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"Unfortunately we totally misjudged the power of other robots and thus the strength of our own robot. Therfore, we're currently building a totally new robot - Geronimo - which you will hear all about very soon!"
— Team Freestylerz tease Geronimo on their website

Geronimo was a robot designed by Team Freestylerz, who had previously competed in Dutch Robot Wars: Series 2 with Flepser.

It was built with the intention of competing in a proposed third Dutch series, though this was never commissioned and Geronimo ultimately never appeared on the show.


Much like their previous robot, Geronimo was a two-wheel drive steep wedge designed to get underneath and overturn its opponents. Unlike Flepser however, Geronimo sported a rear hinged flipper powered by a pair of pneumatic rams.

From the only media available of Geronimo, it is purely red in colour, though it is likely this was uploaded before any other aesthetic work was done on the robot.[1]

Series Record[]

Dutch Series Geronimo Series Record
Series 1 Did not enter
Series 2 Heat, Round 2 with Flepser


  • Team Freestylerz also created an antweight called Geronimini. Despite its name bearing resemblence to their second heavyweight, the antweight was a totally different design, replacing the flipper with a aluminium crushing claw. Unfortunately no images or other information exists on it, however.