Fatty is a super heavyweight competitor robot in the game Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. Its weapons are a flywheel and a chainsaw and it is armoured in titanium. It cannot self-right if it is flipped. It costs 12,330 credits to buy.


Using FattyEdit

The chainsaw is useless, but the flywheel is far more effective, so it is a much more useful weapon to cause damage with. Ram opponents with the flywheel to try and dislodge bits of armour. Be wary against flippers, as Fatty cannot self-right.

Against FattyEdit

As the AI will choose the chainsaw over the flywheel, it means that Fatty is hopeless against flippers, so the easiest tactic is either to flip it over with a flipping weapon, or ram it into the side of the arena, as it will probably be flipped over on making contact with the side wall. Fatty also lacks pushing power due to its domed disc shape, so another tactic is to push it into the hazards to inflict damage.

Fatty Stats

Fatty's stats

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