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Not to be confused with Chompalot.

"I wanted the robot to not only be able to be competitive, but also have a unique look and a lot of character."
— Team Jawbreaker website

General Chompsalot was a series of competitor robots that fought in both Seasons of Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.

The original General Chompsalot came second in the Tag Team Terror, and the team made it to the Heat Final of Season 2 with General Chompsalot 2, defeating their ex-Tag Team partner Run Away in the second round, but was knocked out by Destructive Criticism after one hit, before being taken apart by Sir Killalot. General Chompsalot also fought in both US vs UK competitions in Extreme Warriors, and made the final both times, managing to defeat UK Grand Finalist Stinger on its first attempt, and World Championship semi-finalist Manta on its second. This meant that General Chompsalot finished as runners-up in three different tournaments.


The original General Chompsalot

General Chompsalot in the arena

Both versions of General Chompsalot were axlebots armed with a pair of crushing jaws, with exceptionally high pushing power for a two-wheel driven machine. Both versions had a decorative foam tongue inside the jaw, eyes on the wheels and, in keeping with the robot's name, were painted military green, with a US flag and stars. The jaws and frame were made from steel.

"I always liked the look of the "snapjaws" in a video game I played as a kid - Donkey Kong Junior, so I tried to build Jawbreaker to mirror their image."
— Team Jawbreaker website on the original design

The inspiration for the design came from the Snapjaw enemies from the arcade game Donkey Kong Jr.[1], which were small robots with large jaws and eyes. The original General Chompsalot was a modified version of the team's Robotica entry, Jawbreaker. The robot was powered by two 36 volt electric motors. This version did not have power behind its jaw, instead relying on the robots speed to open and then close on contact with opponents. The mouth could open very wide, being capable of fitting tall robots like Joker and Pussycat inside its mouth.

"General Chompsalot version 1.0 was originally designed to use the same SKF actuators that Jawbreaker used. After testing it without them installed, I noticed the the jaw flew open when accelerating and slammed shut when stopped, so I left the actuators out and saved a big repair headache."
— Team Jawbreaker website on the jaw

General Chompsalot 2 in pieces in the pits

General Chompsalot 2 in the arena

General Chompsalot 2 was larger, and featured a different body-shape with a longer, narrower jaw. This jaw was powered, having 3000 pounds of force, and had a very different shape, so that it could run along the ground and form a wedge when closed, allowing it to act as a lifter as well.

"We wanted to up the ante a little bit this year, make him a little stronger, this year the jaw is much more powerful than last year, last year it was pretty much just a capture jaw, you could get the robot but you couldn't really do damage. This year, it's got 3000 pounds of crushing force, when it gets out here [the tip of the jaws], about 1000 pounds!"
— Tim Berghoefer describes the improved jaw to Carol Grow

The eyes, which were made from foam Frisbees on the original robot, were replaced with flat panels. This version was powered by two NPC 74038 gearmotors, coupled directly to two 15" foam filled tires. These exposed wheels provided good speed and traction, but were easy targets for spinners.


"The General Chompsalot name started out as a joke - but after saying it a few times, we decided it had a catchy sound to it."
— General Chompsalot website

The name General Chompsalot refers to the biting nature of the robot's Snapjaw-inspired weapon, in cooperation with the military theme of the team's outfits. A relatively lengthy name for a robot, "General Chompsalot" was first proposed as a joke, but the team decided they liked it enough to us it as the robot's final name.

The Team[]

"Team Jawbreaker started back in December of 2000 when I was invited to be part of a new show for TLC called Robotica After many weeks of designing and building, our first robot "The Jawbreaker" was born. This was the first of many "jawed" robots that our team has become known for."
— Team Jawbreaker website on the origins of the team

Team Jawbreaker in Extreme Warriors 1

Team Jawbreaker in Extreme Warriors 1

General Chompsalot was entered by a team from New Berlin, Wisconsin called Team Jawbreaker. Tim Berghoefer was the team captain, who designed the robot and drove it. In all the team's appearances, he was joined by Dave Gruszynski, who controlled the jaw. Tim's wife Cheryl was part of the team for Season 1, and was responsible for the painting and decorating of the robots. Martin Bahjak was the third team member for Season 2. Not credited on television, there was also another member of the pit crew, Walter Martinez, and Mike Bartol, who gave Tim Berghoefer help on the robot's design[2],

Robot History[]

Season 1[]

"Here's the robot, General Chompsalot, and I'll tell you what - he gives a licking and keeps on ticking!"
— Tim Berghoefer in General Chompsalot's introduction

General Chompsalot participated in the US Championship against Spartacus, Cyclone, Run Away, Panzer Mk 2 and Drillzilla in the first round.

"The General's ready to chomp and he's ready to give somebody a tongue lashing tonight!"
— Tim Berghoefer to Rebecca Grant

General Chompsalot slams Cyclone into the side wall

General Chompsalot clamps down on the crippled Run Away

General Chompsalot started slowly, at first holding back from where the other robots were fighting. However, General Chompsalot charged at Cyclone, holding the disc still in its jaws and slamming it into the arena wall. General Chompsalot turned away from Cyclone, and Drillzilla reversed into it. Run Away also reversed into General Chompsalot, and Drillzilla pushed both robots, with General Chompsalot driving off the top of Drillzilla. Run Away's front blade had become loose after being pushed by Drillzilla, impairing its mobility, and General Chompsalot took advantage, grabbing the side of the robot in its jaw. However, Drillzilla then pushed Spartacus into General Chompsalot, pushing it away from Run Away. Drillzilla pushed the two robots together across the arena, though General Chompsalot was able to use its jaw and wheels to turn itself away from Spartacus and get free. After briefly being blocked by Sir Killalot, General Chompsalot and Run Away tried to grab Panzer Mk 2, with the two robots each pushing against the sides of Panzer Mk 2. Although Run Away was pushed away from Panzer Mk 2, General Chompsalot managed to get its jaw under Panzer Mk 2 and push it, until Panzer Mk 2 got away. General Chompsalot chased after Panzer Mk 2 as Panzer Mk 2 targeted Spartacus, but Drillzilla got beside General Chompsalot. Drillzilla pinned General Chompsalot against Panzer Mk 2 as Panzer Mk 2 rammed Spartacus to the arena wall and flipped it against the wall, and the combined drive of the three robots nearly threw Spartacus out of the arena.

"Look at that, right up on the rail! Right up on Chompsalot! I think General Chompsalot saved him, if anything"
— Stefan Frank reviews Spartacus' escape

Drillzilla rams Spartacus and General Chompsalot as Panzer Mk 2 backs away

Panzer Mk 2 almost flips Spartacus out of the arena as Drillzilla rams General Chompsalot

Panzer Mk 2 reversed, and General Chompsalot got Spartacus off the top of its jaw, and got away from the wall, Drillzilla chasing after it. Panzer Mk 2 got at the side of General Chompsalot, and pushed it, then Drillzilla came in, pushing General Chompsalot away from Panzer Mk 2 and ramming it into the arena wall. In doing so, General Chompsalot was pushed onto the top of Drillzilla, and easily got off as Drillzilla reversed. After a brief tussle with Panzer Mk 2, Drillzilla pushed Panzer Mk 2 away from General Chompsalot as time ran out, slamming it into an angle grinder. Panzer Mk 2 reversed away, but General Chompsalot blocked it. Time ran out, and the judges were required to decide which robot went through. The judges' decision was given to Panzer Mk 2.

General Chompsalot also participated in the Tag Team, where it was partnered with Run Away.

"We met at another robotic competition. We liked the way we both thought, and the way we reacted, so it seemed like a natural!"
— Mark Joeger on how the two teams got together

In Round 1, the pair faced Falcon and Joker.

"Between the two of us, we can pluck all the feathers out of the Falcon, and make a real joke out of that Joker!"
— Tim Berghoefer prior to the first round Tag Team battle

General Chompsalot rams Falcon

General Chompsalot went out first, against Falcon. At the start of the battle, General Chompsalot swerved past Falcon, but Falcon turned and tried to get its flipper under General Chompsalot. General Chompsalot turned to the side of Falcon, getting its jaw under Falcon and pushing it back. Falcon tried turning against General Chompsalot, but General Chompsalot kept pushing, until it drove up the front of Falcon. As it drove up Falcon, General Chompsalot went up on its wheels, landing upside-down. Falcon tried to get under General Chompsalot, but General Chompsalot reversed, so Falcon missed its flip.

"...Falcon's got that patented wedge design that's great for tipping people over, but it's not going to work too much good on General Chompsalot, 'cause he's going to work either way."
— Stefan Frank as Falcon tries to get under General Chompsalot

General Chompsalot and Run Away push Joker onto the flame pit together

General Chompsalot got under Falcon and pushed it into the wall. Falcon pushed past General Chompsalot as it got away from the wall, and both robots simultaneously went to tag their partners. Run Away got underneath Joker, but got stuck under it. Falcon came out illegally to help, as did General Chompsalot. General Chompsalot got its jaw under Joker, lifting it off the front wedge. Together, the two Tag Team partners pushed Joker onto the flame pit together.

"...and everybody's in on the action now! ... I think these guys might have watched the battle before and decided to forget about the rules!"
— Stefan Frank as all four competitors fight

General Chompsalot fights alone is time runs out

Run Away reversed away, but General Chompsalot was stuck under Joker. Refbot came in to separate the two competitors, and Dead Metal pushed Joker off the flame pit, but Joker had stopped moving. General Chompsalot pushed Joker onto the floor flipper, where it started moving again. Soon, all four competitors were out fighting. Run Away opened the pit, and whilst General Chompsalot fought Joker, Run Away drove up the front of Falcon. Sir Killalot came out of his CPZ, picking Run Away up, and turning it over. Sir Killalot then picked Run Away back up, span it around and dropped it on the floor flipper. Run Away was immobilized as it was flipped, leaving General Chompsalot to fight alone for the remaining seconds. As time ran out, General Chompsalot was pushing Joker. The judges decided that because Sir Killalot's attack on Run Away had been an illegal move, so they gave the battle for General Chompsalot and Run Away.

"The decision is in and it's bound to be controversial, apparently the judges decided that Killalot was out of order, rendering their decision to General Chompsalot and the Run Away!"
— Mick Foley announces the decision

There in the final, the team faced Drillzilla and Tut Tut.

"I'm not too worried about Tut Tut, and I think these guys [the Drillzilla team] are wearing Hawaiian shirts 'cause they're gonna need a vacation when we're done with them!"
— Tim Berghoefer on his opponents before the battle

Run Away and Drillzilla started the battle, but Run Away was pushed around the arena. Drillzilla easily pushed Run Away around the arena, and after Drillzilla tagged Tut Tut, Run Away tagged General Chompsalot.

"If Run Away's got any strategy at all, he's going to go for that tag, and put General Chompsalot in there, because those rotor blades aren't doing any damage at all"
— Stefan Frank as Run Away gets away from Tut Tut and goes for the tag

General Chompsalot chases after Tut Tut

General Chompsalot charged at Tut Tut, who drove to the corner to tag Drillzilla back out. General Chompsalot chased Tut Tut into the corner, but as Drillzilla was tagged, it easily pushed General Chompsalot into the arena center. General Chompsalot tried to get Drillzilla in its jaw, but Drillzilla pushed it onto a flame jet.

"...Drillzilla, who's going to town on General Chompsalot! General Chompsalot's just got no weapon whatsoever against Drillzilla, who's low, twice the weight, he's a roller, and Chompsalot's going to be fried-a-lot if he doesn't get out of there!"
— Stefan Frank as Drillzilla pushes General Chompsalot onto a flame jet

General Chompsalot is pitted by Drillzilla

Drillzilla reversed, and General Chompsalot got off the flame jet, driving around Drillzilla, but Drillzilla quickly rammed General Chompsalot across the arena, straight into the pit. Run Away was left to fight for the pair, but after a brief fight with Tut Tut, was then tipped on its side by the pyramid shaped robot and beaten, resigning General Chompsalot's team to second place.

Mick Foley: "This Drillzilla team just seems to be unstoppable, how do you feel about that?"
Mark Joeger: "It's like we're fighting a block of solid metal, theirs just nothing to get a hold of on him."
Mick Foley: "You sound kind of bitter, do you have a better excuse than that?"
Tim Berghoefer: "No, I mean they're just heavy! They weigh almost twice as much as us, so you try to push 'em and they just push right back, and you're in trouble!"
Mick Foley: "Geez, the grapes are kind of sour in your part of the country!"
— Post-battle interview

General Chompsalot's third appearance was in the War of Independence, representing the US. It faced the UK representative Stinger in the eliminator.

Rebecca Grant: "General Chompsalot, what do you think of "the Stinger"?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Yeah, I'm not too afraid, I think you're gonna see who the victor is real soon!"
— Pre-battle interview

Stinger hits General Chompsalot in the mouth

Stinger started by charging at General Chompsalot, but General Chompsalot dodged. Stinger swung its mace back and forth, but General Chompsalot held back, before trying to get at one of Stinger's wheels. However, Stinger started spinning, hitting one of General Chompsalot's wheels. General Chompsalot turned for another attack, but Stinger continued spinning and hit the other wheel.

"Chompsalot, the American entry, he's got the big mouth, which is what the Brits think about Americans anyway!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot tries to grab Stinger

General Chompsalot waited until Stinger stopped spinning, and drove at one of the wheels, stopping its opponent from spinning, but General Chompsalot could not get Stinger into its jaw, so turned away. Stinger started spinning again, and General Chompsalot waited until it stopped before trying to get one of Stinger's wheels in its jaw. The US representative missed its charge, and Stinger span and hit it again. General Chompsalot turned away, but drove into the wall. As Stinger span, General Chompsalot drove into it, catching the axe in its mouth. General Chompsalot started pushing Stinger back, holding the axe in its jaw, but Stinger reversed out of the jaw.

"...Stinger's right into the mouth of Chompsalot, doing a little tonsillectomy, it looks like! Chompsalot is going try to get his mouth around Stinger. He doesn't really have much in the weapons department..."
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot holds Stinger in its jaw

General Chompsalot clamps down on Stinger

The UK representative drove up the arena, with General Chompsalot close behind it. Stinger span again, and although it hit General Chompsalot's wheels, General Chompsalot was unaffected. General Chompsalot tried to grab Stinger by the axe with its jaw, but the axe knocked General Chompsalot aside. General Chompsalot drove around to Stinger's side and tried to grab one of the wheels, but Stinger reversed. General Chompsalot turned around, then charged at Stinger, but it couldn't get its jaw around the wheel of Stinger, and as it pushed past, Stinger hit it twice in quick succession as it span its axe, knocking off one of General Chompsalot's eyes.

"Oh! Is that an eye? I think General Chompsalot's lost an eye! Well the patch is always going to look good on a military man anyway."
— Stefan Frank after Stinger knocks off one of General Chompsalot's eyes

General Chompsalot holds Stinger in its jaw

General Chompsalot drove around Stinger as its opponent began spinning, then drove straight into Stinger, stopping it from spinning and grabbing one of the wheels in its jaw. Stinger used its axe to escape by, swinging it against the jaw to push itself free, needing two attempts to do so. However, General Chompsalot soon got Stinger back in its jaw and pushed it down the arena.

"...Chompsalot gets his mouth around the wheel of Stinger! Doesn't really do any damage, but definitely incapacitates him for a minute. Great driving by General Chompsalot anyway, even though he's not doing huge damage."
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot holds Stinger

Stinger hits one of General Chompsalot's wheels

Stinger tried swinging the axe, but this did not free it, although Stinger managed to escape when General Chompsalot briefly loosened its grip. Stinger began to spin, as General Chompsalot drove around it and tried to grab it, but Stinger hit the inside of General Chompsalot's jaw with its mace. The US representative turned around and drove at Stinger as it spun, but Stinger merely bounced off General Chompsalot. General Chompsalot chased Stinger towards the flame pit, but couldn't get it in its jaw. Stinger hit one of General Chompsalot's wheels, and General Chompsalot drove onto the flame pit, but quickly got off. The two competitors drove into the arena center, and Stinger turned away as General Chompsalot drove at it. Stinger spun some more, hitting one of General Chompsalot's tyres, but the axe stopped on impact, and General Chompsalot took advantage, driving onto the axe and pushing Stinger back.

"Chompsalot, with a mouthful of tyre! Chompsalot's gumming it, it looks like, he's got teeth on the outside but he's not really doing any damage to that robot. Stinger's just getting away out of it every time he gets in the clenches..."
— Stefan Frank as Chompsalot grips Stinger again

General Chompsalot pushed Stinger to the flame pit, but Stinger escaped. General Chompsalot drove towards the pit release button, then chased Stinger to the arena wall. Time ran out, and the judges were called on to make a decision.

"Now, this is a tough one to call just because nobody did any real damage. Maybe General Chompsalot lost an eye or something, but Stinger never really got in there with some damage, so my monied have to be on General Chompsalot, who gummed his way through with a lot of style and control. Good driving!"
— Stefan Frank, reviewing the highlights

The judges ruled in favour General Chompsalot to go through, much to the disagreement of the Stinger team.

Mick Foley: "Guys, an excellent, hard-fought match. General, your staff was tremendous, your military was unparalleled, but the British seem to think that they took it! Guys, what's your basis for that decision?"
Tim Mann: "Well, there are bits of General Chompsalot all over the arena!"
Tim Berghoefer: "The pieces they are talking about, scattered, is one foam eyeball, so I think, if we can get an optometrist to stick him back on, we'll be ready in a jiffy! Close fight, but we were the aggressor with those jaws, eating the Brits!"
— After the battle

General Chompsalot then faced fellow American Joker in the semi-final, a rematch from their encounter in the Tag Team.

"They've got a good shot at taking a tooth out, 'cause we're going to be laughing at them the whole time! The mouth's going to be wide open the whole time."
— Tim Berghoefer before the battle, responding to the Joker team's claims they would knock General Chompsalot's teeth out

Joker sends General Chompsalot spinning

As Joker got up to top spinning speed, General Chompsalot cautiously approached, then charged into it, but on impact, General Chompsalot was sent spinning. However, the impact also caused one of Joker's maces to fall off.

"General Chompsalot goes head up with the Joker, and he gets a good 360 spin out of that one! Almost a 720! And in that contact, General Chompsalot managed to bite off one of the maces of Joker..."
— Stefan Frank watching the replay

General Chompsalot tries to grab hold of Joker

General Chompsalot drove back at Joker before it could get up to speed again, and tried pushing it towards the wall, then the flame pit, but its opponent's round shape made pushing difficult, and General Chompsalot turned away after pushing Joker by the flame pit. However, the loanerbot turned onto the flames, only to quickly drive off. General Chompsalot drove back at Joker, but Joker had started spinning, and knocked Joker onto the flame pit. General Chompsalot quickly drove off the flames and drove up the arena, and Joker followed it, but couldn't spin up properly, having lost one of its maces. General Chompsalot tried to get its jaw around Joker, but the loanerbot's tall body and round shape made it difficult, and General Chompsalot turned away for another attack. After briefly driving onto a CO2 jet, General Chompsalot drove back at Joker, and although it managed to get the bottom half of its jaw under Joker and push its opponent back a little, Joker managed to turn itself off the jaw, and General Chompsalot turned away. General Chompsalot charged at Joker, but couldn't get Joker in its Jaw, and Joker drove down the arena, with General Chompsalot close behind it. Joker was spinning, but not as fast as it had been at the start. Regardless, it was still able to knock General Chompsalot aside as it drove into it. General Chompsalot drove back into Joker, managing to stop Joker spinning. As General Chompsalot turned away, Joker opened the pit, but as it started spinning it drove into the CPZ. Dead Metal grabbed Joker, and sliced into it a couple of times as he pulled it out of the CPZ. Dead Metal pulled Joker towards the pit, but as it did so, became stuck over the pit itself. With both Joker and Dead Metal stuck over the pit, the pit was raised. Dead Metal let Joker go, but as it went after General Chompsalot, General Chompsalot got its bottom jaw under Joker, and pushed it to the pit, which had been lowered again. However, Joker was stuck on the bottom jaw, and General Chompsalot could not drop it into the pit.

General Chompsalot tries to pit Joker

"General Chompsalot tries to get its jaws around the Joker, but the punchline's too big!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot fails to pit Joker

Smoke was rising from Joker, and General Chompsalot reversed to get Joker off its bottom jaw, but in doing so gave Joker the chance it needed to get away from the edge of the pit.

"He gets away! General Chompsalot gives him a Christmas present! He had him right there in his clutches, he could have put them out!"
— Stefan Frank as Joker escapes

Joker drove around the pit and started spinning, but General Chompsalot slammed into it, and this slowed its spinning. General Chompsalot pushed Joker to the bottom arena wall, and the two continued to fight by the pit in the last few seconds, with General Chompsalot pushing Joker a little. Time ran out, and the judges unanimously voted for General Chompsalot to go through to the final.

Mick Foley: "General, now your military career is beyond reproach, but I gotta tell you, it looked a little bit tentative out there."
Tim Berghoefer: "Well, you know, the General has a hard time really beating up on a fellow American. We just wanted to toy with him, have some fun, and we won!"
Mick Foley: "Well, I take it that you would much rather, in the final, face the UK then face your very own Rosie the Riveter, is that true?"
Tim Berghoefer: "We're waiting for them to bring on the UK!"
Mick Foley: "So in other words, you're going to be rooting against your fellow USA compatriot in the semi-final?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Actually, they're friends of ours, but I'd like to see them lose!"
Mick Foley: "I really want friends like you on my side!"

— Post-battle interview

In the final, it fought UK representative Pussycat, which had defeated two American robots to reach this stage.

"The General loves cats...dead ones!"
— Tim Berghoefer before the battle with Pussycat

Pussycat is pushed into the CPZ by General Chompsalot

General Chompsalot started by charging at Pussycat, but Pussycat dodged. General Chompsalot turned and tried to get its jaw around Pussycat, but Pussycat reversed. As Pussycat turned around, General Chompsalot charged forwards, but missed, driving into an angle grinder. The two competitors turned to face each other and charged into each other, but Pussycat turned just a little before they made contact, so when the two robots collided, Pussycat bounced away from the jaw. The two robots drove up the arena, and General Chompsalot got at the side of Pussycat and grabbed it in its jaw. The US robot slammed Pussycat into the top arena wall, and as Pussycat rolled over, rammed it into an empty CPZ, pinning it there. However, Shunt charged in, lifting both robots up together, separating them, and axed Joker's jaw. Pussycat was stuck on its side, but when General Chompsalot tried to attack, Shunt chased it out of the CPZ. After being flipped back on its wheels by Shunt, the two competitors got head-on at each other, and General Chompsalot got Pussycat in its jaw. Although Pussycat was creating sparks with its saw, General Chompsalot pushed it to Shunt. However, Pussycat drove around the House Robot and escaped before it could attack. The two competitors fought in the arena center, getting side-on to each other and spinning against the other, until Pussycat reversed and span away.

"It's a little dosie do, as Chompsalot tries to get his mouth around Pussycat"
— Stefan Frank as the two robots spin together

Pussycat and General Chompsalot clash again

General Chompsalot drove at Pussycat, flipping it so it was upright on impact. General Chompsalot pushed Pussycat back, but the UK representative got off the jaw, and hit the side of General Chompsalot, ripping off one of its foam eyes.

"Pussycat up on her wheels... oh and take out an eye! Well, it is damage, it may only be superficial damage. It's not gonna stop Chompsalot from getting more bites out of the Pussycat."
— Stefan Frank

Pussycat rips into General Chompsalot's wheels

General Chompsalot got Pussycat in its jaw and tried to push, but Pussycat reversed, and attacked the other side of General Chompsalot, ripping the other eye. General Chompsalot pushed Pussycat into the wall, briefly pinning it against an angle grinder, but Pussycat reversed. Pussycat charged back at General Chompsalot, cutting into its jaw with its saw. The two robots got side-on again and span together, until General Chompsalot broke away. General Chompsalot drove towards the pit button, but Pussycat slammed into it. General Chompsalot turned away, but drove into the CPZ, where Matilda hit the jaw with her flywheel, ripping away some of the teeth. The two competitors fought in the arena center, with Pussycat turning away each time General Chompsalot tried to get its jaw under it, then cutting into the jaw with its saw.

"Looks like he's been demoted from General to Buck Private....buck teeth, but no more teeth in this case."
— Stefan Frank on the state of General Chompsalot's jaws

Pussycat's blade catches in General Chompsalot's jaws

General Chompsalot pushed Pussycat onto the flame pit, and after briefly spinning on the flames, Pussycat drove off, only to be pushed back as time ran out. The judges were required to make a decision, and they went for Pussycat, mostly based on damage.

Mick Foley: "Listen General Chompsalot, they're telling us it was a tremendously close decision. Two robots, very evenly matched. The decision comes down to damage. Apparently, the General suffered just a little more damage. I mean, let's face it, your teeth were left laying all over the arena floor, kinda like my teeth used to be, but hey, didn't work out so bad for me, so nothing to be ashamed of!"
Tim Berghoefer: "OK, well, you know, we respect the judges' decision, no matter how wrong it was!"
Mick Foley: "Whoah!"
— Post-battle interview

Season 2[]

"...the new improved General Chompsalot, in at 217 pounds, he's been upgraded in every way. He's more powerful, he's faster and he's heavier!"
— Stefan Frank introduces General Chompsalot

In the first round of its heat, General Chompsalot 2 fought newcomers Marauder and G-Force.

General Chompsalot 2 stuck on Marauder

General Chompsalot 2 started by charging at Marauder, but Marauder dodged. As Marauder sped up the arena, G-Force drove at it, but missed. General Chompsalot 2 rammed into G-Force, before driving after Marauder. General Chompsalot 2 caught up, but couldn't get its jaw under Marauder's low ground clearance. General Chompsalot 2 turned around to try again, but Marauder dodged. General Chompsalot 2 kept chasing Marauder, but despite trying again and again, could not get the jaw under Marauder. General Chompsalot 2 drove close to the flame pit as it chased Marauder, and Marauder pushed it back onto the flames, but General Chompsalot 2 quickly reversed away. General Chompsalot 2 drove around the other two competitors as G-Force pushed Marauder against the arena wall, but as General Chompsalot 2 got behind G-Force, G-Force turned to attack General Chompsalot 2, allowing Marauder to escape down the arena. General Chompsalot 2 reversed, and G-Force chased after it, but then changed targets, charging down the arena at Marauder. G-Force did get under Marauder, but Marauder bounced away, and G-Force crashed into the arena wall. General Chompsalot 2 charged at Marauder, but missed its charge, slamming into the arena wall. With the help of G-Force, General Chompsalot 2 chased Marauder into the CPZ, with General Chompsalot 2 driving onto Marauder's dome. However, Marauder managed to escape the CPZ. G-Force opened the pit, and General Chompsalot 2 held back as G-Force pushed Marauder into Matilda's CPZ. After General Chompsalot 2 escaped from Matilda, General Chompsalot 2 charged at Marauder, driving up the dome.

"...and Chompsalot tries to launch himself right over Marauder!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 drives onto Marauder

General Chompsalot 2 stuck on Refbot

Marauder reversed to get out from under General Chompsalot 2, and as General Chompsalot 2 chased after it, it accidentally drove into Refbot, and its jaw became on the House Robot's bulldozer blade after it drove up the front.

"Chompsalot has a little attack on Refbot! Wrong bot there, Chompsalot!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 drives onto Refbot's front blade

General Chompsalot 2 becomes stuck on G-Force

Whilst Refbot span around to get General Chompsalot 2 free of its scoop, it became clear that G-Force had broken down. Shunt pushed it onto the floor flipper, and General Chompsalot 2 drove up its side. However, due to the curved shape of is jaw, it became stuck on top of G-Force. Refbot counted G-Force out, then pushed General Chompsalot 2 off the top of G-Force before the beaten competitor was thrown by the floor flipper and pushed into the pit by Shunt.

Mick Foley: "Now General, you returned to the wars with an even powerful jaw, but you're facing a team like Marauder that rides so low to the ground that, even though they were a lightweight robot, you really couldn't do much with them! How did you feel about that?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Yeah, their skirts were surprisingly effective, they were hard to get in that mouth. We thought they'd be a little bitesize for us!"
Mick Foley: "Nonetheless, you move along!"
— Post-battle interview

In the second round, General Chompsalot 2 faced its former tag team partner, Run Away.

"We're friends outside of the arena, but once we're inside, anything goes. I expect them to go for me, and I'm going to go for them."
— Tim Berghoefer on the Run Away team before the battle

General Chompsalot 2 defeats its former tag team partner

Run Away started by driving straight down the arena into the pit release button. General Chompsalot 2 chased after it, ramming into its rear, and getting under its side. General Chompsalot 2 got its jaw under the Robotica champion and used it to lift Run Away up, and a motor chain came loose on Run Away as it was lifted.

"...Chompsalot and Run Away are in a headlock with each other."
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 lifts Run Away

General Chompsalot 2 forced Run Away into the wall, reversed a little, then pushed Run Away against the wall again, flipping it onto its side. General Chompsalot 2 continued to ram into Run Away's exposed internals as its opponent lied there beaten.

"Chompsalot goes for inversion tactics, and buries that spike right into the underbelly of Run Away! Run Away looks like they're in real trouble, they've got no srimech..."
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 tips Run Away over and rams into its exposed underbelly

General Chompsalot 2 and Sgt. Bash both grip Run Away

The House Robots came in, with Refbot counting Run Away out. Sgt. Bash and Dead Metal attacked Run Away, and General Chompsalot 2 also got to ram Run Away a couple of times before Sgt. Bash pulled the beaten competitor away from the wall. As it did so, General Chompsalot 2 also grabbed Run Away, grabbing the other side and trying to pull it away from the House Robot.

"Chompsalot wants a piece and its going to be a tug-of-war now! Whoa, a whole new event!"
— Stefan Frank as Sgt. Bash and General Chompsalot 2 grab Run Away

General Chompsalot 2 pits Run Away

When Sgt. Bash let go, General Chompsalot 2 grabbed Run Away by one of its wheels and pushed it to an angle grinder, before turning it around and pushing it into the pit.

Mick Foley: "Didn't seem very friendly to me with the General, did you? It may have even been a little excessive. I mean, Run Away was already decapitated and there you were shoving it, and then you end up fighting with the House Robots, like you're two dogs fighting over the same bone, and maybe trying to send a signal to your competitors."
Tim Berghoefer: "Well we both agreed at the beginning that we were both going to go after each other, and that's what I did!"
Mick Foley: "Well, hopefully you go after your opponents in the final."
Tim Berghoefer: "Yeah, I didn't want to let the House Robots have all the fun!"
Mick Foley: "All right, all right, but the House Robots might be after you though."
Tim Berghoefer: "I hope not!"
— Post-battle interview

In the Heat Final, General Chompsalot 2 faced Destructive Criticism.

"Well, we're equally as worried [as the Destructive Criticism team]. We've seen what that spinner can do, so I think this is definitely going to be a driving game. I'm going to be avoiding that spinner, and he's going to be avoiding my jaws, so it's going to be a lot of jockeying."
— Tim Berghoefer before the battle

The knockout blow on General Chompsalot 2

At the beginning of the battle, General Chompsalot 2 drove down the arena as Destructive Criticism drove towards it, then turned around to face its opponent. General Chompsalot 2 tried to attack the side of Destructive Criticism, but its opponent was too fast and turned before General Chompsalot 2 could attack the side, hitting one of General Chompsalot 2's wheels with its disc. After this hit, General Chompsalot 2 stopped moving, and Destructive Criticism went in for the kill, hitting the side, but suddenly Destructive Criticism stopped moving as well, with the drive chain for the disc coming off on impact with General Chompsalot 2.

"They're both parallel parked right next to each other and nobody's moving! It's incredible! Talk about your one hit wonders!"
— Stefan Frank as both robots lie immobile

The immobile General Chompsalot 2, grabbed by Sgt. Bash and rammed by Destructive Criticism

As Refbot came in to count the two robots out, Destructive Criticism started moving again, reversing away, leaving General Chompsalot 2 to be counted out. With no disc, Destructive Criticism instead rammed into General Chompsalot 2. Destructive Criticism opened the pit, and Sgt. Bash gripped General Chompsalot 2 with its claw. Destructive Criticism rammed its beaten opponent as Sgt. Bash held it, then Sgt. Bash let it go and Sir Killalot pushed it onto the floor flipper.

"General Chompsalot is well and truly out of it. And what a shame, we were looking forward to an amazing battle with Chompsalot, and all of a sudden, one hit and they were toast!"
— Stefan Frank as Sir Killalot pushes General Chompsalot 2 onto the floor flipper

General Chompsalot 2 loses a wheel

Sir Killalot prepares to pit General Chompsalot 2, whilst Destructive Criticism pits the loose wheel

As General Chompsalot 2 was flipped, one wheel fell off on crashing back down. Destructive Criticism pushed the wheel into the pit, and Sir Killalot finished General Chompsalot 2 off by pushing it into the pit. As a result, it was eliminated from the main competition at the Heat Final stage.

Mick Foley: "Alright gentlemen, it looks like all of us made a little bit of history here, possibly the quickest bout on any Robot Wars episode, so happens it came in a final, like I said, a little anti-climatic. General Chompsalot's a battle-hardened veteran, and we were expecting a little bit more"
Tim Berghoefer: "Yeah, we were too! We're curious to open up the cover and see what happened. I mean, it was one hit and it was dead, so we're kind of at a lost right now with what happened."
Mick Foley: "But I know the General will be back sometime."
— Post-battle interview

General Chompsalot 2 also participated in the Tag Team Terror for the second year running, but this time it was partnered with The Termite. The two machines faced Hyperactive and Mechadroid in Round 1.

"Well you know, we decided to group up, not only 'cause they've got a Hyperactive on their team, but this guy's pretty hyperactive himself!"
— Tim Berghoefer before the battle, speaking of The Termite captain David Gilson

General Chompsalot 2 grips the wheel of Mechadroid

General Chompsalot 2 pushes Hyperactive

General Chompsalot 2 and Mechadroid started this bout, and General Chompsalot 2 started by trying to get around the side of Mechadroid, but Mechadroid turned, getting one of its pincers under General Chompsalot 2. General Chompsalot 2 tried turning off of the pincer and grabbing one of Mechadroid's front wheels, but it was still stuck on the pincer. After a bit of shaking, General Chompsalot 2 managed to reach one of Mechadroid's rear wheels, grabbing it in its jaw. General Chompsalot 2 suddenly let go of the wheel as Hyperactive came out without being tagged, and chased after Hyperactive. General Chompsalot 2 grabbed hold of one of Hyperactive's wheels and pushed it against the top arena wall. Meanwhile, The Termite also came out of its corner without being tagged, so all four robots were fighting at once.

"Well there it goes, the rules are out again!"
— Stefan Frank as all four robots fight at once

General Chompsalot falls into the pit with its prey

The Termite was pushed around by Mechadroid, whilst General Chompsalot 2 pushed Hyperactive down the arena towards Sir Killalot, before pushing it into the pit release button. Still with a firm grip on Hyperactive, General Chompsalot 2 pushed it to the pit as it opened. However, as it reached the pit, General Chompsalot 2 struggled to drop Hyperactive, despite one of its wheels hanging over, due the robots wide shape and it being stuck in its jaw. Before General Chompsalot 2 could try to let go, The Termite got behind it, and pushed General Chompsalot 2 into the pit, causing both robots to fall in together. However, one of Mechadroid's was stuck under General Chompsalot 2, meaning it couldn't get away from the pit. The Termite and Sir Killalot gave the pitted robots a push, causing Mechadroid to fall in as well.

Mick Foley: "I think the General likes the pit there! I mean, we know about the power of the jaws, but what's the deal with driving yourself in there?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Well, part of getting someone in the jaws is having to get them out of the jaws, and it's not always the easiest thing over the pit! We knew that might be an issue, but we were willing to take the fall."
Mick Foley: "'Cause you knew that The Termite could drag you out of problems?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Well we told them to cover our butts!"
— Post-battle interview

General Chompsalot 2 and the Termite went through to Round 2, and faced Black Widow and Rocky-Bot-Boa.

General Chompsalot 2 pushes Black Widow

Rocky-Bot-Boa rams General Chompsalot 2 as it pushes Black Widow into Sir Killalot

General Chompsalot 2 went out first against Black Widow, and General Chompsalot 2 started off by trying to get at the exposed wheels of Black Widow, but Black Widow turned away. As it did so. General Chompsalot 2 got behind Black Widow, getting its jaw around the back and pushing it into Sir Killalot. Black Widow got away from the House Robot, but General Chompsalot 2 was still holding on. Suddenly, Rocky-Bot-Boa came out without being tagged. Rocky-Bot-Boa missed its initial charge, driving into its Tag Team partner instead of General Chompsalot 2. As General Chompsalot 2 continued to push Black Widow, Rocky-Bot-Boa got behind General Chompsalot 2 and rammed it, but could not stop General Chompsalot 2 pushing Black Widow into Sir Killalot, who grabbed the front wedge with his claw, ripping off a part. As General Chompsalot 2 let Black Widow go and went after Rocky-Bot-Boa, The Termite also came out without being tagged, opening the pit.

"They're all in on it!"
— Stefan Frank as The Termite comes out

General Chompsalot pulls Rocky-Bot-Boa down in defeat

Whilst Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed The Termite, General Chompsalot 2 got its jaws around its side and started pushing. However, Rocky-Bot-Boa pushed back in reverse, forcing General Chompsalot 2 into the pit. and itself into the pit, but in doing so, Rocky-Bot-Boa fell into the pit as well, as General Chompsalot 2 still had a grip on it.

"...and immediately Chompsalot gets backed in by Rocky-Bot-Boa, and they both almost sacrifice themselves! They both may be committed to the pit, that's for sure!"
— Stefan Frank as both robots go into the pit

The Termite and Black Widow fought each other alone, but The Termite was rammed repeatedly, and its weapon chains fell of, leaving it defenceless, so it and General Chompsalot 2 lost the judges' decision, and were eliminated from the competition.

General Chompsalot also competed in the International Championship where it first faced Brawler.

"We've looked at their machine, and I gotta be honest, that is one tough machine! We're just gonna have to wait for a moment of weakness and get in there and get them in the General's jaw!"
— Tim Berghoefer before the battle

General Chompsalot 2 pushes Brawler towards the CPZ

Brawler started by driving away from General Chompsalot 2, but as General Chompsalot 2 crossed the arena, Brawler got close and started spinning, but although it hit the side, didn't do any damage. General Chompsalot 2 tried to catch Brawler in its jaw, but Brawler sped away. However, as it tried to get away, it drove into Refbot, allowing General Chompsalot 2 to catch up with it. Brawler started spinning to prevent General Chompsalot 2 from grabbing it, ripping the tongue from its mouth, and General Chompsalot 2 backed away for another attack. General Chompsalot 2 drove after Brawler, and Brawler drove up the arena, but General Chompsalot 2 was in close pursuit, and soon caught up with Brawler.

"Unfortunately it's not a huge amount of weaponry on General Chompsalot, Brawler better stay aware, 'cause those jaws are going to come right down on 'em!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 chases Brawler

The House Robots block the competitors escape

Brawler kept turning to prevent General Chompsalot 2 from getting its jaw around it, but Sgt. Bash came out of his CPZ and stopped for just a moment, which allowed General Chompsalot 2 to grab it by the spear. Brawler pulled General Chompsalot 2 around the arena, but General Chompsalot 2 would not let go, and pushed Brawler into a CPZ. It briefly let Brawler go, but before it could get away, Sir Killalot and Sgt. Bash came in, with Sgt. Bash blocking Brawler's escape and Sir Killalot pushing General Chompsalot 2 against the corner.

"And Killalot has taken full advantage of the fact that Chompsalot strayed into that CPZ!"
— Stefan Frank

General Chompsalot 2 grabs hold of Brawler

Both competitors managed to swerve around the House Robot that was blocking them, but General Chompsalot 2 was briefly pinned against the arena wall by Sir Killalot, blocking both competitors. Both competitors escaped the House Robots, with General Chompsalot 2 being briefly pinned against the wall by Sir Killalot, before being pushed aside. Both competitors drove to the center of the arena, and General Chompsalot 2 tried to get hold of Brawler by the hammer. Brawler managed to get away briefly, but General Chompsalot 2 then drove at the side of Brawler, grabbing one of its wheels in the jaw.

"Chompsalot's got him by the wheel now, so he's got no driving whatsoever! Poor Errol Miller's at the mercy of the jaws of General Chompsalot!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 grabs Brawler and pushes it

General Chompsalot 2 pits Brawler

General Chompsalot 2 pushed Brawler down the arena, straight into the pit release button, then pushed it towards the pit. Brawler struggled against General Chompsalot 2 as it got close to the pit, but General Chompalot 2 managed to push Brawler into the pit and drop it in.

"They just went through this thing like clockwork! Poor Brawler didn't seem to have a chance!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 pits Brawler

General Chompsalot 2 had a little trouble getting its jaw out of the pit, as it was stuck on the side, but General Chompsalot 2 reversed, pulling the jaw out. As Brawler went in first, General Chompsalot 2 would have been through anyway.

Mick Foley: "General, an excellent job out there, maybe even a dominating job. I don't think I'd ever seen your robot so devastating; clamping the jaws on, having the foresight to hit the pit button and then drive it into the pit, a great effort!"
Tim Berghoefer: "Well thanks, we kind of eyed up Brawler ahead of time and decided they were about bitesize for our jaws, so we thought if we could get 'em in there, we'd have a good shot of getting them in the pit, and it just worked out."
Mick Foley: "Will you need your tongue to take on Manta in the next round of our international competition?"
Tim Berghoefer: "The tongue is going to be very integral to our fight against Manta, so it's definitely going back in there!"
— Post-battle interview

In the second round, General Chompsalot 2 faced Manta for the right to fight the UK in the final.

Manta hits General Chompsalot 2's wheel

At the start, General Chompsalot 2 charged at Manta, but Manta dodged it, and quickly turned and hit one of General Chompsalot's wheels with its spinning blade. Manta backed away, then charged at one of General Chompsalot 2's wheels. Manta hit the side, ripping off one of the decorative eyes, but the eye became stuck on the spinning blade, and stopped it from spinning.

"...and Chompsalot, again, is taking some sacrificial punishment, but certainly nothing substantial!"
— Stefan Frank as General Chompsalot 2 loses one of its eyes

General Chompsalot 2 holds Manta's spinner still

Manta rammed into its opponent and General Chompsalot 2 rode up Manta's front. General Chompsalot 2 got its jaw against the front of Manta and tried pushing, but couldn't get its jaw around it or push Manta back. General Chompsalot 2 turned around for another attack and hit the front of Manta, which knocked the eye off of the spinning blade. Manta charged at General Chompsalot 2, trying to use its spinning blade, but General Chompsalot 2 caught the blade in its jaw, holding it still. Gripping onto the spinner caused the robot to be lifted up on one wheel, and Manta tried pulling General Chompsalot 2 around.

"The power of Manta's disc is enough to lift Chompsalot up off the ground, and his wheels are spinning!"
— Stefan Frank

General Chompsalot 2 pushes Manta into Dead Metal

However, General Chompsalot 2 soon got its wheel back on the ground and rammed Manta into the bottom arena wall. General Chompsalot 2 let Manta go, but Manta was too slow to get away and General Chompsalot 2 rammed it, its tongue falling out as it did so. Manta had stopped moving, and General Chompsalot 2 pushed it into the pit release button.

"I thihnk Chompsalot really took him into the rails hard and knocked something loose, 'cause they've got no driving skill whatsoever, except to backed into that pit trigger!"
— Stefan Frank as Manta is pushed into the pit button

General Chompsalot 2 tries to pit Manta

Dead Metal came out of his CPZ to cut into Manta, before General Chompsalot 2 grabbed Manta in its jaw and pulled it towards the pit. General Chompsalot 2 couldn't get Manta down the pit, despite two attempts to push it down, as on the first attempt, General Chompsalot 2 pushed at the wrong angle, pushing Manta to the side of the pit. Time ran out, and the judges decided that General Chompsalot 2 had won.

Mick Foley: "I thought Manta had what it took, I didn't think the General's going to sink those fleshy jaws on him."
Tim Berghoefer: "Well, that makes two of us! But we figured if we could just keep hitting at that weapon and stop it and get in there enough to grab 'em, maybe we had a shot, and it worked out."
Mick Foley: "Well it was very well done, I think we're looking forward to a really, really great international final, so I wish you guys well."
— Post-battle interview

In the final, General Chompsalot 2 fought the UK representative Tornado.

"A matter of national pride! A fight for the right to claim the Robot Wars international title!"
— Mick Foley before the battle

Tornado throws General Chompsalot 2 up into the air

Tornado started by charging at General Chompsalot 2, which dodged, but Tornado quickly turned, ramming into one of General Chompsalot 2's wheels, and the impact flipped the whole robot on its side. General Chompsalot 2 rolled back down, but Tornado rammed straight at it, flipping it backwards as it charged into the jaw. Both robots turned around for another attack, and as the two charged at each other, General Chompsalot 2 managed to get its jaw underneath the side of Tornado, but Tornado reversed off the jaw before its opponent could close the jaw.

"Tornado's got in yet another weapon, it looks like some General Chompsalot-proofing this time, got rid of the Razer-proofing, he's got a scoop that'll keep Chompsalot from biting down on the front. Tornado's still got all the pushing power, let's see if Chompsalot can get his jaws around this one!"
— Stefan Frank as Tornado rams General Chompsalot 2

The US hopes are pitted

General Chompsalot 2 turned around, but couldn't get its jaw under Tornado's front scoop, so turned around. General Chompsalot 2 tried getting under the front scoop, but Tornado's scoop easily got under the jaw, and Tornado rammed General Chompsalot 2, flipping it over. General Chompsalot 2 tried to get away, but Tornado was close behind it, and rammed it into the arena wall twice in quick succession. As Tornado pulled General Chompsalot 2 away from the wall, Shunt came across to the nearby CPZ, and General Chompsalot 2 got its jaw under the House Robot's plough. As the two tried to get separated, Tornado rammed into the back of General Chompsalot 2 a couple of times. Refbot came in to help separate the two, holding Shunt still as General Chompsalot 2 pulled away. Tornado got under General Chompsalot 2, but General Chompsalot 2 turned off the scoop, and drove to the arena center. Tornado opened the pit, and chased after General Chompsalot 2, quickly getting behind it and ramming it to the pit. Tornado pushed General Chompsalot 2 so its jaw was stuck hanging over the pit, and General Chompsalot 2 struggled unsuccessfully to get its jaw out. Tornado gave it a little push to try an pit it, then gave it another push to finish it off.

"...they put General Chompsalot on the edge of the pit! Oh, can he get out of this one before Tornado puts him down? Chompsalot in full reverse mode, and Tornado is too much for him!"
— Stefan Frank as Tornado pits General Chompsalot 2

This meant General Chompsalot had finished as runners-up of a competition for a third time.

Mick Foley: "General Chompsalot, after a very impressive performance in our US final, you ran up against a very tough Tornado team. what happened there?"
Tim Berghoefer: "Well, they're just, they're very excellent drivers, and they just out-drove me. I feel like we made it all the way to the prom and nobody asked us to dance, Mick!"
Mick Foley: "I hate to make you feel even worse, but General, you don't get this! This is what it's all about, not about national pride or about fun, it's about this trophy..."
— Post-battle interview


US Season 1
US Championship
Heat vs. Cyclone, Drillzilla, Panzer Mk 2, Run Away, Spartacus Eliminated
Tag Team Terror
Competing with Run Away, Runner-up
Round 1 vs. Falcon & Joker Won
Final vs. Drillzilla & Tut Tut Lost
War of Independence
Representing USA, Runner-up
Round 1 vs. Stinger (UK) Won
Round 2 vs. Joker (USA) Won
Final vs. Pussycat (UK) Lost
US Season 2
US Championship
Heat Final
Heat G, Round 1 vs. G-Force, Marauder Qualified
Heat G, Round 2 vs. Run Away Won
Heat G, Final vs. Destructive Criticism Lost
Tag Team Terror
Competing with The Termite, Round 2
Round 1 vs. Hyperactive & Mechadroid Won
Round 2 vs. Black Widow & Rocky-Bot-Boa Lost
International Championship
Representing USA, Runner-up
Round 1 vs. Brawler (US) Won
Round 2 vs. Manta (US) Won
Final vs. Tornado (UK) Lost


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 6

Series Record[]

US Series General Chompsalot Series Record
Season 1 Heat (Round 1)
Season 2 Heat Final
Nickelodeon Did not enter

Outside Robot Wars[]

An altered version of General Chompsalot was entered in Robotica as Jawbreaker, from which the team got its name. The team returned in the third season with Jawbreaker's Revenge. Jawbreaker reached the finals of both series in which it competed, losing to Ram Force in the first of these and to eventual champion Panzer Mk 3 in the second. The team also competed in BattleBots, solely for Season 3.0 with Nasty Overbite, which was the original Jawbreaker with a green paint job, beating Total Chaos and losing to B.O.B.

The team planned to create a third version of General Chompsalot, with a new look and a more powerful jaw, but maintaining the eyeballs and tongue that the robot is known for[3]. As Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors did not run a third season, it is unknown if General Chompsalot 3 was completed.

"We are currently building version 3.0 that will have a 10,000 lbs crushing jaw and a drastically different look - but the trademark tounge and eyeballs will return. … Version 3.0 will be able to punch holes through 1/4" plate steel - ouch!"
— Team Jawbreaker website on the plans for General Chompsalot 3


  • General Chompsalot had a Team Toad sticker behind the lower jaw, a team whose stickers appeared all over the world and on nearly every robot in Season 3.0 and 4.0 of BattleBots.
  • In both seasons of Extreme Warriors, General Chompsalot competed in the same three events - the US Championship, the Tag Team Terror, and the US vs. UK competition.


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