle as time rans out

Cease was called, and the judges declared Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow the winners.

Winners: Black Widow & Rocky-Bot-Boa

General Chompsalot 2 & The Termite vs Mechadroid & Hyperactive[edit | edit source]

General Chompsalot 2 grips the wheel of Mechadroid

General Chompsalot 2 pushes Hyperactive

General Chompsalot 2 drove around to the side of Mechadroid, but Mechadroid turned before General Chompsalot 2 could get close enough to use its jaw. General Chompsalot 2 turned, avoiding a blow from Mechadroids axe, but was caught on of of the front claws, preventing it from getting at the side. Eventually, Genereal Chompsalot 2 got off of Mechadroid's front claw, and got its jaw around Mechadroid's wheels. General Chompsalot 2 pushed Mechadroid around in circles, but Sgt. Bash got behind it and fired his flamethrower, so General Chompsalot 2 let go of Mechadroid and turned away. General Chompsalot 2 drove up the arena, nearly driving into Sgt. Bash in his CPZ. General Chompsalot 2 quickly turned around and drove away as Sgt. Bash drove towards it. General Chompsalot 2 drove straight at Hyperactive, whilst The Termite also came out of its corner, meaning all four competitors were now out at once.

"Well there it goes, the rules are out again!"
— Stefan Frank as all four robots fight at once

General Chompsalot 2 joins Hyperactive in the pit

General Chompsalot 2 got its jaw around one of Hyperactive's wheels and pushed it up the arena into the top arena wall. Whilst Mechadroid chased The Termite, General Chompsalot 2 turned Hyperactive away from the wall and pushed it down the arena to Sir Killalot. The House Robot did not attack Hyperactive, so General Chompsalot 2 kept pushing Hyperactive, forcing it into the pit release button. As it did so, Mechadroid pushed The Termite against General Chompsalot 2, but this did nothing to stop General Chompsalot 2 turning Hyperactive towards the pit, and pushing it over the edge. However, before General Chompsalot 2 could let go of Hyperactive, allowing it to fall in, Mechadroid got behind General Chompsalot 2 and pushed it into the pit, taking Hyperactive with it.

"Chompsalot biting down all the time, wow! Quickly disposed of Hyperactive, but wait a minute, he's got a little company! Oh, two birds with one stone!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 pits Hyperactive, but is pushed in itself

Mechadroid also falls into the pit

However, General Chompsalot 2 was stuck on top of one of Mechadroid's front grabbing arms, preventing it from reversing away. The Termite pushed General Chompsalot 2, and Sir Killalot pushed the competitors, causing Mechadroid to fall so its front wheels were over the edge of the pit, leaving it stuck as well. The Termite drove over the back of Mechadroid, before Sir Killalot pushed it off. Cease was called, and as The Termite was the only robot still left running, The Termite and General Chompsalot were given the victory.

"Talk about a bout that was "the pits", literally! I mean, a great contest, but I don't think we've ever seen that before in Robot Wars, a virtual game of follow-the-leader, as nobody seemed to want to stay on the arena floor!"
— Mick Foley on the three pitted robots

Winners: The Termite & General Chompsalot

Round 2[edit | edit source]

Mad Cow Bot & Texas Tornado vs Sir Force A Lot & G-Force[edit | edit source]

"Two bots very low to the ground, Texas Tornado and Sir Force A Lot, start out this semi-final round!"
— Stefan Frank at the beginning of the battle

All four competitors come out at once

Texas Tornado started by driving down from its starting position a little, then turning to face Sir Force A Lot as it drove towards it. The two robots drove into each other, with Texas Tornado getting Sir Force A Lot, however Sir Force A Lot quickly reversed. Sir Force A Lot drove back at Texas Tornado, using its spinning drum to get under it and push, but Texas Tornado slipped off. Suddenly, Mad Cow Bot and G-Force came out of their corners.

"...oh, they've got company! Mad Cow Bot into the centre of the ring, and G-Force in the background, without anything as much as a whisper of a tag!"
— Stefan Frank as all four competitors come out

Texas Tornado rams G-Force

Whilst Mad Cow Bot fought Sir Force A Lot, Texas Tornado got behind G-Force and rammed it down the arena. Sir Force A Lot rammed Mad Cow Bot, hitting it with its spinning blades and causing sparks. Mad Cow Bot turned away, and Sir Force A Lot drove after it, but Mad Cow Bot drove around the side of Sir Force A Lot, hitting the side with its drum. Sir Force A Lot retaliated by ramming Mad Cow Bot over a flame jet and into the arena wall, with Mad Cow Bot's side decorations catching fire. However, as Sir Force A Lot got away, Dead Metal grabbed it with its claws and rammed it into a CPZ, though Sir Force A Lot was able to struggle free of the pincers and escape the CPZ. Sir Force A Lot went after Texas Tornado, however Texas Tornado was able to get under Sir Force A Lot's ground clearance and push it around. Sir Force A Lot reversed, then drove back at Texas Tornado, hitting it with the spinning blades, flipping it up, then pushed Texas Tornado in reverse.

"And that is the first time we've seen Texas Tornado up off the ground! It's a miraculous thing to get under something so low!"
— Stefan Frank as Sir Force A Lot flips Texas Tornado

Sir Force A Lot strikes Texas Tornado

Dead Metal slices into G-Force

Meanwhile, Dead Metal cut into G-Force, which had broken down. Sir Force A Lot pushed Texas Tornado to the edge of the pit, and Texas Tornado did not have the mobility to get away anymore, so Sir Force A Lot pushed it in. Whilst Refbot counted out G-Force, Sir Force A Lot rammed Mad Cow Bot, hitting it with its spinning blades. Sir Force A Lot rammed Mad Cow Bot to the arena centre, and Mad Cow Bot had lost drive on one side.

"There's pieces hanging all off of him {Mad Cow Bot}, he looks like he's been put through the garbage disposal, but G-Force has been counted out, so now it's one-on-one!"
— Stefan Frank as Sir Force A Lot fights Mad Cow Bot

Sir Force A Lot pits Texas Tornado

In the last few seconds, Mad Cow Bots spins in circles, and Matilda attacks G-Force

Sir Force A Lot reversed, but drove into G-Force, which was being pushed by Dead Metal whilst he was cutting into it with his saw. Sir Force A Lot drove away, driving over the flame pit and down the arena. In the last few seconds, Matilda reversed into G-Force with her flywheel, ripping off some of the top armour. Time ran out, and the fight went to the judges, who decided that Mad Cow Bot had not done enough to go through, allowing the battered G-Force to go through with Sir Force A Lot.

"Texas Tornado and Mad Cow Bot are historical! Which means G-Force and Sir Force A Lot go through to the finals! Let's see who's got what it takes to join 'em!"
— Stefan Frank after the battle

Winners: Sir Force A Lot & G-Force

Rocky-Bot-Boa & Black Widow vs The Termite & General Chompsalot 2[edit | edit source]

General Chompsalot 2 pushes Black Widow

Rocky-Bot-Boa rams General Chompsalot 2 as it pushes Black Widow into Sir Killalot

General Chompsalot 2 drove at Black Widow, trying to get at the exposed wheels. Black Widow tried turning away, but as it did so, General Chompsalot 2 got behind Black Widow, getting its jaw around the back and pushing it into Sir Killalot. Black Widow turned away from the House Robot, but General Chompsalot 2 was still holding onto the back. Suddenly, Rocky-Bot-Boa came out without being tagged. However, it missed its initial charge, charging into its Tag Team partner instead of General Chompsalot 2, so General Chompsalot 2 kept pushing Black Widow. Rocky-Bot-Boa got behind General Chompsalot 2 and rammed it, but could not stop General Chompsalot 2 pushing Black Widow into Sir Killalot, who pinched the front wedge with his claw, ripping off a part. General Chompsalot 2 let got of Black Widow and went after Rocky-Bot-Boa instead. Meanwhile, The Terminte came out of its corner without being tagged and opened the pit.

"They're all in on it!"
— Stefan Frank as The Termite comes out

General Chompsalot 2 grabs Rocky-Bot-Boa, whilst Black Widow attacks The Termite

General Chompsalot 2 pulls Rocky-Bot-Boa into the Pit

Rocky-Bot-Boa drove at the side of The Termite, but as it tried pushing it, General Chompsalot 2 got its jaw around one of the back wheels. Rocky-Bot-Boa was still able to use its other wheels to push against The Termite, and Black Widow got the other side of The Termite. Black Widow and Rocky-Bot-Boa had The Termite pinned, but The Termite managed to reverse a little to get off the wedge of Black Widow. General Chompsalot 2 still had a hold of Rocky-Bot-Boa, so Rocky-Bot-Boa took advantage, reversing against General Chompsalot 2, pushing it backwards to the pit. Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed General Chompsalot 2 in, but General Chompsalot 2 still had a grip on it, so Rocky-Bot-Boa was pulled over the edge with it.

"...and immediately Chompsalot gets backed in by Rocky-Bot-Boa, and they both almost sacrifice themselves! They both may be committed to the pit, that's for sure!"
— Stefan Frank as both robots go into the pit

Black Widow gets under The Termite

Meanwhile, Black Widow got under the side of The Termite, bending one of the wheel guards, and though The Termite drove over Black Widow's wedge, the chain for its weapon had fallen off. The Termite reversed, then drove forwards but was moving slowly.

"And it looks like Termite have a little drive problem, that chain either is off their weapon, or one side of the wheels... no, it's definitely the weapon chain. But they weren't using that weapon anyway, so the chain's not going to make a huge bit of difference!"
— Stefan Frank on The Termite's loose chain

The Termite with its weapon chain hanging loose

Black Widow reversed into The Termite, using its rear spike to push it. The rear spike became stuck in the back of The Termite, and Refbot pushed the two apart. Black Widow drove forwards, but drove onto the flame pit. Slowly, it reversed off the flame pit, and The Termite drove into it, but became stuck on the spike again. Sir Killalot gave The Termite a little push, then Shunt came over and pushed Black Widow a little. The Termite and Black Widow managed to get free of each other, and as time ran out, The Termite weakly drove away from Black Widow, then reversed back at it as time ran out. The battle went to a judges' decision which Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow won.

"A hard-won battle for the team of Rocky and the Black Widow! General Chompsalot refusing to surrender, dragged Rocky down, down into the pit with him, but that couldn't save him and The Termite from being exterminated! When we returned, the final match-up will give us a Tag Team Terror champion!"
— Mick Foley after the battle

Winners: Rocky-Bot-Boa & Black Widow

Final[edit | edit source]

Sir Force A Lot & G-Force vs Rocky-Bot-Boa & Black Widow[edit | edit source]

"A picture's worth a thousand words, and one of our Tag Teams will soon be in a thousand pieces! It's time for the final battle!"
— Mick Foley before the battle

Black Widow fights Sir Force-A-Lot, whilst Rocky-Bot-Boa rams G-Force

At the start, both Black Widow and Sir Force A Lot cautiously approached each other. Sir Force A Lot turned, exposing its side, and Black Widow rammed at the side and tried pushing, but Sir Force A Lot turned off the front wedge. Black Widow turned around, but turned too far, and as it turned to face Sir Force A Lot, Sir Force A Lot drove at its side, getting under the wheels, so Black Widow drove away. Rocky-Bot-Boa and Sir Force A Lot came out of their corners, with G-Force ramming past Rocky-Bot-Boa, while Sir Force A Lot rammed into Black Widow.

"..and as usual, without a tag, they all come steaming in there!"
— Stefan Frank as Sir Force A Lot and Rocky-Bot-Boa come out of their corners

Sir Force A Lot is pushed into Matilda's flywheel

Rocky-Bot-Boa got behind G-Force and pushed it onto the flame pit. G-Force tried reversing off the flames, but Rocky-Bot-Boa blocked its escape. G-Force turned off the flame pit, and Rocky-Bot-Boa drove over the flames after it, then quickly reversed off the flames. The two robots drove around to face each other and drove at each other, and Rocky-Bot-Boa managed to get around the side of G-Force and pushed it up the arena, into an empty CPZ. Rocky-Bot-Boa rammed Sir Force A Lot into the top corner, but as it reversed, it drove into Sgt. Bash as he drove over to the CPZ, and G-Force easily escaped. Black Widow, which had been overturned whilst fighting Sir Force A Lot, drove on top of G-Force, and G-Force turned around to try and get it off. This didn't work, so G-Force reversed, and Rocky-Bot-Boa charged past the two, brushing into Black Widow, knocking it off G-Force. Rocky-Bot-Boa got at the side of Sir Force A Lot and pushed it. Sir Force A Lot tried turning to get away, but Rocky-Bot-Boa kept pushing, forcing it into Matilda's flywheel, which ripped a gash in the back armour.

"Great bit of driving, there's Bot-Boa and the Widow, backing Sir Force A Lot into Matilda's corner again!"
— Stefan Frank as Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow force Sir Force A Lot into Matilda's flywheel

G-Force, stuck in the arena wall

Black Widow also reversed into Sir Force A Lot, but due to its exposed wheels and large tyres, it rode up the side. Rocky-Bot-Boa reversed, and Sir Force A Lot pushed Black Widow across the arena, until Black Widow managed to turn, and it bounced off the side, landing right way up. G-Force reversed at Rocky-Bot-Boa, but missed its charge, and slammed into the wall, with one of its spikes becoming impaled in the side wall. Rocky-Bot-Boa hit the pit release button, then drove up the arena after Sir Force A Lot. Black Widow drove at Sir Force A Lot, which tried pushing Black Widow in reverse, but Rocky-Bot-Boa rammed into its side and pushed it.

"...meanwhile, Sir Force A Lot is right up against Black Widow, and Rocky-Bot-Boa comes in to save her! Great bit of husband-and-wife driving here, we've never seen that in Robot Wars! Look at them talking it up in the box, telling each other which way to go!"
— Stefan Frank on Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow's teamwork

Rocky-Bot-Boa rams Sir Force-A-Lot

As it did so, Black Widow got its wedge under Sir Force A Lot, but Sir Force A Lot reversed away, bumping into an angle grinder as it did so. Sir Force A Lot drove down the arena, but drove onto the flame pit. It quickly got off, and Rocky-Bot-Boa drove towards it. The two competitors drove head-on at each other, and as Rocky-Bot-Boa got an advantage in pushing, Sir Force A Lot reversed. Rocky-Bot-Boa drove to the front of Sir Force A Lot and started pushing, but Sir Force A Lot turned, getting at the side of Rocky-Bot-Boa and pushing it against the bottom arena wall. Sir Force A Lot reversed, then rammed Rocky-Bot-Boa, which then pushed back, pushing Sir Force A Lot back, across to an empty CPZ. Sir Force A Lot turned and reversed out of the CPZ, and though Rocky-Bot-Boa drove at its side, Sir Force A Lot drove forwards to get away. The two competitors turned to face each other and slammed into each other, and Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed Sir Force A Lot, until it turned away. Sir Force A Lot drove to its Tag Team partner, which was still stuck on the arena wall, and tried pushing it free. This didn't work, and Rocky-Bot-Boa rammed Sir Force A Lot into the wall.

"G-Force is still stuck in that rail! We haven't heard much from the Widow, and there's the 10-second clock!"
— Stefan Frank as Rocky-Bot-Boa fights Sir Force A Lot as time runs out

However, Sir Force A Lot was able to reverse against Rocky-Bot-Boa and push it back, pushing it across the arena, past the pit. Rocky-Bot-Boa managed to push back, and Sir Force A Lot drove away. Time ran out, and the judges decided that The Bingham family team had won the match and the Tag Team Terror competition.

"That was an awesome Tag Team final right there! G-Force had all kinds of speed, but got themselves into trouble! Rocky-Bot-Boa looked strong from the beginning, and his wife Black Widow, I'd be tempted to say they might be the ones!"
— Stefan Frank reviews the highlights

Tag Team Terror winners: Rocky-Bot-Boa & Black Widow won

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Falcon and the Sylvan Lake Robot Warriors reprised their partnership from the Extreme Warriors: Season 1 Tag Team Terror, the only teams to do so.
  • General Chompsalot 2 also returned from the previous Season's Tag Team Terror but was now partnered by The Termite.
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