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Hi team, back in January a few of us discussed arranging a tournament to determine the best episode of UK Robot Wars. This has been teased before in tournaments like Ragnabattle, blogs like Rusty Spanner, and in general Nick and Toast commentary throughout. But whilst everyone will discuss favourite bots and fights, no one has ever determined the best episode of Robot Wars.

Now that it's March, we're going to have what we call a March Madness tournament. This involves a bracket of 32 shortlisted episodes, seeded based on expectations, and then we run inwards, voting in 4 x 1v1 clashes at a time until we have our final four, then final two, and then final 1.

A number of us have shortlisted 24 of our 32 candidates. We will then have a write-in vote for everyone to submit 5 choices of their own. With the 24 objectively not in dispute, the remaining 8 spots will definitely be quite varied and it will be fascinating to see which episodes make our top 32.

There will be NO judges in this tournament as it is simply a matter of personal preference and I do not want to sully the waters with one person's preference taking precedent over another's for arbitrary reasons. If we have a tie, we will wait until the tie is broken.

I am posting the rules below and will set a discussion area and a voting area. Toon Ganondorf (t c) 05:18, March 2, 2019 (UTC)


  • UK Robot Wars only - Series 1-10 and Extreme 1-2.
    • Episodes of Extreme 1 are eligible as EPISODES - not tournaments
  • Commentary, narrative, interviews and antics are all fair game in liking an episode. Battle quality does not have to be the sole factor.
  • This will NOT be a traditional arena tournament - it is open to all users, regardless of edit count.
  • I will allow a fairly decent amount of time for updates - probably twice a week.

The Candidates (not yet seeded)

  1. Series 1, Heat A (Roadblock's heat)
  2. The First World Championship
  3. Series 4, Semi-Final A (Chaos 2 and Pussycat)
  4. Series 4, Northern Annihilator (Spikasaurus)
  5. Series 4, Southern Annihilator (Razer)
  6. Extreme, Episode 10 (4 x All-Star fights - Chaos 2 v WBC, Firestorm 3 v Wild Thing, Behemoth v Razer, Tornado v Pussycat - as well as Steel Avenger's Mayhem)
  7. Series 5, Heat H (Wheely Big Cheese)
  8. Series 5, Semi-Final A (Bigger Brother and Razer)
  9. Series 5, Grand Final
  10. Series 6, Heat J (Dominator 2)
  11. Extreme 2, All-Stars Heat A (Firestorm 4)
  12. Extreme 2, Challenge Belt
  13. Series 7, Heat A (M2)
  14. Series 7, Heat D (Gravity)
  15. Series 7, Heat F (X-Terminator)
  16. Series 7, Semi-Final A (Tornado and X-Terminator)
  17. Series 7, Semi-Final B (Storm 2 and Typhoon 2)
  18. Series 8, Heat A (Carbide)
  19. Series 8, Heat D (Apollo)
  20. Series 8, Grand Final
  21. Series 9, Heat A (Aftershock)
  22. Series 9, Heat B (Eruption)
  23. Series 10, Heat B (Carbide)
  24. Series 10, Grand Final

The Write-ins

  • You may select FIVE (5) episodes to write-in.
  • Your number 1 vote is worth TWO (2) votes. 2-5 are worth one vote apiece.
  • When writing in, please put a list and mark your number 1 vote in BOLD, and then sign.

Write-in section

General Discussion and queries

Suggestion for a candidate

I was wondering if candidates can be nominated to be added in, since I have a suggestion for an episode to be among the best: Series 5 Heat L. I can't think of a superbly dull or boring fight there, even Clawed Hopper vs Twister was funny at least. And speaking of Clawed Hopper, we got the first walker victory in the main series, and the most impressive "newcomer" performance in Fluffy. Shreds 3 veterans in a row yet a breakdown cost it the heat victory has to be commemorated as a fantastic episode. CaliforniaKingsnake (talk) 06:13, March 2, 2019 (UTC)

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