G-Man was a red curved wedge shaped robot with a lifter on the front with an angry face painted on for artwork, somewhat similar in design to the Hassocks Hog 2, only more compact and without "stabilising ears". G-Man was armoured in very thin fibreglass and was very weak in the hands of spinners.

G-Man first attempted to enter Series 6 [1], but failed to qualify. G-Man was modified in an attempt to qualify for Series 7, but failed to qualify again. It is unknown how G-Man failed to qualify each time, but it is believed that battery power failure is a factor in its failure to qualify for Series 7.

  • G-Man before its entry into Robot Wars.
  • G-Man fighting Stinger at WAR IN THE WOLDS - 16th NOVEMBER 2002 - LOUTH
  • G-Man with Lee and Mick at WAR IN THE WOLDS 2002
  • G-Man at War of the Worlds in 2002
  • G-Man in the pits at the Series 6 qualifiers
  • G-Man at an event held by Team Haardvark
  • G-Man, with full armour, at an event with its team in 2002
  • G-Man without its armour at a live event
  • G-Man in October 2003
  • G-Man before it was sold to Team Combat Penguin. It was renamed Metanoia

Series Record

  • Series 1-5: Did not enter
  • Series 6-7: Failed to qualify

Outside Robot Wars

After Robot Wars ended, the robot was sold to Team Combat Penguin (The Hazzabigun on YouTube [2], who has renamed the robot Metanoia, and was being returned to fighting form. In 2014, Joshua Hibbard of Team Psyclone purchased G-Man, renaming it The Procrastinatron, inspired by popular Youtuber and Robot Wars fan NerdCubed.


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