"The flipper of Firestorm has made it one of the most feared robots in Robot Wars. This replica pullback comes with a flamethrower accessory to keep the action hot and manic!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The pullback toy of Firestorm was made in the image of its real life Robot Wars counterpart. It is based upon Firestorm 3, the Robot Wars Extreme and Series 5 iteration of the machine.



Firestorm with its flipper open

It is armed with its powerful front-hinged flipper, activated by pulling the Firestorm logo back with one's finger. Strangely, Firestorm has a large ground clearance (mostly due to the toy having two small wheels and screws at the front that aren't present on the real machine) which means it cannot get under many pullbacks without outside help. The pullback also has two red aerials on its top, which can easily be snapped off, and secondhand Firestorm pullbacks typically lack the aerials.



The dual-flamethrowers

Firestorm was part of the second phase of Robot Wars pullbacks and did not come with a piece of Gauntlet or Trial equipment, instead coming with a dual-flame thrower turret. The turrets would launch the flames by flicking switches on the arms of the turret.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • Much like the Wheely Big Cheese pullback, the Firestorm pullback features small black wheels at the front which significantly increase the ground clearance.



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