Firestorm was a heavyweight robot which competed in five series of Robot Wars. Debuting in Series 3, it would reach the Grand Final three times in its main UK Series appearances, finishing third in Series 5-6 and never failing to reach the Semi-Finals. It also competed in both series of Robot Wars Extreme, winning the Extreme 2 Commonwealth Carnage.

Firestorm in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction is based upon its Series 4 incarnation, Firestorm 2, although it is simply referred to as Firestorm for most of the game. Arenas of Destruction marked the second of the robot's four appearances in Robot Wars video games.

Appearance and ArmamentEdit

Being based upon the design of Firestorm 2, Firestorm is a primarily orange wedge, being yellow at the top. The robot features a front-hinged flipper, which is capable of flipping other robots out of the arena, being considered the second-best robot in the game for doing so, behind Behemoth. Firestorm's wedge is not as low as it was on the show, and the back of the robot is curved, but it is otherwise representative of Firestorm 2.


Using FirestormEdit

Very few original robots in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction can self-right, so Firestorm can typically slip underneath one of these robots, and overturn it for a victory. When faced with a robot that can self-right, Firestorm may need to push the robot into arena hazards such as the pit, or attempt to flip them out of the arena.

Against FirestormEdit

Firestorm's wedge is fairly easy to breach, so a superior wedge can command Firestorm for a victory. Firestorm also has fairly weak armour, so a strong weapon can also defeat it, and it sometimes has trouble self-righting when flipped, so turning it over and staying near it to prevent it righting itself is a good idea, too.

Differences from Real LifeEdit

  • The back of Firestorm is rounded.
  • Firestorm's wedge is fairly high up.
  • Firestorm's baseplate is not coloured, unlike the real Firestorm 2.
  • Firestorm has problems self-righting, when in real-life, it can self-right with very little trouble.


  • Despite its real-life version being seeded 5th in Series 4 and managing to reach the Semi-Finals for the second consecutive time, Firestorm is ranked below most competitors in Arenas of Destruction. Often, it enters tournaments unseeded, generally only becoming seeded in the 12-seed tournament Russian Rampage.
    • The only real-life machine it outranks in the game is Diotoir.
Firestorm AOD Stats

Firestorm's stats in Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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