The German Championship was the main competition held in the one-off series of German Robot Wars. As with the equivalent UK, US and Dutch championships, it was primarily held to determine the national champion of Germany, although the championship also featured competitors from the Netherlands and Switzerland due to a lack of ready, reliable German robots. Unlike the Dutch Championship, there was no recognition given to the various international champions.

Planned SeriesEdit

In 2001, TV network RTL intended to broadcast a German series of Robot Wars, to be filmed around the same time as Dutch Series 1, and UK Series 5. However, only four robots applied for the series (Ansgar, Flensburger Power, Golem and Nasty Warrior), so the series was scrapped[1], with all four robots instead being invited to take part in Robot Wars Extreme: Series 1. Due to Ansgar winning the battle between the four robots, the German roboteers in attendance referred to Ansgar as the "German champion" of Robot Wars until the televised series took place.

German Robot Wars (televised series)Edit

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The televised German Championship featured twelve competitors, split into two heats of six robots each. The first round consisted of two three-way battles, which eliminated one robot each. The remaining four robots would pair off and the winners would qualify from that heat to the Grand Final. In the Grand Final, similar to the equivalents in the UK Championship, the four robots would battle against another in two knock-out battles, the winners of which would go on to a final battle to decide the Championship winner. A Losers Melee and a Playoff were also held during the Grand Final to determine fifth and third places respectively.


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