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Welcome to The Pits! The Pits is a site-wide discussion area meant for topics concerning the Robot Wars Wiki. Please feel free to post questions, suggestions, and comments not related to specific articles. Questions related to specific articles should be asked on the talk page for that article.

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If a small thing had changed15:40, April 19, 2019Diotoir the son of nemesis
Random Page Game13:35, April 6, 201971.219.77.246
What is the best robot to successfully self right?19:03, March 31, 2019CrashBash
Best Robot Not to Have Made a Semi-Final18:05, March 31, 201971.219.77.246
Badly Designed Robots17:42, March 31, 201971.219.77.246
Battlebots you would have liked to have seen in Robot Wars17:16, March 31, 201971.219.77.246
Whos the craziest robot?17:02, March 31, 201971.219.77.246
Users' own robots01:08, March 31, 201971.219.77.246
Best Robot Never to Have Won the Title00:19, March 31, 201971.219.77.246
Reboot Series 216:16, February 6, 2019Diotoir the son of nemesis
Glossary12:32, January 22, 2019VulcansHowl
Series 6 Seeds10:31, December 3, 2018Drop Zone mk2
15th seed16:49, December 2, 2018Drop Zone mk2
Improved Fourth Wars Seeds22:53, November 8, 2018Drop Zone mk2
Shelved08:58, August 3, 2018Adster1005
Picking non-qualifiers for side events16:52, July 25, 2018Drop Zone mk2
Robot Wars mistakes19:07, June 11, 20182A00:23C4:313A:2900:7055:BB13:BE9E:E2AF
Convention Appearances21:19, April 29, 2018Drop Zone mk2
Robot Wars in pop culture13:42, January 26, 2018VulcansHowl
Regarding filming15:02, November 12, 2017Voyanuitoa
What would you change about the current Robot Wars?21:44, October 12, 2017Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Robot Wars (repeats) on Challenge17:27, October 10, 2017Hogwild94
What house robots would you like there to have been?17:40, August 30, 2017Diotoir the son of nemesis
House Robots Reboot news05:56, July 11, 2017Diotoir the son of nemesis
Does Robot Wars still need House Robots?23:05, July 10, 2017Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Which Original run robot would you like to see return for a future Robot Wars?22:52, April 18, 2017Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Robots that declined over time?06:35, April 4, 2017Bulldogbreed
Battlebots 201603:52, March 21, 2017Bulldogbreed
Crowd Favourites09:22, February 1, 2017CaliforniaKingsnake
Series 8 presenter01:23, January 3, 2017Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Rigged fights21:01, December 29, 2016CrashBash
Robot Wars quizzes on Sporcle09:03, October 16, 2016Adster1005
Battle Of The Series (Pre- and Post-Series 3)23:04, September 8, 2016Gutripper
Home Town Team15:33, September 2, 2016Adster1005
Most Forgettable Robots13:00, September 2, 2016SpaceManiac888
Why did Robot Wars End?09:48, September 2, 2016Drop Zone mk2
2016 Awards18:13, August 22, 2016Nononsensecapeesh
Shocking driving06:14, August 11, 2016Captain smartass 101
2016 Seeds19:11, August 6, 2016CrashBash
Sgt Bash's new show! (spoof article)00:02, July 25, 2016Ionlyliewheniloveyou
If Robot Wars had stayed on the BBC?14:28, July 14, 201680.111.246.131
Robots that withdrew AND had an opponent withdraw21:14, June 19, 2016Drop Zone mk2
Joanie Laurer RIP22:43, May 13, 2016Ionlyliewheniloveyou
What if there was a 2016 Robot Wars Book?10:45, May 7, 2016ClassAct
Favourite Commentator Quotes16:02, April 14, 2016NJGW
Video game references08:38, April 4, 2016SpaceManiac888
Best robot never to get past the first round16:20, April 3, 2016Combatwombat555
2016 pilot08:16, March 3, 2016ToastUltimatum
What would you have changed about the Seventh Wars?18:57, March 1, 2016CrashBash
Best mix of entertaining and competitive?14:57, February 29, 2016Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Series 3 Seeds16:52, February 27, 2016CrashBash
Wiki's favourite jokebots22:53, February 23, 2016Jimlaad43
Anyone planning to go to filming?16:20, February 17, 2016Jimlaad43
Best unique weapon17:14, February 10, 2016Ionlyliewheniloveyou
2016 Structure12:18, February 3, 2016Ionlyliewheniloveyou
What Are The Best robots05:15, February 3, 2016Bulldogbreed
Worst Semi-finalist23:56, February 2, 2016Jimlaad43
Joke Entries09:59, February 1, 2016CrashBash
Battlebots 201520:58, July 28, 2015RelicRaider
The End of the House Robots22:00, July 20, 2015Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Robot wars comeback23:58, March 27, 2015Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Could've been Champions01:28, February 22, 2015Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Chance that Robot Wars will return to TV16:00, January 1, 2015Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Robots that defeated three opponents in a melee10:36, December 23, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Craig's going to the Jungle!12:22, November 20, 2014Jimlaad43
Unidentified Robots20:40, November 17, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Video Game Moments08:46, October 31, 2014WolfwingandSlaveLeia
Iron Maidens16:43, October 16, 2014Drop Zone mk2
Series 4 Rejects19:06, September 27, 2014Nononsensecapeesh
Robots that progressed despite driving down the pit23:02, September 22, 2014Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Redoing RW Series 912:08, September 13, 2014RWfan
Robots you can't believe DIDN'T make the Heat Final12:16, August 22, 2014Combatwombat555
Robot Wars Firsts22:16, August 21, 2014Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Series 2 Seeds18:13, August 11, 2014Nononsensecapeesh
5th Judges' Criterion16:31, August 2, 2014Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Videos of Robots That Failed to Qualify19:54, July 8, 2014Drop Zone mk2
House Robots21:17, May 8, 2014Kieran9007
Robots you can't believe made the Heat Final20:29, May 3, 2014Combatwombat555
Favourite robot who almost did well,but never quite made it?18:55, May 1, 2014Ionlyliewheniloveyou
Producer Interference12:22, March 5, 2014CrashBash
Series 8 seeds12:36, January 29, 2014Nononsensecapeesh
Series 5 Alternative Seeds12:34, January 29, 2014Nononsensecapeesh
Best flipper not to score an OotA13:24, January 27, 2014Christophee
Names on other websites.20:18, December 15, 2013Madlooney6
Series 1 Grand Final as a separate episode14:13, September 15, 2013Christophee
Unofficial RW Champions13:12, September 15, 2013Christophee
If Robot Wars had Rumbles...22:06, July 19, 2013Christophee
Heat of Death13:17, July 11, 2013Madlooney6
The first thing you see10:55, June 27, 2013Helloher
Robot Wars Videos13:02, June 16, 2013Helloher
Wiki Origins23:57, September 29, 2012ToastUltimatum
Close to OotA14:51, September 29, 2012ToastUltimatum
Bad Judges Decision14:30, September 29, 2012ToastUltimatum
My Alternative Points Based Seedings22:06, September 2, 2012Fruit Fight
Series 809:17, August 15, 2012RWfan
Vengeance17:31, June 4, 2012RA2
Same settlement battles11:58, May 8, 2012Christophee
Christmas19:08, March 31, 2012Datovidny
Works in Progress19:54, February 26, 2012BizarroKing
Friends becoming enemies08:05, February 7, 2012Snowdog140
Favourite Battles17:41, December 10, 2011Christophee
Errr, Hi17:05, November 26, 2011LewisMM
Series 9 seed structure12:45, October 28, 2011Christophee
Series 908:36, October 20, 2011RWfan
A debate or two23:23, October 3, 2011RA2
Favourite Names10:34, October 2, 201183.147.131.249
Unexplained events00:15, September 30, 2011RA2
KO on the Buzzer19:09, September 27, 2011Shayfan
The Anti-Awards00:34, September 26, 2011RA2
Old School Championship09:28, August 27, 2011Obi-Have
The Awards17:04, August 26, 2011Obi-Have
Best Looking Championship13:58, August 26, 2011Shayfan
Combined Team Names21:02, August 10, 201190.192.7.109
Is ultor the only unbeaten robot ever16:44, July 11, 2011RA2
Series 3 Rejects08:31, June 20, 2011Madlooney6
Overated robot19:45, June 19, 2011Pkmn Trainer
Closest Judges Decisions17:37, June 19, 2011ShotgunJustice
Wanted images11:56, April 18, 2011Drop Zone mk2
Robot Wars video game19:57, April 11, 2011Pkmn Trainer
Funny Moments17:02, February 12, 2011Middle Eye
The Music20:02, February 10, 2011Prodworthy
Best Attacks on House Robots19:43, February 1, 2011Middle Eye
Boring Battles21:11, January 31, 2011Middle Eye
Best Battle per Robot14:01, November 27, 2010TheStigisaRobot
Missing Videos22:07, November 8, 2010Obi-Have
Does anyone have any video links to Ninjitsu's battles?23:06, November 2, 2010Badnik96
Series 3 'Incident'17:06, October 31, 2010Blompy
Info on Razer in Battlebots01:07, October 27, 2010TheStigisaRobot
Pritchard09:46, October 16, 2010Blompy
Favourite Robot Wars Moment21:26, October 8, 2010Blompy
Terror australis(Nemesis) vs diotior16:09, October 7, 201077.103.85.246
Change of Fortune.15:33, October 4, 2010Helloher
Trashed Robots04:28, October 4, 2010Headbanger14
Terrorhurtz01:38, October 4, 2010Bulldogbreed
Series 6 Rejects20:28, October 2, 201081.98.137.28
2011 inductees into the Combat Robot Hall of Fame17:20, October 2, 2010ShotgunJustice
Strongest debut16:57, October 2, 201090.216.129.82
Robots deliberately 'Throwing' their fights23:16, August 28, 20101995owl
Uk Series Recordings ?13:55, August 27, 201086.163.251.178
Arena Dimensions01:25, August 24, 2010ManUCrazy
Most Original Robots08:12, August 21, 2010H-DRules
Series 5 rejects16:40, August 15, 2010Gazooki69
Hous Robots Origins Comics11:50, August 6, 201090.220.58.35
Boring Names17:24, August 5, 2010BuggyBash666
First Wars Grand Final18:47, May 30, 2010RA2
Robot Wars Cavemen17:00, April 17, 2010RA2
US answer to UK06:44, February 18, 2010Toon Ganondorf
House Robot Rebellion13:01, February 16, 2010Thai66
Series 7 Rejects20:13, January 29, 2010RA2
Worst Battle per Robot10:13, January 25, 2010Toon Ganondorf
Series 6 Outcomes from Series 418:09, January 20, 2010Deadbotuliza
Favourite interviews19:29, January 13, 2010Deadbotuliza
The Pits18:17, January 9, 2010RA2
Years Later08:44, January 7, 2010Helloher
Special event only robots18:21, January 2, 2010Christophee
People's Challenge15:14, December 17, 2009CBFan
Decline20:15, October 20, 2009Toon Ganondorf
Robot Arena 200:08, October 18, 2009Master of Mayhem
All Time Awards15:39, September 10, 2009Helloher
Series 7 Awards20:21, September 8, 2009Helloher
Best Non-Seed18:02, September 2, 2009Helloher
OotA Final15:57, August 23, 2009RA2
Series 3 Awards05:28, August 21, 2009Toon Ganondorf
Series 5 Awards05:24, August 21, 2009Toon Ganondorf
Series 5 Outcomes from Series 302:27, August 11, 2009RA2
Future Fights02:26, August 11, 2009Toon Ganondorf
Arena destroyed12:43, August 7, 2009Toon Ganondorf
Team Size16:42, July 31, 2009CBFan
What is your favourite series?19:10, July 29, 2009ManUCrazy
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