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Geeza was a heavyweight robot that failed to qualify for Series 6 of Robot Wars.


Little is known about Geeza's design, though it was described as a "pyramid heavyweight" by the team. Geeza was originally designed for the old 80kg weight restriction, but the team admitted it would need a redesign for the updated 100kg limit.[1]

"We are building a robot and now it seems that we might have to redesign to allow for the extra weight."
— Team captain Garry Brown highlights his concerns for Geeza's original design on Tornado's website forum

Work on the robot commenced well in advance of Series 5 according to their build diary, though their goal was not to enter auditions for that series.

"We haven't actually done anything to the heavyweight yet. Bear in mind that the earliest we are going to have this done by is Series 6, so thats a full year yet."
— Team Geeza outline their plans to aim for Series 6 auditions

As there were no more recent updates on Geeza's progression, it is unknown if the robot was finished or whether the team attempted to enter any future series.


A geezer is an English term for a man, often associated with pastimes such as football and drinking. As Team Geeza had four male members, this is likely a reason for their team and robot name.

Dropping the -er in favour of -a may also have been done to imitate a Cockney accent, though it is not mentioned where the team were from.

Series Record[]

Series Geeza Series Record
The First Wars Did not enter
The Second Wars Did not enter
The Third Wars Did not enter
The Fourth Wars Did not enter
The Fifth Wars Did not enter
The Sixth Wars Failed to qualify
The Seventh Wars Did not enter
Series 8 Did not enter
Series 9 Did not enter
Series 10 Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

Team Geeza attended several live events prior to Series 6 auditions, notably Wilson's Day and Gloucester Heritage Meet, both in 2001. The team designed several robots of lower weight classes, which were brought to these events:[2]

Light Breeze - a featherweight inspired by Tornado which fought Beef-Cake at the Wilson's Day event in 2001. Armoured in 0.8mm aluminium with two windscreen wiper motors for drive.

"We fought another Featherweight called Beefcake made by Team Zippy and ours didnt move so a victory to Beefcake...since beefcake was the only other Featherweight willing to fight, or in fighting condition we fought again later and this time we moved just a little...even dented it...and they said it was a draw"
— Team Geeza describe Light Breeze's only fights against televised featherweight Beef-Cake

G-String - a second featherweight which would become a smaller version of their heavyweight Geeza. Armoured in 6mm Polypro and featuring a lifting arm, it was intended to be an upgrade on Light Breeze.

"We also got a plaque for being there...and i for one had a lot of fun and im pretty sure Jon did too. We also got lots of pneuamtics stuff off Chris and Gordon (reptirion) so a massive thanks to them and Chris also gave us some polycarb and some an even bigger and 2nd thanks to him. Me and Jon also took some of Xterminator 2's armour and some of pussycats series 4 armour..hehe aren't we very naughty...i also managed to scratch the paintwork on panic attack when i drove up it with G-String...oops...i didnt tell Kim Davies that though :-)"
— Team captain Garry recalls his experiences of the Gloucester Heritage event

Kitten - a lightweight designed for 2002's Debenham Easter Rumble event. Kitten was to be armoured in polycarbonate and aluminium, with a spinning disc for weaponry. While it is possible Kitten was inspired by Pussycat following Alan Gribble's Gloucester event, however this is unconfirmed.

Due to a lack of updates, like Geeza, it is also unknown whether Kitten was ever finished.