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Mace's flail

Flails are a loose hanging type of rotating weapon.


  • A flail is a spinning weapon that dangles loosely, usually by a chain. When it gets up to speed, it "flails" around, hence the name. Flails were sometimes used in conjunction with Full-body spinners, their flexible designs helped prevent backlash to the robot's shell.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The flailing motion of the blades increases the amount of kinetic energy they carry. This allows them to cause more damage than an equivalent rigid weapon.
  • Flails absorb shocks better than rigid blades.


  • Flails are prone to breakage, which could leave the robot spinning wildly off-balance. Mauler was infamous for flipping itself due to stability issues.
  • A dangling flail can often restrict a robot's ability to self right.

List of Robots with Flails

Robots are listed alphabetically. Robots that failed to qualify are listed with a blue background.

Robot Series Appearances with Flails Notes
Caliban Series 2 Pioneer of flails. Interchangeable with a full-body spinner
Hoot Dutch Series 2, Nickelodeon Loanerbot
Humdrum US Season 1, Nickelodeon Loanerbot
Inquisitor Series 2 Was destroyed by Razer before it had the chance to be used.
Jackson Wallop Series 7 Attached to a spinning disc. Largest body-to-weapon ratio allowed
Joker US Season 2, Nickelodeon Attached to an angled spinning disc
Mace Series 2-3 The flail weapon prevented Mace 2 from self-righting in the Semi-Finals.
Marauder US Season 2
Mauler Series 3 Not allowed to compete due to safety concerns.
Scrap Dragon
Tantrum Series 2
The Parthian Shot Series 2 Never made it into the arena
Tornado Series 7 One of its interchangeable weapons
Victor 2 Series 3 Interchangeable with a lawnmower blade
Whirling Dervish Series 2
Whirlpool 70 Extreme 1
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