Falcon was an American competitor robot that fought in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. Falcon fought in multiple competitions in Season 1, but lost all four of its battles. The team came back in Season 2 with The Falcon Mark 2, named after their team-mate Mark Whillock who was unable to attend the event. Falcon Mark 2 was able to make it all the way to the Grand Final, losing to Tricerabot 3.0 in the second round. It also competed in the Tag Team for the second year running, but lost in the first round again. This meant its success in the second US Championship was the only time in five competitions they managed to win battles.

Team Falcon were well known for their "tough-guy" attitude, making them one of the more vibrant characters in the series, a performance which often rewarded the team with joking disdain from host Mick Foley in televised interviews.

Versions of Falcon[edit | edit source]

Falcon[edit | edit source]

Falcon armed with the flipper

Falcon was a classic wedge-shaped robot with a central mechanism which could interchangeably house one of two weapons. The first was a small flipping arm, quicker in operation to that of its successor. The more commonly used weapon by Falcon was its "spike", functioning more similarly to an axe. The axe weapon was notably claw-shaped, like the talons of a falcon, and also featured a triangular notch on the arm to stop the spike from embedding in the arena floor.

The color-scheme of Falcon also matched a bird of prey, and the robot featured threatening red eyes. The robot was large and imposing, but was slow, and could not self-right. Roll-bars were applied to the side of the robot, so that it could not be stranded on those surfaces.

The Falcon Mark II[edit | edit source]

The insides of The Falcon Mark 2

The Falcon Mark 2, as referred to by its heat statistics board and the announcer while alternatively being known as just Falcon Mark 2, featured a new silver design, and more sloped sides, losing some of its bird of prey theme, but maintained its menacing eyes. The lifting arm became the robot's mainstay weapon, being permanently attached to Falcon Mark 2, and boasted enough power to comfortably lift its 180lb team captain. Spikes were also added to the rear of the robot, and The Falcon Mark 2 ran on a four-wheel drive, with each wheel located roughly in the center of the machine. It was fairly mobile at 10mph, and displayed superior driving ability, but still lacked a self-righting mechanism, and its weapon operated very slowly.

Robot History[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Falcon attempts to topple $6 Million Mouse

6 Million Dollar Mouse backs Falcon into the wall

Falcon was involved in three competitions, with little success. Falcon faced 6 Million Dollar Mouse in the Civil War, representing the Union. Falcon had a back panel opened, and missed with its claw, but wedged under the Mouse, before being forced over the flames. Falcon then tried to flip 6 Million Dollar Mouse, but failed. Falcon was then struggling to finish it off. Shunt then axed Falcon, and it was pinned against the angle grinder by 6 Million Dollar Mouse. Falcon lost on the judges' decision.

Falcon tips General Chompsalot over

Falcon was also involved in the Tag Team alongside loanerbot entry Joker, and together the two machines faced General Chompsalot and Run Away. For this battle, Falcon used its flipping arm. Falcon and Chompsalot started this battle, and Falcon was crushed by Chompsalot before wedging underneath it plenty of times. Falcon also tried to wedge under Run Away when it attacked Joker. It was unseen from then on. Opponent Run Away was attacked illegally by the House Robots, and the match was judged up until then, and Falcon and Joker were beaten.

Falcon starts in the ascendancy against Rosie the Riveter

Falcon is pitted by Tricerabot

In the third place play-off, Falcon and Joker were drawn against Team Juggerbot entries Tricerabot and Rosie the Riveter. Falcon and Rosie The Riveter started, with Falcon switching back to its axe weapon. Falcon tried to axe Rosie the Riveter, but caused minor damage. Falcon kept trying to axe into Rosie the Riveter and Tricerabot, but were then pushed around by Tricerabot. Falcon axed Tricerabot, but stopped working had been struggling for mobility for the past while, and was pitted. Joker was counted out shortly afterwards and pitted.

In the US Championship, it faced The Brute, Shuriken, 6 Million Dollar Mouse, Red Virus and Medusa Oblongata.

"We're gonna send everybody home with a spike in the middle!"
— David Temple

Falcon becomes stuck on Shuriken

Falcon is shoved into the CPZ by The Brute

Falcon is axed by Shunt in the US Championship

Falcon initially pressed itself against 6 Million Dollar Mouse. It became stuck on top of Shuriken, firing its spike while proving unable to escape. Falcon had to be freed by a slam from The Brute, followed by the final release from Red Virus. Falcon freed itself, but was pushed across the arena by The Brute, into the CPZ where Matilda laid immobile. However, Falcon could not escape, and Shunt came in to axe the top of Falcon, and pin it into the corner. It became clear that Falcon had lost drive on one side as a result of The Brute's earlier attack, and it was left near the closed pit until 'cease' was called. On a Judges' decision, The Brute was declared the winner, officially eliminating Falcon. This meant Falcon lost all four of its bouts in the first season of Extreme Warriors.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

In Round 1, Falcon Mark 2 was up against Paul Bunyan and Bunny Attack. All three robots had ineffective weapons, but Falcon Mark 2 did all the work, trying to flip Bunny Attack. Bunny Attack showed little aggression to Paul Bunyan with its hammer, but Paul Bunyan hardly caused any and was eliminated.

Falcon Mark 2 lifts Buzz

In Round 2, Team Falcon made an insulting comment about their opponent Buzz prior to the battle, and during it, Falcon Mark 2 got caught on the arena Disc of Doom, but quickly freed itself. It started pushing around Buzz, shoving it against the edge of the arena, then using its lifting arm to lift it up. It then pushed its opponent into Sir Killalot's Corner Patrol Zone and while Buzz dealt with Sir Killalot, Falcon Mark 2 hit the pit trigger. Sir Killalot grabbed the immobilized Buzz in his pincers, then dropped it in the pit, as Falcon Mark 2 shoved at Sir Killalot from behind.

Falcon Mark 2 raises Tyranabot

In the Heat Final, Tyranabot quickly got up to speed, but Falcon Mark 2 got underneath it, shoving it around the arena. Falcon Mark 2 then pushed Tyranabot into Sir Killalot, but Tyranabot got away. Falcon Mark 2 used its lifting arm to lift Tyranabot up, but once again, it escaped and hit the pit trigger. Falcon Mark 2 used the lifting arm to lift Tyranabot again, and this time Refbot came in to free Tyranabot. Falcon Mark 2 would eventually win a Judges' decision.

Falcon Mark 2 sustains damage from Propeller-Head

Falcon Mark 2 came up against Propeller-Head in the first round of the Grand Final. Propeller-Head crashed into Falcon Mark 2 at the beginning of this match. Falcon Mark 2 got underneath Propeller-Head with the wedge. Propeller-Head punched a hole through the front of Falcon Mark 2's casing, then got its blade stuck into the back of Falcon Mark 2. Propeller-Head got its blade out and Falcon Mark 2 got underneath it again. Propeller-Head attacked Falcon Mark 2 a few more times with the spinning blade. Then Sgt. Bash went out of his Corner Patrol Zone for no reason. Propeller-Head hit the pit trigger, ended up in Sgt. Bash's CPZ, and got out immediately. Falcon Mark 2 got underneath Propeller-Head again at the price of being stuck on the grinders. Propeller-Head drove away and ended up on the edge of the pit and accidentally fell in to it.

Falcon Mark 2 is barged around by Tricerabot

In the semi-final, Falcon Mark 2 faced Tricerabot 3.0 for a place in the final. Tricerabot 3.0 started by ramming into Falcon Mark 2 and got underneath, pushing its opponent into the pit trigger. Tricerabot 3.0 pushed Falcon Mark 2 again, but this time, into the Corner Patrol Zone. Matilda started attacking Falcon Mark 2 as Shunt joined in with his axe. Falcon Mark 2 went out and went after Tricerabot 3.0. It looked like a stalemate was imminent as they drove straight into each other. Tricerabot 3.0 started ramming Falcon Mark 2 with its spikes. Falcon Mark 2 was nearly pitted, but escaped. The match went to the judges and Falcon Mark 2 was eliminated.

Falcon Mark 2 reprised his partnership with Joker in the Tag Team Terror. Together they fought Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow. Joker and Black Widow started first. But in the opening seconds, Falcon Mark 2 and Rocky-Bot-Boa came out of the CPZs and got in the action without a tag. Falcon Mark 2 and Joker both tried to sandwich Black Widow. Then Falcon drove into a CPZ and then Shunt tried to axe the top of it. Then Black Widow came right at Falcon Mark 2 as the two robots were right near the flame pit. And as all four robots were locked together, Falcon Mark 2 tried to lift Rocky-Bot-Boa upside down. Then Black Widow pushed it right into Dead Metal. But as Dead Metal buried the saw into it, Falcon Mark 2 lifted him up. Cease was called and it went to a judges decision and despite Joker and Falcon Mark 2's excellent performance, the judges gave the win to Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow.

Results[edit | edit source]

Season 1
Civil War
Representing the Union, Eliminator
Eliminator vs. $6 Million Mouse Lost
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Joker, Fourth
Eliminator vs. General Chompsalot & Run Away Lost
Playoff vs. Rosie the Riveter & Tricerabot Lost
US Championship
Heat vs. 6 Million Dollar Mouse, Medusa Oblongata, Red Virus, Shuriken, The Brute Lost
Season 2
US Championship
Grand Final, Round 2
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Bunny Attack, Paul Bunyan Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Buzz Won
Heat H, Final vs. Tyranabot Won
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Propeller-Head Won
Grand Final, Round 2 vs. Tricerabot 3.0 Lost
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Joker, Round 1
Eliminator vs. Black Widow & Rocky-Bot-Boa Lost

Wins/Losses[edit | edit source]

  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 6

Series Record[edit | edit source]

US Series Falcon Series Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Season 2 Grand Final, Round 2
Nickelodeon Did not enter

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Falcon (center, background) appears in a clip frequently used for the UK, Dutch and German series

  • Falcon is one of only two robots to reach a Grand Final without the use of a wildcard, and still collect more combat losses than wins, alongside Killertron.
  • Falcon makes a cameo appearance in every episode of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1, Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars, Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 and German Robot Wars. It, The Brute and Shuriken are visible behind the boards showing the list of events/rounds in each episode of the aforementioned series.
  • In an official Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors souvenir programme, The Falcon Mark 2 was simply listed as Falcon II.
  • When entering the arena for its Heat Final in Season 2, The Falcon Mark 2 was erroneously referred to by its opponent's name, Tyranabot.

Honours[edit | edit source]

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