Flextreme was a tracked robot that competed in the first series of Dutch Robot Wars. Despite being the only mobile robot at the end of both battles it fought in, Flextreme lost its two fights to El-Mower and Enderbot.



Side view of Flextreme

It was shaped like an inverted trapezoid, and equipped with a circular saw. Its odd shape and clear outer shell gave it the appearance of a large fish tank, so the team placed several fish keychains on the inside, and a plastic frog on the outside - strategically placed to protect the link guard. However, Flextreme suffered from traction and clearance problems.


The name Flextreme is a portmanteau of flex and extreme.

The TeamEdit

Flextreme pits

Flextreme and its team in the pits

Team Flextreme was a Dutch team captained by Niels Schotten, joined by Wim Schotten and Babeth van Son. The captain Niels Schotten would later compete in Dutch Series 2 on the team of Alien Destructor 2, and joined Team RCC some time after Dutch Series 2.

Team member Babeth van Son was actually part of Team Mad Science, the team that entered Project One (which battled Flextreme in the losers' melee), but did not appear with the team due to the three member limit. She would appear again in the second Dutch Series as a member of Project Two: Hex'em.

Robot HistoryEdit

Dutch Series 1Edit

Competing in Heat D, Flextreme fought El-Mower in the first round.

El-Mower vs Flextreme

Flextreme is hit by El-Mower's blade


Flextreme is attacked by Shunt

Flextreme found it difficult to meet El-Mower head-on and bring its saw into play. It was struck by El-Mower's blade several times, but stood up well to the punishment. In the last few seconds, it managed to catch El-Mower from behind and attempt to cut into it, with little success. El-Mower had also become immobile at this stage, but it was not counted out, and the battle was sent to a decision by the Jury, who voted in favour of El-Mower, despite its immobilisation.

This relegated Flextreme to the losers' melee, where it fought Project One and Enderbot.

Enderbot vs Flextreme vs Project One

The flat top of Flextreme is struck by Enderbot

Flextreme initially took a passive role. It was lifted by Project One, so Flextreme attacked Enderbot. Flextreme was hammered by Enderbot and axed by Project One, but once again stood up well to the punishment. Project One was attacked by Sir Killalot, so Flextreme and Enderbot continued pushing one another. Eventually, Enderbot lost mobility under pressure from Flextreme, but it was not counted out during the battle, which was sent to a decision by the Jury. Despite Flextreme being the only mobile robot at the end of the battle, the Jury voted in favour of Enderbot, to the aggravation of Team Flextreme.


Series 1
Dutch Championship
Heat, Round 1
Heat D, Round 1 vs. El-Mower Lost
Heat D, Losers Melee vs. Enderbot, Project One Lost


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Series RecordEdit

Flextreme tracks

The internals of Flextreme

Dutch Series Flextreme Series Record
Series 1 Heat, Round 1
Series 2 Entered with Alien Destructor 2 (Niels Schotten)
Entered with Project Two: Hex'em (Babeth van Son)

Outside Robot WarsEdit

Flextreme pits live

Flextreme in the pits at the Dutch Robot Games in 2001

Flextreme vs lethal swan vs rcc

Flextreme fighting ODT-001 and The Lethal Swan

After Dutch Series 1 had been filmed, Flextreme competed in the Dutch Robot Games later in 2001. It was successful in the Dutch bracket, avenging its televised loss to Enderbot and reaching the final by beating Arena Killer before finally losing to Alien Destructor for a second-place finish[1]. It also fought in two rumbles outside of the main competition, losing both to Dantomkia and The Lethal Swan.


  • In each of Flextreme's losses, it was the only robot still mobile at the end of the battle, but still lost via Judges' decision on both occasions.


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