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Frank Buschmann, nicknamed Buschi, is a German former professional basketball player and voiceover artist who served as commentator for the German dub of Series 8 of Robot Wars on ProSieben MAXX.

Robot Wars[]

Buschmann's involvement in Robot Wars on ProSieben MAXX was announced in 2016, and he provided German commentary to suit its native audience.

He only provided commentary for Series 8, however, before Holger Böschen took over for Series 9, 10 and both World Series episodes.[1] It is unknown whether Buschmann left his position or was replaced by Böschen.

Outside Robot Wars[]

Buschmann's career in commentary began in 1993 when he was approached by DSF (now known as Sport1) to cover basketball following his retirement as a player. He held this position until 2013, diversifying to other sports over the years. He lent his voice to Bundesliga football, the top division in Germany, from the mid-2000s onwards, becoming a household name in sports commentary.[2]

Frank Buschmann presenting The Wall in 2017

His reputation has led him to be credited for many popular pieces of media in and outside of sport. Notably, he served as the German commentator for FIFA 14, as well as Kinect Sports on the Xbox 360. He also served as narrator for Schlag den Raab, a German gameshow produced for ProSieben's primary channel, which spawned a handful of international variants. One of these was Beat The Star, produced for ITV for two series between 2008 and 2009.[3]

In 2017, Buschmann presented both series of RTL's The Wall, based on the American gameshow of the same name. He currently co-presents Ninja Warrior Germany - Die stärkste Show Deutschlands, a Ninja Warrior spin-off based on Japan's original show Sasuke.


  • Prior to his work in the media, Buschmann was a professional basketball player, competing in the top two tiers in Germany with Boele-Hagen Basketball and BG Hagen.
  • Buschmann hosts the YouTube channel Buschi.TV, which has amassed over 56,000 subscribers. He interviews stars from a variety of sports, such as football, basketball and canoeing.