The Featherweight Championship was a side competition for robots in the featherweight class, weighing up to 12kg, or 13.6kg for the proposed Series 10 competition. There were a total of four Featherweight Championships run throughout the original series of Robot Wars; one in Series 2, one in each series of Robot Wars Extreme, and one in Series 7. However, no champion ever came back to defend their title after they had won it. The first two Featherweight Championships were single battles, while the Extreme 2 and Series 7 competitions consisted of mini-tournaments with qualifying rounds, with two or three robots progressing to the final from each qualifying round.

Two additional featherweight competitions were intended to take place during Series 3 and Series 10 respectively. However, the Series 3 competition was cancelled as a result of a behind-the-scenes accident, while the Series 10 championship was postponed indefinitely due to time constraints.[1]

Featherweight ChampionshipsEdit

Series 2Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Second Wars/Featherweight Championship

Anarchy vs Armadillo vs Demolisher vs Ripper

Winner: Demolisher won

Series 3Edit

Event cancelled (although twelve robots were due to compete)

Extreme Series 1Edit

Main article: Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1/Featherweight Championship

RC Warrior vs Beef-Cake

Winner: Beef-Cake

Extreme Series 2Edit

Main article: Robot Wars Extreme: Series 2/Featherweight Championship

Robots Competing: Gi-Ant-O, Katnip, Argh!, Bernard, AM CVn, Eddy Evolution, Neoteric, Dragon, Kitty, Gladiator, Micro-Mute, Cutlet, Flybot

Round 1

  • Gi-Ant-O vs Katnip vs Argh! vs Bernard vs AM CVn vs Eddy Evolution vs Neoteric: Katnip, Argh! & Bernard qualified
  • Dragon vs Kitty vs Gladiator vs Micro-Mute vs Cutlet vs Flybot: Micro-Mute, Gladiator & Cutlet qualified


  • Argh! vs Bernard vs Cutlet vs Gladiator vs Katnip vs Micro-Mute: Argh! won

Series 7Edit

Main article: Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Featherweight Championship

Robots Competing: Alienator, Alpha, Bernard, Cutlet, Cygnus, DTK, G2, Gi-Ant-O, Kitty, Mammoth, Micro-Mute, Mini Maul, Prince of Awe, Rampage 2, Rip, Staglet, Typhoon Cadet, Whipper

Note: G2 was referred to as "Cheese 2" in the event due to a scripting error.

Note: RC2 and Storm Vortex both qualified for the competition, but withdrew prior to their respective battles.

Round 1

  • Alpha vs Cygnus vs G2 vs Kitty vs Mini Maul vs Prince of Awe vs Rip: Prince of Awe & Rip qualified
  • Alienator vs Bernard vs Cutlet vs DTK vs Mammoth vs Staglet vs Typhoon Cadet: Bernard & DTK qualified
  • Gi-Ant-O vs Micro-Mute vs Rampage 2 vs Whipper: Rampage 2 & Whipper qualified


  • Bernard vs DTK vs Prince of Awe vs Rampage 2 vs Rip vs Whipper: DTK won

Series 10Edit

In May 2017, a new Featherweight Championship was originally planned to be recorded as part of Series 10, featuring changes to the weight limits for standard, walking and shuffling robots. Applications for featherweight entries opened at the same time as those for regular heavyweights,[2] although timing constraints forced the championship to be postponed indefinitely. However, the official Robot Wars Facebook page stated at the time that they still intended to film a potential Featherweight Championship after Series 10 had finished.


  • With 37 separate participants, the Featherweight Championship had more entries than any other Alternate Weight Class championship event. This does not include any potential competitors for the cancelled Series 3 championship, or those that withdrew from the Series 7 championship.
  • No featherweight champion ever attempted a title defence.


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