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Falcon (Sometimes referred to by Stefan Frank as The Falcon) was an American competitor robot that fought in both seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors. Falcon fought in multiple competitions in Season 1, but lost all four of its battles. The team came back in Season 2 with The Falcon Mark 2, named after their team-mate Mark Whillock who was unable to attend the event. Falcon Mark 2 was able to make it all the way to the Grand Final, losing to Tricerabot 3.0 in the second round. It also competed in the Tag Team for the second year running, but lost in the first round again. This meant its success in the second US Championship was the only time in five competitions they managed to win battles.

Team Falcon were well known for their "tough-guy" attitude, making them one of the more vibrant characters in the series, a performance which often rewarded the team with joking disdain from host Mick Foley in televised interviews.

Versions of Falcon[]


Falcon armed with the flipper

Falcon was a classic wedge-shaped robot with a central mechanism which could interchangeably house one of two weapons. The first was a small flipping arm, quicker in operation to that of its successor. The more commonly used weapon by Falcon was its "spike", functioning more similarly to an axe. The axe weapon was notably claw-shaped, like the talons of a falcon, and also featured a triangular notch on the arm to stop the spike from embedding in the arena floor.

The color-scheme of Falcon also matched a bird of prey, and the robot featured threatening red eyes. The robot was large and imposing, but was slow, and could not self-right. Roll-bars were applied to the side of the robot, so that it could not be stranded on those surfaces.

The Falcon Mark II[]

The insides of The Falcon Mark 2

The Falcon Mark 2, as referred to by its heat statistics board and the announcer while alternatively being known as just Falcon Mark 2, featured a new silver design, and more sloped sides, losing some of its bird of prey theme, but maintained its menacing eyes. The lifting arm became the robot's mainstay weapon, being permanently attached to Falcon Mark 2, and boasted enough power to comfortably lift its 180lb team captain. Spikes were also added to the rear of the robot, and The Falcon Mark 2 ran on a four-wheel drive, with each wheel located roughly in the center of the machine. It was fairly mobile at 10mph, and displayed superior driving ability, but still lacked a self-righting mechanism, and its weapon operated very slowly.

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

Falcon nearly topples $6 Million Mouse

6 Million Dollar Mouse backs Falcon into the wall

Falcon first faced 6 Million Dollar Mouse in the Civil War, representing the Union. Falcon faced 6 Million Dollar Mouse in the Civil War, representing the Union. As “Activate” was called, 6 Million Dollar Mouse immediately circled in on Falcon, hitting the back panel of the robot and causing it to break open. Falcon tried to use the spike, but could not gain any points as 6 Million Dollar Mouse drove onto the wedge of Falcon, but quickly got off. Despite getting back on the wedge, 6 Million Dollar Mouse was able to boss around Falcon, slamming it into the wall and putting it under the fire pit. As 6 Million Dollar Mouse spun up, Falcon finally got a hold of 6 Million Dollar Mouse, and almost tipped it over. Refbot came over to separate them, but 6 Million Dollar Mouse got off the wedge. Both robots got incredibly close to the open pit after this, but both got away and continued to push each other onto the wall and into the CPZ, where Shunt axed a large hole into the top of Falcon, and then tried to flip it over. With one final push, Cease was called, and 6 Million Dollar Mouse won the judges decision.

Falcon tips General Chompsalot over

Falcon was also involved in the Tag Team alongside loanerbot entry Joker, and together the two machines faced General Chompsalot and Run Away. For this battle, Falcon used its flipping arm attachment. Falcon and Chompsalot started for their respective teams, and General Chompsalot got a light grab before both robots tagged out to their partners, but Falcon did not stay out of the battle for long, as it went in illegally to help Joker get off Run Away’s wedge, which also prompted General Chompsalot to leave its corner illegally. As Joker was torched over the flame pit by Run Away, Falcon, with the assistance of Dead Metal, was able to get Joker off the wedge. However, Joker immediately got stuck on the pit. Sir Killalot then proceeded to leave his corner patrol zone to grab Run Away, dragging it around the arena and putting it onto the floor flipper as time expired. The judges ruled the match in favor of General Chompsalot and Run Away, due to their dominance before Sir Killalot’s intervention, which they deemed to be unfair.

Falcon starts in the ascendancy against Rosie the Riveter

Falcon is pitted by Tricerabot

In the third place play-off, Falcon and Joker were drawn against Team Juggerbot entries Tricerabot and Rosie the Riveter. Falcon and Rosie The Riveter started, with Falcon using a brand new axe weapon for this fight. Falcon and Rosie began the fight, as Falcon tried to bring its axe into play, doing no damage to Rosie’s armor. Falcon continued to miss with the axe attacks as Joker came flying in with an attack on Tricerabot, doing no damage and appearing to completely stop the shell, which caused Joker to have issues spinning it back up for the rest of the match. Falcon quickly became doubled teamed by Tricerabot and Rosie, being pushed around by the two robots combined torque. Falcon finally got a good hit in on Tricerabot’s top as it rammed into them, although it was a cosmetic piece of armor. Tricerabot was then set alight by the flame pit and Sgt. Bash at the same time it became apparent Falcon was immobilized. Although Rosie was very slow in this battle, it was still able to keep Joker from helping its tag team partner get away from Tricerabot, as the dinosaur robots opened the pit and pushed Falcon in, officially putting it out of the battle. Joker was counted out and pitted shortly after, and Falcon finished fourth in the Tag Team Terror.

In the US Championship, it faced The Brute, Shuriken, 6 Million Dollar Mouse, Red Virus and Medusa Oblongata.

"We're gonna send everybody home with a spike in the middle!"
— David Temple

Falcon becomes stuck on Shuriken

Falcon is shoved into the CPZ by The Brute

Falcon is axed by Shunt in the US Championship

After staying out of the action for the first few seconds, Falcon then became wedged on Shuriken, but was then rammed off it by The Brute. Brute then proceeded to ram Falcon into a CPZ, where Shunt axed Falcons wedge a few times. This seemed to kill one side of drive on Falcon, as it remained in the CPZ for the rest of the fight as the battle raged on, Shuriken being thrown onto the floor flipper and counted out right as the battle came to an end, Falcon still a possible winner despite its lack of movement in the closing seconds. However, the decision went in favor of Brute, eliminating Falcon from the championship by a third judges decision in four fights. This loss meant that Falcon lost all four of its bouts in the first season of Extreme Warriors.

Season 2[]

The three robots converge in the middle of the arena

In Round 1, Falcon Mark 2 was up against newcomers Paul Bunyan and Bunny Attack. As the battle began, Falcon Mark 2 immediately showed its speed by ramming Bunny Attack over the flame pit and into the wall, causing it to ricochet off and run into Refbot. Falcon continued to bully Bunny Attack around the arena as Paul Bunyan tried to get involved by using the backside of the robot, but it did not do anything to stop Falcon or Bunny Attack. Paul Bunyan continued to strangely use its backside to ram into Bunny attack, as Falcon tried and failed to get their weapon into play. Bunny Attack also could not get their weapon to work as Falcon came in to push around Bunny Attack once more, as Paul Bunyan continued to passively drive around. Falcon then finally got it’s lifter underneath Bunny Attack, nearly flipping it over, but Bunny Attack landed right on their wheels as it became apparent Paul Bunyan’s weapon had stopped working. As Paul Bunyan finally got into a pushing match with Bunny Attack, cease say called. Despite Bunny Attack being dominated by Falcon Mark 2 throughout, the judges voted to eliminate Paul Bunyan, on the basis that it was too passive and ineffective in the battle.

"...all it is is a speed bump on the road. By the time we're done with it, it's just gonna be a road patch!"
— Robert Moline of Team Falcon jokingly insults Buzz's design before the second round battle

Falcon Mark 2 lifts Buzz

In Round 2, Falcon faced the side hinged lifter of Buzz, another newcomer. As the battle began, Falcon became stuck on the blades of the Disc of Doom, but was able to get off before Buzz could capitalize on the mistake. Falcon then got under the profile of Buzz, and similarly to Bunny Attack nearly got Buzz off of their wheels, but they could not fully lift them up and over. Falcon shoved Buzz into the CPZ where Killalot proceeded to boss around the much lighter Buzz, before letting it escape. Buzz was not out of the patrol zone for long, as Falcon rammed them back into the zone, where Buzz was then picked up by Killalot, immobilizing them in the pincers as he dropped Buzz into the Pit.

Falcon Mark 2 raises Tyranabot

Advancing to the Heat Final, Falcon Mark 2 faced another newcomer Tyranabot. Tyranabot came out speedy, but drove onto Falcon’s wedge, where it was thrown into the CPZ. Killalot bossed around Tyranabot before it escaped, running into Falcon’s wedge once again, this time getting lifted onto the Disc of Doom. As the pit descended, Falcon took a saw strike from Dead Metal, which was followed by a weak grab from Tyranabot as Cease was called, the battle going to yet another judges decision, with Falcon Mark 2 emerging as the victor.

Falcon Mark 2 sustains damage from Propeller-Head

Falcon Mark 2 came up against yet another newcomer Propeller-Head in the first round of the Grand Final. Propeller-Head immediately clashed with Falcon Mark 2, being extremely uncontrollable as it nipped on and off Falcon’s wedge, getting some shots here and there. Propeller-Head then buried their spinner into the back of Falcon, causing some visible damage to the armor plate. Falcon tried to get a lift on Propeller-Head, but it retaliated with a strong shot right to the lifter. Propeller-Head then went to the pit release button, quickly avoiding Sgt. Bash in the process. Falcon got stuck under the grinder, but caught an extremely lucky break when some poor driving from Propeller-Head caused it to get stuck on the lip of the pit, and then fall in completely, making Falcon the surprise winner.

Falcon Mark 2 is barged around by Tricerabot

Falcon Mark 2 then faced the experienced Tricerabot 3.0 for a second time for a place in the final. Tricerabot started with a fast box rush, catching Falcon off guard and gaining control early on. Tricerabot used this strong start to control and throw Falcon Mark 2 around the box, hitting the pit button as it runs around. Falcon was then dumped into a CPZ, where Matilda set up Falcon for a Shunt axe attack as Falcon quickly got out of the patrol zone. Tricerabot then used its back spikes to nearly pit Falcon, but the team barely escaped. Tricerabot then got one final push around the arena as time expired, Tricerabot 3.0 winning the judges decision.

The Falcon Mark 2 reprised its partnership with Joker in the Tag Team Terror. Together they fought Rocky-Bot-Boa and Black Widow.

The Falcon Mark 2 focuses on Rocky-Bot-Boa

The Falcon Mark 2 lifts Rocky-Bot-Boa in the late stages

Joker and Black Widow started the match, and Black Widow immediately rammed into Joker’s spinner, stopping it in its tracks. Black Widow continued to ram Joker around the arena, activating the Disc of Doom in the process as Rocky Bot-Boa came out of their corner to attack Falcon, which used its wedge to keep it at bay. Joker was finally able to get its disc up to speed, and it buried its tooth into the side of Rocky Bot-Boa, but Rocky got free and activated the pit button. Joker could not get its disc into play after the initial strike, being bossed around by both Black Widow and Rocky Bot-Boa. Falcon was not doing much at this point in the fight, although it did get rammed a few times by Black Widow. Falcon then put its very low wedge and pushing power to use, bossing around Black Widow as Joker was completely helpless against Rocky Bot-Boa. Falcon then got grabbed and sawed into by Dead Metal as the battle raged on, time expiring as Falcon escaped from the house robot’s grasp. Despite Joker and Falcon Mark 2’s impressive showing, the battle went to Rocky and Black Widow, eliminating Falcon from the Tag Team Terror once more.


Season 1
Civil War
Representing the Union, Eliminator
Eliminator vs. $6 Million Mouse Lost
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Joker, Fourth
Eliminator vs. General Chompsalot & Run Away Lost
Playoff vs. Rosie the Riveter & Tricerabot Lost
US Championship
Heat vs. 6 Million Dollar Mouse, Medusa Oblongata, Red Virus, Shuriken, The Brute Lost
Season 2
US Championship
Grand Final, Round 2
Heat H, Round 1 vs. Bunny Attack, Paul Bunyan Qualified
Heat H, Round 2 vs. Buzz Won
Heat H, Final vs. Tyranabot Won
Grand Final, Round 1 vs. Propeller-Head Won
Grand Final, Round 2 vs. Tricerabot 3.0 Lost
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Joker, Round 1
Eliminator vs. Black Widow & Rocky-Bot-Boa Lost


  • Wins: 4
  • Losses: 6

Series Record[]

US Series Falcon Series Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Season 2 Grand Final, Round 2
Nickelodeon Did not enter



Falcon (center, background) appears in a clip frequently used for the UK, Dutch and German series

  • Falcon is one of only two robots to reach a Grand Final without the use of a wildcard, and still collect more combat losses than wins, alongside Killertron.
  • Falcon makes a cameo appearance in every episode of Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1, Robot Wars: The Fifth Wars, Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1 and German Robot Wars. It, The Brute and Shuriken are visible behind the boards showing the list of events/rounds in each episode of the aforementioned series.
  • In an official Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors souvenir programme, The Falcon Mark 2 was simply listed as Falcon II.
  • When entering the arena for its Heat Final in Season 2, The Falcon Mark 2 was erroneously referred to by its opponent's name, Tyranabot.
  • In Round 2 of the US Championship, Team Falcon remarked that Buzz was a “speed bump”. Coincidentally, Buzz’s previous identity was as BattleBots middleweight Speed Bump XL. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.