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"Watch for a frenzied attack from the mighty axe, and at 209.4lbs, the heaviest here."
Jonathan Pearce introduces frenZy

frenZy (also spelt as Frenzy, or TerMinal frenZy in 1996) was an American competitor robot which fought in the War of Independence, broadcast as part of Series 4 of Robot Wars. Representing the USA, it reached the final before losing to UK series veteran Mortis, finishing runner-up overall. It also finished runner-up in the unaired American Robot Wars 2000 pilot for MTV, losing to Mauler in the final.


frenZy in the arena

frenZy was a yellow and silver, circular-shaped robot made out of CNC-machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium, and armed with a powerful titanium spiked hammer as its weapon. The hammer, alternately referred to as an 'axe' or a 'meat tenderiser', was electrically-operated, and capable of acting as a srimech as well as inflicting substantial amounts of damage to other robots.

At 95.1kg, frenZy's weight substantially exceeded the original 79.4kg limit for heavyweight robots at the time of its appearance in the UK Robot Wars. This was explained by the higher 95kg limit introduced for the American Robot Wars 2000 pilot, which it successfully applied for and competed in; ironically, the robot was still listed on its statistics board as weighing 0.1kg over the latter.[1]


The name frenZy encapsulates the manic nature of the robot's weaponry. The team officially capitalise their robot's name as 'frenZy', which was also reflected in its appearances on BattleBots, although Robot Wars simply referred to the machine as Frenzy.

The Team[]

"Nothing LA-confidential about this team from the West Coast, well known after six years together."
— Jonathan Pearce on Team Minus Zero

frenZy was designed and driven by team captain Patrick Campbell, a mechanical design engineer who worked for Pace Technologies of Sun Valley, California. He was joined by his wife Joanna for the War of Independence, alongside his Team Minus Zero teammates George Melero and Emil Demillo, although only the latter two were mentioned on frenZy's statistics board during its introduction. Team Minus Zero would later fight in Season 2 of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors with The Bat.

Robot History[]

American Robot Wars 2000[]

frenZy in the pits for the MTV Pilot.

The insides of frenZy at the time of Series 4.

Before its televised debut in Robot Wars, frenZy was one of eight robots selected to compete in the American Robot Wars 2000 pilot commissioned by MTV in July 2000. Although the withdrawal of one robot forced the field of competitors to be reduced to four, frenZy passed its on-site audition and maintained its place in the competition[2].

In the first round, frenZy fought The Mangulator. According to Gearheads: The Turbulent Rise of Robotic Sports, frenZy "decimated" The Mangulator, and comfortably won a one-sided battle.

Through to the final, frenZy fought Mauler for the chance to win the competition. During the battle, a turning point occurred when frenZy's spike broke away from its hammer, as it was attacking The Mauler's top. This made frenZy vulnerable to attacks from the spinner, ultimately resulting in The Mauler becoming victorious, resigning frenZy to second place.

Series 4[]

frenZy was one of four robots to represent the USA in the War of Independence, broadcast as one of several Christmas specials for the Fourth Wars. In its first-round battle, it fought UK competitor Detonator.

frenZy hammers Detonator

frenZy smashes the shell of Detonator as it pushes Detonator against the sidewall

frenZy immediately smashed Detonator's top panel several times with its hammer after driving up to it. Detonator drove away, but frenZy continued attacking, repeatedly hammering Detonator until its top panel became almost completely flattened. In doing so, frenZy momentarily got its hammer stuck in the arena floor, but was freed by Matilda and continued pounding Detonator until it was able to get its hammer impaled through its shell and drag it along. frenZy then pushed and whacked Detonator before inflicting more hammer blows and steering it towards a flame jet, where Detonator promptly caught fire.

"Ooh, dear oh dear! There’s a rhythm to it, a menacing, awful tattoo being beaten out there by the drum of frenZy’s great axe, masher, tenderiser! Hardly kind to tender hearts!"
Jonathan Pearce as frenZy attacks the immobile Detonator

frenZy gets its hammer stuck in the arena floor

frenZy briefly removes the top lid of Detonator as it burns on a flame jet

More attacks from frenZy dislodged Detonator's top panel, before frenZy repeatedly hammered Detonator's now-exposed internals until the House Robots dispatched Detonator via the Floor Flipper and the pit. Following this dominant performance, frenZy advanced to the second round.

There, it faced Ming 2, another British representative.

frenZy knocks out Ming 2

frenZy continues to hit Ming 2

frenZy initially did not drive away from Ming 2’s initial charge, but its first blow immobilised Ming 2 immediately and allowed it to inflict a flurry of hits on the UK representative’s flipper. Eventually, frenZy slipped off of Ming 2's wedge and began attacking it from the side, repeatedly striking its top panel and wheels until Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal came to damage Ming 2 and send it to the arena hazards.

frenZy progressed to the final, where it fought former UK series Semi-Finalist Mortis.

Mortis gets underneath and carries frenZy

Mortis and frenZy hit one another

Mortis lifts frenZy over

Sgt. Bash crumples the side of frenZy as Mortis continues to attack

Mortis hammers the underbelly of frenZy

Sir Killalot picks up frenZy as Mortis chases Sgt. Bash

Again, frenZy was slow to dodge Mortis' initial charge, but was scooped under, pushed and thrown onto its back by Mortis. frenZy self-righted, but was hammered and lifted again by Mortis, whose tanto blade caught the mechanism for frenZy's hammer and turned it over again in tandem with its lifter. It was momentarily held against the wall as it attempted to self-right again, but landed back on its wheels and hit Sergeant Bash after he grabbed it with his pincers. Lingering outside Sgt. Bash's CPZ, frenZy hit Mortis' top armour as it was pushed and pinned against the wall, and escaped as it used its hammer to throw itself over and re-right itself. It drove away from Mortis, only to be constantly axed and pushed around by the latter. frenZy was eventually pushed towards one of the side flame jets and turned over once again, but one of the motor magnets for its hammer broke, leaving it unable to self-right as Mortis hammered its underside several times. The House Robots proceeded to surround and attack frenZy, with Sir Killalot grabbing hold of it before leaving it on the Floor Flipper. frenZy was thrown across the arena before 'cease' was called, and finished runner-up in the War of Independence.

1996 Championship[]

frenZy, entitled TerMinal frenZy, was featured in the American Robot Wars 1996, and was one of the robots specifically highlighted.

TerMinal frenZy smashes down on Nemesis

In its first match it was drawn against newcomers Nemesis, who had attached a front wedge to deal with TerMinal frenZy specifically. The battle started tentatively as TerMinal frenZy spun in circles while Nemesis slowly approached TerMinal frenZy. Eventually, Nemesis charged into TerMinal frenZy who responded by smashing down with its axe. Nemesis gained the upper hand by ramming TerMinal frenZy into the side wall, TerMinal frenZy, however, got away quickly before any more damage could be done. As TerMinal frenZy smashed down with the axe, it tore chunks of concrete from the arena floor.

"Watch TerMinal frenZy's axe smash chunks out of the concrete floor as well as giving Nemesis a bad head ache!"
— Paul Vallis

TerMinal frenZy continued its assault on Nemesis, penetrating the corner of the top armour and peeling the armour off slightly. By this point it was clear that Nemesis had lost all mobility and TerMinal frenZy went on through.

BioHazard lifts TerMinal frenZy over

TerMinal frenZy met BioHazard in the next round. BioHazard quickly sped forward as TerMinal frenZy attempted to position itself for an attack. TerMinal frenZy smashed down with its hammer only for the blows to deal little to no damage, BioHazard defended itself by having its lifting arm in an upward position, blocking any attacks. BioHazard then proceeded to lower the lifting arm before getting underneath and lifting TerMinal frenZy up and over.

"Unfortunately TerMinal frenZy's hammer just bounced off of BioHazard who made short work by flipping him over."
— Paul Vallis

TerMinal frenZy attempted to self right but as it did it was unable to fully flip itself over again, instead TerMinal frenZy began to smoke and thus was counted out, eliminating TerMinal frenZy from the competition. TerMinal frenZy never competed in any other event after this.


American Robot Wars 2000
(Unaired MTV pilot)

Round 1 vs. The Mangulator Won
Final vs. Mauler Lost
War of Independence
Representing USA, Runner-up
Round 1 vs. Detonator (UK) Won
Round 2 vs. Ming 2 (UK) Won
Final vs. Mortis (UK) Lost


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2

Series Record[]

UK Series[]

Series frenZy Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars War of Independence, Runner-up
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Did not enter
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

US Series[]

US Series frenZy Series Record
Season 1 Did not enter
Season 2 Entered with The Bat
Nickelodeon Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

frenZy made its combat debut in the 1996 Robot Wars event under the name TerMinal frenZy. TerMinal frenZy was renamed to frenZy in 1997, but lost its first battle to Mash-N-Go. Also during the 1997 competition, frenZy became the first robot documented to self-right using an overhead weapon, using its hammer to do so after getting overturned during a heavyweight melee.[3]

Patrick Campbell began competing in the original Robot Wars event in 1994, entering with a heavyweight and lightweight robot, both called TMZ. Both versions of TMZ were defeated in the first round by The Master and Pain Mower respectively.[4] Campbell also entered Robot Wars 1995 with another heavyweight, Cyberknight, which won its first battle against Spirit of Frank before losing to eventual finalist Thor.

frenZy as it appeared from BattleBots Season 2.0 onwards

frenZy in its later appearances

frenZy also fought in all series of BattleBots up to Season 5.0. In its first competition at Long Beach in 1999, it won its first two battles, one of which was against Mauler, before losing to Nightmare and Punjar despite progressing through the loser's bracket. At Las Vegas later that year, Frenzy again won its first battle against Annihilator before again losing to BioHazard, although it would later win a grudge match against Slugger.

Season 1.0 was the competition where the Robot Wars version of frenZy competed in BattleBots. It received a bye to face OverKill, but lost to the latter on a judges' decision. Sporting a new design, frenZy reached the semi-finals in Season 2.0, beating Panic Attack by knock-out along the way, only to be defeated again by BioHazard after its hammer stopped working and it was left unable to self-right. This was frenZy's most successful performance in BattleBots; in Season 3.0, it reached the round of 16 after defeating Towering Inferno via knock-out, before losing to Overkill again. frenZy would lose its first battles in Seasons 4.0 and 5.0, its final appearances in BattleBots.

Team Minus Zero also competed in the Super Heavyweight Division in Season 3.0 of BattleBots with Africanized Killer Bot which competed as Marauder in Season 4.0 and as Wendingo in Robotica.


  • frenZy finished runner-up in both competitions in which it competed, each time to a robot that was entered into The First World Championship.
  • The version of frenZy which appeared in the War of Independence and American Robot Wars 2000 was the version that entered Season 1.0 of BattleBots.
  • frenZy fought every UK representative in the War of Independence at some point in its career; three in the War of Independence itself, and the other in BattleBots.
  • frenZy was one of only six American robots to win a battle in the UK series, alongside Tentoumushi, Manta, Drillzilla, Spartacus and Flippa, and it was also one of the four to win a UK series battle which did not air as part of Extreme Warriors, with Tentoumushi, Spartacus and Flippa.
  • In 2003, frenZy received an Honorable Mention in The Combat Robot Hall of Fame, in honour of its pioneering electric-powered pickaxe and flamboyant attacking style.[5]


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