"The time has come to ACTIVATE! With its fearsome jaws, Growler is the robot that all the competitors fear the most!"
— Official description from the Robot Wars Online Shop[1]

The Growler pullback was one of the last House Robots made into a pullback along with Mr. Psycho.


Growler Pullback

Official shot of Growler with accessories

Growler toypullback

Promotional image

It was well detailed and it featured Growler's signature clamping jaw, operated by sliding the lever on its back.

Only the top part of the mouth moved, so ultimately the jaw did not open up as much as its real life counterpart. This made it tricky to grab hold of other pullbacks without lifting up its back end. The Growler pullback is a strong model, with none of its parts liable to breakage.


The tower of girders


The Growler pullback, being part of the final phase of pullbacks, came with a tower of girders and three 5 points balls.

Differences from real lifeEdit

  • The Growler pullback's bottom jaw does not open at all, making it very difficult to grab other pullbacks.



Growlerpullback model

The Growler pullback prototype model


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