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The Flame Pit was an arena hazard that debuted in Series 2, appearing in every series thereafter.


The Flame Pit was located on the bottom right hand side of the arena. It was also used as an obstacle in The Gauntlet where contestants had to get pass. In Nickelodeon Robot Wars, the Flame Pit was changed into a steam vent due to censorship. Its main purpose was to burn out a robot's electronics when they drove across it, or set fire to robots with a flammable exterior like Diotoir. It was first used in the Skittles trial when Sir Killalot held Piece de Resistance over the hazard following its run, a technique he would do frequently thereafter. In Series 8-10, the Flame Pit was enlarged and located on the left hand side of the arena.

Notable instances[]

Series 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Trial: Skittles Piece de Resistance Piece de Resistance was the first robot to endure the Flame Pit
Killertron vs ORAC ORAC Killertron dragged ORAC onto the Flame Pit with its axe. According to Peter Reynolds, the Arena was not deemed safe to enter until at least five minutes after ORAC had been placed on the Flame Pit. Nevertheless, the Flame Pit was still operating during this period, resulting in ORAC's tyres catching fire during the post-battle interviews. By the time ORAC was extinguished, its tyres, receiver, speed controllers, wiring and heatsinks were destroyed.[1]
Heat G, Gauntlet Nemesis The first of Team Nemesis' many encounters with the flame pit and the second time it had caught fire.

Series 3[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Mace 2 vs Weeliwako Weeliwako Weeliwako was taken to the Flame Pit as Sir Killalot dragged it out of The Pit.
Abaddon vs Technophobic Abaddon After being pushed onto the Flame Pit, Abaddon's tail became stuck within the mesh, prompting Matilda and Shunt to free it.
Pitbull vs Technophobic Technophobic Technophobic caught fire and broke down after the flames reached its petrol engine.
Napalm vs Robopig Sir Killalot Sir Killalot shoved Robopig to the Flame Pit, but a jet of flame caused his petrol engine to set on fire.
Death Warmed Up vs Stealth Death Warmed Up Death Warmed Up became stuck on the Flame Pit, prompting Shunt to free it.
Diotoir vs Fire Storm Diotoir A flipped Diotoir was pushing onto the Flame Pit by Fire Storm, causing its fur to catch fire.
Behemoth vs Razer Razer One of Razer's self-righting wings became stuck on the grille, prompting Dead Metal to free it.

Series 4[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Diotoir vs Ming 2 vs Bolt from the Blue Diotoir Diotoir was flipped over by Ming 2 and was pushed into the Flame Pit.
Wheelosaurus vs Suicidal Tendencies (32) Wheelosaurus Wheelosaurus's strimmer petrol engine caught fire.
Disc-O-Inferno vs Sir Chromalot Sir Chromalot Sir Chromalot drove over the flame pit, setting fire to its decorative cloak

Extreme 1[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Napalm 2 vs The Spider vs Gemini The Spider Despite a strong start, The Spider drove over the flame pit and broke down.

Series 5[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
The Steel Avenger vs The Tartan Terror The Tartan Terror Sir Killalot pushed The Tartan Terror over the flame pit, setting fire to its tartan.

Series 6[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Cyrax vs Ruf Ruf Dougal vs Tetanus 2 vs Weld-Dor 3 Ruf Ruf Dougal Ruf Ruf Dougal's tail was too close to the edge of the Flame Pit and its fur coat soon caught fire.
Kronic 2 vs Terrorhurtz Kronic 2 Kronic 2's foam spikes were set on fire.

Extreme 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Diotoir & Pussycat vs Bulldog Breed & Robochicken Diotoir The final time Diotoir was set on fire in the original series.
Chopper vs ICU vs Mad Dog Chopper Chopper became stuck on the Flame Pit briefly after being attacked by Matilda.
Firestorm 4 vs Panic Attack Panic Attack Following its defeat to Firestorm 4, Mr Psycho carried Panic Attack to the flame pit, but subsequently dropped it there to attack Firestorm 4.

Series 7[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Killerkat vs Jackson Wallop vs Gyrobot Killerkat After being knocked onto its side, Killerkat was pushed onto the Flame Pit where its fur caught fire.

Series 8[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Thor vs Foxic Foxic Foxic was pushed onto the Flame Pit and lost mobility temporarily

Series 9[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Apollo vs Carbide (Head to Head Round) Apollo Sir Killalot held Apollo over the Flame Pit after Cease was called.

Series 10[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Big Nipper vs Crackers 'n' Smash Crackers Crackers was pushed onto the Flame Pit by Sir Killalot and consequently got stuck underneath him. Crackers was unable to move away and was deemed immobile.
Apollo vs Diotoir Diotoir Diotoir drove on to the Flame Pit on purpose at the start of the battle.

Extreme Warriors: Season 1[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Tricerabot vs The Green Mouse The Green Mouse The Green Mouse got flipped upside down by Tricerabot, and then pushed into the Flame Pit setting its fur on fire.
Red Virus vs Drillzilla vs Rippa Raptor vs Conquering Clown Conquering Clown Conquering Clown became immobilized, and Drillzilla pushed it on the Flame Pit setting its head on fire.
Manta vs Tiger Cat Tiger Cat Team Dynamic Duo secretly doused Tiger Cat with WD-40 because the team were unsatisfied with the Loanerbot they were given.
Tut Tut and Drillzilla vs Tricerabot vs Rosie the Riveter Tricerabot Drillzilla pushed Tricerabot onto the Flame Pit and set it on fire.

Extreme Warriors: Season 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Rocky-Bot-Boa vs The Bat The Bat Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed The Bat over the Flame Pit, causing its wings to break.
Psycho Chicken vs The Revolutionist Psycho Chicken Psycho Chicken was destroyed by The Revolutionist, and in the end was burnt, and launched by the Floor Flipper.
Destructive Criticism vs Conquering Clown 2 Conquering Clown 2 Conquering Clown's already smoldered head began to burn again after driving over the Flame Pit, and lost its Iron Mask face.
Tricerabot 3.0 vs Rocky-Bot-Boa Tricerabot 3.0 Tricerabot was flipped over by Shunt, and then Rocky-Bot-Boa shoved it on to the Flame Pit. The flammable armor was then removed afterwards for the remainder of the Grand Final.

Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Bamm Bamm vs Rat Bamm Bamm Bamm Bamm was equipped with the Styrofoam club, which burnt up when pushed onto the flame pit.
Pyramid of Chaos vs Scraptosaur Pyramid of Chaos Shunt pushed the immobile robot on to the Flame Pit, and its shell caught fire.
Slicer vs El-Mower El-Mower The Elmo doll only smoldered, but did not burn.
Project One vs Blue Project One Project One burnt out its motors after driving over the Flame Pit.

Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Meshuggah vs The Lethal Swan The Lethal Swan The Lethal Swan went through the same punishments as it did in Series 1
Twister vs Impact Impact Impact was destroyed by the House Robots and was burnt in the end.
Scrap-II-Saur vs Tough as Nails Tough as Nails Tough as Nails' motors were overheated and shutdown due to driving over the Flame Pit.

German Series[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Not Perfect vs Junkyard Queen Not Perfect, Junkyard Queen Both robots became stuck together whilst over the flame pit, forcing Mr Psycho to separate them.