"Flip 'em and Drill 'em- that's Flip N Drill's motto!"
Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary

Flip N Drill is a fictional competitor robot which is featured in the PC/Xbox version of the game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. Flip N Drill is a six-wheeled half-cylinder shaped robot with, as the name suggests, a flipper at the rear and a drill on the front. It also has a spike mounted just above the flipper.

Flip N Drill is available to purchase after unlocking Stage 3 of Competition mode for 11500 credits.


Using Flip N DrillEdit

As flippers can be very powerful in game, one of the best tactics with Flip N Drill is to use the flip to topple opponents - a lot of robots cannot self-right, or at least take a while to. The six-wheel drive give the robot a lot of pushing power too, which makes forcing other robots into arena hazards a very viable option.

Against Flip N DrillEdit

The slab sides of Flip N Drill make these the weak point - although the armour is titanium and therefore one of the strongest in the game, it enables the robot to be shunted fairly easily. The wheels are also exposed, another good target. Avoid the flipper, as this is powerful and can invert other robots easily.

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