For the American competitor, see G-Force.

G-Man was a red curved wedge shaped robot with a lifter on the front with an angry face painted on for artwork, similar in design to the Hassocks Hog 2, only more compact and without "stabilising ears". G-Man was armoured in very thin fibreglass and was very weak in the hands of spinners.

It is unknown how, but it failed to qualify for the Seventh Series of Robot Wars.

Series Record

  • Series 1-6: Did not enter
  • Series 7: Failed to qualify

Outside Robot Wars

After Robot Wars ended, the robot was sold to Team Combat Penguin (The Hazzabigun on YouTube [1]), who has renamed the robot Metanoia, and was being returned to fighting form. In 2014, Joshua Hibbard of Team Psyclone purchased G-Man, renaming it The Procrastinatron, inspired by popular Youtuber and Robot Wars fan NerdCubed.



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