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This article covers the Trial in Series 1-2. For Series 3's Robotic Soccer competition, see Robot Wars: The Third Wars/Robotic Soccer

"Violence has largely been eradicated from football, but tonight....we're going to put it back."
— Jeremy Clarkson

Football (alternatively referred to as Soccer in the Series 2 rules[1]) was one of the Trial events that featured during the first two series of Robot Wars. It was one of only two Trial events to feature in both series, the other being Sumo, and was essentially a robotic version of the popular ball sport.

Five competitor robots entered the arena together with the aim of pushing the ball into the goal, which was defended by the House Robots. After a competitor scored, it would be removed from the arena and the rest would be left to continue. In the event of a House Robot scoring an own goal, the competitor which touched the ball last would be awarded the win. The last robot left in the arena by the end of the Trial would be eliminated from the competition. If time ran out with robots still yet to score, the least active robot would be eliminated.

In Series 1, the goalkeeper was Dead Metal, who was modified to have a large ball on his arm to steer the ball away, in place of his circular saw. In Series 2, he and Sergeant Bash shared this role, with the latter or Matilda also being used as defenders.

The football after being set alight by Sergeant Bash in Series 2, Heat H


Football returned as a side competition in Series 3, known as Robotic Soccer.

Appearances in Merchandise[]

Football features as one of the Battle Types for the video game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. The pullback of Panic Attack came with the ball and goal from the Robotic Soccer competition as accessories.


  • Shunt appears outside of the Football ring in the corner of the goal during the Series 1 trial.