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Welcome to The Pits Tables. The Pit Tables is a Forum base for discussion on projects for the Robot Wars Wiki. Usually discussion will go on the Community Portal, but it may be decided that a Forum is needed for long discussion. View recent changes for this forum

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Robots that Failed to Qualify16:46, August 15, 2019Diotoir the son of nemesis
Series 7 House Robots19:13, June 10, 20192A00:23C4:314B:8D00:404B:5DFE:91AB:52BC
Extreme 2 House Robots19:12, June 10, 20192A00:23C4:314B:8D00:404B:5DFE:91AB:52BC
Robot Wars Websites16:25, May 6, 2019Diotoir the son of nemesis
Nickelodeon House Robots13:11, March 15, 2019VulcansHowl
Series 6 House Robots20:29, March 6, 20192A00:23C4:314B:8D00:104D:D6FF:4BF7:69F9
Qualifiers18:51, December 4, 2018Datovidny
Robots with unknown team members17:35, July 5, 2018Hogwild94
Robot Wars announcer20:31, May 29, 2018Hogwild94
US Season 2 House Robots15:10, January 12, 2018VulcansHowl
King of Bots Wiki07:11, January 10, 2018Diotoir the son of nemesis
Series 10 House Robots21:54, January 8, 2018VulcansHowl
US Season 1 House Robots21:12, December 27, 2017VulcansHowl
2016 (Series 8) House Robots12:29, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
German Series House Robots12:09, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Dutch Series 2 House Robots12:05, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Dutch Series 1 House Robots12:05, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Series 1 House Robots11:53, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Series 2 House Robots11:51, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Series 3 House Robots11:48, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Series 4 House Robots11:48, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Extreme 1 House Robots11:39, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Series 5 House Robots11:38, December 24, 2017VulcansHowl
Series 9 House Robots23:05, December 23, 2017VulcansHowl
Roboteer's YouTube Channels21:48, February 6, 2017CaliforniaKingsnake
Clips in the Opening Sequence13:25, January 7, 2017CrashBash
Roboteers on the wiki16:20, July 29, 2016ToastUltimatum
Scrapheap Challenge17:06, July 22, 2016Madlooney6
Robots with names from music21:07, June 19, 2016Drop Zone mk2
Capitals19:49, March 15, 2016ToastUltimatum
Playlists12:08, September 21, 2015Madlooney6
Competitors in the new live events11:21, March 20, 2015Madlooney6
Dinosaur Themed Robots22:21, December 11, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Robots named after weather08:20, August 28, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Robots named after historical figures09:07, August 27, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Robots with acronyms for names15:55, August 26, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Derek Foxwell Appearances18:45, December 10, 2013Jimlaad43
Wanted Images20:48, September 18, 2013Jimlaad43
Pullback Damage19:46, July 18, 2013Madlooney6
Indicating OotA's in series pages22:30, July 2, 2013Helloher
Page on Robot Wars merchandise16:42, June 21, 2013ManUCrazy
Transcripts23:25, February 4, 2013MassiveDestruction49
Episode template/Heat Restructure15:54, November 30, 2012Christophee
Extreme Destruction GBA?17:06, April 11, 2012Badnik96
Seventh Wars DVD?22:54, October 7, 2011StalwartUK
Anniversary14:23, February 18, 2011Christophee
Wikia Spotlight03:27, February 3, 2011Christophee
Robot Wars Wiki Forum13:20, October 3, 2010ShotgunJustice
International Robots13:23, May 30, 2010Toon Ganondorf
Dutch Robot Wars13:22, May 30, 2010Toon Ganondorf
Table sections on articles?06:31, May 23, 2010Toon Ganondorf
Pit Tables06:22, May 23, 2010Toon Ganondorf
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