Not to be confused with 5ive, the boy band who once drove Disc-O-Inferno

Channel 5 (also known as Five at the time of Series 7, or stylised as five) is a British free-to-air broadcaster which operates numerous TV channels across the United Kingdom. After acquiring the rights from the BBC, Channel 5 aired the seventh series of Robot Wars in 2003-2004.


Channel 5 was launched on Sunday 30th March 1997 and started with previews of shows that would air on the channel. They had aired several other game shows in the six years prior to acquiring Robot Wars.


Channel 5 acquired the rights from the BBC during the airing of the second series of Robot Wars Extreme, meaning the final three episodes of the series were not aired on BBC Two.

In November 2003, Channel Five started airing Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars, and the run lasted for twenty-two episodes, consisting of nineteen episodes for the UK Championship and three episodes for side events, including The Third World Championship, which proved to be the final episode of the original series, until the BBC decided to reboot the series in January 2016.

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