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The Floor Flipper was an arena hazard on the Robot Wars Arena. It was introduced in Series 3 and featured in every series thereafter.


The Floor Flipper was a panel on the arena floor which tossed robots across the arena. It was used on immobilized robots and was a popular form of punishment. It was introduced in Series 3 and was first used on Behemoth in the Heat B Final in Series 3, and was last used on Behemoth during the House Robot Rebellion in Series 7. It started out looking like a panel in Series 3, then redesigned to look like The Pit in Series 4, and would remain that way at the end of the original series. In Extreme 1 and onwards, the pneumatics were upgraded so it can lift heavyweight robots across the arena, or several metres, Famously throwing Fluffy so far that it fell in the pit. During the Robot Wars: The Seventh Wars/Featherweight Championship, it threw Gladiator and Rampage 2 out of the arena, and Cygnus X3 all the way up to the ceiling, until it fell into The Pit. Other times it failed to throw robots like Black Widow and NEAT Machine. On very rare occasions it would flip robots that were still mobile. This mostly happened when robots were attacking House Robots like in the House Robot Rebellion.

In Series 8-10, the Floor Flipper returned as one of the five main arena hazards along with The Pit, Floor Spikes, Flame Pit, and the Corner Patrol Zones. Here, it was set diagonally, and launched whenever a robot drove over it. However, during the run, robots like Nuts and Cherub became stuck underneath the Flipper, and a battle had to stop.

Notable Instances[]

Series 3[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Behemoth vs Pitbull Behemoth First time the Floor flipper is used on an opponent. Behemoth was toppled by the arena spike and placed on the Floor Flipper by the House Robots which chucked Behemoth.
Pussycat vs Scutter's Revenge Scutter's Revenge Scutter's Revenge was immobilized and was placed on the Flipper. But Pussycat was disqualified for using an illegal blade which shattered, so Scutter's Revenge went on to the Semi-Finals, only to be immobilized again in the first round.
Diotoir vs Fire Storm Diotoir An immobile and flaming Diotoir was chucked by the Floor Flipper, landing onto Fire Storm.
Chaos 2 vs Mace 2 Mace 2 Sir Killalot picked up Mace and planted it on the Floor Flipper, where Mace 2 was flipped back on its wheels driving off to continue the battle with Chaos 2.

Series 4[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Pussycat vs Milly-Ann Bug vs Reptirron Reptirron A blazing Reptirron was placed onto the Floor Flipper by Sgt. Bash. When flipped more fuel and fire spread across the arena.
Suicidal Tendencies vs Killertron vs Maverick Maverick Maverick was chucked back onto its wheels but it was too late for Maverick to continue.
Bigger Brother vs Clawed Hopper vs Hammer & Tong Clawed Hopper Due to its weight, Clawed Hopper was only flipped a very short distance.
Evil Weevil 2 vs MouseTrap vs Tiberius Evil Weevil When flipped, Evil Weevil lost pieces of its armour when it landed back down.
Plunderbird 4 vs Vercingetorix vs Fat Boy Tin All Fat Boy Tin was prepped onto the Floor Flipper, ready to be flipped, however, Vercingetorix slammed its axe into Fat Boy Tin, becoming wedged, as a result, when the Floor Flipper chucked Fat Boy Tin, Vercingetorix was also toppled. Plunderbird 4 on the other hand was only partially effected. This is the only time in a melee that all competitors were flipped.
Vercingetorix vs Spawn of Scutter Vercingetorix Vercingetorix's front was on the Flipper, and it got flipped into Dead Metal.
Wild Thing vs The Steel Avenger vs Humphrey Humphrey The shot of Humphrey being flipped through the Killcam would be used in the Series 5-7 opening.
X-Terminator 2 vs Judge Shred 2 vs Millennium Bug Millennium Bug When Millennium Bug was thrown by the Floor Flipper it landed the right way up but bounced off its legs and onto its back again.
Hypno-Disc vs V-Max V-Max After being destroyed by Hypno-Disc, V-Max was flipped by the Floor Flipper where some of its internals fell out upon being chucked.
Sir Chromalot vs Disc-O-Inferno Disc-O-Inferno Disc-O-Inferno was thrown by the Floor Flipper but ended up landing on top of Sir Chromalot.

Extreme Series 1[]

Fluffy thrown into the pit

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Hypno-Disc vs Wheely Big Cheese vs Ming 3 Ming 3 A wheelless Ming 3 was chucked by the Floor Flipper and landed on top of Wheely Big Cheese
Flensburger Power vs Manta vs MaxiMill vs Panic Attack MaxiMill MaxiMill's flywheel broke off upon impact
Wild Thing vs Arnold, Arnold Terminegger vs Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy was thrown by the Floor Flipper and bounced into the Pit of Oblivion. The first time a robot had been thrown into the pit.
Atomic 2 vs Fighting Torque vs MouseTrap MouseTrap, Fighting Torque Both MouseTrap and Fighting Torque were set far back onto the flipper and thrown upwards. MouseTrap was thrown on top of Atomic 2, who nearly got stuck under the flipper, and Fighting Torque was thrown back onto its wheels.
Bulldog Breed 3 vs Spirit of Knightmare vs Judge Shred 2 1/2 Spirit of Knightmare Spirit of Knightmare is thrown by the flipper and lands inverted where it immediately springs back to life
Arnold A. Terminegger vs Pussycat vs Splinter vs X-Terminator vs Hypno-Disc X-Terminator X-Terminator got stuck under the flipper after it landed.
Gemini vs Razer Razer Not shown on TV. The flipper activated after Razer drove over it, throwing Razer into the air and into the mechanism, damaging the machine. As the flipper is only to be used on immobilised robots, the judges stopped the fight and judged up until that point, giving the victory to Razer
Panic Attack vs Diotoir vs Shear Khan Shear Khan Shear Khan was thrown and landed on top of Panic Attack
Plunderbird, Stinger, and Scorpion vs Dead Metal, Shunt, and Matilda Plunderbird First time the Floor Flipper fired an active competitor. Plunderbird was on the Flipper, and it launched it right into Stinger.
Anto vs Pants vs Combatant vs Anty B vs Legion vs Razzler vs Little Nipper Anty B and Combatant Combatant is flipped, however, Anty B ends up being toppled behind the flipper and trapped.
Typhoon vs Genesis vs Zap vs Mammoth vs Hard Cheese vs Doom All but Typhoon Typhoon's opponents were immobilized and flipped by the Floor Flipper. Genesis was tossed across the arena, Doom was damaged by Matilda afterwards.
Panzer Mk 2 vs Yeborobo vs Tornado vs Philipper Yeborobo Yeborobo was thrown on top of Tornado.

Series 5[]

Battle Robot Affected Notes
Hypno-Disc vs Black Widow Black Widow Black Widow was placed on the top of the Floor Flipper by Shunt, however, the first flip caused the walking machine to balance on top of the lip of the flipper. After an adjustment by Shunt, Black Widow was successfully flipped the second time around.
S3 vs Plunderbird 5 Plunderbird 5 After being torn apart, Plunderbird 5 was placed on the Floor Flipper and when flipped it had parts fall off as well as landing near S3 who caused more damage.
Stinger vs S3 Stinger Stinger was immobile for a long period of time and was counted out. Stinger was placed on the Floor Flipper and flipped, where it came back to life once it landed.
Rohog vs Sir Chromalot Rohog In a rare turn of events, Rohog was placed on the Floor Flipper twice. The first time it landed near Matilda who damaged it further and the second time cease was finally called.
Razer vs Widow's Revenge Widow's Revenge Sergeant Bash failed to line Widow's Revenge up for the floor flipper properly, and part of Widow's Revenge got trapped underneath the mechanism.
Razer vs Rick Rick Rick was flipped far and rolled across the arena, close to the pit.

Series 6[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Chaos 2 vs Destructosaur vs Iron-Awe 2 vs Mighty Mouse Destructosaur The defeated Destructosaur was chucked by the Floor Flipper where the robot was righted by the flipper and darted away.
Sir Chromalot vs The Alien vs GBH 2 vs ICU ICU ICU was thrown by the Floor Flipper where it was righted, ICU then attempted to get back into the battle but it had already been counted out.
Dominator 2 vs Hydra vs Axe-C-Dent 2 vs Sumpthing Axe-C-Dent 2 Axe-C-Dent 2 was chucked by the Floor Flipper, it landed on Hydra but had also managed to have its weaponry completely fall off upon impact.
Behemoth vs Derek 2 vs Tridentate vs Disc-O-Inferno Tridentate and Derek 2 Both immobile machines were placed on the Floor Flipper and chucked with Derek 2 only going a short distance and Tridentate flying backwards behind the Flipper.
Delldog vs Dynamite Dynamite When flipped Dynamite's armour was heavily dented and damaged upon landing.

Extreme Series 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Razer vs Chaos 2 vs 13 Black Chaos 2 Chaos 2's final appearance resulted in the former champion being chucked by the Floor Flipper.
Killer Carrot 2 vs Lambsy Killer Carrot 2 Killer Carrot 2 tried to get away from the Flipper, but got caught and was launched towards the Flame Pit.
Revolution 2 vs ICU Revolution 2 Revolution 2 landed on Sgt. Bash
Storm 2 vs Chopper Chopper Chopper was placed far back on the flipper and was thrown upwards. After being repositioned by Shunt, it was thrown further across the arena.
Fatal Traction vs Cedric Slammer Fatal Traction Fatal Traction was placed on the Floor Flipper twice.
Typhoon Twins vs 259 vs Doom Too vs Mammoth Shunt, Mammoth and Doom Too Mammoth and Doom Too faced the same punishment as they did in Extreme 1. Shunt was also caught on the Floor Flipper while trying to position Doom Too.
Typhoon Thunder vs Ellie's Little Pink-Bot Ellie's Little Pink-Bot Ellie's Little Pink-Bot was placed on the Floor Flipper twice by Growler, and nearly went out of the arena on both occasions.
Anty B vs Pants vs Combatant vs Lower Pants Landing gave Pants some mobility, however it was only twitching in circles

Series 7[]

Featherweights fly

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Killerkat vs Jackson Wallop vs Gyrobot Killerkat killerKat was chucked a distance and landed upright on its back
Rip vs Kitty vs Alpha vs Mini-Maul vs G2 vs Prince of Awe vs Cygnus X3 Cygnus X3 and G2 Both machines were chucked a record height across the arena by the Floor Flipper with G2 going straight out of the arena and Cygnus X3 thrown into The Pit
Bernard vs DTK vs Staglet vs Typhoon Cadet vs Alienator vs Cutlet vs Mammoth Typhoon Cadet Typhoon Cadet almost flew out of the arena.
S.M.I.D.S.Y. vs Mean Streak Mean Streak Mean Streak almost flew out of the arena.
Revolution 3 vs St. Agro vs The Scrapper vs Mega Hurts LT Mega Hurts LT Mega Hurts LT landed on its side
Mighty Mouse vs Thermidor 2 vs Mobot vs 8645T 2 8645T 2 8645T 2 regained mobility, but was already counted out and got launched when it drove on the Flipper.
Pinser vs Cobra vs The Kraken vs Kronic the Wedgehog Pinser and Cobra Both robots were immobilized and jammed together. So Mr. Psycho placed them both on the flipper.
Typhoon vs Malc 1.5 vs Steel Sandwich Malc 1.5 Malc 1.5 flew across the arena in to a CPZ
Bulldog Breed (12) vs Hard Hard Hard rolled across the arena floor
Spawn Again vs NEAT Machine vs Chip vs Revenge of Trouble & Strife NEAT Machine Neat Machine was placed on the Floor Flipper. But it landed on the floor being stuck underneath it.
Rip vs DTK vs Prince of Awe vs Rampage 2 vs Whipper vs Bernard Rampage 2 Rampage 2 was stuck on its side and got launched out of the arena.
Ripper vs Daisy-Cutter Ripper It flipped Ripper after it drove over it to stop them from attacking the House Robots.
Behemoth and Gravity vs Mr. Psycho, Growler and Cassius Chrome Behemoth Behemoth drove on the Flipper and it fired. Causing Behemoth to slide across the arena.
Firestorm vs Panic Attack vs Bigger Brother vs Kat 3 None Fired once to stop the competitors from attacking the House Robots.

Series 8[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
DisConstructor vs Shockwave vs Thor vs Tough as Nails DisConstructor The first time the Floor Flipper automatically activated off catching a competitor (with exception to Nuts's flail in the previous episode) DisConstructor was thrown by the flipper after driving onto it where the flip chucked it towards near the Pit, seemingly causing internal drive problems afterwards.
M.R. Speed Squared vs Thor Both Thor pushed M.R. Speed Squared across the Floor Flipper where it activated, throwing both into the air with Thor initially landing on its back, where it self right, and M.R. Speed Squared landing onto its back, exposing the vulnerable side.
TR2 vs Dantomkia (Heat Final) Both Both machines were flipped by the Floor Flipper, however, Dantomkia suffered a worse fate as it was toppled onto its back, and due to the CO2 freezing issue, the robot was unable to self right.
Apollo vs Kan-Opener vs PP3D vs Sweeney Todd Apollo, PP3D and Kan-Opener Apollo chased both PP3D and Kan-Opener where all three were flipped. Apollo got off worse as it had to self right allowing the former latter two to attack and damage Apollo, namely the rear wheel.
Chompalot vs Gabriel Chompalot An already limping Chompalot was flipped by the Floor Flipper which dealt the final blow to it run.
TR2 vs Carbide Carbide Carbide was toppled by the Floor Flipper, it then purposefully drove over the Floor Flipper two more times to self right itself.
Apollo vs Thor Thor A heavily damaged and barely functioning Thor was flipped by the Floor Flipper twice, the first time it landed safely but the second flip resulted in Thor being toppled and unable to self right.

Series 9[]

Cherub stuck underneath the Floor Flipper

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Behemoth vs Cherub Cherub The Floor Flipper fired prematurely which allowed Behemoth to push Cherub under the flipper, trapping it.

Series 10[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Apocalypse vs Sabretooth Sabretooth Due to the Fog of War being activated, Sabretooth unwittingly drove over the Floor Flipper and was chucked by it.
Aftershock vs Crackers 'n' Smash vs Eruption Crackers 'n' Smash The flipper flipped Smash but was then damaged by Aftershock. This caused some confusion as the teams thought the battle was going to be stopped.
Concussion vs Nuts 2 Concussion Concussion was flipped by the Floor Flipper and was unable to get back on its wheels due to the "Nut Busters" which also affected its driving.
Behemoth vs Carbide vs Nuts Nuts After Behemoth was pitted and Nuts disabled Carbide's spinning bar, Nuts accidentally span towards the Floor Flipper where it was flipped. Once flipped however, the Floor Flipper became wedged on a damaged side panel and remained inactive the rest of the round.

Extreme Warriors: Season 1[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Silver Box vs Close Enough Close Enough Close Enough became immobilized right at the start of the battle.
Tricerabot vs The Green Mouse The Green Mouse
Rosie the Riveter vs Rot Box Rot Box
Manta vs Tiger Cat Tiger Cat
Joker & Falcon vs General Chompsalot & Run Away Run Away Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ and illegally attacked Run Away.
Spawn Again vs Joker Spawn Again
Tiger Cat vs Close Enough vs Rippa Raptor vs Manta vs Rosie the Riveter vs Mad Cow Rosie The Riveter and Mad Cow Rosie The Riveter was on the Floor Flipper and got launched into Dead Metal. Then Mad Cow was placed on the flipper by Shunt, and got launched near the Flame Pit.

Extreme Warriors: Season 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Cyclone vs Probophobia vs Spin Doctor Cyclone Probophobia knocked out Cyclone's removable link right at the start of the melee.
Mad Cow Bot vs Manta vs Trilobyte Trilobyte
The Gap vs Trackzilla vs The Revolutionist Trackzilla
The Revolutionist vs Psycho Chicken Psycho Chicken After Psycho Chicken got shredded apart and torched, Shunt placed it on the Floor Flipper.
General Chompsalot 2 vs G-Force vs Marauder G-Force
Destructive Criticism vs Lightning Tracks vs Run Away Lightning Tracks
General Chompsalot vs Destructive Criticism General Chompsalot 2 General Chompsalot 2 lost a wheel after it landed back on the floor.
Texas Tornado & Mad Cow Bot vs Trilobyte & Trackzilla Trackzilla

Nickelodeon Robot Wars[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Run Away and Zanzara vs The Revolutionist and Spin Doctor Run Away and Zanzara Shunt and Matilda placed both immobilized machines on the Floor Flipper after being beaten by The Revolutionist.
Tut Tut vs Tyranabot Tyranabot
Rigby vs Diskotek vs The Revolutionist Diskotek Diskotek regained mobility after being launched, but had already been counted out.
Xylon vs Joker Joker Joker was placed on the Floor Flipper. It was placed on the flipper twice, although only one was shown in the televised fight.
Bunny Attack vs Techno Trousers vs Hannibal vs The Piecemaker vs Basenji Techno Trousers Techno Trousers flew into Bunny Attack's hammer.

Dutch Robot Wars: Series 1[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
The Lethal Swan vs Arena Killer The Lethal Swan Lethal Swan was burnt by Sergeant Bash, and placed on the Flipper by Sir Killalot.
Lizzard vs The Lethal Swan vs Rat The Lethal Swan The Lethal Swan suffered the same fate as in Round 1.
Twisted Metal vs Pullverizer Pullverizer
Botwork vs Maximum Torque Maximum Torque
Pika 2 vs Hammerhead Pika 2
Botwork vs Hammerhead Hammerhead
Slicer vs Enderbot Enderbot
Pathetica vs Shapeshifter Shapeshifter Shapeshifter became immobilized right at the start of the battle. When flipped, chunks of Shapeshifter's wooden armour cascaded across the arena.
NEAT Machine vs Sater NEAT Machine
Pathetica vs Sater Pathetica
Twisted Metal vs Slicer vs Lizzard Twisted Metal
Lizzard vs Bamm Bamm Bamm Bamm

Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Meshuggah vs The Lethal Swan The Lethal Swan The Lethal Swan again faced the same punishments it went through in Series 1.
Amok vs Cyclone Amok
Twister vs Impact Impact
Shapeshifter vs Philipper 2 Shapeshifter
Amok vs Cyclone Amok
Bloody Murder Weapon vs Infinity Infinity
Gravity vs Scraptosaur Gravity Gravity lost pieces as it flew into the air. Its Co2 cannister broke off when the flipper launched it.
Vortex Inducer vs Scarab Vortex Inducer One half of Vortex Inducer was cut in half by Sir Killalot when it was placed on the Floor Flipper.

German Robot Wars[]

Battle Robot(s) Affected Notes
Tyke vs Golem Golem
Tsunami vs Absolut Krankhaft vs Black Hole Absolut Krankhaft
Hydrotec vs Black Hole Hydrotec
Tyke vs Tsunami Tyke