"It's got a nasty bite; try to steer clear of Fang!"
Jonathan Pearce's in game commentary

Fang is a fictional competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction.

Appearance and Armament Edit

Fang stats

Fang's Statistics

It is a middleweight class robot with a box wedge-shaped body. Its weapon is a crushing claw and it is armoured in Kevlar. It cannot self-right. It is decorated with four sets of antennae as "Extra".


Using FangEdit

Fang and war saws gameplay

Fang crushes The Marshall

Be careful when using Fang, as it is rather quick and unstable, making it rather easy to topple. Keep away from flippers and use the claw to go for the sides to manipulate other robots from there. Flippers are very hard to go against, so go for the sides at all costs.

Against FangEdit

Fang has no rear protection, is rather unstable and its ground clearance is high enough for lifting weaponry to tip it over. Its sides are also easy places for it to be flipped and it has no srimech, so it cannot self right.

Fang Stats

Fang's stats

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