"The design criteria was Speed, Power with a Fast powerful lifting ramp."
— The On The Edge Team website on Facet

Facet was a competitor in Series 3 of Robot Wars. The team had previously won a heat with G.B.H. Facet lost in the second round, to eventual Grand Finalist Fire Storm. Facet was entered by Team On-The-Edge, known as Team Joint Effort in Series 6, who also entered Series 1 with Scrapper, and Series 2 and 6 with G.B.H..


"That giant flipper, I think, is going to be key"
— Jonathan Pearce, as Terminal Ferocity and Facet close the gap
Facet insides

Facet's insides

Facet was a basic blue wedge shape with a broad flipper capable of lifting 500 kilograms. It could reportedly reach a top speed of 48mph, although the team also listed a more realistic top speed of 20mph on their website.

"We've not seen anything as quick as this."
— Jonathan Pearce

Facet had an on-board camera - unusual among competitor robots in the original series - which was located right next to the flipper. However, the armour was rather thin, consisting of only 2mm polycarbonate which visibly bent in battle.

The flipper was very powerful by Series 3 standards, throwing Fire Storm onto its back during the battle between the two, and also flipping Matilda earlier in the heat. However, this flipper did not extend to self-righting, which would prove to be Facet's demise. In the pits however, Facet did manage to impressively throw Adam Clark's featherweight Armadillo 8 ft into the air.

Robot HistoryEdit

Series 3Edit

Facet vs terminal ferocity

Facet flips Terminal Ferocity over


KillCam witnesses Facet flip Matilda

"Facet had a flipping good time with Terminal Ferocity..."
— Jonathan Pearce during the Series 3 recap

In its first battle, one flip was all it took for Facet to defeat Terminal Ferocity. For good measure, it flipped it over again, into Dead Metal. As the House Robots closed in, Facet attacked Matilda and flipped it on its side. In retaliation, Shunt and Sergeant Bash assailed Facet, with Sergeant Bash crumpling the flipper.

"I just wonder, if it goes later on in the competition, whether or not the lifting ramp on Facet yawns too wide, and the House Robots get in - as they take on a House Robot! Matilda is turned topsy-turvy by Mike Rickard"
— Jonathan Pearce, just as Facet flips Matilda.
Firestorm vs facet

Facet flips Fire Storm

Fire storm vs facet

Facet is flipped by Fire Storm, and are unable to self-right

In the second round, Fire Storm hit Facet and pushing both robots off-balance in the next round. Bumping and ramming, Facet finally succeeded in flipping Fire Storm onto its back. Fire Storm self-righted, and then pushed and flipped Facet against a side wall. This clever move left Facet unable to self-right. With the damage done and Facet immobilised, Sir Killalot came in and impaled its lance into the huge gap underneath Facet's flipper, drilling into it in the process. Sir Killalot then lifted Facet into the air and carried it towards the pit, but failed to drop the robot in before cease was called.

"We couldn't get around quick enough, we were going to sit on top of them and stop them from self-righting"
— Mike Rickard


Series 3
The Third Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2
Heat O, Round 1 vs. Terminal Ferocity Won
Heat O, Round 2 vs. Fire Storm Lost


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1

Series RecordEdit

  • The team with Facet
  • Facet's cameo in the First World Championship
Series Facet Series Record
The First Wars Entered with Scrapper
The Second Wars Entered with G.B.H.
The Third Wars Heat, Round 2
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Entered with GBH 2
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars Edit


An early version of Facet takes on Cassius at the May 1999 Bordon Charity Event.

At the Bordon Charity Event, organised by the International Wreck Crew in May 1999, Facet took on Cassius and also took part in several melees. [1]

In September that same year, Facet appeared at Sevenoaks and fought Ivanhoe 2 and at least two melees.[2]


  • According to an agenda distributed to The Steering Committee, Facet was going to be offered a discretionary seeding in Series 4. However, for unknown reasons, Facet either did not enter or did not qualify for Series 4, alongside Griffon and Sting. Dreadnaut, Weld-Dor and Stinger were added as the 28th-30th seeds in their places.
  • Facet could reportedly reach a top speed of 48mph, a remarkable figure even by the standards of robotic combat today, but was still not the fastest robot in the series, second only to Binky (which claimed to have a top speed of 50mph).
  • Mike Rickard was the team captain for Facet's appearance; in all of the teams other appearances, it was Mike Smith.
  • Facet was one of a few competitor robots across the show's history to be equipped with an on-board camera system. Other competitors have included Killerhurtz, Interstellar: MML, Behemoth, and one of the minibots accompanying Nuts 2.



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