"No point practising for this 'Fire Drill'- it's already too late!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Fire Drill is a fictional competitor robot in the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It has a bullet shaped chassis armoured in Kevlar and is armed with a rear carbon cutting disc and a flamethrower, giving Fire Drill its name. It also has 2 eyes and 2 Union Jack flags as extras.

Although Fire Drill is available to buy at the very beginning of Competition mode, it has a price tag of 5990 credits, beyond the starting budget.


Using Fire DrillEdit

The carbon disc is very difficult to aim accurately but is very destructive. Fire Drill has little pushing power, so the best tactic is to use the flamethrower to damage the armour of other robots - even the strongest armour will gave way without a long wait. The Kevlar armour is also fairly resilient to other weapons. You need not worry if you are up against a flipper as Fire Drill cannot be flipped, however, it will be able to be flipped if the flamethrower comes off, which will not happen often.

Against Fire DrillEdit

Due to its lack of pushing power and potential, the most useful strategy to use against Fire Drill is to push it on one of its front sides into the pit (if it's open) or a CPZ (if it's occupied by a house robot). You could push it from the back, but the carbon disc could cause considerable damage to your armour depending on its integrity.


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